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Christianity And Why I Left

Christianity Ruled My World.

From the time I was practically a baby until I was seventeen years old, the Christian religion controlled most of my world. Even after I had “left the church” at age seventeen, I still carried the “shackles” of my Christian upbringing for many years and did not fully relinquish myself from the grasp until years after actually leaving the church.

I’m making this post because I want to share with people who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Before diving in, just to be clear and up-front, I think the Bible is absolutely fascinating. Nowadays, I read my Bible (the same one I’ve had since I was a kid) more than ever. I’m absolutely obsessed with dissecting the code language that I believe was used to write the Bible. Theories about Jesus, Christianity, and the early disciples such as the one detailed in “The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross” by John Allegro absolutely fascinate me. I still pray, I ask Jesus for help and guidance, and I think often about what he would do. In more ways than one, my “relationship” with Jesus Christ has never been better than it is today.

That all being said, I have an entirely different view about Jesus, Christianity, and the history of the religion than most Christians would ever attest.

Christianity ruled my world until I was seventeen. As a high school student, I attended church almost every day of the week. On Mondays I had skit team practice. Tuesdays was prayer group. Wednesdays was bible study. Thursday I would go to my Christian homeschool group for the day. Fridays was “outreach” night where we’d try and convert some folks to the “good lord”. Saturdays I’d usually hangout at the mall with my church friends. Obviously, Sundays was church.

I was obsessed with being the best Christian I could possibly be. Over the summers, I would go on mission trips. I went on “expeditions” to Baltimore (ironically about 20 minutes away from my home…), New York, and England all in the name of spreading love and, of course, “winning souls for Christ”… Whatever that means.

Here’s an episode of the Podcast where I dive into this topic in detail:

Christianity And Why I Left:

My “doubts” first began to creep in when I was around 16.

What happened? I started reading the Bible.

Specifically, I began reading only the words of Jesus. I was becoming curious about what Jesus himself actually taught and I was looking to answer some questions about this whole “hell” thing that I was supposed to be rescuing people from suffering. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly why I began questioning the theory of hell but I knew that Jesus would probably lay my questions to rest.

Quite the opposite happened.

You see, Jesus actually does not mention hell very often. Furthermore, whenever he does, it’s mentioned in parable. It’s told in a story used to illustrate some other point he’s trying to make (oftentimes a point about loving people and other “crazy ideas”).

Here’s what struck me as odd:

If Jesus was really sent here to “save us from our sins” and bring us to an everlasting kingdom in heaven, would he not have made everything crystal clear?

If it was the case that hell existed and the ONLY way to avoid going to hell was to “believe in Christ and accept his salvation”, would not Jesus have made that perfectly clear? Would he not have laid out the rules?

I was confused. If Jesus truly was the being of love and salvation that I knew him to be, why was there no “sermon on the mountaintop” where Jesus lays down the law?

I was expecting to find something like this: “Hey everyone, I need to fill you in on something VERY important. In fact, this is the reason that I (God) incarnated as a man. Ok, everyone taking notes? Listen up: At some point in your life, you MUST say a prayer and accept that I am real and ALSO that I am here to save you from your own sins. If you do not say this prayer, you are literally going to burn in hell forever. Got it? Again, this is extremely important. Please, for the love of me, say the damn prayer at some point in your life.”

No such sermon exists in any form.

Instead, we are given a number of parables and stories where Jesus alludes to hell in an extremely metaphorical way that is open to interpretation. Most fundamentalist churches interpret these parables to be talking about a literal hell where our souls will literally go if we do not say the literal prayer and ask for forgiveness. However, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of interpretations that could also be true… Interpretations that make much more sense when compared with the loving and forgiving individual that Jesus appears to be in the stories.

What’s more is that anytime Jesus DOES say something with crystal clarity, its in verses like the following:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2)

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31)

Now let’s contrast these verses with a parable that is often used as justification of how Christians need to save people from hell by getting them to say a very specific prayer:

“The Parable of the Weeds Explained

Then he left the crowd and went into the house. His disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us the parable of the weeds in the field.”

He answered, “The one who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom. The weeds are the people of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels.

“As the weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil. They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Whoever has ears, let them hear.

The Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

The Parable of the Net

“Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish. When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on the shore. Then they sat down and collected the good fish in baskets, but threw the bad away.This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

“Have you understood all these things?” Jesus asked.

“Yes,” they replied.

He said to them, “Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.”

(Matthew 13:36-52)

This parable is interpreted by fundamentalist Christian churches that Christians must go out to the world, share the gospel of Jesus with non-believers, get them to say a prayer where they accept Jesus into their heart and repent for their sins, or else those individuals will burn forever in a literal fiery hell.

Now, let’s come up with a few alternative explanations:

  • Jesus is saying that the angels will put these “wicked” people into some sort of cleansing fire where their sins will be destroyed and then the people will be able to ascend to heaven with everyone else. The weeping and gnashing of teeth will come from the demons who are being vanquished.
  • Jesus is actually encoding a message meant for his initiated disciples and the other early Christians. This is why he asks them specifically “have you understood all these things?” to imply for the reader that there is some sort of encoded and secret message in the text, meant to be deciphered (common practice in ancient religious text).
  • Folks who are not “righteous” (whatever that means) will go to some more glorified version of heaven and the “sinners” will go to some lesser version.

There’s three examples literally off the top of my head that make a bit more logical sense than the extrapolation that Jesus is saying that there is a literal hell where the “sinners” will be burned forever.

Christianity extrapolates on these stories when there is no basis for them to create meaning where there is none.

Granted, I understand that there are supporting verses and that other parts of the New Testament (such as the works of Apostle Paul) elaborate more on this theory of folks going to hell. However, I have always been concerned with the words of Jesus himself. In my view, the Apostle Paul and all the others are just one more set of pastors and priests who are adding their own interpretation to the words of Jesus to suit their own ends. In fact, here’s an excellent article on how the Apostle Paul pervaded the words of Jesus to manipulate and control the early church.

Although there were many reasons in general that I left the fundamentalist church, this was the one that I could not overlook.

I lost believe in hell. It just does not make sense.

How could a loving God possibly send people to hell ESPECIALLY when the “message” about hell is so confusing and encoded?

If you want to read more on this topic, check out the groundbreaking book “Love Wins” by Rob Bell. This book outlines the argument is a great deal of clarity and essentially establishes in the author’s view that Jesus’ message is actually that everyone is going to heaven and that it is Satan and his demons who are going to be cast into the fires of hell. This is a great example of how a person can remain a Christian while also not believing in hell.

Christianity Has Some Truth.

You see, for many years after leaving the church, I struggled with feeling bitter.

Christianity had me feeling as if I had just wasted a hell of a lot of time…

I had begun training in martial arts and began to get completely obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo. As I began to develop as a martial artist and fall even more in love, I felt like Christianity had robbed me of a childhood. I felt betrayed. I felt a bit traumatized. I felt like a victim.

I carried this feeling forward into my early twenties. At the time, I was suffering from some pretty severe mental illnesses as a result of being on the autism spectrum and suppressing my homosexuality. Although it would be a few years before I had this realization as a result to using psychedelic mushrooms and going through some intense spiritual and personal development, I credited Christianity as part of the reason that I was so unhappy.

“If only I had not spent so much time living a lie in the Christian church, I would have had more time to develop myself as a ‘normal person’ and I would not be having so much trouble at my job!”

It was not until I realized I was autistic and took responsibility for my own personal development that my life changed.

I began to experiment with psychedelic mushrooms in an attempt to gain more empathy and heal the relationship I had with my wife at the time.

What followed was a journey deep down the rabbit hole of psychedelic mushrooms that resulted in me 1. Realizing I’m autistic. 2. Realizing I’m gay. and 3. Realizing that there is “god” of some sort after all.

You see, on the psychedelic experiences that I had, it became abundantly clear that there is some sort of spiritual force at work. It was obvious that there is more to reality than meets the eye. Thanks to psilocybin mushrooms, I was able to experience spirituality firsthand instead of going through a “third party” preacher who told me what spirituality was supposed to be about.

Christianity is hiding some deep truths about our world. In fact, I’ve begun to think that Jesus (if he was actually a real person) was influenced by the psychedelic mushroom. In fact, the theory of John Allegro I mentioned before is essentially that Jesus WAS a mushroom… That the disciples and early “Christians” created the character of Jesus to relay the teachings they were receiving from the psychedelic mushroom.

If you’ve experienced psychedelic mushrooms in some detail, you will see how this theory makes a great deal of sense.

Christianity very well could be influenced by the teachings of psychedelic mushrooms and other psychedelic plants like the Acacia which were native to the area.

Why is this the case? On a psychedelic journey, oftentimes one is exposed to all sorts of “beings” and “entities” that relay lessons, teachings, and messages from some sort of divine mind or collective consciousness.

Could it be that this is where the teachings of Jesus originated?

I’m going to write more on this topic soon and expand on various theories of religions. However, for now, I hope this post has helped in some regard.

If you have suffered with leaving the Christian church or any other fundamental religion and you are looking for a new way forward or someone to talk to about leaving the church, reach out to me! I’m here to help.

Honestly, I hesitated for YEARS about talking openly about Christianity and my experiences…

You know the old saying… “You don’t talk about religion and politics”…

Well, personally I’ve come to believe that THIS way of thinking is the very reason why these organizations continue to have a harmful influence over our world: we “can’t talk about them”.

It’s bullshit… It’s a contrived notion created by the organizations themselves in order to remain above criticism. Frankly, they are terrified by criticism because they rely on fear to maintain control the masses.

Someone has to start talking about this shit…

Let’s get into some of the ETHICAL concerns of Christianity.

Christianity And Sex

The way Christianity treats sex education is borderline criminal.

In the years since I left Christianity, I have become aware to the harm caused by eliminating sex education from a person’s life. Ever since realizing that I am gay, I have begun to embrace and accept the role that my Christian upbringing had on my lack of sexual development. You see, I grew up in a homeschooled family and a fundamentalist Christian environment across the board. Although I had a fantastic childhood overall, I am now aware of the terrible outcomes that can happen when a person is kept from their own sexuality… When a person is taught from a young age that sex is inherently evil or to be avoided, it produces an internal state in the individual that programs their subconscious mind into believing that a fundamental part of their character and human-ness is not acceptable in the “eyes of god”.

This is the fundamental teaching of Christianity that is poisonous: that we bear original sin… That humans are inherently “not OK”… That we come into this world completely broken and we are only made acceptable by solving the riddle of salvation, repenting for our horrible sins, and accepting the forgiveness of Jesus. When this happens, we are redeemed (to an extent). Until that point, we bear the weight of sin.

Christians are taught that sex or lust with anyone other than your own wife or husband is completely immoral and full of sin. However, conversely, once married these are desirable. Outside of marriage, lust and sex are completely criminal. Once in marriage, these are acceptable (and encouraged!) behaviors but only within the confines of marriage… Sex or lusting towards anyone other than your husband/wife are completely forbidden and reprehensible. Of course, homosexual behavior of any sort is also evil and forbidden.

Where does this teaching come from in the text? Well, primarily, this verse from Jesus in his famous sermon on the mountain:

27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 29 If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30 And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.

-Matthew Chapter 5, Verses 27-30, NIV

This is the only time Jesus directly addresses the topic of lust, sex, or anything remotely similar in a condemning manner. Besides this example, Jesus is typically hanging out with prostitutes, ministering to those who want to stone adulterers, and generally being a loving and great individual full of criticism for the religious authority. 

Most of the references in the Bible to adultery, sex outside of marriage, sexual “impurity”, or lust come from archaic verses in the old testament or the teachings of the Apostle Paul. Here is a very Christian influenced source listing a few of these examples, straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

Christianity mis-uses this quote from Jesus, in the first place. Typically, it is understood to mean that a person who LOOKS “lustfully” at someone who is not their wife/husband is committing a sin. This is used to demonize porn, skimpy dresses, Victoria’s Secret, and much more. Here’s the thing: just taking this verse itself at face value… Jesus is speaking to a MARRIED AUDIENCE. He is speaking to a culture that got married when they were thirteen. In this day-and-age, everyone (for the most part) had a spouse! It seems more that Jesus is essentially saying “Hey don’t envy someone else’s wife… Be thankful for your wife” (decent advice, right?). However, this verse is taken literally to mean that non-married young folk (or anyone) should never ever ever lust over one another, under any circumstances.

Christianity leans heavily on the above quote by Jesus to talk about the evils of premarital sex. I have heard and seen this verse used in a variety of circumstances… Everything from explaining why Christians should not kiss anyone until marriage up to arguments about why women should not dress inappropriately because they are causing their “brothers to stumble”. Over my years in Christianity, I heard many moronic and sexist arguments for why Christian women should never dress “inappropriately” because their “brothers” cannot help but look. It was taught that Christian women who dress “inappropriately” are behaving in a way that is unkind, unloving, and much more.

Here’s the issue: first of all, this is completely against what is obviously moral. It is not OK to teach kids that they are responsible for the sexual reactions of others to them. This is encouraging of rape culture, victim blaming, and much more. When we teach our kids that they are at-fault in any way for how another person feels about them, especially sexually, we open the doors for kids to not understand boundaries regarding sexuality. A person is NEVER at-fault for unwanted sexual advances or harassment from another.

Furthermore, the very idea that sex is “bad” is steeped in puritanical tradition and hierarchy.

It is a method of control.

You see, sex is as important to human life as eating good food and drinking clean water… It is essential to healthy hormone production. It is necessary for health. It is obviously essential in furthering the species and reproducing. Sex is an essential part of personal expression, individual health, and feeling connected with the world and our community. Sex is a part of living a healthy life. Demonizing sex means demonizing an essential part of the human experience. We are suppressing a crucial element of the human experience.

Christianity and other fundamental religions are responsible for furthering this belief system and thought in our culture.

It is time for us to move past this error in thinking. We must teach our children that safe and consensual sex is a crucial element of the human existence. It is no longer OK for these fundamental religions to teach our children otherwise.

Christianity Preys On The Weak

Christianity and other fundamentalist religions prey on folks with low self esteem.

In the Christian theology, there is the idea of “original sin”… If you’ve grown up in a religious environment, you are probably familiar with the concept of original sin. If you are not, let me break it down quickly:

Christians believe that humanity is tainted by what’s called “original sin”… In the Bible, it tells a story about Adam and Eve, allegedly the first two humans to ever exist. You have probably heard the story before: Adam and Eve ate from the “forbidden fruit” of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. By doing so, they defied the word of God which had instructed them to eat only from the “Tree of Life”. When Adam and Eve defied God and ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they became aware of their nakedness, realized their humanity, and they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. As a result, they lost their immortality.

Christians interpret the story of Adam and Eve literally. In Christianity, it is taught that THIS decision essentially signed humanity up for a sinful existence of defying God’s word. Due to this initial disobedience, humanity is doomed to hell unless they accept Jesus’ salvation. If that is done, they will go on to heaven and live the eternal life they were originally promised before Adam and Eve committed the “original sin”.

Oftentimes, the ridiculousness of this interpretation is lost in translation and overcomplicated by thousands of years of Christian teachings that throw their own spin on this story…

Basically, here is what Christians believe… Broken down clearly.

Christians believe that two people existed thousands of years ago as the first two people ever. They think that because these folks ate the fruit of the wrong tree, that all of humanity is doomed to hell for all of time. This would be like if your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents disobeyed their parents and didn’t eat their vegetables at dinner and, because of that disobedience, you and the rest of the world are doomed to be tortured for eternity.

However, Christians give God a pass because he sent Jesus to “save the world”… Of course, they forget that Jesus didn’t arrive on-scene for a few thousand years thereby condemning plenty of folks to hell before he got off his ass and came on down here… Even when I was a Christian, I would wonder about this predicament… What took Jesus so long to get down here and start saving people?


So Jesus is our “way-out” of this deal.

However, as I have mentioned before, the whole message of Jesus is a bit encrypted.

It is not as if there is a passage in the Bible where Jesus clearly lays out “the deal”…

He never gets up on the mountain-top and lays out the rules of the game. Instead, the whole plan is hidden in parables, obscurity, and messages that do not give clear instruction on how to actually achieve eternal salvation. Furthermore, he does not lay out WHY salvation is even necessary. In fact, Jesus does not actually describe people as sinners who are in need of his forgiveness. From his perspective, everyone is… well… saved!

It is the Christians that twist around this message in the same way the pharisees were twisting the message back in the days of Jesus…

It is the same pattern repeated.

Christianity preys on the weak because this message could ONLY be widely adopted by people who already struggle with self worth and low self esteem.

The only way that a person reliably “buys into” this message is if they already do not have much self worth. Throughout my time growing up in Christianity, this was my experience. The majority of Christians I know struggle with their own self esteem and self worth… Obviously, many people all over the world struggle with their self esteem! It is an epidemic in our world. As I discuss on this blog relatively often, there is an epidemic of limiting beliefs in this world that is collectively holding back our species.

It is not a person’s fault that they have limiting beliefs… It is a natural result of going through any sort of traumatic event. However, these events are meant to be overcome. Instead of educating people on how to overcome their limiting beliefs and improve their self esteem, Christianity and other fundamental religions teach people that they are on the right track! It teaches people that their suspicions are true! Indeed, they are pieces of shit… Thankfully, there’s this guy named Jesus and if you just say a certain prayer and keep showing up at church, your sinful nature won’t land you in hell for all of eternity…

In other words, they get people who ALREADY are struggling with confidence and they convince them that they were right all along! Indeed, “you are worthless!”

This is a completely immoral message that must be purged from our collective consciousness. It is poisonous.

Want to know what is really fucked up? This message is taught to kids… All over the world, kids are taught by these fundamental religions like Christianity that they are tainted by original sin and inherently worthless. No wonder we have an epidemic of limiting beliefs…

The school system teaches folks that they better “stay in line” or get in trouble and then, on Sunday morning, folks are taught that they better “stay in line” or suffer eternal damnation…

It is almost as if there is someone who invented this whole thing… It makes you think that weird YouTube videos about “The Illuminati” might be onto something.



What Is Consciousness?

What Is At The Center Of Reality?

What is consciousness? How are we having this experience that we appear to be having?

What is the fabric of the universe? What is the fundamental building block of creation? For centuries, philosophers, scientists, kings, and influential folk have sought to determine the answer to this question. Dating back to ancient Greece, there have been theories of a fundamental form such as an atom that is at the basis of reality. Indeed, Democritus and Leucippus were two ancient Greek philosophers, predating Socrates, who theorized accurately about the existence of atomic particles.

In classic philosophy, the idea of “The Monad” has been thrown around for thousands of years. What is a “Monad”? Essentially, it is the fundamental and absolute foundation of reality… The Monad is basically the divine origin of all that we experience. The idea of a Monad was conceived and developed in part by the Pythagorean sect of ancient Greek philosophy (the same followers of Pythagoras, the founder of modern day math). In later philosophy, the idea of a Monad was further developed and embraced by Leibniz, one of the creators of calculus and a contributor to modern philosophy.

The idea of a Monad further speculates on the original state of the universe. Essentially, trying to answer the question of “What is the fundamental building block of reality?” Research and philosophical work around an atomic or sub-atomic structure (such as in modern day quantum physics) generally takes a more scientific and rationalist approach to the question whereas theorizing around a Monad generally takes the approach of believing in some sort of divine force that is at the center of reality. However, that being said, those who speculate around a Monad are oftentimes quite rational and tend to approach the question from a basis of scientific thinking. Obviously, this is an oversimplification of a work that has spanned thousands of years of complex philosophical and scientific study.

Let’s explore this topic in detail and see what can be discovered!

Here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I explain this theory in some detail:

DISCLAIMER: This is a theory I’m actively developing. I’ll be adding more to this post over time… If you would like to contribute to this theory, send me a message and let’s brainstorm together!

Thought As The Fundamental Building Block:

It is my contention that thought is the fundamental building block.

When we examine and explore how our world is created, it is important to take both a philosophical (or even spiritual) perspective and combine with the rational and “scientific” thinking that is being developed and understand. When combined, the multitude of different fields will illuminate the truth. When considering how religion, esoteric teachings, and science overlap, it is important to remember that for thousands of years the various fields were indistinguishable. It has only been a creation of the previous centuries that the fields have been separated. For instance, in ancient Greece, all thinkers around math, astronomy, religion, esoteric teachings, and more were called “philosophers”. Modern day science was called “natural philosophy”. As these various fields of thinking developed, they began to branch off into their own fields. In today’s world, the idea that religious beliefs could influence scientific thinking is discouraged by thinkers on both ends of the spectrum (for the most part). However, throughout history, true genius seems to emerge when folks combine the various fields into one.

Isaac Newton is a prime example. Did you know that Newton spent the majority of his time studying alchemy, astrology, and other “occult” practices? He is only one example. In fact, many great thinkers throughout history who have shaped the course of history have been intense disciples of spiritual and esoteric practices such as alchemy, channeling, psychedelic studies, and more. In their minds, these concepts are not separate but instead feed one another with inspiration and increased enlightenment.

When considering the fabric of reality, it seems unwise to discard millennia of spiritual teachings and esoteric practices that could provide “clues” to our answer when combined with modern day “rational” scientific study.

Following this train of thought, if we study Hindu beliefs, we learn that Hindus believe that the universe is “consciousness vibrating”… It is a mistake to think that Hindus believe in a pantheon of many gods. Actually, Hindus believe in one god… One source… One divine being. This being manifests itself into infinite forms. One aspect of “god” is you, another is me, another is the keyboard I’m using to type these ideas, another is Shiva, another is Vishnu, etc.

Hindus believe that the universe is generated by the aspect of god known as “Shiva”. They believe that Shiva is constantly changing “Om” to generate the universe into reality. Essentially, Shiva is what’s keeping the video game running by his constant divine chant. This is “how” the consciousness of the universe continues to vibrate.

When we learn about these spiritual teachings, we have two options: we can discard them as some “weird belief” or we can say “maybe this system of belief that has existed for thousands of years is hiding some basis of truth?”

Personally, I believe religious doctrines are discarded because they are taken too literally. These ideas make a bit more sense when we ask “What ideas and hidden secrets could be behind this belief system?”

If we examine the “common denominators” of all these esoteric teachings and spiritual practices, we identify thought and consciousness at the core. Everywhere from Christianity to Hinduism and all occult practices in between, we are continually introduced to this idea of the power of the mind, the creative ability of belief, the power of our thoughts, and more.

Could it be that all reality is formed by thought? That everything at its core is composed of an original thought?

“The Universe Is Consciousness Vibrating”

What does it mean for consciousness to be vibrating?

That sounds like a bunch of hippy woowoo buzzwords thrown together. However, in our modern world, scientists at the forefront of quantum theory are struggling to identify the answer to the question of “what is consciousness?” As we make advances in Artificial Intelligence, and other new technology,  we begin to ask ourselves questions about when these advanced machines will become “conscious”… You see, if we closely examine the nature of our experience, we grow all the more confusing. In other words, what is actually going on here? How is it possible that I am typing these words? WHO is typing these words? As understanding of anatomy and human physiology advances, we understand that many of our decisions are controlled by the bacteria in our gut and the various substances we consume. Is this blog being typed by those microscopic bacteria? Who am I? Who are you? WHY is this all possible?

As our understanding of the brain develops, we grow all the more confused. Essentially, our brains are a connection of transmitters that radiate throughout our body to drive how we perceive and operate in this ever more confusing world. In his book Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari expresses this conundrum and why it is so confusing to modern science:

When thousands of cars slowly edge their way through London, we call that a traffic jam, but it doesn’t create some great Londonian consciousness that hovers high above Piccadilly and says to itself ‘Blimey, I feel jammed!’ When millions of people sell billions of shares, we call that an economic crisis, but no great Wall Street spirit grumbles, ‘Shit, I feel I am in crisis.’ When trillions of water molecules coalesce in the sky we call that a cloud, but no cloud consciousness emerges to announce, ‘I feel rainy.’ How is it , then, that when billions of electric signals move around in my brain, a mind emerges that feels ‘I am furious!’? As of 2016, we have absolutely no idea”

(Yuval Noah Hararis, Homo Deus, Pg. 110-111)

The past two years have only been more confusing with no real answer emerging to this question.

If purely rational scientific thinking struggles to explain the origin and reason for consciousness and the human experience, perhaps it is logical and recommendable to copy Isaac Newton, Pythagorus, and other great thinkers as we turn towards a more spiritual explanation for the basis of reality.

What if there are some clues?

Here’s the challenge: obviously religion and spirituality in general are pervaded with mis-translations, misunderstandings, biases, crazy teachers, and a whole lot of quackery.

In order to find some semblance of truth, we should study a wide spectrum of religious or spiritual beliefs and ask ourselves “what is at the foundation?”

From my own foray down these spiritual rabbit holes, here is what I have found: consciousness IS somehow the fundamental building block. There seems to be no other explanation.

In other words, the very fact that we are alive and having this experience IS the “monad” and the very basis of reality itself. If we were not here to have this experience, there would be no experience to have. As a combined and collective whole, we are the “great being” that is generating this reality.

Essentially, we are collectively Shiva chanting “Om” to keep the whole video game going.

If we were to stop, the video game would get unplugged and there would be nothing to see.

We Are A Great Mind:

What I’m trying to express makes the most sense if I use some examples or parables. Personally, I think there is a reason Jesus and other spiritual teachers use parables and stories to explain their points: sometimes that’s the only way that things make sense!

Let’s use the example of Jeff Bezos founding Amazon.

In the year 2018, Amazon is a corporation that runs most of the “developed” world. In Europe, North America, and many other places around the globe, it is possible to receive just about anything via Amazon within a handful of days… Whether that be a book, a bookshelf, or hammer and nails to assemble the bookshelf. In many cities, a person can even have food delivered over Amazon.

However, all of that was made possible by a complex series of thoughts that had to emerge in the minds of many people before it was made possible.

For example, in order for Jeff Bezos to create the idea for Amazon, he had to first imagine (in his own personal mind) the general framework of the plan. This involved a complex equation that he personally began to sort out in his mind before ever taking action and bringing this idea to fruition.

Creating Amazon involved some of the following and much more:

  • Examining a need in the “market” that Jeff and his team could solve.
  • Evaluating the power of this new technology called “the internet” and how it might help solve this problem.
  • Identifying “things” that could be “sold” over “the internet”.
  • Choosing Books as a potential item that could be sold.
  • Discussing with “like-minded” individuals about holes in the plan, ideas to improve, and refining the concept.
  • Assessing the shipping system in the USA to assist in sending Books all over the country and, later, the world.
  • Jeff conducting an extremely personal journey of overcoming limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough to do this”, “this won’t work”, “I am not made like those who succeed”, and many more which had to be overcome before this idea could ever be actioned. In other words, Jeff had to establish a certain degree of self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth to even be able to begin actioning this plan.
  • A risk/reward evaluation of going forth with this idea despite potential failure. If you read Jeff Bezos’ biography, you learn that founding Amazon was his answer to the question “what would I regret never doing when I’m on my deathbed?”… In other words, Jeff had to come to terms with his own mortality to begin actioning this plan. Again, a personal and spiritual journey of self reflection and the human condition.
  • Discussing with his mate (his wife Mckenzie) the whole concept, plan, and execution. Thankfully, she was “like-minded”. However, for many humans, it is difficult to speak with our sexual partner about such a risk because we are tapping into extremely primal and evolved systems of survival, risk/reward, and questions such as “will I be able to provide for the family?”… “Will this venture be enough to prevent my sexual partner from leaving me for a ‘stronger and more capable male’?”

Many of these thoughts and beliefs were formed at the subconscious level. Nevertheless, they were questions which needed to be answered either consciously or unconsciously. All of the above and much more had to happen in the minds of Jeff Bezos and the others who supported him in the early days of Amazon. At this point, Amazon is still just a thought in the minds of these individuals. However, as these questions are answered, this thought begins to take form.

Conscious Evolution:

What is conscious evolution? Higher consciousness is the idea that the human experience will begin to shift as we collectively increase in our awareness and personal development. We begin to shift into a higher collective experience because we are beginning to recognize and utilize our abilities as creative forces here on earth.

Conscious evolution is the idea that it is possible to have a more enlightened and “awakened” experience here on earth. For example, a person who has been able to shift their emotional states to a point where they no longer experience fear has effectively achieved a “higher consciousness” and exists in a new state of reality. Their reality has shifted to support their new internal states.

If we believe that we exist in an infinite living mind, the idea of conscious evolution has much to do with our expanding experience. How is this the case? Well, let’s say that hypothetically there are 100 people living on an island. As these people collectively begin to align their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs more with love, courage, and optimism, the “universal consciousness” of that 100-person island will shift. The 100 people will collectively have a better experience because the collective whole has achieved a state of higher consciousness.

These ideas of a “higher consciousness” make more sense when we consider ourselves living in a universal and collective mind. In the same way that a person’s individual situation improves when they shift from being afraid to being courageous, the collective consciousness will shift into a higher state of being when we collectively rid ourselves of beliefs, thoughts, and “vibrations” that are not serving of where we want to go.

Conscious evolution is a confusing topic with a lot of “fake gurus” peddling confusing answers.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I talk to Lucas Heisserer about conscious evolution and we get to the bottom of how this might actually work in the “real world”.

You see, here’s the issue: if the idea of a universal mind is indeed factual… If we all really do exist in an infinite living mind… It should be somehow logically provable. It should explainable. In today’s world, it is so easy for folks who are uneducated to create misleading content that fails to actually explain and explore the realities of our situation. This comment is not intended to put others down but instead to encourage a greater depth of questioning when it comes to the topic of universal mind, consciousness, the law of attraction, and other universal laws.
In order for these theories to be taken seriously by the mainstream world, it is necessary to have a logical answer to the question “what is consciousness” that relies on greater explanation than what exists on the average Instagram user’s feed.

If we consider that we do in fact exist in a sort of infinite living mind, this could dispel much of the confusion around the topic of spirituality in general.

For example, is god real? Honestly, in the modern “spiritual awakening” crowd, “the universe” is often used as the new name for god. Even if the user of this phrase does not actually mean for “the universe” to replace the word “god”, this often seems to be the case.

Growing up in the Christian fundamentalist church, I’m quite familiar with the type of vocabulary used in those circles… The types of quotes and explanations that are used to describe complex situations and scenarios:

“God has got your back”

“God is watching out for you”

“Trust in God and he will provide”

“You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength”

etc. etc. etc.

I cannot tell you how many times i’ve seen almost those exact phrases but replaced with “the universe” instead of “God”.

For example, the Instagram page “Healing Energy Tools” provides a daily update on what “the universe” would have you do… Take this example from their “October 10th, 2018” post:

“The universe is saying to you today: Look within and find what warms your heart and allow it to lead you towards joy, accomplishment and happiness. You have within you the power to choose and create the kind of life that you wish to experience”

What the hell is actually being expressed here??

Please do not mistake what I’m saying: I certainly agree with the overall theme of this message.

You do indeed have the power to choose and create the kind of life you wish to experience.

However, the reason for that is not because “the universe” authorizes or approves you to do so… Thinking and reasoning along these lines is how we will create new explanations that continue to not make any sense, not persuade anyone at the collective level, and not make any real impact on the world.

For these ideas of universal consciousness to have impact, they have to make sense.

Superfluid Vacuum Theory

Are you familiar with Superfluid Vacuum Theory (SVT)?

Basically, the theory that space is a sort of superfluid. The fluid would have to have a viscosity (aka a “thickness”) of zero, meaning that it is not exactly noticeable… Effectively, this theory suggests that space and “the universe” is primarily a sort of watery substance.

Sound a bit crazy? Here are two videos to get you thinking about this theory, presented by folks with way more knowledge of traditional physics and quantum theory than I possess here today in December of 2018:

Here’s a link for an in-depth theory relating to this idea.

Is space water? Sounds a tad crazy, doesn’t it?

Let’s give this a bit of thought. Honestly, I’ve been exploring this narrative for several months now and have been attempting to take a layman’s perspective on this theory. In other words, I know almost nothing of physics, quantum theory, complex mathematics, biology, or chemistry. However, what I can offer is an “Average Joe’s” analysis of this theory and how it might factor into the larger universe. Could it be possible that we are neglecting logic in the favor of complex sounding theories with difficult descriptions? Only one way to find out…

So let’s try assuming that the Universe is water and see where it goes.

What would also have to be true?

If the Universe is fundamentally water (again, a superfluid with a viscosity of zero), then you and I can act as stones in the pond. In other words, in the same way that we might throw stones in the pond, we could similarly have an impact on our surrounding world through the universal law of cause and effect. For example, if we want to “manifest” a certain outcome, perhaps taking action towards achieving that goal via changing our thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs about the world could result in the intended effect because we are behaving like the rock in the pond? Is this why the Law of Attraction seems to work?

To further illustrate this point, let’s take another example:

Think about the Butterfly Effect… Namely, that small changes in the universe can have a “ripple effect” that eventually turns into a much larger change further down the chain of cause and effect.

The example we use is the meeting of my Mom with a person named Lee Garth. Long story short: when my Mom was attending college, she entered an elevator to find herself with Lee Garth. A conversation broke out and my Mom found herself getting invited to a local church. This church would eventually lead my Mom to meet my Dad, resulting in me. The birth of me resulted in my parent’s decision to homeschool me, bring me to church, and do other parent things. Their decision to raise me in that environment would ultimately lead to me leaving the church  and later on attending Lycoming College in PA where I would enroll in ROTC. I would join the Army, move to Germany, marry a woman, consume psychedelics discover that I’m gay, start podcasting, begin sharing wild and crazy ideas, and perhaps influence some people to think more openly about human evolution.

All of this (and much more) because my Mom entered that elevator with Lee Garth and they began talking.

And what prompted that discussion?

Well, obviously, Lee Garth had to first find Christianity, become a pastor, start a church, enter an elevator, speak with my Mom, invite her to church, etc. etc… Each of those incidents had to involve its own set of causes and effects that stretch backwards in his own timeline. Similarly, my Mom had her own story of how she found herself in that elevator. Likewise, my Dad would have his own series of causes and effects to spur him towards meeting my Mom at a Christian conference in Indiana.

What is the “cause” of these ripples? Again, we have thought at the center of it all. Thinking about our lives and how to improve them… Thinking about choices and changes in directions that potentially alter the course of history when they all begin to interconnect and morph with one another.

Could it be that our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and action are like ponds in the pool?

Thought is the originator of that great chain that eventually leads a person to take action and impact the world around them… To become a stone in the infinite pond that is the universe. If space is indeed a superfluid of sorts, then perhaps our thoughts are the wavelengths that create ripple effects on the world. In other words, that’s WHY the world seems to respond to our minds. That is the reason behind why the Law of Attraction and similar modalities “work”… We are literally bending reality around our minds through use of projecting wavelengths out into the universe. These wavelengths are what cause the ripples that produce cause and effect at massive scale. When we create a large enough ripple, we successfully influence the world by creating enough of a “cause” to have a massive effect.

Of course, this is all just going off assuming that it is true that the universe is a superfluid. Obviously, that is still being determined. However, if we begin to conduct a few thought experiments around this idea, it could explain some of the phenomenon in our world that defies our current models of explanation and understanding.

Esoteric tradition has been saying for millennia that “All is Mind” or that “the universe is mental”. In many of these texts, the universe is referred to as a “living brain” or an “infinite living mind”.

Perhaps we exist in the brain fluid of that infinite mind?





Let’s take a moment and consider the Water Molecule.

I am about to take a side-step away from logic and science and crossover into “hippy woowoo spiritual land”…

In early January of 2019, I had a dream. In that dream, I was told to take a look at the water molecule because it has some clues to this question. I woke up, filled with skepticism, and quickly Googled “water molecule”… here is a photo of what one looks like if you’re not too familiar:

A water molecule looks quite a bit like the top of the Inverted Tree of Life… Essentially, the Chakra system of Kaballah:


Kaballah is an ancient Jewish branch of the mystic and occult tree. Allegedly, it comes to us from Moses. The story is that when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments for the people, he also gave him the Kaballah for the initiated priesthood under his brother Aaron. The traditions of Kaballah can be explored at-length through The Zohar and other holy texts of Jewish mysticism.

Kaballah revolves around the Inverted Tree of Life system. Essentially, the teachings argue for the existence of a chakra system inside every human. This is our connection with the divine world and the heart of our spiritual power. Kabbalists teach that becoming aware of this power and our innate connection to the divine world is our ultimate purpose here on the earth… By connecting with our divine origins, we self-realize into our full spiritual power, thereby empowering us to have the most impact in the world.

The Inverted Tree of Life contains three pillars. There is the right pillar of justice, the left pillar of mercy, and the central pillar of neutrality. The right pillar is associated with masculine energy, the left with feminine energy, and the middle with neutral energy.

Perhaps there are clues hidden here? Maybe this slight connection between Kaballah and the idea of water could give us a clue of where to look? Maybe there’s some keys in the principle of gender to be understood?

Principle Of Gender And Consciousness

So what is consciousness?

It appears to be a connection created by thought. Again, when we examine our reality, thought is at the core of everything. If we believe in some sort of divine creator, we could imagine that this divine being thought us into creation. The Hermetic Principle of Correspondance tells us that “as above, so below” meaning that the laws on the higher planes of reality are reflected in the lower planes of correspondance on this plane where we find ourselves. Worded simply: heaven and earth operate on the same laws… The difference is a matter of degree, not a matter of type.

Is thought where this conversation ends?

Upon further consideration, thought appears to be half the puzzle. When we examine the Principle of Gender, we remember that there are two halves to all coins. All truths are but half-truths. Everything in the universe exists along a polarity. When it comes to the framework of reality, we might consider that this Principle of Gender must be expressed. What is the Principle of Gender? It is the idea that there is a masculine and feminine aspect to all of creation… There is a “yin” and “yang” expressed in everything we observe.

When it comes to deciding upon a set framework of reality, it would be logical to presume that there is a masculine and feminine form. If we explore the Principle of Gender, we find that the idea of thought is associated with masculine energy. Emotion is the primary force of feminine energy. When we consider feminine force, we are discussing ideas of creativity, nurturing, self-care, emotion, generation, daydreaming, and passive energy. Inside of every human is both sides of the Principle of Gender… Both men and women contain feminine and masculine aspects. When these aspects are out of balance, they can result in trouble. For example, a man who refuses to take a break, consider his emotions, or be nurturing to his family might find himself suffering from family or health concerns. Similarly, a woman who exists only in her feminine energy might never execute her business ideas, become disciplined enough to maintain a workout regime, or might fail to meet deadlines for getting into university. These are just some simple examples but it is important to understand that the Principle of Gender has nothing really to do with sex… It has everything to do with how the energies in our bodies are balanced.

Similarly, we see the Principle of Gender reflected in the natural world. We observe masculine energy at-work when the waves of the ocean crash onto the shore. We see the feminine energy at-work when the waves return back to the ocean, gathering energy to make their next crash. In the esoteric tradition, the atom is understood to be a manifestation of this principle: the proton is associated with masculine energy and the electron is feminine. Again, “as above so below”… The reason we observe the Principle of Gender existing in the universe is because it can be expressed through the very fundamental building blocks of reality.

However, this still does not answer our question… What is consciousness?

Thought Vs. Emotion

The Principle of Gender expresses that feminine emotional energy is combined with the thinking masculine energy in all aspects of life.

Therefore, it must be true that this is expressed in all aspects of creation down to the very foundations of what we observe.

If thought is the divine masculine force behind creation, what is the divine emotional force?

Maybe it is just… emotion?

Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”… but couldn’t we also say “I feel, therefore I am”? Two sides of the same coin… Both are reflected in reality: thought and emotion.

When we are answering the question of “what is consciousness”, perhaps it is a two-pronged approach? It is not “this or that”… Just as we disregard our own emotional intelligence and live in our masculine energy, we oftentimes act too emotionally towards one another. Instead of regarding a person with love and compassion, we lash out in anger or frustration during an argument. Instead of approaching a person with compassion, we respond from our own insecurity and fear. Similarly, instead of utilizing the divine gift of our minds to accomplish our goals, we fall prey to our own fears. You see, everything is a spectrum:

Fear ———————— Courage

Hate ———————- Love

Masculine ————– Feminine

Balance ————– Instability

This is the Hermetic Principle of Correspondance expressed… Everything in the universe exists along a spectrum. All truths are half-truths.

So perhaps we could say that thought and emotion are two sides of the same coin?

Is thought the opposite of emotion or are they two separate spectrums all together?

It would seem they both fall under the idea of “experience”. Again, to paraphrase Descartes: “I experience, therefore I am”.

We are having this experience of our thoughts and emotions at-work.

This experience is what connects us with our world, reality, and ourselves.

Universal Consciousness

So what does this mean for consciousness? Has our question been answered?

All this post has proven to do so-far is to loop back to “yes, we appear to be having an experience”. What does this have to do with consciousness? Again, this is the basic framework that philosophers and scientists have questioned for thousands of years. At the end of the day, it has proved difficult to break free from Descartes original notion of “I think, therefore I am”… In other words, this idea of our own experience of the world being all that we can really be “sure” exists. How can we somehow prove our experience? How can we validate scientifically that we are, indeed, conscious?

How can we prove that reality is more than meets the eye? That there is more going on here than just what our experiences and sense would suggest… That consciousness might even exist after death or perhaps that there is some divine purpose behind all that is going on in this reality. How can we get to the bottom of consciousness and what it is all about?

Is it even necessary?

Well… frankly… seemingly No!

The whale does not care if the Homo Sapiens ever figure out what’s going on here. How can it benefit the monkey or the rabbit if we deduce the true meaning of reality? Do the aliens in outer space give a damn? If we never answer this question, won’t the universe just keep going on?

I propose that it does matter.

Why? Because we hold onto this selfish idea that we have to know what is going on around here. For our own sake, it is an important question to answer. Even if the whale, the monkey, and the rabbit could care less, WE care. Why? Why do we care?

Going back to Descartes, one of his theories was that BECAUSE thought is our validation of our existence, anything that we comprehend is possible, important, and worth considering. He tried to use this line of reasoning as a “proof” for the existence of God: namely that because humans have a comprehension and curiosity around this idea of God, there must be something there to explore, right? If there was simply no God, then it would not be an idea in the back of our collective mind. He tried to use this reasoning to prove the existence of an actual deity. Personally, I think he’s mis-aligned. We cannot use that line of reason to prove the existence of a bearded God living up on a cloud… The two ideas are not co-dependent. However, he is onto something.

I would argue that it MUST be important to answer the question “what is consciousness” precisely because it has stuck around for so long.

Obviously, it is a question we value…

There is some hidden importance in this question that we intuitively know is important beyond our scared selves wanting to figure out what’s going to happen after we die… For some reason, we feel it has global significance that extends beyond the human species. For some reason, this idea seems paramount to the human experience.

Who are we?

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

These questions all remain unanswered. These questions are not going anywhere which speaks to their significance. Perhaps there is a divine purpose behind the answering of these questions and that somehow their answering will bring us in closer connection with ourselves, the planet, the animals, the plants, and all of the universe. Could it be the case that answering these questions will somehow allow the planet to come together and journey into the stars? If we discovered the truth of this question and answered “what is consciousness?”, maybe the answer will be more impactful than we know? If we knew that answering this question somehow saved our world and perhaps the universe itself, would we be more motivated to find the answer?

Here’s what I think: the reason these questions stick around is because we are attempting to solve our divine connection with one another.

Answering these questions about consciousness extends beyond ourselves. The answer to this question is that our thoughts and emotions connect us together in a global or perhaps universal consciousness that extends out infinitely in all directions. The implications of this being true are profound and of vital importance to the human experience. Understanding our divine connection with one another could mean the end of war, famine, and our extension into the stars.

The truth is that if we exist in a divine mind, that means our minds are one.

If our emotions are tied to the emotional divine mother, then our hearts are one.

We are all of us one.

We are one with the universe and all of creation.

This is different than us being connected… Obviously we are connected.

We are much more than connected… We are literally the same. Every fiber of our being speaks to this divine oneness. We exist in a world of our own collective thoughts, powered by our collective emotion. The two are symbiotic and they exist at scale.

This is why it is paramount to have balance and health internally… Our internal struggles are magnified out into the collective consciousness. By overcoming internal adversity, we contribute to the whole. When we help someone less fortunate, we help ourselves. By loving and respecting one another, we are loving and respecting ourselves. If we fail to love and accept each other, it is only because we fail to love and accept ourselves. If we fail to help each other, it is because we often fail in helping ourselves.

When we change on the inside, everything on the outside changes to reflect.

We are all of us one.


What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do In The 21st Century?

WWJD in today’s world? If Jesus Christ was alive today, how would he handle where we currently find ourselves?

Growing up in the fundamentalist Christian Church, I constantly experienced this question. “WWJD” was worn on bracelets, shirts, and seen on stickers all over the congregation. This phrase was preached and taught as some sort of doctrinal question to which we were expected to have a pretty good answer. In the church, “What Would Jesus Do?” was often treated as way of pointing out a “wrong” instead of identifying actual practical steps.

In other words: if a person was seen treating others disrespectfully, our “church leaders” would ask us to consider “What would Jesus do?”

When we were not spending enough of our mental energy focused on converting others to the Lord, we were asked “What would Jesus do?”

Constantly, we were asked to be “Christlike”. Supposedly, judging our actions against “What would Jesus do?” was said to be a surefire way to achieve this goal. In the youth groups where I grew up, achieving this goal of being “Christlike” was seen as an incredibly admirable quality.

According to the church, I actually did a pretty good job! When I was about eleven years old, I was voted “Most Christ Like” for the year in our Upwards Christian Basketball league. I received the “White Star Award” trophy which is currently collecting some dust in my parent’s attic. In general, this is how the question of “What Would Jesus Do?” was treated: it was some sort of prize to be achieved.

What WOULD Jesus Do?… For Real.

Asking what Jesus or any great historical figure would “do” is a powerful exercise. You see, here is where Chris tian churches seem to miss out: they rarely actually put critical thought into what Jesus would actually do based on the “real” examples we have in the Bible of Jesus actually doing things. If we take the Bible as an accurate representation of Jesus’ life (or, at least, the character of Jesus), we can gain some valuable insights about what Jesus would actually do if he were alive today.

Why is it a good idea to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” If we are approaching this question more strategically and philosophically, why is this even a valid question? Why should you (especially if you have no relationship to Christianity) even care?

Well, consider the impact of the character of Jesus.

Whether he is “real” or not, the impact of Jesus on our world cannot be denied. In his name, popes have launched crusades. Presidents have been elected. Inquisitions have been pursued. Televangelists have been made wealthy. Lives have been changed for the good. Marriages have been saved. Politics are affected. Christians have been killed by lions in Rome. Little boys like me have spent countless hours in various churches across the world, asking themselves “What would Jesus do?”

Studying the impact of Jesus is important work for anyone to do whether you are interested in history, philosophy, theology, or any number of disciplines… His life has echoed through time. In fact, if Jesus is not a real person, his life is all the more interesting! Have you heard of the book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” by John Allegro? This book furthers a fascinating theory that “Jesus” was actually a code name used by early “Christians” to disguise the psilocybin mushroom so that their secret sacrament would not be discovered by the un-initiated. Following this theory, the character of “Jesus” was created by early Christians to share the lessons being taught on psychedelic mushroom trips. There is actually a similar theory about Socrates: that the famous philosopher was just a fictional creation of Plato.

Regardless of whether or not Jesus actually existed, it is worth our time to ponder the famous question of What Would Jesus Do. The answers can lead in some powerful directions.

What Jesus Would Do:

Jesus spent an enormous amount of time preaching about an important topic: righting the wrongs of religious teachers.

Many of his famous parables and stories were directed against the religious teachers of the day. The Pharisees. For example, In Matthew Chapter 12, Jesus demonstrates that it is OK to perform miracles on the Sabbath day, typically considered a day free from work or strain of any kind. In this passage, the religious leaders first begin to plot a way to kill Jesus because he dared to heal someone on the Sabbath despite their proclamation that it is unlawful to do such things on the Holy Day.

Further, in the famous sermon on the Mountaintop (Matthew Chapters 5-7), Jesus lays out a great deal of instruction in clarity that is in contrast to his usual methods of teaching in riddles. In this sermon, Jesus lays out instruction that is directly in opposition to the current behaviors of Church leaders and attendees:

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” – Matthew 6: 5-14

I first read this quote when I was 15. Honestly, it was an important realization for the Young Paul because I began to recognize that many of my fellow church-goers operated in direct opposition to this instruction, despite the whole time acting as if they were especially devoted to the “Word of God” and had the whole Bible memorized… or something.

So what would Jesus do? He would probably begin by talking some shit on fundamentalist Christianity, just like the good ol days.

Here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I go into detail on this topic:

Jesus also seemed to talk often about the Law of Attraction through his discussions on the importance of faith. Buddha had some similar ideas in this respect. Indeed, examined closely, many sacred holy texts seem to bear reference to the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.

Jesus As The “Son Of God”

A crucial point of the Christian theology is that Jesus is the “Son of God”. In fact, it is preached that this is specifically what a person must accept and believe in order to enter heaven and avoid being burned for all eternity in the fires of hell. It is said in church that Jesus allegedly backs this all up in his teachings, although the actual words of Jesus do not expressly lay out this claim.

Jesus did not have much to say about hell. Indeed, most of his teachings centered around loving others, talking shit about the current religious leaders, and his own divinity.

It is this last point that receives the most criticism in today’s world and also allegedly in Jesus’ own time. It is for this reason (claiming his own divinity) that Jesus is supposedly sentenced to death by crucifixion.

What is Jesus actually saying when he’s talking about being the “Son of God”?

Again, the Christian church will tell you quickly that Jesus is literally the son of God. He was birthed by Mary (a virgin) and sent by God as some sort of undercover agent to save the world from sin. He was God incarnate because, in addition to being the son of God, he was also God himself in human form… It’s a bit confusing for Christians too.

Jesus does not make this question any easier to answer. In John Chapter fourteen he says the following:

“If you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever-the Spirit of truth. The would cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one that loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and myself to him.” (John Chapter 14: 15-21)

Here’s another doozie:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believed stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” (John 3: 16-21)

Now, if you have the belief that Jesus is literally referring to himself, these passages might seem a bit clear although hard to believe. If you are someone (like me) who thinks there is something a bit more real going on here, passages like these leave much to discuss.

Do you know about the Kabbalah?

A great book on the topic of Kabbalah and the Inverted Tree of Life is this one: The Spiritual Essence of Man by Choa Kok Sui.

Most Instagram gurus would have you believe there are seven Chakras or “Energy Systems”. However, if you examine the Chakras as taught in the system of the Kabbalah, you will learn there are actually twelve.

The 12th Chakra is called the “Soul Chakra”. It is called “Ain Soph Ur” and serves as the seat of the soul inside (or, well, above) the body. The Soul Chakra is composed of three distinct “parts”: the “Divine Spark” (Ain), the “Higher Soul” (Ain Soph), and the “Incarnated Soul” (Ain Soph Ur). This Soul Chakra and it’s three forms are said to be a person’s connection with their “higher self” or spiritual source. Essentially, they are a person’s connection to the divine.

Hindus believe similarly. In Hindu tradition, there is said to be one god who incarnates in countless forms. One form of this god is you. Another form is me. Another is Shiva. Another is a tree. Etc.

In the Hindu belief system, we all carry inside ourselves a divine spark. We all carry a divine origin.

Again, learning more about the Chakra energy system will lead you down this path of learning the three elements of the “Soul Chakra”.

Could it be possible that this is to what Jesus referred?

The “Holy Spirit” is the Soul Chakra.

The idea of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is an allegory for this divine connection we all share with the divine realm. In a sense, we are all connected to god in the same way this computer I’m using is connected to the internet.

Is this way of viewing Jesus’ method correct?

Honestly, it is up to you. I think that what Jesus was really trying to say was this:

Don’t listen to the religious teachers. They do not know what they’re talking about. I am God and so are you. You can do as I do. Indeed, he even said this pretty clearly before he “ascended to heaven”:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)

Jesus would probably tell us to love one another and remember our divine source. Do unto others as you would have them do to you because they are you. We are all one. We are all connected at the top of this divine source.

Anyone who would have you believe different might be full of shit.

Honestly though, dive into the Bible and decide for yourself. I’m just a humble initiate trying to find my own way through all these old books. There are hidden truths and mysteries in the depths of these holy books and I’ll be sure to share as more is revealed.


Spiritual Awakening 101

Spiritual Awakening In The 21st Century

Spiritual Awakening can be confusing. What are the “symptoms” of a spiritual awakening? Well, it depends on who you ask… Nowadays, there is confusing information online about what “Spiritual Awakening” actually entails. Depending on who you ask, there might be conflicting answers from folks who might not exactly know what they’re talking about.

Christy Forsyth is here on this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to talk about spiritual awakening, working with various energy sources, encountering spirit guides, and how to navigate these somewhat confusing times.



Christy is a Soul Therapist who specializes in helping people unlock the potential of their soul power. By connecting with this higher force (a “higher self” if you will), the individual moves closer to understanding their own spiritual awakening.

On this show, we dive into talking about Spiritual Awakening and how unlocking the true calling of your soul is a powerful element of the equation. Christy is experienced in working with folks during their spiritual enlightenment moments and we will dive into some of the specifics to help eliminate some confusion. This topic is increasingly popular in today’s world due to the proliferation of the internet… As a result of that growth of the collective consciousness, more and more folks are reporting symptoms of a spiritual awakening and looking for answers. I believe the human species is evolving and this spiritual awakening is a part of that process.

Let’s dive into this topic with Christy Forsyth and start to expand our horizons!

Want to read specifically about the development of Psychic Abilities? Check out this post on the blog:

Spiritual Awakening And Career Success

Spiritual awakening can help a person in their career. How is this possible? Well, oftentimes our career goals can be difficult to ascertain. In other words, it can be complex to decide what type of job we want to take, what sort of business we might want to begin, and where we ultimately want to take our career and work. Spiritual awakening can help us tie in more with our soul purpose here on the earth during this particular incarnation. When we begin to unlock that ability within ourselves, the path forward becomes more clear.

Spiritual disciplines take time. In today’s busy world, it often seems like a waste of time to focus on reading spiritual books, attending spiritual retreats, or learning more about spiritual awakening in general. However, it has been my experience that taking this time is absolutely essential to really begin to understand our purpose and what our souls are longing to experience in this time on the planet.

In fact, this entire Beyond Homo Sapien brand is the product of my own spiritual development as I further unlocked exactly what my soul was longing to experience and contribute to the world. When I learned to deeply connect with my spiritual guides and unlock the ability to tap into my own intuition, the process of developing my business become more clear. Here’s a post that dives into this topic in particular.

Spiritual awakening is an ever-evolving and changing process. Again, this process does take some time and deep introspection. When we learn the importance of taking that time away from our career to do some intense spiritual development, everything changes. Our purpose becomes more clear. The epiphanies and realizations for how to evolve our career becomes more clear.

Hanna Hermanson and I dive into this topic on this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. Hanna is a coach who helps millennials develop in their career and their ability to run a business and contribute to the world. On this show, we talk about the importance of prioritizing spiritual development despite a busy world that seems to distract and detract from this being a priority.

Spiritual awakening is a deeply personal process. Listening to folks like Hanna and myself can give a powerful insight into the journey of others but always remember to trust your own intuition, your own experience, and learn to listen to your own spiritual guides. The process is well worth the time it takes to develop!

Hanna put together a free course to help you integrate some spiritual practices into your day that will help take your business to the next level. Want that free gift? Click this link here.

Esoteric Origins Of Human Ages

Are Esoteric practices like astrology, divination, and magic at the basis of every great age of mankind?

From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution, the next giant leap forward in human achievement seems to be accompanied by the same esoteric practices and ideas…

On today’s episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Michael Nnebe “the Peace Dealer” is here to dive into what exactly is going on!


“Spiritual awakening” and the law of attraction are in the spotlight. Astrology and psychic readings are experiencing a resurgence of interest across the world. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, VR technology, or blockchain technology is advancing simultaneously with these esoteric practices… is this all a coincidence?

Folks like Wim Hof are becoming celebrities over advancing new breathing techniques and forms of Yoga and Meditation…

Aubrey Marcus is seeing a similar celebrity around teaching about psychedelic plants, holistic living, and open relationships.

What is happening here?

The next age of human expansion is happening simultaneously to an advancement in ideas about the human experience.

Once again, esoteric traditions are making themselves known at the same time as humans advance the technology used to power life on the planet. Just as in ancient Egypt, the technological marvels are happening at the moment of our peak interest in the “hidden arts”. Did you know that the same happened at the time of the Renaissance or the Industrial Revolution?

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a powerful force that seems to be “the universe” attempting to relay some sort of message… Have you ever experienced a moment where you heard about a book or a word that was completely foreign to your mind but then it begins appearing all over? Perhaps you hear about the name of some spiritual teacher or thought leader and then suddenly begin to see their books in stores, their videos on YouTube, and more friends speaking about them?

What is going on here? Is synchronicity just a series of coincidences or is this a sign of spiritual awakening? When it comes to “spiritual awakening symptoms”, many folks report seeing increased synchronicity to the point where the “universe” seems to directly have a conversation with that individual as they experience their spiritual awakening.

Personally, I have had many synchronicities happen to me that I would consider miraculous. In my own experience, it is often the case that synchronicities correspond with my thoughts. For example, I may be going down a specific train of thought in my head and suddenly the exact words that I am thinking pop up moments later on a billboard, a book, or on some website I’m browsing. What is happening here? Are synchronicities a sign of spiritual awakening or am I just a crazy person who is interpreting coincidences to mean something that they do not?

Ash Cotter is an expert in synchronicity, numerology, and consciousness evolution. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, we dive into this topic in the attempt to answer the question “What is synchronicity?”

“What is synchronicity?” Is a question more and more folks are asking these days as the human species continues to evolve. With the expansion of the internet comes a new age of questioning around esoteric and paranormal beliefs such as synchronicity, the law of attraction, or psychic abilities. Is all of this a sort of collective spiritual awakening? Is it possible that the collective consciousness is evolving? What does that type of an evolution even look like? This is what we must uncover to get to the bottom of what’s going on with the human species. Spiritual awakening in some form is an important part of this process but it is unclear exactly how this will all unfold.

Spiritual Awakening “Problems”

Spiritual awakening can bring its own “unique” set of problems…

I’m not talking about the “physical symptoms” of spiritual awakening…

Want the full breakdown? Watch this episode of the Podcast with Jax Atlantis:



We are talking here about the excuses that folks seem to make to justify their lot in life. Oftentimes, whenever a person discovers certain spiritual teachings, that individual uses these as “reasons” for why their life is not going in the direction they want. Whether it’s talking about the Law of Attraction, working with Spiritual Guides, developing Psychic Abilities, or a variety of other “spiritual abilities”, there are certain excuses that unfortunately get used to mask a person’s limiting beliefs.

Now, I do not want to sound too harsh. In fact, I hope to present this idea from a place of love and gentle guidance. You see, I was raised in the Christian church and left when I was 17I am concerned by what I see happening these days in the “spiritual” community because we seem to be repeating old patterns from the orthodox religions such as fundamentalist Christianity. By talking about these issues now, I hope that we can steer the ship in a different direction before we get lost down the same old roads.

Here’s a few examples of what I mean by “Spiritual Awakening Problems”:

  • Not starting your business because your “spiritual guides told you not to”.
  • Being a cranky asshole because “Mercury is in retrograde”.
  • Breaking up with your boyfriend because “their vibration was whack”.
  • Failing to achieve your goals because “the universe” must have something better in store for you…
  • Thinking that someone else might be failing at their goals because their “vibration is low”.

Etc. etc. etc.

I’m here to vouch for authenticity and transparency.

Oftentimes, these are just excuses to hide the REAL reason for why a person is doing the things they are doing.

When I was growing up in Christianity, I saw these same exact situations playing out differently… Let me give some examples:

  • Breaking up with your boyfriend because “God told me to”.
  • Not starting a business because “I was convicted by the Holy Spirit and told not to”.
  • Resigning yourself to a shitty job because “God just does not have a better job in store for me I guess…”.
  • Dropping out of school because “Jesus wants me to focus on evangelism and spreading his word to non-believers”.
  • Not inviting someone to your party because “they curse a lot and Jesus doesn’t like that”.

Etc. etc. etc.

These are oftentimes just excuses or bullshit reasons that do nothing more than keep folks stuck running in circles, living miserable lives where they never achieve their goals.

“Spiritual awakening” cannot be an indoctrination into a new religion that repeats the same bullshit, the same patterns, and the same mistakes as those that came before. We are collectively on the verge of tapping into something real… The actual self realization, spiritual awakening, and collective evolution that we have been grasping after for millennia… The final hour of human enlightenment and collective merging into the true understand of the nature of consciousness that has ALWAYS been our potential.

Let us not fall back into the same tired old patterns that we are collectively sick and tired of repeating.

Let us move forward into something new.

Here’s what’s real:

Limiting beliefs disguise themselves. They hide in plain site. They bury themselves under more “logical” reasons and shit explanations that help our ego to validate our experience and why we are not achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.

For example, your business isn’t failing because your “spiritual guides have something better in store for you”… Its failing because you are holding onto this belief that you do not deserve success… That you are not made like those who succeed.

These beliefs are poisonous.

Honestly, it is not your fault that these beliefs were developed… not at all.

Limiting beliefs are oftentimes inherited from our parents. They are passed down through our genetics. They exist in the collective consciousness. Indeed, there are limiting beliefs that exist at the species’ level such as “the world is a dangerous place”…

However, it IS your responsibility to identify these limiting beliefs and root them out at their core. When you do this, through the power of Morphic Resonance, you do an incredible service to the collective mind. You allow the species to collectively emerge into something more powerful.

By identifying and removing these limiting beliefs, you restore humanity to its true and fullest potential. You do a massive service to your fellow man.

Spiritual awakening is a complex and deeply personal process. It is unique. The “spiritual awakening” that you experience might look absolutely nothing like the one that I could experience. We are each of us unique and on our own journey… Our own path.

In today’s world, there are so many “fake guru” individuals (especially in random Facebook groups or YouTube channels…) who will lead you down a path of chasing your tail and failing to make any actual progress towards the goals that you secretly KNOW you are meant to achieve. Do not allow them to do this. Do not be a victim.

You are the force that is meant to change this world and mold it into The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

YOU are the carrier of a story that can rapidly change our world into something more powerful.

All that is standing in your way is your own self and the limiting beliefs that your ego is tricking you into believing you must still hold onto…

For the good of us all, I pray that you will find your voice, realize your potential, and live the purpose that I KNOW you are put here to achieve.

Follow that inner voice… It will always guide you home.

Spiritual Awakening And Shamanism

Spiritual awakening is tied closely with the idea of shamanism. What is a shaman? Essentially, some sort of spiritual teacher or spirit guide who is able to help people experience a spiritual awakening, align closer with their soul purpose, unlock their spiritual power, or explore the “otherworld” through the use of psychedelic plants, channeling, or powerful forms of ceremony.

Shamanism is an ancient class of individuals dating back to prehistoric times. Over the centuries, shamans have taken a variety of forms. Whether they are the “witch-doctor”, the “druid”, the “elder”, or any other variety of explanation, the shaman purpose has been the same: the spiritual development and guidance of the tribe, typically with the assistance of some form of spiritual guidance with which the shaman communicates regularly. In today’s world, we see a large exodus of individuals traveling to places like the Amazon rainforest in order to experience psychedelic plants like Ayahuasca under the supervision and care of shamans. These traditions date back thousands of years and stretch backwards towards the ancient days of our species.

Spiritual awakening is tied with shamanism because both rely upon the recognition of a person’s own spiritual gifts and abilities.

Spiritual growth is the realm of the shaman. This individual is able to facilitate healing, ritual, ceremony, and general advice relating a person’s spiritual journey and awakening here in this world. In the same way that the smith might forge metal and into a more specific creation, the shaman is able to commune with the spiritual realm in order to alchemize a person’s soul power into something more profound and aware for that specific individual.

Spiritual awakening can often be facilitated in some instances by a shaman through use of specific ritual. These ceremonies are designed in a specific method so as to help the individual experience a more profound and real connection with their spiritual body. These ceremonies are often associated with psychedelic plants but there is no requirement for that to necessarily be the case. In fact, some of the most powerful rituals are meant to be completed sober, without the use of any substance.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien show, I talk to Ariana Ruiz about her recent experience in a “Shamanic Death Ritual”. Ari is an initiated and trained Toltec shaman who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the ancient ceremonies of this tradition. On this show, we chat about how rituals such as a death ritual can be used to aid in a person’s spiritual awakening and overall spiritual growth.

On this episode, Ari shares her powerful experience with a Shamanic Death Ritual. If you are looking to explore the possibility of having a similar experience, Ari recommends working with Daniel Stone at the Center of the Conscious Dream. Click here for more info. 

Generally, the ritual lasts several days. On one of the first days, a person enters into a sweat lodge for a number of hours with a specific intention of wanting to release something or experience a healing. The lodge represents the womb of the divine mother. Throughout the hours of being in the sweat lodge, the heat is increased progressively. Each progression of heat is meant to take the participant into a higher level of awareness regarding their own subconscious. Each increased level of heat represents a new level of healing and release.
Over the next two days following this experience, the ritual participants have the experience of digging their own grave, being buried, and emerging to a new birth into the world.
Don’t worry… Your head remains above the ground 😉
The person goes with a witness to an area in the surrounding land where they begin to dig their own grave. Over the process of hours of digging this grave, the person is encouraged to meditate on what they would like to release and how they would like to be reborn.
After the grave has been dug, the individual lies in the grave (head above ground). The witness then begins to shovel dirt onto the individual to simulate the burial experience. As the dirt is placed on the individual, the participant relives the life they have had… They are encouraged to speak to the dirt that is thrown on them to represent a conversation with the divine mother.
According to Ari, this was a powerful method of release and therapy as she released trauma and recollected her life as if this was her final day.
Once the simulated burial is complete, the individual is able to think on the nature of the life they now want to experience. Once that intention is set, the person is able to rise from their grave (with the help of the witness) and experience rebirth into the world.
Powerful stuff.

If you want to learn more about what Ari is doing, you can contact Ari at her website by following this link.

Following the chat with Ari, I reached out to Daniel Stone to get him on the show. He accepted! On this episode, we talked about the nature of the “conscious dream” and the meaning of reality. Daniel shared some tips on how to connect with the spiritual realm and experience a spiritual awakening that leaves you feeling connected with the divine world and fulfilled in the purpose of your own soul.

Daniel shared the healing power of how to connect with the consciousness of the planet. According to Daniel, it is important to show respect to the planetary forces and universal mind to reflect that this conscious being is alive, loving, and full of wonder. By respecting our world and connecting with these spiritual forces beyond our knowledge, we live in respect and gratitude in a way that will fulfill ourselves at a deeper level. Check it out:

Shamanic healing and experience is a profound method for a person to experience spiritual awakening. Although these sorts of “direct experience” can oftentimes lead to a person having a profound and very “real” experience of the divine, they are by no means the only method for having these experiences. In fact, some of my more incredibly and unexplainable spiritual experiences have been completely sober. It is not uncommon for a person to have trouble fitting together the pieces of a psychedelic experience whereas the sober experience can be a bit easier to actually apply, implement, and piece together into one’s own life.

That being said, I have certainly had some life changing experiences on psychedelic plants. Indeed, many of the most important days of my life were brought about by the use of psychedelic substances. When I first realized I was gay, it was through the use of psychedelic mushrooms. These experiences have shaped and molded me into the person that I am today and their power and influence cannot be discounted. However, the importance of the sober experience with the divine also cannot be emphasized enough. In my opinion, a person should open their minds to the experience of all that life has to offer and rely on their own intuition and experience to navigate through the wide spectrum of spiritual awakening and development. However, a guide such as a shaman can certainly help.

Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic drum meditation is a powerful tool to help you experience a spiritual awakening.

Have you experienced shamanic drum meditation before?

On this episode of the show, I interviewed the Percussion band Amalghemy. These folks are a group of Shamanic Drummers who utilize the power of drumming to facilitate spiritual awakenings, divine guidance, meditation, healing, and a variety of other spiritual gifts. I’ve experienced several of Amalghemy’s live performances in Saint Louis and was stoked to get them on the show.

On this episode, we chat about spiritual awakening, channeling, psychedelics, and the power of shamanic drum meditation. If you want to experience Amalghemy’s music, check out their page on Bandcamp by utilizing this link. All their albums are “pay what you can”.

Spiritual Awakening And Energy

Spiritual awakening is closely tied with this idea of “energy”.

What is “energy” in this sense? This is a word that is thrown around often these days on Instagram feeds, Spiritual Facebook Groups, and on podcasts like mine 😉 What does it actually mean?

Typically, in the “new age” world, when we talk about “energy” we are referring to this idea that all of life is composed of energy. Think about it: in middle school biology we are taught that one calorie = one energy. Einstein famously stated that Energy = Mass x Speed of Light squared. Energy is at the basis of reality. At the core of the observable universe lies some sort of energetic solution: namely a proton/neutron/electron conversation that seems to generate molecules at the molecular level. This is observable in our world, taught in schools, and generally accepted. However, the true implications of “energy” have yet to be fully and totally explored.

Energy underlies all of reality.

We are beings of pure energy. Our very cells are comprised of energy. When we speak to one another, we are able to hear and understand each other because wavelengths are interpreted by our brains by the energy of our voice. Energy is industructable. It can only change forms.

When we understand the implications of our full energetic composition, the world becomes more profound.

Here’s an episode I did with Sheevaun Moran talking about this subject! Are you sick of burning out on your way to achieving your goals? Learning how to enter into an energic alignment is an important aspect of embracing your personal spiritual awakening. When we learn about the energy profiles that affect our bodies, we are able to enjoy the abundance opportunity that life truly can offer.

On this show, Sheevaun offered up two resource: her Free Kickstarter program and her Epic Life Toolkit… Find both by clicking the respective links! Additionally, Sheevaun also mentioned the “Create a Bright Life” organization she runs to help feed homeless individuals living in our cities. By giving back to our communities, we heal generations of trauma and also work towards healing our own souls… We are all connected and we are all one. What we do for another, we do to ourselves.

Sheevaun helps folks increase their productivity and avoid burnout by learning how to enter alignment and access an energetic flow state that magnetizes more success in your direction. On this show, we dive into talking about how energy “works” and how folks often have a tendency to avoid working on difficult aspects of their lives even though these are the “secret” reasons for the difficulties they’re having in a business or relationship scenario. Sheevaun shares some great tips on how to recognize where we are holding ourselves back subconsciously.

Flow state can be a confusing concept in today’s world… There are plenty of fake gurus who pretend to understand how this biochemical process functions. What is “flow state”? Essentially, it is that feeling when everything is going exactly as it should… That moment in time when you feel everything moving in the right direction as you achieve and accomplish exactly what you want from your life. These moments are when we feel “in the zone” or hyper productive… We have all had those moments before and can often find them difficult to access on a whim. By learning how to step into energetic alignment, we unlock this aspect of our spiritual awakening and can beckon these “in the zone” moments at will. How is this possible? On the show, Sheevaun shared two crucial tips:

  1. Movement! Energy that is in motion stays in motion. When we go for a walk, do some Yoga, go to the gym, do some running, practice martial arts, or any form of physical exericse, we increase our energetic alignment and ensure that our “energy” is moving correctly. Exercise has many health benefits but also works at the energetic level of helping us to access flow state more easily. Oftentimes, the way we enter “flow state” is by progressively overcoming ever more increasing obstacles.
  2. Grounding! By centering ourselves in our bodies, we allow ourselves to stay in a state of energetic abundance. In other words, by refusing to let our minds wander outside of ourselves, we ensure that our energetic states of alignment are able to move forward in the right direction!

When we step into this energetic alignment, magic can happen! During a spiritual awakening, experiencing how powerful the law of attraction can work helps us to understand the nature of reality and our full potential to influence the world around us. When we understand how our internal states are expressed in our outer world, we have a better sense of understanding around our potential and our level of responsibility. This is why it is unwise to believe that major problems in our personal lives will not have an impact on our professional career. If there is a significant problem with our relationship (for example), this issue will be reflected in every aspect of our lives. Everything is connected.

Spiritual awakening depends on understanding energy. By unlocking our own energetic potential and overcoming the internal trauma in our lives, we are able to step into a powerful spiritual awakening that helps us to render service to others. When we heal internally, everything on the outside begins to change. This is a beautiful service that we can provide to our fellow humans as we move forward in our understanding around the nature of collective consciousness. Truly, “All is Mind”. When we begin to comprehend that energy is the underlying nature of reality, we see how powerfully our own energy can affect and impact the world. Take advantage of this opportunity to exist in energetic alignment and watch magic unfold in your own life. Do not settle for less! Make it happen! <3

Intuitive Thinking Vs. “Gut Instinct”

Spiritual awakening is often a process of tapping more into your power of intuitive thinking. Let’s talk about what intuitive thinking is all about? Intuitive thinking is not the same as your “gut instinct” or “gut feeling”. In fact, the two are quite different but commonly mistaken as the same thing. Intuitive thinking is trusting that little voice inside your head that speaks from a sense of clarity and almost impulsive truth. It is almost like a form of telepathy or “psychic ability” that seems to gift you a feeling of confidence and knowledge.

Intuitive thinking and “gut instinct” are separate. While your intuitive thinking is that voice of confidence and clarity that exists up in your head, your “gut feeling” is (you guessed it!) something that happens physiologically in your body. Oftentimes, folks follow their gut instinct THINKING that it is the voice of intuition but they are a bit confused in that aspect. Now, don’t get me wrong: if you’re wondering “how to make decisions”, then trusting your gut instinct is also an important part of the equation! If something does not “feel” right inside your gut, then it is worth taking a moment to reconsider.

Here’s where intuitive thinking and “gut instinct” get confused for one another: too often, folks do not make headway on their goals because they are uncomfortable. They are faced by uncomfortable feelings. They interpret this discomfort as their intuition telling them not to move forward. Is intuition real? Absolutely. However, it too often gets mistaken for this “gut instinct” that will almost ALWAYS be giving you uncomfortable feelings when something is scary.

Intuitive thinking is that ability to see between the lines. Some folks are more prone towards intuitive thinking than others… In the Myers and Briggs personality index, two classifications of personality are “intuitive” vs. “sensing”. This describes folks who naturally gravitate towards thinking intuitively vs. those who navigate the world through their senses. Typically, an intuitive person is more prone to being a bit impulsive, exploring creative options, or letting their intuitive nature drive them forward. For an intuitive thinking person, they are living their truth when they are trusting their intuition to guide the way. Conversely, sensing personality types are better suited to trust their senses. These individuals might have a better time with schedules, detail-oriented thinking, pragmatic solutions to problems, math and logic, or other aspects of life that an intuitive thinking person might naturally avoid.

So is an intuitive thinking person “better” than a sensing person? No! Not by any stretch… Again, when an intuitive thinking person is trusting their intuition, they are living their truth. It will feel more natural for them… They will find better solutions to problems when they trust their intuitive thinking vs. their logic/data-driven senses. However, on the other side of the house, a sensing individual will thrive the more they trust their senses and the more they navigate through life using that medium. Unfortunately, the modern western world seems to place more value and emphasis on the sensing/data/logic driven personality type, encouraging intuitive thinking individuals to utilize that method of reasoning. However, these folks will find themselves better suited to intuitive thinking.

Astrology And Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening seems to have a connection with Astrology… How so? Spiritual awakening is essentially the realization of our spiritual nature. When this happens, a person often becomes more curious about their world, their relationship with the planet, and how they relate to their fellow humans. We often find ourselves exploring a variety of resources having to do with our inter-connectivity with our environment, the planet, and ultimately with the universe itself.

Astrology comes into play when we realize that our connection with nature extends into the stars.

Astrology gets a bit of a bad reputation. Why is this the case? There are hordes of charlatans who are waiting for folks to become curious in this topic purely so that they can start exploiting people without providing any actual value. Unfortunately, there is a long history of fake psychics and astrologers taking advantage of people who are genuinely looking for answers to these confusing and important topics. However, these “fake gurus” should not deter us from regarding Astrology as a topic that carries weight. In fact, Astrology has been studied in a variety of different forms for thousands of years. Great thinkers like Newton, Galileo, and Benjamin Franklin studied Astrology. In fact, many great minds throughout history have studied intensely these topics often deemed as “quackery”.

Spiritual awakening can lead to a curiosity in topics such as Astrology because we seek answers to the ultimate question of “what is going on?” here in this reality…

When we go far enough down the Astrology rabbit hole, we begin to understand that the planets, asteroids, and stars in our sky have an actual energetic impact. It makes sense, doesn’t it? if the Moon controls the tides, affects our health, and has an impact on hormones, then wouldn’t the planet Jupiter (far larger than our Moon) also have some sort of impact? Honestly, to me, it passes the “logic” test.

In fact, the idea of Astrology is that these planets and astrological happenings have SUCH an impact as to be almost above our ability to discern what is happening… They are so far beyond subtle that they become impossible to ignore when you know what is happening. It is a macro-scale energetic impact that permeates every aspect of our lives.

Does this mean that Astrology can predict our future? No, that is not the case… However, it can show us our paths of least resistance and where our energy might be best applied. We can build our schedules around Astrological circumstances to ensure that our energy is being applied in the best places. Doing so can allow us to understand ourselves and our universe at a greater degree. Similar to all things in our world, Astrology can be used as an excuse for in-action or blaming others. For example, a “Mercury Retrograde” is often uses as an excuse for why a person’s life is not happening the way that they would want… Mercy Retrograde periods refer to a time when the planet Mercury is moving in reverse to its normal orbit. Allegedly, this causes disruption in emotions, communication, technology, travel, and more… Many people use this period as an excuse for why they cannot achieve their goals, have successful relationships, or make headway in their business. Conversely, a retrograde period is actually just a time for reflection on the specific areas being affected… In other words, a Mercury Retrograde does not mean that your relationships will suffer from poor communication. Instead, it suggests that this is energetically a time for rethinking how we communicate in our relationships. Once again, we see how our beliefs about a situation change the outcomes of what happens and how we are affected.

Astrology Of 2019

The Astrology of 2019 is of keen interest to many folks who experience a spiritual awakening…

We are looking at the cosmos trying to discern our areas of least resistance as we try to navigate these confusing times.

I brought master Astrologer Rachel Goldmeier onto the show to talk about the Astrology of 2019… Check it out!

Rachel and I talk about how Astrology can be a fantastic tool for understanding yourself… When it comes to experiencing a spiritual awakening, Astrology can be a wonderful tool for analyzing what has been happening in your life and seeing how these patterns all overlap with astrological influences that we normally might write-off as coincidence. A massive part of experiencing a spiritual awakening is beginning to see how the universe is connected to you. Ultimately, a person begins to understand that they ARE the universe… All is mind and everything is within you.

Astrology in 2019 is quite interesting. For the majority of the year, the planet Jupiter will be in retrograde. Historically, we have seen times of Jupiter retrograde as an energetically potent time for shifting belief systems particularly around religion, spirituality, philosophy, or political thought. In fact, here in January of 2019, we are already seeing a preview of what might happen over the course of 2019: there are many countries all over the world experiencing a variety of political turmoils and re-thinking how we interact with our governing bodies. For example, in the United States a long-overdrawn government shutdown over Trump’s ambitions to build a border wall with Mexico have left many Americans re-thinking their relationship with their system of government. Meanwhile, in France protests against high cost-of-living have raged for a few weeks. There is similar disgruntlement in Norway and Sweden over cost of housing. All over the world, we are beginning to get an idea of how this year-long Jupiter retrograde might shift our belief systems at the collective level. Again, Astrology tends to have an influence at a macro-level vs. showing up in subtle ways. A Jupiter retrograde is anything but subtle by its very nature of being one of the largest bodies in our solar system.

The sign of Capricorn is also an important topic here in 2019 Astrology… The sign of Capricorn is traditionally associated with career, ambition, and taking awhile to mature and formulate. The planets Saturn and Pluto will meet in the sign of Capricorn towards the end of 2019. When this happens, it will send a wave of energy that almost “activates” a lot of young folks of the Millennial generation who have these same planets in their birth-chart. Put simply: the sign of Capricorn is an important sign for many individuals in the Millennial generation. As the planets begin to meet-up in this sign towards the end of 2019 (especially when Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in early 2020), the Millennial generation will energetically feel more empowered in aspects of career and personal ambition… Again, at a macro-level, young folks might find themselves feeling more empowered to accomplish their goals… Due to the nature of Saturn and Pluto, goals having to do with changing old systems and re-shaping society will be more achievable. This is an exciting time for the younger generation. Much to explore!


Psychic Abilities 101

Psychic Abilities and Human Evolution:

Are psychics real? Oftentimes, whenever you talk about “psychic power” or say the word “clairvoyant”, you are typically met with raised eyebrows. Our civilization generally regards psychic abilities with skepticism and disbelief. Tarot card reading, astrology, spiritual readings, psychic medium workers, and others like them are often regarded as fakes, scammers, or irrational.

Psychic abilities are gaining interest in our world. Despite the story of them being “not real”, psychic power and clairvoyant abilities are gaining massive popularity in the online world. Thousands of folks are becoming curious about psychic abilities and how they develop. Psychic abilities have a sort of mythology and special draw. Why is that the case? People are searching for answers to experiences that they cannot explain. Spiritual practices are increasing. In a surreal sort of way, as the internet expands more people are exposed to psychic abilities and spiritual practices… In general, holistic lifestyle seems to be rising.

Psychic power is an exciting topic. Personally, I believe that the emergence of psychic abilities is a “symptom” of the evolution of our species. The expansion of the internet has revealed that hundreds of thousands of individuals have come together to ask “Am I psychic?”. What causes mass amounts of people all over the world to start to wonder about clairvoyant abilities, psychic power, tarot reading, and more? Perhaps there is something going on. Despite skeptics and doubt at the collective level, individual people are searching for answers around psychic abilities. When hundreds of thousands of people come together to ask questions around psychic abilities and wonder about their development, this is certainly a topic to discuss and explore.

Psychic Power and Consciousness Evolution:

Is mankind evolving? The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. The ramifications of this expansion is absolutely enormous. The internet allows a view into how the collective mind is feeling, thinking, and continuing to grow. By connecting all of mankind together, the internet facilities the evolution of the species.

Psychic abilities are evolving as a result of the expansion of the collective mind. It would appear that developing psychic abilities relies on awareness. When a person realizes the potential for developing psychic power or clairvoyant abilities, it is more likely they will be able to actually realize that potential.

Clairvoyant abilities are expanding. As more people step into this realization, individuals are working to find information about developing psychic abilities.

Emmie “Evolving” Nikolina is one of our most gifted “psychics”. She works to help folks connect with their spiritual power and receive guidance throughout their growth. She uses the power of the internet to spread awareness around psychic abilities and help her audience find guidance, peace, and greater awareness around their own psychic power.

Psychic power and their potential is something to be explored. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Emmie comes on the show to talk about the evolution of the human species and how the expansion of the collective consciousness is facilitating the development of psychic abilities. Let’s explore this topic together and see what we can discover.

Psychic abilities can be confusing. If you are looking to improve your understanding of how to unlock that power, make sure you go to Emmie’s website by clicking this link. Emmie is releasing some information products to help you unlock your own spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.

Psychic Abilities In 2019

Psychic abilities are gaining more traction and interest here in 2019. As the internet continues to expand and our collective consciousness starts to awaken to its real potential, we are beginning to realize the true ability of our minds. As we learn more about spiritual power and the connection between intuition and psychic power, we start to realize that we have somewhat psychic abilities already!

Are psychics real? Well, effectively we are all psychic! Right now, you are reading these words from somewhere that could be anywhere in the world! Meanwhile, I am typing them here in “middle of nowhere” Missouri. Technically, we are engaged in a sort of telepathy. Here’s an example of what I am discussing… Imagine this story:

“There is a blue bunny sitting on a tall stool inside of a dark room. There is a light shining onto the bunny. The light is about six feet in height and illuminating just how blue this bunny really is. As a door creeks open, we see this blue bunny perk up its ears and dart away!”

Right there is an example of REAL telepathy… Through the power of the internet, I was able to transfer an image of a blue bunny, a dark room, a light, and a creeky door. All of these images made their way into your brain where you pictured them in your mind’s eye.

Obviously this is a bit of a silly example but I hope you see my point. Through the power of the internet, we are engaged in a constant form of real telepathic communication. My thoughts are being communicated to you. The same has been happening through books for thousands of years but we have not really paused and examined the phenomenon because it was not happening at-scale. Thanks to the internet, you can be engaged in a sort of telepathic communication INSTANTLY with people in Greece, Spain, Thailand, China, and the United States all at the same time via your Facebook or Instagram feed… Suddenly, their thoughts are being transmitted into YOUR mind via a form of telepathic communication. This is an example of how the internet is providing the conduit for development of somewhat psychic abilities by serving as the manifestation of our collective consciousness made into a navigation-able and browse-able form.

Here in 2019, this is becoming more profound! We are headed for a psychic future where the proliferation and expansion of the internet will lead to potential development of real telepathy. This is a contention of mine: the internet and emerging tech like VR technology will facilitate the development of REAL psychic power and abilities in the same way that training wheels prepare you for riding a mountain bike years later.

Consciousness Evolution In 2019

Conscious evolution, synchronicity, and neuroscience seem to be merging. In today’s world, consciousness is being discussed at greater scale and degree than ever before. Instead of quietly wandering and wondering, today’s spiritual practitioners are taking to a more global stage via YouTube, Podcasting, blogging, and chatting in Facebook Groups all over the world…

The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. Right now, if you are reading these words, you are engaging in a sort of conversation or dialogue with me… You might even add to the conversation by commenting on this blog post… This is a perfect example of conscious evolution and symbiotic psychic power because suddenly two independent neurons of the human collective consciousness can now speak to one another, from anywhere in the world!

Conscious evolution refers to the idea of human minds coming together to create a more beautiful world. By furthering the spread of information through channels like YouTube, social media, podcasting, or blogging, we can collectively evolve our collective consciousness and help one another achieve the next level of what we’re working to achieve both independently and collectively! It is a beautiful time.

Conscious evolution might come in a number of ways… There is more interest in today’s world around synchronicity, psychedelics, psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and a number of other facets of human evolution. Meanwhile, AI technology, VR technology, blockchain, and the expansion of the internet in general is taking on an entirely new dimension of the human experience. Together, these fields will lead to a brand new experience of the human life and I don’t think we can call ourselves “Homo Sapiens” for too much longer…

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Nick Pereira and I talked about the potential for developing super powers and psychic abilities here at the edge of human consciousness evolution! It is a powerful time for us collectively and the repercussions of this expansion of human consciousness are absolutely amazing. Let’s dive into this topic and see where it goes!

Want to learn more about Nick and everything he is doing to help spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs sell more effectively without resorting to unethical schemes and overused marketing tactics? Check him out by clicking this link here.

Nick is an initiated member of the Hare Krishna society. What is a Hare Krishna? Effectively, Nick and others like him are followers of the Hindu god Krishna. Do you know much about Hinduism? There are many misconceptions… One of them is that Hindus believe in millions of gods. In fact, Hindus believe in ONE god and they believe that god takes infinite forms. One aspect of god is you, another is me, another is this computer I am using to type these words, another is a tree, another is Krishna, another is Vishnu, etc. etc… Although Krishna might be seen as a “higher level” of this god-force…. one that exists on the spiritual plane of correspondance… This aspect of god is still very-much accessible to us humans. The difference is one of degree instead of one of type. The same can be said for angels, ascended masters, spirits, and even other “avatars” of god like Buddha or perhaps Jesus (depending on which Hindu you ask).

Nick and I spoke about the importance of individuality within the combined collective. In 2019, there is often some confusion around this idea of a collective consciousness. While it is important to recognize that we are all one collective, there is also much to be said for the individual. Although you (reading this) and I are one and the same and both originate from the same god-source, we are each different personalities and aspects of that divine force. By believing in this way, a person is able to see how they are an individual soul here on an independent journey. Although we maintain that connection to a divine source of “all-things”, we still retain our originality and our own sovereign journey. Quite an empowering belief!

Psychic Abilities… “Am I Psychic”?

“Am I Psychic” is a question many people have here in 2019…

Well, YES! That is really the answer… As our collective consciousness begins to become more apparent, we realize that we are all one and the same. Effectively, you and I are linked. We are all part of the same “whole… The same biosphere… One consciousness. Have you experienced a phenomena where you and someone in your friend group or network have an idea and then everyone else seems to have that idea? This sharing of the same ideas is happening more frequently as we all begin to realize the depth of our connectivity to one another.

On this show, Jax Atlantis and I discuss the idea of whether or not the internet is hindering the developing of psychic abilities… We also got into talking about Artificial Intelligence overlords, ancient civilizations, and some other craziness. Enjoy!

Psychic abilities are here… In fact, we have always had these abilities. The more we learn, the more we understand that we are all connected to the same psychic source and that developing psychic abilities is really just a matter of reconnecting with that spiritual power that ALL of us already have inside. How do we connect with that power of spiritual awakening? Well, sometimes it can be difficult especially given the rather traumatic environments many of us inhabit here on earth. Unfortunately, there are many who are still stuck in the “Old Story” of Separation…

Psychic abilities and spiritual awakening is inevitable. It is a part of who we are… At our source, this ability to harness psychic power is indistinguishable from our intuition. If we believe in the power of intuition, then we already believe in some form of psychic abilities. When we trust that little voice inside ourselves that urges us to do more, be more, create more, strive for more, and contribute more to the collective consciousness and our fellow-humans, then we are tapping into that psychic power already! Indeed, this is really what psychic abilities are all about: connecting with the collective consciousness.

Is it possible to do crazy things like levitation or telekinesis? What about remote viewing? I believe that these things are possible… Indeed, I have spoken with some individuals who have claimed to have these sorts of experiences… Is it real? Is remote viewing real? At the end of the day, we can trust only our own experiences. However, as quantum physics begins to expand more into research and thinking about the nature of consciousness and fundamental building blocks of reality, we begin to see how all of the universe is composed of some sort of a wavelength… In other words, the foundational building blocks are a sort of frequency, sound-wave, or something similar in nature.

If all of reality is a wavelength, then it makes sense that we could impact that reality with our own psychic power… By achieving a heightened energetic state of psychic abilities, we could use the power of our minds to affect the world around us… By doing so, we are tapping into the law of cause and effect and using our willpower to affect our world.

Psychic abilities like levitation or telekinesis might become possible when we step into this power. Before we can totally embrace our own psychic abilities, more education and research must be done. In the same way that Roger Bannister achieved a “four minute mile” which resulted in others quickly completing their own “four minute miles” in the sport of racing, it might take this belief before we see mass awakenings in the realm of psychic abilities. Once folks begin to see evidence of psychic abilities and experience others having this ability, our collective consciousness will shift towards believing more in ourselves and our psychic power. Although it can be argued that we have these abilities TODAY, it might take evidence and real proof before people begin to experiment seriously in their own psychic abilities at-scale. However, once this mass awakening and interest in psychic abilities begins to develop, it will cause a ripple effect throughout the collective consciousness that could rapidly increase the development of these psychic abilities.

So… Yes! You very well could be a psychic… We all might be 🙂 <3

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Have you had experience with psychic abilities? Let me know below! I’m really interested in everything to do with harnessing psychic power (as you might realize by now) and would love to hear your experience. If we widen this conversation inside our collective consciousness, it is reasonable to think that psychic abilities might develop at a faster pace. It is a very exciting idea! Let’s see where everything goes.