How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life

In 2020, we have an opportunity for a new way.

Let us join together in unified purpose and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. In our world, we are much more alike than we are different. We all want happiness for our families, good health, food and shelter, and spiritual fulfillment. When we take a moment and realize that all of humanity is engaged in the SAME struggle, we can begin to rectify our world as a team instead of squabbling over the scraps of a nuclear wasteland. The time for change is now.

If you are going through a period of transition and intense change, you are not alone! Changing your life does not have to be difficult.

life changes

I know what it is like… I’ve been through divorce, leaving a religious cult, joining the military, starting a business, changing careers, and a host of other craziness. At multiple times, I was confronted with the difficulty of changing my life completely.

Here’s what I have found:

When you are going through a period of intense change and transformation, you NEED a toolkit of reliable practices and resources that you KNOW will get you to the other side.

I’m talking about:

  • A morning routine
  • An EVENING routine
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healing plants
  • Spiritual practices
  • And of course: a COMMUNITY!

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I breakdown the details about how to change your life completely by developing a toolkit of amazing resources!

Check it out and get started!

How To Change Your Life Completely

If you want an entirely different existence, you need to take responsibility of the choices you have made up to this point.

The life that you have TODAY is a direct result of the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and actions that you carry as you go through life. If you hangout with people who are bringing you down to their level, then you need to find some different “friends”. Instead of blaming other people, take responsibility for your physical experiences and you will be well on your way to changing your life completely.

Sometimes, we experience tragedy. In these cases, life can feel completely out of our control. We might feel like victims. In some cases, we might have indeed been a victim of a terrible crime or life circumstance. However, we cannot live our lives as victims. Eventually, it is time to grow, heal, and move into a better reality. Set a resolution to change your life and move past whatever trauma you have had the misfortune of experiencing. You owe it to yourself to heal.

Human evolution can be beautiful if we lean into affluence, ease, and joy. Instead of choosing a path of pain, take charge of your life and decide to heal and progress.

If you want to change your life completely, you must assume responsibility. Make better choices. Hang out with kinder people. Set a standard for your life and do not accept anything that does not align with that vision. Instead of settling for some terrible job, take risks and make moves to position yourself for the career that your heart is calling you to do. Do not give way to fear. If you want to change your life and experience a new reality, you may have to change everything you are currently doing in favor of better habits.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Changing your life begins in the mind. If you are poisoning yourself with your thoughts, you will find yourself running in circles without end. Learn how to love yourself and create a better internal reality. As within, so without. If you are terrifying yourself constantly, then you will never be able to find true stillness and happiness. Instead of going down dark rabbit-holes of self-hate, choose to speak kindly to yourself.

Changing your thoughts leads to changing your beliefs. Once we carry different beliefs, we begin to feel differently. When we are feeling powerful, confident, and capable, we take empowered actions that are aligned with our true soul calling. This is the secret to manifestation. We must combine a cultivated and healed internal reality with ACTION inside of the material plane. Instead of spending our days chasing the life of a renunciate, choose to make a difference here on Earth. After all, we are all in this together and the world needs heroes here in 2020.

So how does a person go about taking actions that will change their lives forever?

How To Change Your Life With Habits

Routines and habits make us into who we are.

The practices, foods, exercises, drinks, and substances we engage with every day create who we are and how we can help others. If we exist in habits of sickness and disease, we cannot truly help those in need. We must become the examples that are needed if we are going to change our lives and help the world evolve into something better.

Want to change your life for real? How about implementing a morning routine that helps you get in the zone for your day.

It can be easy. A morning routine does not need to include jumping through hoops, lifting weights for hours, or going for long runs. Make it simple enough that you will do it every single day.

Here is a quick routine that works for me when I’m in a rush:

  1. Wake up, brush teeth.
  2. CHUG a bunch of water. At least one liter.
  3. Make coffee.
  4. While coffee is going, do 5 minutes of Yoga poses and maybe some pushups.
  5. While coffee is cooling, close eyes and take some deep breaths. 5 minutes of meditation.
  6. Drink coffee, do a bit of journaling, get dressed.
  7. Get out the door!

It takes about 30 minutes from wakeup to leaving the house. Personally, I have found that breakfast does not work well with my body. If I eat food before noon, I feel sluggish the rest of the day. When I let my body fast in the morning, my energy levels are MUCH higher. You might find the same but experiment with your food schedule and see what works for your life.


If you do not know how to meditate, watch this video!

If I have a longer time in the morning, here is the full routine:

  1. Wake up, brush teeth.
  2. CHUG a bunch of water. At least one liter.
  3. Make bulletproof coffee with butter, MCT oil, cacao, maca powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Delicious.
  4. Do 5-15 minutes of Yoga and bodyweight movements. Maybe some cartwheels or handstands.
  5. Drink coffee and do some journaling. Write out my to-do list for the day. Pick 3 things from my to-do list that are the most important items. Write out what I’m thankful for in my life.
  6. Pull some tarot cards and do a reading for myself.
  7. Meditate for 5-15 minutes.
  8. Read a book until I’m bored.
  9. Watch a documentary on Netflix or maybe a show on HBO for a minute. Wake my brain up a bit more. Set a relaxed tone for the day.
  10. Drink some more coffee.

A great routine will get you ramped up for the day and ready to MOVE!

You can also have an evening routine! If you are looking to change your life completely, then you might also want to look into creating an evening routine that gets you ready for bed. Here is mine:

  1. Do some Yoga.
  2. Drink a sleepy-time tea.
  3. Go outside and look at the stars to remind my brain that it is night-time.
  4. Brush teeth. Drink lots of water.
  5. Get my essential oil diffuser going with some peppermint or lavender oil.
  6. Watch a documentary or HBO show until I fall asleep.

It might take you five minutes.

Of course, I am just listing out my routines to give you ideas. A routine is personal to you and should focus around how you can best change your life around in a way that creates more momentum for your day. When you get out the door feeling great, your whole day is already won. Whatever happens next is just extra on top.

Changing Your Life Takes Commitment To Goals

Want to make a real change?

Set a goal that makes you nervous.

For me, it was podcasting and starting this brand. When I first started, I committed to six months of doing this show every day. Although I missed a day here and there, I stayed the course. As a result, my entire life changed. Let me tell you a bit about what happened:

It all began when I got an email from my mentor, Miles Beckler

He was talking about this new mastermind group he was opening up for entrepreneurs looking to start and scale a brand. At the time, I was doing freelance marketing jobs to make some extra money. Although the money was coming in, I was unhappy. I felt stuck, unmotivated, and lost in a wasteland of shiny objects and fake gurus.

I joined right away. The first prescription was a 90-day content marketing challenge where we were required to do a blog, video, or podcast every day for at least 90 days. Feeling crazy, I committed to six months.

At the time, I FELT that the Podcast and Beyond Homo Sapien brand was the right move. However, the “logical” side of my brain was convincing me to try and do more freelance work as a digital marketer. Regardless, I needed a plan because I was set to leave the US Army shortly.

When I found that the first “prescription” was a 90-day content challenge, I felt relief. It was important confirmation that the voice of my intuition was correct: Beyond Homo Sapien was the move I was meant to make.

At the time, I was still emotionally recovering from my divorce. For months after that time, I spent my days in depression and lack of fulfillment in all areas of my life. I was completely alone and had no friends in the local area. Entrepreneurial activities was what I was using to distract myself from my pain (unknowingly at the time).

However, the idea of diving headfirst into the podcast brought me back to life.

Instead of a 90 day challenge, I committed to six months.

Although I missed a day here and there, I stayed the course.

At the end, I had a COMPLETELY different life unlike the one I had before.

Here’s the catch: I did not make a ton of money, I did not become world famous, I did not become best friends with Joe Rogan or Elon Musk.

Instead, something MUCH better happened.

I met the love of my life. A girl that warms my heart and shows me love unlike anything I have ever experienced. We have been together a year and it’s looking like we are going to be together for the rest of our days. Both of us were involved in miserable marriages so we have PHDs in what love does NOT look like… This ones real.

How did we meet? She’s the best friend of someone who I interviewed on the podcast as a part of my challenge. When I arrived for our in-person interview, they were hanging out and we all had a great time. A surprise snowstorm meant that I had to spend the night and we became close. We’ve been together as best friends and then lovers ever since. Could not be happier with how things are going.

Additionally, I ended up expanding my network into the stars. Compared with where I was before the show, I probably quadrupled my network. It’s amazing what happens when you interview someone almost every day for 6 months straight.

As a result of that networking, I bought a house! At the time, I was looking around for a property and finding NOTHING. Someone I met as a result of the challenge introduced me to an amazing real estate agent. As a result, I live in the beautiful 12 room house in the Ozarks where I’m writing this post. It’s an amazing house that was built in the late 1800s. I’ve got some great tenants and we are planning some live events on the half-acre property. Again, could not be happier.

Having this house meant moving to a new community where I AGAIN expanded my network even more than before. This time, my network is more in-person than online (although I’ve still maintained the online network I created via the podcast interviews). Out here, I’ve formed personal connections with Native American medicine men, farmers, hippies, crystal hunters, entrepreneurs, musicians, and all the amazingly odd folks who are drawn to the beauty and magic of the Ozarks. My days of loneliness and NO community are LONG gone.

If that wasn’t enough, a few of the people I interviewed on the podcast have become my best friends. A few of them have come and stayed for a few weeks out at the house. One person (an experienced marketer) even lived with me for four months and she’s now one of my closest friends and business connections.

I’m looking for full time work now that I’m out of the Army. So far, my network has proved invaluable in that process and I should have something very soon. Again, the podcast has proved very useful and has already landed me a few job interviews as direct results of guests I’ve had on the show recently.

The commitment I made to my goals totally changed my life. Suddenly, it was clear that I existed in a new reality wherein the rules worked differently.  I believe that when we set a big goal and really COMMIT, we show “god” or “the universe” or your “higher self” (or whatever resonates for you) that you are serious. You are ready to change your life and make some moves.

If you are looking to change your life and you want some help, make sure you check out the Phoenix program. Inside, you will find a committed team of mentors and peers to help guide you into the new version of yourself you want to experience. Instead of floundering in the wastelands without help, sign up to play as a team and get ahead together. It is time!

Iran War MUST Be Avoided

Iran War And Why We Must Say “NO”

Iran War must be avoided at all costs: here’s why.

War with Iran appears to be on the horizon…

… if you pay attention to the 24/7 mainstream news media.

Here is why we must avoid war with Iran at all costs:

Further bloodshed will get us nowhere.

We will only repeat the same story and continue to re-learn the same lessons.

It is time for a new story… It is time for peace.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I breakdown why war with Iran will get us nowhere and only hold us captive in the same karmic cycles.

Instead of war, we must each out to our brothers and sisters in Iran and express an earnest desire for peace. Share love and send peace in their direction. Wish them well in their own quests for peace and security.

We must understand that people living in the Middle East are just like you and me.

We all want the same things. We want happy families, food, shelter, water, fulfilling work, and spiritual fulfillment.

We might have very different strategies for achieving these goals but they are ultimately the same pursuit.

All of humanity is united in the same common purposes and similar connected needs.

Iran War Benefits Only The “Elites”

Here’s the challenge: there are many in this world who fail to acknowledge or realize this deeper truth.

The corporate news media, military industrial complex, and protected government “leaders” are the ones who want war.

They are the ones who need a war to turn a profit.

They are the ones who need a distraction and supposed victory in order to gain re-election or further favor with their supporters.

There are darker forces at play in our world. War with Iran is in line with the motivations of folks who utilize magic and energetic forces for their own aspirations. Such individuals have existed throughout the ages and now they find themselves gasping for a last breath. We have the opportunity in 2020 to end their final stand before it ever begins. Let us stand for peace and refuse to let anyone else stand in our midst.

There are people who support Trump and his warmongering. If we feed these bases of hatred and destruction, we will only continue the same sad and hateful story. Such folk are misguided and out-of-touch with their own connectedness with the greater universe. If they were aware of the hatred they send with their energy, they would never wish ill will towards anyone. Instead of allowing them to suffer their ignorance, let us choose a higher path of self realization and understanding.

It is time for this story of pain and suffering to end, once and for all.

We must choose a higher path. We must choose negotiation. We must choose universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

Let us examine history and LEARN for once.

If you think a potential invasion of Iran would be a good idea, examine the invasion of Gaul by the Romans.

Julius Caesar invaded Gaul in order to cement his political foothold. He would then use this victory to secure his reign and achieve his own ambitions.

Millions of Celts would die in the process and an entire ethnic group would almost be exterminated…

What was their crime against the Roman people?

Their ancestors had invaded Rome long before. The people who lived in Gaul were the genetic lineage of those barbarians.

The Roman people held onto their grudge and did not forget.

When Caesar conquered Gaul, the Romans rejoiced. They welcomed the hordes of slaves who died in the Colosseum. They allowed Caesar to become their dictator and dominate all aspects of their life, until his assassination.

We would then go on to remember Caesar as a great leader and general. A man who always achieved his goals.

We even named a salad dressing after him.

However, what we forget is the millions of families who were exterminated to fulfill this man’s ambitions.

We do not remember the Roman soldiers who died on the battlefield, fighting an enemy who posed their country no real harm.

Rome would go on to suffer the penalty of their karmic crimes. Their cities would be sacked by Barbarians much like those they feared in the times of Caesar. For once, their people would be raped and tortured by a people whose language they did not understand. If we continue on this same road, America could suffer a similar fate.

The very enemies the Roman people wanted to destroy only came back stronger, more vengeful, and with more reasons to kill Romans. Their hate was turned into more hate. The energy of their ancestors continued to remain unresolved and the Romans ended their reign with the spilling of their own blood.

Although Caesar is remembered as a great leader, he was actually a murderous sociopath. He would kill millions for his own ambitions. He would kill his political rivals and assassinate those who stood in his way. He would hire street thugs to mug members of the senate who disagreed with him. The rule of Caesar would set the example for Roman leaders moving forward.

Emperors lived in fear of assassination. This fear increased their paranoia and caused many of them to make terrible decisions, resulting in further death. One need only examine the story of Caligula to see the most compelling version of this horrific story. In 2020, we face our own Caligula and have access to his Twitter feed.

Do these stories sound familiar?

In 2020, we have an opportunity to avoid Caesar’s mistakes.

We can learn from his failures.

We can heal the karma of our ancestors if we learn from their mistakes, instead of looking to them as examples.

It is time for a new story.

We must be better writers than our ancestors.

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, And Why The Youth Shall Win

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, And The November 2020 Election Prediction

Donald Trump is in the news often. I figure it’s time we chat about him. I believe that Bernie Sanders is going to demolish Donald Trump in the November 2020 USA election for president. Let me explain why!

As we approach the upcoming election in November, it will become more important to speak critically of the president and share opinions on his policies. Personally, I do not believe that now is the time for such conversation.

Now is the time for conversation about a better future rather than the current present.

Donald Trump is only as relevant as we make him.

If we want to defeat the demons in our world, a good place to begin might be to stop promoting every Tweet they send out.

Can you imagine if every single Tweet that you Tweeted made a 24/hr news cycle? Doesn’t it get even weirder when you think about how the common demographic for such a news cycle is elderly people?

I believe that Bernie Sanders is going to win in November, 2020, and it will not even be a contest.

Here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I breakdown why this is the case:

At the moment, the most important vote for any candidate is the vote for folks aged 18-30. At this time, as far as I can tell, Bernie Sanders seems to have captured that vote. There does not seem to be a close second place.

I’m not sure if anyone is really convinced that Joe Biden is a frontrunner. I have yet to meet a single person from my generation who talks about Joe Biden, let alone votes for him. Just about anyone I meet is going to pick Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump any day of the week.

An important distinction: if the election hypothetically happened today, I am not sure who would win. There are too many candidates for president at the moment. What I’m suggesting is that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will square off in the November, 2020, presidential election.

When their policies and rhetoric are matched head to head, the victor will be clear. As we found on this episode with Joe Rogan, when Bernie Sanders is given genuine time to speak, he crushes. He also manages to attract 10 million views over the course of three months. Personally, this interview convinced me to vote for Bernie. It is clear that this is an incredibly smart, talented, and kind hearted individual who certainly does not intend to lead us in the same direction as Stalin or Hitler. We would be lucky to have such a leader as Bernie Sanders.

At the moment, thankfully, the types of people who would vote for Bernie Sanders are in the overwhelming majority. We have already achieved victory. A majority of people in the USA all think, believe, and feel alike enough that such a political victory is quite possible. In fact, the only reason it would not happen is if we don’t vote.

Unfortunately, that is a real possibility! For whatever reason, Americans have trouble getting to the voting booths and practicing these “freedoms” we seem to love so much.

Imagine if your boss gave you a chance to change the ENTIRE rules of the game every few years? All you and your coworkers had to do was come together and decide amongst yourselves what you actually wanted.

Well, our “boss” kind’ve does.

In fact, the fact that people do not believe their vote “counts” is a big part of the problem.

Of course your vote counts.

That’s the whole point. It counts as much as you make it count. If YOU believe your vote doesn’t count, then it will not count.

If you believe that it does count, then you will behave and act accordingly.

I believe my vote counts.

That is why I am writing this blog post.

Bernie Sanders Will Crush Donald Trump In 2020

Prediction time: Bernie Sanders will win in a landslide victory against Donald Trump in the November, 2020, USA elections.

The result will be action towards the following three ends:

  1. Free medicare for all. At long last, Americans will get the healthcare system they voted for back in 2008 when Obama ran on a healthcare-based platform. People, the fact that we did not get free healthcare back in 2008-2012 is testimony to the bullshit system in which we live.
  2. Decreased student loan pressure. Bernie’s voter base is driven in large degree on the issue of student loan debt. At the moment, the student loan crisis is crippling many college students and making it difficult for them to have a decent quality of life. Of course, there are plenty of folks who are handling their student loans with ease. However, from what I have observed, they appear to be in the minority. If Bernie is elected, I believe we will see action on this direction given the amount of motivation.
  3. Legal marijuana. At long last, we will see cannabis legal at the federal level once again. With hope, we might see pardons and reparations for those imprisoned unjustly for using a healing plant that grows out of the earth.

Although Bernie Sanders’ platform heavily emphases the “Green New Deal”, I feel that this might end up being the least effective aspect of Bernie’s administration.

Why? Because ultimately the problem’s facing our environment are a global crisis. At this moment, we do not have a great solution for reversing the damage we have done to the environment. Although Bernie’s plan might help slow further decline, it will take a more entrepreneurial spirit to invent the solution that the world needs.

I believe that those changes combined with an overall more caring system of government will lead the United States to becoming a more entrepreneurial nation.

If folks don’t have to worry so much about healthcare and student loans, they’ll be more able to quit their 9-5 and start to freelance, open a business, or live a more alternative lifestyle. The USA already has an entrepreneurial spirit and such administrative changes would encourage people of my generation to take action. Finally, there could be a proper safety net to catch entrepreneurs who fail.

Here’s what most people miss: we WANT such a safety net to exist. When that safety net is combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of American youth, the world could change quickly. The innovations we need to reverse climate change would be invented. We could perhaps go even much further.

Bernie Sanders Is Not A Socialist

I think it’s time we acknowledge something related to this topic:

Bernie Sanders is not a socialist.

If you still feel that way, you obviously have not taken the time to google and read the definition of a “democratic socialist”. Spoiler alert: they’re two different things.

As Bernie has been saying for most of his life, he is a democratic socialist. He goes to great lengths to make this abundantly clear and has done so for years. If you still think he’s a socialist, you are simply not informed. Go hop on over to google and start to edgucamate yourself.

A democratic socialist believes that we should have some socialist systems but that such systems should be created as a result of a democratic process (aka voting). In other words: a democratic socialist thinks we should have a safety net and that the terms and conditions of aforementioned safety net should be voted on (and changed if necessary) by the people.

A regular socialist thinks that the government should control the safety net.

In fact, a democratic socialist and a socialist would probably disagree on many key points.

It’s essential that you understand the difference.

It is time that we learn to love our enemies and see them as ourselves.

Christ Consciousness and true empathy is about looking out for others. I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ would have been a democratic socialist, or something similar. In fact, if you study the early church, you will find that they lived a very socialist existence. Jesus and his disciples didn’t seem to have jobs and they spent most of their day traveling around the countryside, talking with people. It is safe to assume that Jesus and his disciples may have benefited from some sort of social safety net. In their case, it was probably the care and hospitality of friends and a local network of an emerging church. In other words: they crashed at people’s houses.

In fact, if you study certain texts, you’ll find that Mary Magdelene was oftentimes the hostess for Jesus and his disciples. Although I do not believe that Jesus and Mary were a thing, I certainly think she played a crucial role in that social safety net. Oftentimes, it was her house where the disciples and Jesus would rest after a long day of teaching and healing.

If we are to live as Jesus lived, then should we not embrace a more democratic socialist president?

Why do we join ourselves with this embarrassing figure who only drags us further behind?

Let us join together in November, 2020, and vote correctly.

What Will Humans Look Like In The Future?

What will Humans look like in the future?

Will the world end up looking like a sci-fi movie?

There are countless depictions of how “the future” will look. As we’ve observed in hindsight, our predictions are oftentimes incorrect. Whether it’s “2001 Space Odyssey” or “Back to the Future 2”, we seem to not correctly predict the future of what humans will look like in the future… Honestly, it makes sense! How can we possibly imagine our future when the whole point is that we cannot imagine the decisions, choices, and world that posterity will create? After all, if we could imagine that future, it might be here today. Evolution is a gradual process that happens over long periods of time rather than short bursts. That being said, I believe that we are staging for the next leap forward in evolution and it is happening much faster than we originally imaged.

Let’s talk about human evolution in 2019 and how humans will look in the next few decades!

Instead of walking around in Jetson-style jumpsuits and living in tech cities, I think we will be seeing a return to a coexistence with nature. Instead of Coruscant or “planet cities” we see in many Sci-Fi movies, we will be looking a lot more like Avatar. That is what I predict… Why? Because the only way to sustainably continue to grow our species is to learn how to co-exist with nature. This is the option that makes sense and coincides well with what is true about our reality.

Let’s dive in!

Human Evolution Back To Nature

Human evolution requires us to adapt to stay alive.

In 2019, the world is looking more bleak when it comes to issues of climate change and ecological disaster. As we inch closer to apparent destruction, the outcry for a sustainable future becomes louder to the point where it will become the mainstream voice. Thankfully, our civilization is awakening to the realization that our world governments have been purchased by oil companies, pharmaceutical agents, and other organizations that profit from death and violence.

In the USA, we see politicians like Bernie Sanders calling for radical campaign finance reform. The idea is that we should reduce corporations abilities to influence US elections through financing. Although the goal behind this strategy is just and noble (corrupt politicians aren’t great…), such a radical reform would take time, a massive shift in our political situation, new solutions for politicians to receive funding, and an uphill battle due to the very nature of the question… Corporations financing politicians literally have a vested interest in ensuring  that these bills do not get passed.

I’ve got a different idea! Instead of a lengthy and complex process to create a new system of campaign financing, we need different corporations that pull the strings!

The real issue with campaign finance is that the corporations that are buying politicians PROFIT from death, destruciton, ecological disaster, locking people up in private prisons, etc. etc.

Instead, let’s get sustainable corporations that are large enough to start buying out politicians.

Instead of “Big Pharma”, how about “Big Farmer”?

“Big Cannabis”

“Big Vitamin”

“Big Yoga”

“Big Workout”


Corporations that profit from saving our planet, helping people, and improving health worldwide.

Doesn’t that sound like a much faster method of saving our world? It requires us voting with our wallets. Here’s the good news: this change is already happening naturally. Already, folks are gravitating more towards a holistic lifestyle. Those who are gravitating towards a holistic lifestyle in 2019 are just the early adopters. For example, I’m currently living in the Midwest… The heart of the “Bible Belt” in the Midwest… Out here, folks LOVE CBD products. States like Arkansas, traditionally extremely religious, are seeing a huge surge towards using more CBD based products. Why? Because CBD works! It is a REAL medicine that helps people at-scale. The same is happening in cities like St. Louis here in Missouri. CBD stores are popping up all over. These states are also furthering plans to legalizing medical cannabis to provide plant-based solutions to healing… Again, all of this out in some of the most conservative states in the USA!

This is just a PREVIEW of what is about to happen globally.

I have so much hope for our future. The reason for this hope is because the TRUTH will prevail thanks to the internet. At this moment, it is possible to find the “truth” about most every topic in the world. We hold all of human knowledge in our hands via our smartphones. This is an entirely new concept and paradigm and the results of this dramatic shift have yet to be felt. Again, all that we have witnessed now is just a portent… an omen.

Folks think that the internet “happened” back in 2000…

The internet has yet to really takeoff. Still today in 2019, vast sections of the world are cut-off from the internet. If we take the human species as a whole, countries like the USA, Canada, or Germany who have adapted well to the internet are just the “early adopters” of this new lifestyle. Even within those countries, we have noticed that the younger generations are leading the charge in wider adoption of  technology. In other words, those who are currently living an “internet-based” lifestyle are the early adopters within their own countries… The countries being early adopters on the world stage.

Put differently: we are just getting started.

I predict  that the shift towards more sustainable campaign finance will happen gradually. Although there certainly will be press coverage around the movement that I’m sure will help speed along  the process, this shift will not require some massive revolution. In fact, what we will realize is that the laws of the USA and similar countries are already established in a way that allows for this shift to happen peacefully and relatively easily.

This shift will happen because more awareness is being drawn to the issues facing our planet. In today’s world more than ever before, our civilizations is awake and aware to the idea of campaign financing causing many of the problems in our world. The radical transparency offered by the internet will catapult these issues into the spotlight even more than they are today and we will see a global shift towards corporations that profit from saving our world rather than destroying the planet. People are not stupid… They are only ignorant of the problems and how easily those issues might be solved via voting with our wallets.

Once we have a more sustainable system in-place politically, we can pave the way for more radical changes that will leave us with a human species we will not recognize.

True Human Evolution

The political and social shifts mentioned above will herald in a new golden age of mankind.

Vagus Nerve System Stimulation 101

Vagus Nerve System

What is the Vagus Nerve System and why is it so important? What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) and what does it do? How do we active our Vagus Nerve?

These are questions appearing more often in the collective conversation…

The Vagus Nerve System is the longest nerve in our body. It is the part of the central nervous system responsible for connecting all of our organs together. Similar to a tree trunk, the Vagus Nerve System wraps around organs and builds a complex root structure that connects the entire body together physiologically. Our emotions and visceral feelings are processed by the Vagus Nerve and these connective structures feed our brains with information.

The Vagus Nerve system is important to understand for people on the autism spectrum.

As an individual on the spectrum, I began learning all about the vagus nerve system roughly two years ago. At the time, I was suffering from almost daily panic attacks. When I understand how the autism spectrum works, I began to realize how I was allowing my self to enter into a “fight or flight” mode that kept me in a constant state of overwhelm. Instead of staying in that place, I dedicated myself to understanding the autism spectrum. At the time, this meant wrapping my head around the vagus nerve system and how it was affecting my body.

Here’s what I learned in my own life:

The Vagus Nerve system is what connects all of the pathways in our body together in order to process our emotions.

Emotions are processed in different parts of the body, depending on the particular emotion.

For example, anxiety is usually felt inside a person’s stomach. Normally, if a person’s Vagus Nerve is healthy, the anxiety will be interpreted and felt by the brain. Why does this happen? Because the Vagus Nerve connected the neurotransmitters in the stomach up to the neurotransmitters inside of your brain. Through this connective pathway, the human mind is able to experience and interpret our complex emotions.

For a person like me on the autism spectrum, our Vagus Nerve can be damaged.

What does a damaged Vagus Nerve do to a person? What are the symptoms?

All of this and more on this show with Sterling Cooper! In addition to the vagus nerve, we also get into discussing the law of attraction, the evolution of human consciousness, and the importance of frequency. It is an essential part of the human experience to have an optimized vagal nerve system…

As we progress in our understanding of science and human behavior, we are waking up to the realization that the Vagus Nerve system is extremely important. Instead of neglecting our nervous system as we have done in the past, it is paramount that we take a stand for real health and understand how to really take care of our bodies. By doing so, we will expand the species into a brighter future that revolves around ideal self-care from a place of self-love and healing.

Damaged Vagus Nerve System

Could your Vagus Nerve be damaged?

If you are someone diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, there is a likelihood your may have an underdeveloped Vagus Nerve. How can you tell? If you are experiencing a state of overwhelm as caused by your immediate environments or internal state, then it is possible you may have an underdeveloped or damaged Vagus Nerve.

Vagus Nerve damage can result in emotional overwhelm. In a sense, your entire body becomes overwhelmed and unable to process physiological functions. Instead of processing emotions in a way thats healthy and natural, the body is unable to process what is happening. This can result in inflammation, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and a variety of other terrible physiological outcomes that happen as a result of our bodies shutting down.

How Do We Active The Vagus Nerve?

To maintain a healthy Vagus Nerve, we need to stimulate the system!

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) is how we keep everything moving smoothly.

To ensure a healthy system, there’s a few things we can do to make sure everything is activated:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Breath-work.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Healthy Diet.
  5. Sound Healing.

Taking control of our health and ensuring an optimized nervous system is an important component of human optimization. As our species continues to evolve and advance into the future, we step into greater awareness about the interconnectivity of our bodies with our environments. When the nervous system is out of whack with the rest of our bodies, we are not able to process the emotions and sounds of our environments. Being in this situation puts us into a state of shock and overwhelm that can leave a human crippled by their world.