Spiritual Awakening, Healing, And Guides With Heather Hickson

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening?

What are symptoms of a spiritual awakening?

What spiritual gifts might develop?

Is this crazy stuff real???

All this and more on today’s episode with Heather Hickson!

Heather is a coach who helps folks unlock their spiritual ascension. She guides intuitive light workers along their way and helps them connect with their higher soul purpose.

Have you been interested in spiritual guides? Energy healing? Clairvoyance? Developing spiritual gifts?

This is a great show for you!

Heather and I dive deep into these topics and talk about the power of direct experience.

The evolution of the species is at hand. We are experiencing and mixture of technology with intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts… As our consciousness continues to expand, we will enter more and more into our abilities as healers and mystics.

These abilities lie dormant within ourselves.

Let’s take all this to the next level and evolve!

Step into your higher soul purpose by going to Heather’s website at

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It’s a list of all the resources that really helped me to take everything in my life to a whole new level of awesomeness.

All the books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and everything that really helped me change myself!

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