Self Growth Through Doing The Impossible

Self Growth Through Hardship:

Self growth and intense personal development are often the result of hardship. There are some spiritual teachings that suggest life is simply meant to be a game wherein our souls grow, evolve, and learn oftentimes through growth. One of my beliefs about the world is that we are transitioning from a “simulation” of sorts where we learn from pain and instead move towards learning from joy. Regardless, there has been a long history of human self growth that comes from going through intense hardship. In my own life, the period of time where I was working through autism and realizing that I’m gay was an intense period of self growth that I would not trade for the world, despite the level of difficulty.

I talked about that time on this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. Check it out!

Self growth does not need to come from hardship but this is often the case in our world. When a person is going through those moments, the realizations and grit that is developed is second to none. Although in the beginning of a rough period, it is common to curse the ground upon which we walk. In those moments, god seems far away and our own minds plague us with thousands of reasons for why we are misfortunate. Self growth comes in these moments when we overcome the impossible and begin to thrive.

Self Growth And Mindset:

Self growth relies upon a great mindset that facilitates this growth to begin in the first place. Oftentimes, this mindset is developed through overcoming some sort of difficulty which then furthers personal development, spiritual growth, and the overall evolution of our human condition. These hardships are often with us all of our days on the planet and sometimes begin quite early. If you meet a person who suffers from chronic disease or a chronic condition of any variety, these individuals are often highly developed when it comes to self growth and mindset development.

Brian King is one such individual. Known as the “Mindset King”, Brian helps fellow entrepreneurs who suffer from chronic conditions overcome the impossible, grow their business, and improve their lives while going through incredible hardship. Brian is on the autism spectrum and also suffers from MS. Through the power of overcoming his own struggles in life, Brian has developed a keen ability to help fellow entrepreneurs overcome their limitations and achieve massive results in their business and personal lives. Self growth is an ever-evolving journey and Brian is no stranger to that road.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Brian and I talk about the process of overcoming impossible things in order to become the best version of yourself possible. Brian talks about the importance of self understanding and adaptation to achieve your goals. When hard times knock on our door, it is time to reflect on our personal situation and realize that we are all on our own journey. Oftentimes in today’s world, it is easy to get confused around the action steps to take on the road to personal development and achieving our goals in life. However, for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, it is essential to “know thyself” and adapt the situation around our own needs.

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