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Tantra is the sacred practice of being one with the divine in every moment. Through the practices of breath-work, mindfulness, willpower, magic, and sexual transmutation, the tantric practitioner weaves their way through life according to the path of tantric mysticism. While studying the different magical schools of the world, I read accounts of tantric Yogis who could perform incredible feats of magical ability. Tantric masters might be able to become invisible, levitate, or conduct incredible acts of sexual passion. Although I have never practiced tantra too closely myself, I have always been interested in learning more.

This post documents my process of learning more about tantra and how this powerful practice can help our lives here in 2020!

Tantra is a magical practice. Through the focus of willpower and intend, the tantric Yogi can influence their reality through the power of their mind. This anyway, is the idea and the promise of the Tantric path. There is much more to tantra than just tantric sex. In all, the practice seems to focus around ideas of breath-work, mindfulness, and connection with the divine. In this way, it might be similar to Kundalini Yoga. However, tantra differs in nature due to its focus on working with partners in either Tantric Yoga, tantric sex, or similar practices.


Tantra is a lifelong practice that brings many to a greater understanding of their place in the universe. In this post, we will explore tantra together and include interviews with experts on the topic of tantric sex, the tantra archetype, and breathwork!

Tantra Archetype

Tantra is a cosmic archetype that exists in the collective consciousness. Instead of navigating blindly through the video game of life, these archetypal forces can give us a roadmap forward in our spiritual journeys. Inside of the material world, we can learn to gain a level of control through the process of awakening to the realization that reality emanates from us. We are part of an infinite living mind. We swim inside of a cosmic brain matter. If you want to learn more about this concept, study the works of Carl Jung or read Hermetic philosophy.

Cosmic archetypes like the Heroes Journey influence our reality at a higher energetic level. Through practices like astral travel, a person can learn to access these different planes of correspondence inside of their own inner world. Although it might first appear that these mental apparitions or meditative-voyages exist only inside of the mind, I have found through experimentation that there does indeed appear to be a correspondence between these so-called “different planes of correspondence”. As said in the Emerald Tablets: “As Above, So Below”.

Archetypes like Tantra are held inside of the collective mind. They are worshipped in different cultures under an assortment of names and mythologies. In Greece, the cult of Aphrodite practiced sex rituals, sex magic, and erotic parties that might seem taboo in today’s “civilized” world. Meanwhile, Norse practices of fertility magic and nature worship was quite similar despite a distance of time and space.  All over the world, we see veneration of the sexual goddess inside of statues, art, and story.

All these myths, practices, rituals, and gods are the same archetype: Tantra. Sex. Fertility. Manifestation. The Divine Feminine co-creating with the Divine Masculine.

Inside of Hermetic philosophy, we see the idea of the Principle of Gender. This seventh principle inside of the Hermetic teachings explains that all of creation is manifested inside of this guideline of two opposite principles: masculine and feminine. Down to the atomic level, we see the proton and the electron orbiting the neutron. The Hermetic philosophers suggest that the proton represents the masculine force, the electron the feminine, and the neutron stands as the neutral pillar of spirit around which all life revolves. This is also established inside of the teachings of Kabbalah from the Zohar regarding the Tree of Life.

Inside of human beings, the principle of gender manifests as men and women. Two separate sexes who are able to come together in unity through the act of sex. From the practice of sex, humans give life to their species and the evolutionary cycle continues forward.

Tantra represents this unity. Inside of tantric practices of sex, ritual, breathwork, meditation, and Yoga, we find a pathway forward into a deep connection with the divine. Through this path, the tantric Yogi can manifest into being great “miracles” and achieve dominion over the outer and inner worlds.

Tantra works at the level of the foundation of reality. By understanding the principle of gender, a tantric Yogi or practitioner can enter into a deep state of union with their partner or in their personal practice. Tantra is a powerful archetype that can be embodied inside of an individual practice from the comfort of one’s home.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is most often the aspect of Tantra which stands out the most. Inside of popular culture, Tantra is regarded as the practice of sex cults, orgies, and sex addicts. Although our world is awakening to the magic and healing potential of practices like Tantra, historically these sorts of practiced have not been in the spotlight. Thankfully, here in 2020, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in topics like Tantra, astral travel, Tarot, Hermetic philosophy, and work with psychedelic plant medicines.

Tantric sex is a powerful practice of manifestation. In the same way that humans are birthed through the act of sex, so to0 our manifestations spring into existence when imagined during a powerful act of sex. Inside of various teachings around the law of attraction, we find the idea that EMOTION and FEELING is an important part of the manifestation equation. Neville Goddard and other teachers of the “New Thought Movement” advocate for the idea that imagination combined with a powerful sense of emotion that your goals have already been accomplished is how this “magic” seems to work best. Put simply: if you want to manifest something, try feeling the emotion you would have if you had already achieved that goal. In modern day science, it is becoming understood that our brains do not know the difference between a past event or present moment. All our brain records is the emotional reaction we have to that situation.

Tantric sex helps because the best-case-scenario for manifestation is a state of ecstatic bliss with a partner while both individuals are focused on the same desired intent.

Tantra is more than sex but this aspect is a powerful and magical practice of the tradition.

Tantric sex can also bring deep emotional healing. Inside of our societies, sexual healing is needed at a deep level.

Kevin Orosz

Want to learn more about Tantra? You will enjoy this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with the powerful Kevin Orosz.

Kevin Orosz

Kevin joins the show to talk about Tantra and how this archetype can aid in sexual healing. Watch or listen to this episode now to learn more about tantra.

Kevin Orosz is a spiritual practitioner, Yogi, and coach who works deeply with Tantra. Through his own powerful inner journey, Kevin has developed a tantric practice that is worth studying. Inside of this toolkit of practices, Kevin has found a way to successfully run his business, maintain an amazing relationship, and travel the world. Tantra is a path that can lead to intense healing if understood correctly.

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