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Phoenix is a transformational program for those looking to evolve their world. Inside this program, you will find detailed how-to information that will guide you experiencing a radical reawakening of mind, body, and spirit. Phoenix includes walkthroughs for everything including re-wiring your brain, knowing yourself, structuring a workout regime, preparing healthy food, understanding the law of attraction, thinking positively, overcoming anxiety, use of supplements, and much more. You will experience a radical shift that will leave you feeling like a transformed individual.

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Module One of Phoenix teaches you how to transform your mind into an unbeatable and unstoppable force. If in doubt, start here.

How To Think Positively

Is it difficult to think positively?

I've found that actually it is quite easy... In fact, the first step in thinking positively is telling yourself that this is going to be easy!

Your mind is a creative force with more power than you can possibly fathom.

Your mind seeks to prove you correct at all times.

If you tell yourself something is going to be difficult, your mind will respond and go to work with all the reasons for why you are correct.

If you tell yourself something is easy and possible, your mind goes to work in that direction and provides you with all the reasons you are correct.

It really is as simple as flipping that switch.

This video goes into more detail!

Read "The Magic of Thinking Big"  by David Schwartz to learn from who influenced me on this topic.

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Let's talk about how to care for the temple of your body.

How To Structure A Workout

Let's talk about how to structure a workout without a whole lot of difficulty.

Do you feel like going to the gym regularly is too difficult?

I felt the same...

That's why I started doing workouts that I can do from home! Furthermore, I have a really easy format for my workouts to ensure they're efficient without taking up all day. In order for you to actually stick to a workout regime and make a change on your body, you have to ensure your plan is sustainable.

All too often, folks jump into complicated and time consuming workout regimes that just leave them feeling discouraged. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you!

Here's the basic format for how I structure my workouts:

10 minute warmup.

20-45 minutes of exercises done in a "superset" format.

Meaning I have two movements that I match back-to-back.

For example:

5 Sets of:

A. 30 kettlebell swings

B. 5 pullups

In this example, you would perform 30 kettlebell swings and then immediately 5 pullups... take a short rest and then start again with round 2 of the kettlebell swings.

After 20-45 minutes of a few supersets, I wrap up with 10-20 minutes of stretching.

Zach Even Esh's book "The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning" has been a huge influence on me when it comes to this format.

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The ultimate pillar of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: self realization. True "spiritual awakening" is the realization of the spirit inside of yourself and learning to manifest and express that force into the world. This module is about how to achieve that state of inner enlightenment and the tools that will help you as you climb up the mountain.

How To Use Psychedelics Responsibly

Psychedelics are gaining traction in our world! Thankfully, numerous cities around the USA are decriminalizing use of psychedelic plant teachers such as mushrooms or ayahuasca. Psychedelics have changed my life forever and I consider them an absolutely crucial part of spiritual and personal development.

This video covers some harm reduction measures to help you in your psychedelic journey.

LAWYERLY DISCLAIMER: I can never recommend that someone consume and illegal substance. Thankfully, it is quite possible to have these experiences in a legal setting. For example, through working with a church that utilizes ayahuasca as a "sacrament", it is possible to have legal protection in order to have these experiences. I recommend that if you want to have such an experience, you do so legally.

Adam from Psyched Substance is the Jedi Master of this topic and has helped and inspired me along my way. Check him out by clicking here.