Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing At The Collective Level

How can we begin to commence sexual healing?

For thousands of years, our species has suffered at the hands of fundamentalist religious organizations and stunted our collective healing around sexuality. Here’s the truth: sex is normal. It is an essential part of life. It is completely not the case that sex is evil, only supposed to happen between married couples, or any of the nonsense taught by organizations like the fundamentalist Christian church where I was raised.  In reality, sex is a beautiful and essential element of the human experience. Sex is a spiritual practice. When we engage in consensual sex with another individual, we are participating in a sacred and beautiful act that helps our souls evolve individually and collectively.

Sexual healing is essential. The more we learn, the more important sex becomes. In the case of men, sex is an essential part of balancing the testosterone hormone. In order to experience healthy and balanced testosterone levels, a man must maintain a healthy sex life. Symptoms of low testosterone include depression, lethargy, low muscle-mass, a weakened immune system, moodiness, and a variety of other scientifically backed principles. Maintaining a healthy sex life is essential for overall health in men and women.

So how can we facilitate sexual healing?

What must we do in order to heal collective wounds around sexual trauma and mis-information?

Sexual healing must begin. If we desire to heal our collective species and evolve into the more beautiful versions of ourselves we know is possible, it is imperative that we heal these collective wounds around sexuality. When we begin sexual healing internally, we open the doors for the collective. When we begin healing within our own selves, we magnify healing out into the world at-scale. In order to heal collectively, we must start by healing within.

Let’s explore how sexual healing can begin!

Sexual Healing And Eroticism

Sex is meant to be a fun and spiritual activity that helps a person express themselves fully! In today’s world, sex is demonized in many parts of the world… It is condemned as sinful or worse…

In truth, sex is a fun and exciting activity that keeps human beings healthy. Due to thousands of years of misinformation around sexuality and eroticism, we have been misled to believe that sex only serves for procreation. We are taught lies by fundamentalist organizations that tell us sex is only to be used between married folks looking to create babies. By no means is sex taught as an actual passionate art. There is no education around “how to have good sex”. If anything, the overall feel in the collective consciousness around sex gravitates more towards avoidance of sex, mentioning protective measures around sex, teaching abstinence, and helping people to essentially NOT have sex. Although it is certainly essential to practice safe-sex and only engage in sex with consensual partners, our species needs greater education around “how to have good sex” that is fun, fulfilling, and erotic.

Thankfully, there is emerging conversation around sexual healing. Our collective consciousness is awakening to the idea that sex is meant to be playful, fun, exciting, and erotic. We are realizing that sexuality is an essential part of the human experience. As we continue to explore sexual healing, eroticism, kinky fantasies, passionate sex, and passion in all its forms, we can start to mend the collective wounds. As we explore this new and exciting road, it is important to have proper education in-place to help men and women experience passionate and erotic sex in a healthy way.

Jaiya is a sex educator who helps folks unlock their erotic passion and enjoy sexual healing through her Erotic Blueprints method. For decades, Jaiya has been involved in studying and facilitating sexual healing in order to allow her clients to experience the passionate and erotic sex that they deserve to have as humans. Jaiya has published books, created courses, and opened the doors to a new era of sexual passion and enjoyment that is ours to explore collectively.

Jaiya came on the show to share here Erotic Blueprint method and help us understand how to begin sexual healing both individually and collectively:

Want to take Jaiya’s Free Erotic Blueprint exam to find your blueprint? Click here and check it out!

Here’s a quick breakdown on the Erotic Blueprint model developed by Jaiya:

Sexual eroticism is divided into five primary Erotic Blueprints!

Here they are with a brief description of how each one works. By understanding our Erotic Blueprints, we can facilitate sexual healing internally and with our partners by understanding one another… In the same way that understanding someone’s Myers Briggs Personality Type helps you understand their personality.

Here are the five blueprints:

No. 1. Energetic.

Folks with an Energetic Erotic Blueprint are aroused and sexually awakened in the moments leading up to sex. They are energetically receptive to sex… This means they can experience no-touch orgasms, orgasms off anticipation, and a variety of other unique ways to enjoy the sexual experience. Energetic types are more turned-on by the actions leading up to the actual act of sex. In order for an Energetic Blueprint to have a fulfilling sexual experience, they must have a loooong anticipation period before any actual penetration occurs. The “shadow” side of an Energetic Blueprint is that a person not aware of their Blueprint might find themselves NOT enjoying sex because they are unaware of their need to experience a long period of foreplay and energetic anticipation prior to any sort of sexual activity.

No. 2. Sensual.

Those with a Sensual Erotic Blueprint experience sexuality through their senses. For this individual, it is essential that ALL of their senses be engaged in order for an ideal sexual experience. For example, a Sensual Blueprint might want candles lit, lights dimmed, sexy music playing, a long period of cuddling prior to sex, and blankets to keep them from getting cold. They want to enjoy having all their senses engaged. A “super-power” of the Sensual Blueprint is their ability to experience orgasm off sensations of taste, cuddling, or even music. Again, they experience sex through their senses at a much greater degree than any of the other Blueprints. The “shadow” aspect of this Blueprint could be a tendency to not allow themselves enough time to fully get “in the zone”… For a person possessing a Sensual Erotic Blueprint, it is essential to have this adequate time of cuddling and sensual arousal prior to engaging in sex.

No. 3. Sexual.

Folks with a Sexual Erotic Blueprint (like me!) want to get down to business. These individuals LOVE nudity, penetration, passion, and the actual act of sex. The “super power” of a Sexual Blueprint is the ability to become aroused quickly, orgasm quickly, and engage in some of the most passionate sex possible. Sexual folks are not complex and oftentimes make the most sense on paper… We just like sex! The “shadow side” of a Sexual Blueprint is the inability to relate with the other Blueprints. In the mind of a “Sexual”, sex is simple and does not require huge amounts of foreplay… However, if the partner of a Sexual Blueprint is NOT a Sexual, then there can be issues as it might be difficult for the Sexual individual to relate and understand the other. This is why sexual education around Erotic Blueprints is so important!

No. 4. Kinky.

The world of Kink is vast. In our interview, Jaiya explained that there are two main types of Kink: situational and emotional. Those who favor situational Kink enjoy using ropes, being dominated, or using any number of toys in the bedroom. Those who favor emotional Kink might enjoy role-playing or other varieties of situations that change the dynamic of sex from an emotional perspective. The “super power” of the Kinky Blueprint is their ability to be creative. Truly, Kink is an endless rabbit hole that only ends where creativity cannot produce more kinky scenarios. Kinky individuals often find that once one fantasy has been satisfied, another slightly more intense fantasy takes its place. The “shadow” of the Kinky Blueprint is shame at the personal or societal level… It can be difficult for a Kinky individual to discuss their desires with their partners for fear of being shamed or embarrassed. One more reason why sexual healing and education is SUCH an important movement: we have to understand one another in order to engage in passionate healing around sex and eroticism.

No. 5. Shapeshifter.

The Shapeshifter Erotic Blueprint shares aspects of all the other four types. Shapeshifters are a sort of sexual hybrid that can morph and change into whatever turns-on their partner. In a sense, a Shapeshifter is naturally suited towards being more comfortable in the bedroom. They are able to shift between blueprints and provide sexual pleasure in whatever way their partner needs. This is their “super power”: Shapeshifters are the most naturally adept at the sexual experience. However, this ability can come with a heavy price. The “shadow” side of the Shapeshifter Blueprint is the fact that they require an extremely full and diverse sexual experience in order to be truly satisfied. In order for a Shapeshifter to have the passionate sex they can truly achieve, their large appetite for sex must be fulfilled. For them to live at their fullest erotic potential, a Shapeshifter Blueprint needs to be filled in every way possible in each of the four primary Erotic Blueprints. Sometimes, it can be hard for them to receive to such a degree.

Want to learn your Erotic Blueprint? Go take Jaiya’s Free Assessment by clicking this link! 

Sexuality is more profound than we know. In order for us to experience the sexual healing that is our birthright, we need to come together in education and mutual support. Instead of snickering at the mention of sex, we should pursue this aspect of the human experience and see sex for what it really is: a powerful and spiritual tool for connection. In our world, more connection is what we need… More of this conception around us all being one. We are all of us one and we all are united in the march forward in sexual healing, even if there are those of us still detracting from the conversation. Ultimately, love and connection will win the day.

Sex With AI Technology

Will sex with AI Technology ever be a “Good idea”? Can a robot ever replace intimate partnership with another person?

As we continue forward into the future, this question of relationships with AI technology will become more of an issue…

Especially once VR technology is in the mix, it will become a very real possibility for someone to begin having a real romantic relationship with an artificial intelligence… What are the dangers here? Could it ever be a “good idea” to start having romantic relations with a robot?

Is it possible that this is the future of the species? That the future organism on this planet is some mix of robots and humans, perhaps somehow formulated inside of a sexual partnership between the two?

Although this might seem like science fiction now, we are moving towards a future where it is an immediate concern regarding how robots in the bedroom will play out.

Ultimately, this question relies on getting back to what’s important in life: our relationships. We might see folks using AI technology as a substitute for relationships because folks are too scared to talk to their romantic partners about what’s REALLY going on inside of the relationship. Instead of sorting it out, folks could turn to the AI lovers to fill the hole.

In order to ensure we do not have such a cold fate, it is essential that we mend our relationships. This requires folks being authentic and truthful with one another here in 2019. If we want to avoid a future where the majority of people are substituting partnerships with AI lovers, we have to step up to the plate and begin having REAL conversations with one another.

On this show I talked to Michael Lauria about the idea of intimate sexual relationships with AI technology. Here’s the real issue here: folks are lonely. We need love in this world. It’s time to understand that the reason why someone would value having sex with a robot over a human is because they’ve been harmed in their relationships.

Here’s what’s real in the world: relationships are the most important things in our lives.

If we are having a bad relationship with our romantic partner, it will show up in every other area. It will affect our business, our health, our ability to stick to goals, and everything in between. If left un-addressed, it will manifest in all areas of life.

If we are given the opportunity to begin having romantic or intimate relationships with robots, there is a danger that many folks will turn to that option because their own relationships are going south. If folks are unable to address what’s really happening in their life, it will show up everywhere else.

That’s why it’s so important to cultivate healthy relationships. Be about it… Do the work to make relationships the #1 priority in your life, because they always are even if you pretend that is not the case.

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