The Great Resignation Of 2021

The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation Of 2021

The Great Resignation has begun. In the past 30 days, three percent of the American workforce has said “GOODBYE” to their jobs. Why are Americans resigning in record number and what is special about 2021 compared to years previously?

The Great Resignation is a product of the COVID pandemic era and government efforts to force a max-vaccination effort. Meanwhile, as employers continue to mandate nonsensical and draconian means of forcing medical procedures on their people, online opportunities have skyrocketed. It has never been a better time for a person to quit their 9-5 job and learn how to start a business. 2021 has opportunity for those entrepreneurial folks who are willing to make the effort to resign their jobs and take a stand for personal freedoms.

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Instead of working in an out-dated system from the Industrial Age, American employees are making a stand and resigning from their jobs in record number. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I interviewed Tony Whatley about the future of work in America. This interview is dated back to 2018. Inside of this interview, Tony breaks down why American corporations will begin shifting to an online business model and why those who do not will experience mass-resignations. Listen now to this prophetical interview that we are watching play out today before us:

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Here are a few reasons why the Great Resignation is happening and why 2021 is the catalyst for massive change in our world economy. Keep reading to learn more about this and how you can get started on your own personal journey to evolution. This economy gives un-rivaled opportunities for people like us who are committed to success and growth.

3 Reasons Why The Great Resignation Is Happening In 2021

The Great Resignation is a symptom of our collective evolution towards a digital based “space age” economy. 2021 has provided more opportunity than ever before for individuals to work online and create a living from anywhere in the world. This year more Americans than ever before are taking the leap and quitting their 9-5 in pursuit of a better life.

Here are 3 reasons why the Great Resignation is happening in 2021:

No. 1: When the COVID-pandemic began in 2020, employers shifted as much as they could to an online work-from-home environment. Here in 2021, employers have the opportunity to shift back to their industrial-age models and systems. Instead of choosing to evolve forward and continue with an online work-from-home model, losing companies are stepping backwards and forcing employees back to the office again. Given over a year to adjust to a new lifestyle, Americans are choosing to instead resign from their current job and seek employment in the growing digital economy. Rather than choosing to commute to work, people are preferring to spend more time at home with their families. A wonderful evolution is happening in our country as more people choose their families over their coworkers and employers. Prioritizing relationships, health, and happiness, Americans are leading the charge forward into a better world.

No. 2: Employers are mandating draconian policies that force medical procedures on their people. In 2021, many employers are blinded by fear and nonsensical propaganda from the pharmaceutical community . As a result, employers are creating and enforcing draconian policies at their companies that require employees to receive injections filled with untested chemicals that are foreign to the body. Rather than submit to involuntary injection, many Americans are choosing to resign their jobs and seek employment elsewhere. Whether they are quitting due to patriotism or necessity depends on the individual situation. However, thanks to core values rooted in the constitution of the United States, Americans are again leading the charge forward towards a more free future. The Great Resignation is just the first of many rallying cries heard round the world that will tear down the fabricated and nonsocial stories of the mainstream media and their benefactors.

No. 3: The Great Resignation is happening because more online opportunities are available to people than ever before. Thankfully, more Americans are choosing careers that they love. There are countless ways for a person to find a better opportunity thanks to job sites like Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, and many others. Furthermore, Americans are connecting with each other on social media more than ever and creating or finding opportunities that work for them better than their previous occupations. All of this creation and networking has led to a mass of resignation here in 2021 due to mass-dissatisfaction coinciding with massive opportunity.

No. 4: There are more Americans becoming self-employed entrepreneurs than ever before. Thanks to the COVID-pandemic forcing many Americans to create “side hustles” in 2020 or full-time self employment, entrepreneurs have been formed at a rate like none other in history. Whether we are talking about someone posting on eBay or an individual who formed a successful startup, there has never been a better time to be self-employed. 2021 has accelerated this evolution and caused many Americans to become their own bosses rather than submit to others. Record number of citizens are taking back their power and claiming responsibility over their futures. Rather than give-in to fear and accept draconian mandates, more folks are going “all-in” on themselves and becoming their own bosses.

The Great Resignation is a symptom of these four areas: lack of evolution by losing companies, draconian and abusive mandates by employers, increased opportunity in the online economy, and record numbers of Americans becoming self-employed. All of these quickly increasing milestones have opened a flood wave of opportunity that have caused many American citizens to resign from their jobs.

The Great Resignation & You

How can you be on the winning side of the Great Resignation?

Instead of staying backwards with Industrial-minded employers, you can choose to evolve into the life of your dreams by working for yourself. When you take back your power and choose to become your own employer, you create massive momentum in your life and in your family. Want to learn more about how to start a business and get started on this process? Read this blog post to learn more.

Here are the key steps you need to take to become your own boss and quit your 9-5:

1. Get started in the direction you want to go. Instead of losing out to your own limiting beliefs, choose to make the jump forward with humanity and become the best version of yourself. When you accept FULL responsibility for creating your life and you learn how to manifest what you have always wanted, you change history for your posterity. You re-wire your DNA. You complete the Great Work and become the creator of yourself by yourself.

2. Learn valuable skills and increase your value to the world. While pursuing the direction you want to go in your career, begin to learn new skills that will revolutionize your ability to contribute to others. Whether it is learning how to build a website, creating sales funnels, or becoming a programmer, you must evolve a new skill that makes you more valuable in the digital economy. When you make yourself more value to your community, you increase your ability to become self-employed and join the Great Resignation.

3. Get out there and help more people. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing on the couch, more Americans are choosing to become more useful to their communities. If you want to become self employed, get out into your community and begin to help people using your new skills. Once you have achieved a journeymen level of expertise in a subject, you can increase your knowledge base through practical experience. Offer to help a few friends for free to get some hands-on experience. Once you feel confident, begin to charge for your value. By doing so, you can say goodbye to your 9-5 and become your own boss. Although it will take time and perseverance to succeed, you can become your own boss in a number of months. If you have no experience, get started today learning a new skill. Once you are ready for some hands-on experience, offer to help someone you know. Get started today and make this a reality.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your employer and join the Great Resignation happening in 2021, get moving in that direction. Once you achieve momentum towards your goal, you will be more likely to succeed. Eventually the journey becomes addicting and you will love to work on your passion-project. Through willpower and overcoming of obstacles, you will turn lead into gold and accomplish the Great Work for yourself.

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