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Are You Spiritually Awake?

The process of spiritual awakening is hitting our planet like an asteroid. All over the world, human beings are beginning a process of awakening and ascension that is evolving and expanding our planet. The collective consciousness is springing into life and more people are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. Are you undergoing a process of spiritual awakening? You are probably wondering “what does spiritual awakening mean?” It can be a confusing topic. Here’s the good news: spiritual awakening is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the oldest processes and events. In the ancient mystery schools, the process of spiritual awakening was called “initiation” and it was administered to those brave souls who entered the schools and dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to find clarity during this confusing time.

Being spiritually awake gives a person awareness of the true nature of reality. It is a time of stepping into your soulful purpose and realizing that you are a soul having a human experience. When we lean into our spiritual awakening process and trust the journey, everything changes. If you are wondering how to start your spiritual journey, it begins with a powerful realization. When you grasp the truth that you are a soul having a human experience, and you feel that awareness permeate your being, you are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. When you become spiritually awake, you have a profound understanding that you create your reality and you begin to choose the experiences in your life. You become the cause inside of your physical world instead of being affected by everything in your environment.

When you choose the path of spiritual awakening and trust the path before you, everything changes.

There is no “spiritual awakening test” to gauge if you are spiritually awake or not… Instead, it is a personal journey of inner work that lasts your entire life. In fact, there are levels of spiritual awakening and you will find that each new level provides new challenges, questions, and answers. The Mayans depicted the process of spiritual awakening inside of their calendar. They believed in nine different levels that humans ascend through over the course of their spiritual journey. When you are beginning spirituality, all of this can be overwhelming. You might be confused about the symptoms you experience as you begin your journey to become spiritually awake.

Here is an episode of the podcast where I interviewed Dr. Calleman and we dove deep into discussing the Mayan theory of cosmogony and the nine levels of consciousness:

Your spiritual awakening is your own journey towards joining the house of the immortals written about by Manly P. Hall. When you undergo a spiritual awakening process, you gain an awareness that death is not the end of life. In fact, death is just one more ascension into a new level of consciousness. The soul carries on after death. When the soul leaves the body, it returns to source through an evolutionary process that does not stop after death. Instead, death is only the entry into new levels of reality. When you understand that your soul is immortal and you begin to identify with your soul more than your body, you become immortal. Although your body may one day perish, your soul lives forever.

Becoming spiritually awake means that you are stepping into this path of total realization of your soul’s power to create and manifest your world.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

How do you know if you are beginning a process of spiritual awakening? Are there symptoms of a spiritual awakening? Becoming spiritually awake is often the hardest time of a person’s life. In the ancient mystery schools, this process was called “initiation” for a reason. During a spiritual awakening, your karma catches up with you immediately. At first, this can be overwhelming because it feels like your entire world is crashing down around you. Many people report experiencing breakups, job losses, dramatic shifts in living situations, and losing friends. Why do these things happen during a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a process of evolution that unlocks new abilities. As said by Uncle Ben in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility”. The period of karmic cleansing is essential to ensure that only the worthiest souls complete the process of becoming spiritually awake. Although it might feel at first that your world is falling apart, this destruction only creates the way forward for you to step into your true potential. Your negative karma will stop affecting you when you learn the lessons meant to be learned and forgive yourself for previous mistakes.

My process of becoming spiritually awake was the hardest time of my life. In a period of six months, I broke up with my ex-wife, lost many of my friends, got fired from a job, and was forced to move to another part of the world against my wishes. This was happening at the exact same time that I was having some of the most profound spiritual experiences and realizations of my life. At the time, I had just begun reading the Kybalion and was experiencing the initiation that goes hand in hand with that book. If you have read any “initiatory books” in the past, you will know what I mean. It seemed as if the book was helping me have the most profound spiritual experiences of my life by tearing down the veils that I had been refusing to look behind.

During my process of spiritual awakening, I learned valuable lessons. If I told a lie (even a white lie), it was discovered almost instantly. If I was speeding on the highway, I would get pulled over by a police officer and issued a ticket. Any time I made a mistake at work, it was revealed and highlighted. It felt as if I had a spirit hanging over my head who was demanding I do the right thing at all times, or face the consequences of my actions. Becoming spiritually awake carries a hefty dose of responsibility because you begin to gain dominion over your physical reality. Such power can be used for ill means if given to the wrong person. The forces that govern spiritual awakening and initiation ensure that only the worthy are given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. In my case, I had to spend a few months dealing with the darkest parts of myself in order to succeed.

Here’s the good news about becoming spiritually awake: the process of karmic cleansing comes to an end when you learn the lessons you are meant to learn and when you forgive yourself for your past mistakes. In my case, I was not able to move forward until I broke up with a toxic partner, distanced myself from toxic people, left work that did not fulfill me, stopped speeding, and stopped telling lies. Once I forgave myself for the mistakes I had made over the years, the karmic switch was flipped.

The process of spiritual awakening carries with it the symptoms of evolution and growth. Many people report symptoms of spiritual awakening that include sickness, purging, seeing “angel numbers” like 1111 everywhere, a dissolution of your previous life, and much more. At the end of the day, these side effects of the spiritual awakening process are just your bodies way of evolving and embracing a new energy.

When you start to become spiritually awake, everything that is going to happen to you happens quickly… The good and the bad!

Thankfully, the good karma catches up with you just as much as the bad karma that must be cleared.

How To Have Spiritual Awakening Without Suffering

Becoming spiritually awake does not have to be difficult. Once you learn the lessons that need to be learned and you clear your negative karma, the good karma begins to come back ten-fold. Just as your negative actions from the past and present catch up with you, your good actions begin to return to you as well. Once you do the hard “shadow work” to heal yourself and fix your life, you open the doorway to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Your physical reality begins to shift and you start to experience the magic of the universe as a constant stream of happiness that you get to control.

The process of spiritual awakening can feel like fighting a demon. This demonic force is the manifested form of your shadow. Although it can feel like an outside entity, this shadow being is your own trauma, fear, hatred, and other negative emotions. Once you face the dweller on the threshold to the higher planes of consciousness, you enter the halls of the immortals and begin to have more control over your life. Over time, you learn that the dweller who guards this place inside of yourself is actually one of your greatest friends and teachers. Instead of fearing this shadow-self, you integrate the shadow into your consciousness and begin to heal yourself for good.

After you have begun the process of healing yourself, things change. Instead of always ending up on the downside of your negative karmic back-lash, you experience all the good karma that you are creating. Here is the secret about karma: it is your greatest tool and friend in creating your reality. If you are focused on always doing the right thing and you never veer from the path of righteousness, then you can trust that karma will always be your friend and work on your behalf. Why? Because you already did the hard work of facing your demons and transmuting the darkest parts of your personality into something more useful to the world.

During my process of spiritual awakening, I spent a long time alone. For over a year, I had hardly anyone in my life. Although I could talk to friends and family over the internet, I had absolutely no one to spend time with in person. For months, I experienced a deep depression as a result of sheer loneliness. I would listen to audiobooks and podcasts because I wanted to feel like I had someone to talk to, even if the conversation was one-sided. Although I worked a job at the time, my position carried almost no human interaction. During that time, I started this blog and podcast because I wanted to converse with people who were going through the same journey that I was. Whenever I would podcast with someone, it was the happiest moment of my day because I got to connect with another human being at an authentic level. After doing interviews for months, I began to realize that my process of spiritual awakening was shared by so many people around the world. The more I interviewed people like myself, the less alone I felt. Like a lightning bolt striking the earth, I awoke to the epiphany that we are all one cosmic being experiencing life together. We are all one and none of us are alone, even when we feel at the depths of our darkness.

Becoming spiritually awake led me to realizing that I am not alone. Once this truth sunk in, I began to attract new people into my world. The day everything changed was when I interviewed Allison Thomas on the show. It was one of the first “in person” podcasts I had done and it resulted in me connecting with Allison and a friend of hers named Jessie. Although I did not know it at the time, this chance encounter would lead to me marrying Jessie and starting a non-profit with Allison just a few years later. Here’s the podcast episode where it all began to shift:

Once those two entered my world, everything changed. Suddenly, I began to attract more people who were on the same page and going through the same process of spiritual awakening. Over the course of a few short weeks, I found a new network of friends who were all on the same page. Without me doing anything other than following my intuition, I had stumbled into a massive community of people. Instead of being completely alone, I was overwhelmed with new and wonderful connections.

So what happened?

After going through a profound process of spiritual awakening, I healed my old wounds. Although it took me enduring months of loneliness and pain, I “snapped out of it” as soon as I forgave myself and learned the lessons I needed to learn. Once I realized I was not alone, and that other people were having the same experience, everything changed. When I accepted into my subconscious that my experience was common, I began to attract new people almost instantly. 

Since connecting with my soul tribe, things have been different. Although many of those folks are no longer in my “day to day” life, we keep in touch. The opportunities I created as a result of this spiritual awakening have manifested the life that I have today where I work as the president of a successful business development agency and live by a river with the love of my life. Daily I am reminded of the magic of the universe. None of this would have been possible if not for becoming spiritually awake.

Books About Spiritual Awakening

When I began my process of spiritual awakening, I began to connect with books that explained the process to me. Although I also had people in my life who helped me understand what was happening, the books brought comfort because many of them were so old! I began to realize that becoming spiritually awake is nothing new. In fact, this initiation has been happening since our world first came into being.

The ancient mystery schools would facilitate spiritual awakening through a process of initiation. In his book “The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De. Saint Germain”, Manly P. Hall shares the process of initiation as a sort of allegorical poem. Attributed by Hall to the immortal Count of Saint Germain, this poem is said to detail the initiation that resulted in becoming spiritually awake. At the end of the poem, he describes the results of spiritual awakening:

“I crossed the place, and mounting on a marble platform, which was before me, I noticed with astonishment that I had re-entered the hall of Throne (the first in which I had found myself when entering the Palace of Wisdom). The triangular alter was still in the center of this hall but the bird, the altar and the torch were joined and formed a single body. Near them was a golden sun. The sword which I had brought from the hall of fire lay a few paces distant on the cushion of one of the thrones.

“I took up the sword and struck the sun, reducing it to dust. I then touched it and each molecule became a golden sun like the one I had broken. At that instant a loud and melodious voice exclaimed, ‘the work is perfect!’ Hearing this, the children of light hastened to join me, the doors of immortality were opened to me, and the cloud which covers the eyes of mortals, was dissipated. I SAW and the spirits which preside over the elements knew me for their master.”

When we complete the initiation into spiritual awakening, we embrace our potential and we overcome the problems of the material world. We become the master of the elements and experience the kingdom of heaven on earth. Does this mean a goodbye to difficulty and hardship? Quite the contrary. Although life becomes more joyful and we gain a full awareness of the magic of the universe, more responsibility is thrust on our shoulders. Those who have undergone the process of becoming spiritually awake are given the task of spreading this awareness to the world. We become the ministers of a new reality and the beacons of an eternal flame. Your relationship with the world changes forever and there is no going back. Once fully awake, you can never fall back asleep, nor would you ever want to.

In his book from the 1800s “Transcendental Magick”, Eliphas Levi writes the following directly to us in our modern day:

“But you, before all things, who are you, thus taking this work into your hands and proposing to read it?

“On the pediment of a temple consecrated by antiquity to the God of Light was an inscription of two words: ‘KNOW THYSELF!’

“I impress the same counsel on every man when he seeks to approach science. Magic, which the men of old denominated the SANCTUM REGNUM, the Holy Kingdom, or the Kingdom of God, REGNUM DEI, exists only for kings and for priests.

“Are you priests? Are you kings? The priesthood of Magic is not a vulgar priesthood, and its royalty enters not into competition with the princes of this world. The monarchs of science are the priests of truth, and their sovereignty is hidden from the multitude, like their prayers and their sacrifices. The kings of science are men who know the truth and them the truth has made free, according to the specific promise given by the most mighty of all initiators.”

If you want to learn more about the process of spiritual awakening and the history of initiation, Manly P. Hall and Eliphas Levi are two whose work you should read. Although both have passed into the deathless realm of the immortals, their spirits continue to guide all seekers who undergo the process of spiritual awakening and look for questions. In my life, their words have been guideposts which helped me know that my experiences were not unique. If you are feeling alone in your journey of becoming spiritually awake, consult these older writers and find that you are not so alone after all.

Want to read more old books about spiritual awakening? Check out also the Kybalion, the Hermetic Corpus, and the Chaldean Oracles.

By educating yourself about the process of awakening, you will gain more confidence in what is happening inside of your life. Do not be afraid to seek and to find.

How To Start A Spiritual Journey

Looking to begin the process of spiritual awakening? If you have found this website, it means you have already begun. Do not be afraid of your previous karmic baggage. Instead, face the demons within yourself and integrate the lessons taught by the dweller on the threshold. By communing with the shadow-self within you, the keys to unlocking the secrets of your life will be revealed. Instead of running from the past and ignoring your problems, stand and face yourself.

Take responsibility for your life and your spiritual awakening will be easy. When you forgive yourself for your mistakes and you work to fix those problems, you gain control over your life. By submitting yourself to the initiation, you pass. When you resist and run from your darkness, it will only get worse. “KNOW THYSELF” is powerful advice.

Becoming spiritually awake does not have to be difficult if you learn the lessons you are meant to learn. Do not run from your healing. Lean into the lessons you know you are meant to learn. If you are in a toxic relationship that falls away, do not be upset for long because this is just part of the process. Everyone I know who underwent a spiritual awakening lost friends, relationships, jobs, homes, and more. Once the karmic baggage is cleared, you open the gateway for your good karma to come back to you too.

If this process of spiritual awakening is giving you problems, reach out to me at paul@beyondhomosapien.com with any questions… I am happy to help!

You also should read this post on the blog about spiritual awakening and listen to this episode of the podcast I recorded about initiation into Hermetic philosophy.

Enjoy the process and learn to forgive yourself… It will make all the difference in the world! As within, so without. As above, so below.

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