Is This You?

A MOTIVATED Individual Looking To Do Whatever It Takes To THRIVE During A Life Transition And Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

You are NOT alone...

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You might know that receiving guidance from a qualified mentor is the best way to ensure your success.

Perhaps you have stumbled all over the internet, looking for such a person...

Have you found what you need?

If you are someone who is committed to thriving inside of a major life transition, I bet you have done some homework by now.

For people like us, there is NO failure. There is only the future that we envision and the path to get you to that objective.

Ready For Astronomical Transformation?

Whatsup! My name is Paul Tokgozoglu and I'm a survivor.

Over the course of my life, I have gone through divorce, leaving a religious cult, changing careers, joining the military, starting a business, and a lot more...

Here's what I have found:

THRIVING inside of these crucial transition moments requires a toolkit of resources and practices that ensure your success.

Paul Tokgozoglu

You see, transformation does NOT need to be painful.

In fact, if done correctly, you can unlock a "new level" to the video game of life wherein you ONLY experience affluence, ease, and joy. Instead of struggling your way through life, you can choose to have an easier path. Sound unrealistic? Ask yourself: Why not? What is stopping you from having an easy life? Oftentimes, when we go down these rabbit holes in our head, we find out something scary: we are our own worst enemies.

In my life, no one has done me more damage than ME. 

For YEARS, I struggled with panic attacks, depression, and lack of fulfillment in all areas of my life. I'm on the autism spectrum and life can be challenging for folks like us. Although I have been through my share of "bad" situations, they were only ever the physical manifestation of the world of self-loathing that I maintained inside at all times. For years, I failed to take responsibility for my life. I blamed autism, my job, my ex-wife, the cult I grew up in, the socioeconomic conditions in America, or (chief of all excuses!) the "evil government".

Guess what: my life did not get better. It got worse.

As is said in Hermetic Philosophy: As above, so below. As within, so without.

My life ONLY improved once I took FULL responsibility for my physical experience.

I stopped blaming others.

I took charge of my life.

I commanded into being a new existence.

And so it is.

If you are reading this page, maybe you have already embraced this responsibility. If so, keep reading. If you are still struggling with this realization, I encourage you to stop wasting time and instead make some moves. It is time. The world is waiting for you to find your voice and make an impact. Do not let down those who you might be able to help if only you had the courage.

So you ready to transform?

Here's the challenge: WHERE TO BEGIN?!?!?

In today's world, we are blessed and cursed with infinite knowledge at our fingertips...

Whether it's a new podcast, some influencer who caught your attention on social media, or a downloadable ebook, there are infinite ideas about how YOU should best live your life... Simply put: it is overwhelming.

Instead of floundering in the wastelands of bad advice all alone, why not work together with an online community of people who are ALL going through the same hardships?

Introducing PHOENIX

Phoenix is a complete transformation program that equips you with the toolkit you need to optimize your life, thrive in transition, and move forward towards your goals as fast as possible.

Phoenix will focus attention on the following:

How to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs

Meditation for people that hate meditation

Breath-work for champions

How to create a powerful morning AND evening routine

Diet optimization and food selection

How to know yourself

How to love yourself

How to believe in yourself

Mastering your emotions

Recipes for healthy drinks and meals

How to use plant medicine responsibly

  Video walkthroughs for basic exercises like pushups, pull-ups, squats, and more

How to create a fitness regime that works for YOUR body

How to set goals

Advanced meditation techniques

How to get started in the martial arts

Detailed explanation of Hermetic Philosophy, the law of attraction, and manifestation

Basic Yoga video classes

Book and podcast recommendations

... and much more

In fact, if you are reading this page, you are one of the first people to hear about Phoenix.

The goal for Phoenix is to create an online community where we can all learn, grow, and succeed together. Imagine if your Netflix subscription also included a members-only online forum, videos created specifically for your life, and a coach to hold your hand whenever you needed direct guidance.

... and now... imagine that YOU got to be on the ground floor of that whole operation.

Right now, my team is filming more content for Phoenix. Here's the issue: we need feedback and support from a community to ensure that we ONLY create videos that are exactly what you as a member need.

Today, Phoenix includes the twenty videos that YOU need to get started on your way.

Over time, the library will grow to include hundreds of high-quality, detailed, and specific videos to help you thrive inside of your life and experience the best version of yourself.

Eventually, this course will be a monthly membership starting at $9/month or $88 for the year.

However, if you sign up on this page to become a beta tester, you pay:


In addition to the Phoenix program, you will also receive the following:

BETA TESTERS ONLY: 30-Minute 1 on 1 coaching session with Paul Tokgozoglu.  Once Phoenix really gets rolling, I simply won't have time to do a 1 on 1 session with everyone who joins... As a beta tester, however, YOU will receive a 30 minute "intake" session where we can dive into the details of your specific life situation. Normally, I charge $250/hour for private coaching or consulting

One Hour WEEKLY group coaching call with Paul Tokgozoglu. Every week, we will come together as a class and have a Q&A. This is your time to receive direct guidance and have all your questions answered. Can't make the call? That's fine! You can submit questions ahead-of-time and I'll answer them on the video. After the session, ALL group coaching videos will be uploaded to the Phoenix program where you can review at your convenience. In fact, ALL Phoenix videos are downloadable and can go with you anywhere you are in life!

Private Facebook group for accountability and community purposes. No one gets far alone. Instead of floundering by yourself, you will join a committed community of like-minded individuals. The rising tide raises ALL ships and we all will succeed together, as a team.

Videos made directly FOR YOU.  As a beta tester, you will be able to request videos specific to your situation. Have a specific question? We will answer your question as a high-quality Phoenix video. Why? Because we need your feedback and ideas to make this program into its fullest potential. Although my team and I have PLENTY of ideas for videos (and plenty filmed already!), we only want to film content if it is what YOU actually need to succeed. As a beta tester, you will have this level of direct access to the content creators themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Phoenix physically challenging? Although the program DOES include workout tutorials, Yoga classes, and even some martial arts techniques, PLEASE do not be intimidated. If you are someone who is physically unable to engage in these activities, there is PLENTY of other content for you to enjoy. If you are a total beginner to fitness, then this is exactly the program for you! Phoenix is geared towards beginners.


Are there tests and quizzes? NOPE! However, there is some "homework" after a few of the videos to help you integrate the lesson.


Is my success guaranteed? Although I believe Phoenix is the best program of its kind, I cannot make you watch the videos. I cannot make you do the homework. I cannot physically force you to apply the lessons to your life. That part is 1,000% on YOU. At the end of the day, you will get as much out of this course as you put in. That being said, the Phoenix community and team will be with you every step of the way.

Ready to stop making excuses and take action?

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