Psychic Abilities 101

Psychic Abilities and Human Evolution:

Are psychics real? Oftentimes, whenever you talk about “psychic power” or say the word “clairvoyant”, you are typically met with raised eyebrows. Our civilization generally regards psychic abilities with skepticism and disbelief. Tarot card reading, astrology, spiritual readings, psychic medium workers, and others like them are often regarded as fakes, scammers, or irrational.

Psychic abilities are gaining interest in our world. Despite the story of them being “not real”, psychic power and clairvoyant abilities are gaining massive popularity in the online world. Thousands of folks are becoming curious about psychic abilities and how they develop. Psychic abilities have a sort of mythology and special draw. Why is that the case? People are searching for answers to experiences that they cannot explain. Spiritual practices are increasing. In a surreal sort of way, as the internet expands more people are exposed to psychic abilities and spiritual practices… In general, holistic lifestyle seems to be rising.

Psychic power is an exciting topic. Personally, I believe that the emergence of psychic abilities is a “symptom” of the evolution of our species. The expansion of the internet has revealed that hundreds of thousands of individuals have come together to ask “Am I psychic?”. What causes mass amounts of people all over the world to start to wonder about clairvoyant abilities, psychic power, tarot reading, and more? Perhaps there is something going on. Despite skeptics and doubt at the collective level, individual people are searching for answers around psychic abilities. When hundreds of thousands of people come together to ask questions around psychic abilities and wonder about their development, this is certainly a topic to discuss and explore.

Psychic Power and Consciousness Evolution:

Is mankind evolving? The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. The ramifications of this expansion is absolutely enormous. The internet allows a view into how the collective mind is feeling, thinking, and continuing to grow. By connecting all of mankind together, the internet facilities the evolution of the species.

Psychic abilities are evolving as a result of the expansion of the collective mind. It would appear that developing psychic abilities relies on awareness. When a person realizes the potential for developing psychic power or clairvoyant abilities, it is more likely they will be able to actually realize that potential.

Clairvoyant abilities are expanding. As more people step into this realization, individuals are working to find information about developing psychic abilities.

Emmie “Evolving” Nikolina is one of our most gifted “psychics”. She works to help folks connect with their spiritual power and receive guidance throughout their growth. She uses the power of the internet to spread awareness around psychic abilities and help her audience find guidance, peace, and greater awareness around their own psychic power.

Psychic power and their potential is something to be explored. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Emmie comes on the show to talk about the evolution of the human species and how the expansion of the collective consciousness is facilitating the development of psychic abilities. Let’s explore this topic together and see what we can discover.

Psychic abilities can be confusing. If you are looking to improve your understanding of how to unlock that power, make sure you go to Emmie’s website by clicking this link. Emmie is releasing some information products to help you unlock your own spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.

Psychic Abilities In 2019

Psychic abilities are gaining more traction and interest here in 2019. As the internet continues to expand and our collective consciousness starts to awaken to its real potential, we are beginning to realize the true ability of our minds. As we learn more about spiritual power and the connection between intuition and psychic power, we start to realize that we have somewhat psychic abilities already!

Are psychics real? Well, effectively we are all psychic! Right now, you are reading these words from somewhere that could be anywhere in the world! Meanwhile, I am typing them here in “middle of nowhere” Missouri. Technically, we are engaged in a sort of telepathy. Here’s an example of what I am discussing… Imagine this story:

“There is a blue bunny sitting on a tall stool inside of a dark room. There is a light shining onto the bunny. The light is about six feet in height and illuminating just how blue this bunny really is. As a door creeks open, we see this blue bunny perk up its ears and dart away!”

Right there is an example of REAL telepathy… Through the power of the internet, I was able to transfer an image of a blue bunny, a dark room, a light, and a creeky door. All of these images made their way into your brain where you pictured them in your mind’s eye.

Obviously this is a bit of a silly example but I hope you see my point. Through the power of the internet, we are engaged in a constant form of real telepathic communication. My thoughts are being communicated to you. The same has been happening through books for thousands of years but we have not really paused and examined the phenomenon because it was not happening at-scale. Thanks to the internet, you can be engaged in a sort of telepathic communication INSTANTLY with people in Greece, Spain, Thailand, China, and the United States all at the same time via your Facebook or Instagram feed… Suddenly, their thoughts are being transmitted into YOUR mind via a form of telepathic communication. This is an example of how the internet is providing the conduit for development of somewhat psychic abilities by serving as the manifestation of our collective consciousness made into a navigation-able and browse-able form.

Here in 2019, this is becoming more profound! We are headed for a psychic future where the proliferation and expansion of the internet will lead to potential development of real telepathy. This is a contention of mine: the internet and emerging tech like VR technology will facilitate the development of REAL psychic power and abilities in the same way that training wheels prepare you for riding a mountain bike years later.

Consciousness Evolution In 2019

Conscious evolution, synchronicity, and neuroscience seem to be merging. In today’s world, consciousness is being discussed at greater scale and degree than ever before. Instead of quietly wandering and wondering, today’s spiritual practitioners are taking to a more global stage via YouTube, Podcasting, blogging, and chatting in Facebook Groups all over the world…

The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. Right now, if you are reading these words, you are engaging in a sort of conversation or dialogue with me… You might even add to the conversation by commenting on this blog post… This is a perfect example of conscious evolution and symbiotic psychic power because suddenly two independent neurons of the human collective consciousness can now speak to one another, from anywhere in the world!

Conscious evolution refers to the idea of human minds coming together to create a more beautiful world. By furthering the spread of information through channels like YouTube, social media, podcasting, or blogging, we can collectively evolve our collective consciousness and help one another achieve the next level of what we’re working to achieve both independently and collectively! It is a beautiful time.

Conscious evolution might come in a number of ways… There is more interest in today’s world around synchronicity, psychedelics, psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and a number of other facets of human evolution. Meanwhile, AI technology, VR technology, blockchain, and the expansion of the internet in general is taking on an entirely new dimension of the human experience. Together, these fields will lead to a brand new experience of the human life and I don’t think we can call ourselves “Homo Sapiens” for too much longer…

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Nick Pereira and I talked about the potential for developing super powers and psychic abilities here at the edge of human consciousness evolution! It is a powerful time for us collectively and the repercussions of this expansion of human consciousness are absolutely amazing. Let’s dive into this topic and see where it goes!

Want to learn more about Nick and everything he is doing to help spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs sell more effectively without resorting to unethical schemes and overused marketing tactics? Check him out by clicking this link here.

Nick is an initiated member of the Hare Krishna society. What is a Hare Krishna? Effectively, Nick and others like him are followers of the Hindu god Krishna. Do you know much about Hinduism? There are many misconceptions… One of them is that Hindus believe in millions of gods. In fact, Hindus believe in ONE god and they believe that god takes infinite forms. One aspect of god is you, another is me, another is this computer I am using to type these words, another is a tree, another is Krishna, another is Vishnu, etc. etc… Although Krishna might be seen as a “higher level” of this god-force…. one that exists on the spiritual plane of correspondance… This aspect of god is still very-much accessible to us humans. The difference is one of degree instead of one of type. The same can be said for angels, ascended masters, spirits, and even other “avatars” of god like Buddha or perhaps Jesus (depending on which Hindu you ask).

Nick and I spoke about the importance of individuality within the combined collective. In 2019, there is often some confusion around this idea of a collective consciousness. While it is important to recognize that we are all one collective, there is also much to be said for the individual. Although you (reading this) and I are one and the same and both originate from the same god-source, we are each different personalities and aspects of that divine force. By believing in this way, a person is able to see how they are an individual soul here on an independent journey. Although we maintain that connection to a divine source of “all-things”, we still retain our originality and our own sovereign journey. Quite an empowering belief!

Psychic Abilities… “Am I Psychic”?

“Am I Psychic” is a question many people have here in 2019…

Well, YES! That is really the answer… As our collective consciousness begins to become more apparent, we realize that we are all one and the same. Effectively, you and I are linked. We are all part of the same “whole… The same biosphere… One consciousness. Have you experienced a phenomena where you and someone in your friend group or network have an idea and then everyone else seems to have that idea? This sharing of the same ideas is happening more frequently as we all begin to realize the depth of our connectivity to one another.

On this show, Jax Atlantis and I discuss the idea of whether or not the internet is hindering the developing of psychic abilities… We also got into talking about Artificial Intelligence overlords, ancient civilizations, and some other craziness. Enjoy!

Psychic abilities are here… In fact, we have always had these abilities. The more we learn, the more we understand that we are all connected to the same psychic source and that developing psychic abilities is really just a matter of reconnecting with that spiritual power that ALL of us already have inside. How do we connect with that power of spiritual awakening? Well, sometimes it can be difficult especially given the rather traumatic environments many of us inhabit here on earth. Unfortunately, there are many who are still stuck in the “Old Story” of Separation…

Psychic abilities and spiritual awakening is inevitable. It is a part of who we are… At our source, this ability to harness psychic power is indistinguishable from our intuition. If we believe in the power of intuition, then we already believe in some form of psychic abilities. When we trust that little voice inside ourselves that urges us to do more, be more, create more, strive for more, and contribute more to the collective consciousness and our fellow-humans, then we are tapping into that psychic power already! Indeed, this is really what psychic abilities are all about: connecting with the collective consciousness.

Is it possible to do crazy things like levitation or telekinesis? What about remote viewing? I believe that these things are possible… Indeed, I have spoken with some individuals who have claimed to have these sorts of experiences… Is it real? Is remote viewing real? At the end of the day, we can trust only our own experiences. However, as quantum physics begins to expand more into research and thinking about the nature of consciousness and fundamental building blocks of reality, we begin to see how all of the universe is composed of some sort of a wavelength… In other words, the foundational building blocks are a sort of frequency, sound-wave, or something similar in nature.

If all of reality is a wavelength, then it makes sense that we could impact that reality with our own psychic power… By achieving a heightened energetic state of psychic abilities, we could use the power of our minds to affect the world around us… By doing so, we are tapping into the law of cause and effect and using our willpower to affect our world.

Psychic abilities like levitation or telekinesis might become possible when we step into this power. Before we can totally embrace our own psychic abilities, more education and research must be done. In the same way that Roger Bannister achieved a “four minute mile” which resulted in others quickly completing their own “four minute miles” in the sport of racing, it might take this belief before we see mass awakenings in the realm of psychic abilities. Once folks begin to see evidence of psychic abilities and experience others having this ability, our collective consciousness will shift towards believing more in ourselves and our psychic power. Although it can be argued that we have these abilities TODAY, it might take evidence and real proof before people begin to experiment seriously in their own psychic abilities at-scale. However, once this mass awakening and interest in psychic abilities begins to develop, it will cause a ripple effect throughout the collective consciousness that could rapidly increase the development of these psychic abilities.

So… Yes! You very well could be a psychic… We all might be 🙂 <3

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Have you had experience with psychic abilities? Let me know below! I’m really interested in everything to do with harnessing psychic power (as you might realize by now) and would love to hear your experience. If we widen this conversation inside our collective consciousness, it is reasonable to think that psychic abilities might develop at a faster pace. It is a very exciting idea! Let’s see where everything goes.

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