Psilocybin Cubensis & MDMA Therapy Cure PTSD & Depression

Why Psilocybin Cubensis & MDMA Therapy Saves Lives

Psilocybin Cubensis and MDMA therapy has been shown in clinical trials to cure PTSD and depression. Thanks to the work done by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), psilocybin therapy and MDMA therapy have been approved for clinical trials to discover the healing benefits involved in using these medicines.

After a ground-breaking study at Johns Hopkins University, the world was alerted to the reality that psilocybin cubensis has a powerful ability to heal depression.

MDMA therapy has been shown to relieve and heal symptoms of PTSD. Additionally, plant medicines like Ayahuasca have been shown by MAPS to heal drug addiction, amongst other benefits. Psychedelics are becoming mainstream in our world because their power to overcome trauma is second-to-none.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I spoke with doctoral student Muhsin Corbbrey about the power of psilocybin cubensis and MDMA therapy. At the university of Arizona, Muhsin is comparing the benefits of psilocybin therapy and MDMA therapy against the dangers of mainstream SSRIs and other toxic medicines prescribed by medical professionals.

Listen to this episode to learn how psilocybin therapy and MDMA assisted psychotherapy are healing our world:

The power of psychedelic planets is surfacing. Since the days of our ancestors, the healing ability of these medicines has been known. Here at the end of 2021, the world is waking up and beginning to think for themselves instead of listening to the spoon-fed narrative pushed by the mainstream media. As a result, humanity is healing.

Psilocybin Therapy For Depression

Psilocybin cubensis therapy has been shown by Johns Hopkins to have a dramatic effect on depression. The psilocybin molecule is similar in appearance to the serotonin molecule responsible for happiness and joy inside of our brains. Research has shown that depression results from an imbalance in serotonin and a loss of the bodies ability to create this molecule. Psilocybin therapy allows the body to jumpstart its production of serotonin and once again begin to create this important molecule responsible for human happiness.

Using psilocybin cubensis causes a person to face their fears and heal their trauma. Have you had an experience with psilocybin cubensis? Known as “magic mushrooms” for a reason, the magical fungus activates receptors in the brain that can cause hallucinations or  profound out-of-body experiences. Inside of these heightened states of consciousness, a person confronts the spiritual forces that govern our world and help humans to move through the planes of correspondence.

When you have an experience with psilocybin cubensis, you unlock your spiritual ability to commune with different planes of existence. You confront the demons within yourself. You evolve your consciousness and expand what is possible for your body to achieve.

MDMA therapy

As a result of this profound experience, the body changes. Trauma is stored genetically and carried down throughout centuries of human progress and growth. If you have had a traumatic experience, this is stored in your DNA and causes issues throughout the rest of your life.

When you undergo psilocybin therapy, you allow your body to release this trauma and create new patterns. By having an intense psychedelic experience, you re-wire your brain and allow sections once separated to become whole again. When your brain is functioning at a heightened state of awareness, it is able to have epiphanies that last a lifetime. Scientific research is finding that these heightened states of consciousness result in lasting change that re-program the brain in ways that psychedelic explorers have reported since these substances began to be used.

MDMA Therapy

MDMA therapy for PTSD has become popular as a result of the work done by MAPS. By engaging in clinical trials for decades using pure MDMA, the MAPS organization has pioneered a way-forward for humanity that will result in the eradication of PTSD. The work done in clinical trials has demonstrated that MDMA assisted psychotherapy creates lasting change in patients who have suffered from PTSD for a lifetime.

Using MDMA for therapy has been around for decades but its use is becoming mainstream. Through clinical trials performed by MAPS, the substance has been found to re-wire the part of the brain which holds onto trauma. By engaging in MDMA therapy, a person is able to release these traumatic events and process them once and for all.

When a traumatic event happens, our mind shuts down to stop us from experiencing the trauma. Our body goes into a sort of “auto-pilot” as a result of the traumatic incident. While our brains and bodies are in this traumatized state, we are unable to process the event. As a result, the traumatic event gets stuck inside of our brain and remains in that place like a clogged drain. Until the event is processed by our brain, our body continues to act as-if the event is still ongoing. By understanding trauma, we can see why war veterans still “duck in cover” when a loud noise goes off or why a traumatized person might lash-out against innocent people. The brain still believes the traumatic event is happening in that moment!

When a person undergoes MDMA therapy for PTSD, they are able to process these events.

It requires the individual to confront their demons and remember the traumatic event that happened. While in the state induced through MDMA therapy, the individual experiences the event in their mind and remembers what happened so that the brain can process and heal. By having this experience inside of a safe space, the body is able to release the trauma. Early reports suggest that MDMA assisted psychotherapy destroys PTSD and allows victims to heal.

Psilocybin Cubensis & MDMA Therapy For ALL!

Using psilocybin cubensis in a therapy setting can heal depression while MDMA assisted psychotherapy heals previous trauma stored in the body. Together, these therapies can assist our species in evolving to become the best versions of ourselves. Have you had an experience with psilocybin cubensis or MDMA therapy? Write below in the comments and let us know about your healing adventure.

In my life, psilocybin cubensis therapy has been effective. Over a period of years, I was able to re-wire my brain, heal trauma, and experience a spiritual awakening that changed how I view the nature of reality. During this time, I took control of my physical reality and began to step out of the victim story I had been feeding myself. This substance changed my life forever and saved me from mental health problems I was otherwise experiencing. By helping me to confront the darkness within myself, I was able to integrate my shadow and transmute it into the light.

MDMA therapy and psilocybin therapy should be available for all humanity. Although these substances have been demonized inside of our civilization the last few decades, they have been included in our history since it began. In the mysteries at Eleusis, initiates drank a psychedelic beverage that transported them into another dimension where they would undergo their initiation. In Native American cultures, youths would have a vision quest using the peyote plant medicine to initiate them into adulthood. In the Amazon rainforest, ayahuasca ceremony has been used for thousands of years to help tribes heal and seek spiritual guidance. In Scandinavia, the amanita muscaria mushroom has been used for ceremony and healing purposes. All over the world, these plants have had a powerful place in society.

It is time that psychedelics reclaim their proper place in the eyes of the western world. They are a powerful medicine that heals PTSD and depression, amongst a host of other ailments. Furthermore, these plants unlock a spiritual awakening inside of a person that cannot be stopped once it begins. This initiation is the birthright of humanity and cannot be denied.

The spiritual awakening is happening across the world. How is this impacting your world? Write in the comments and share your experience.

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