Sex, Plants, And Rock And Roll With Jason Bernardo

Sex, Plants, and Rock and Roll!

What makes a good life?

That question has befuddled our species for millennia… In the modern era, we might be getting closer to having a decent answer for that question. That’s the topic Jason Bernardo and I are going to chase after on this episode of the show!

Jason is the founder of Sex, Plants, and Rock and Roll: a service that helps men connect with their masculinity in a way that creates the fulfilling life we are all after.


Jason advocates for a holistic approach. An experienced Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, actor, psychedelic explorer, and mentor, Jason helps men find a better way to achieve the life they want.

In the modern era, it can be difficult for a man to find their way… These days, men often feel under attack. There is debate in the world about the role of masculinity and how men should behave in today’s changing landscape.

Jason and I dive into this topic headfirst and breakdown how a man can choose to define themselves in different ways than society might suggest!

It’s essential for men in today’s world to create their own path forward. Instead of listening to the naysayers, it is crucial that a man develop healthy ways to deal with stress, create a better life for themselves, and evolve their own consciousness and spirituality.

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