The “Manifestation Pyramid”: How the Law of Attraction Actually Works

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There’s so many misconceptions about the Law of Attraction…

People want to know:

How do I attract money?

How do I manifest love?

How do I create the life that I want through the Law of Attraction?

Let me break this down in a concept called the “Manifestation Pyramid”.



This is the formula that has helped me to overcome mental illness, create a healthier lifestyle, overcome limiting beliefs, and earn more money from my online business.

I found that spiritual healing occurs when you integrate some daily affirmations that help to uncover the limiting beliefs of your subconscious mind. When you integrate positive affirmations, it becomes more people to attract money, manifest love, and create a better life for yourself.

However, there’s more to the puzzle…

The law of cause and effect is at play. To take advantage of the law of attraction and find the secret of success, you need to integrate four basic pillars of your formula. Let’s dive in!

The Law of Cause and Effect is an esoteric principle that dates back to Ancient Egypt… It is at the root of many secret teachings that have been passed down throughout the ages.

Understanding this universal law and how it can effect your life is absolutely gigantic.

This can change everything if you allow it to take hold…

It’s already affecting your life, even if you’re unaware!

The video above explains more.

Essentially, think of the universe in this concept:

No matter how you spin things, there are two forces at works.

  1. Causes.
  2. Effects.

For example, let’s examine an ocean.

The wind is causing an effect of waves!

These waves effect you on the beach as you build a sand castle 🙂

Make sense? It’s actually pretty easy to understand… Here’s where it gets more complex: In your life, you are either a cause or an effect.

You are either making an impact in your world or others are having their impact on you.

In order to truly manifest the life you want, attract money, manifest love, create change for yourself and your family, you will need to master the law of cause and effect.

It is at the root of success.

Willpower is the force of nature that you will begin to harness when you make the law of Cause and Effect work in your favor.

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