Personal Development Through Business Building

Personal Development Via Entrepreneurship: Is It Possible?

Personal development is a key result of the process of building a business. In my own life as an entrepreneur, the process of starting a business is a cornerstone of my own personal and spiritual growth. By building a business, a person undergoes an intense process of overcoming limiting beliefs and unlocking our true soul power. Personal development is an inevitable part of the process. Growing a business is intensely difficult and many folks unfortunately fall by the wayside throughout the process.

Spiritual growth is inevitable during the entrepreneurship process. Why is this the case? What really seems to happen as we grow a business is that we unlock the key desires and needs of our soul. The individual discovers the reason their soul incarnated here onto the earth. If done correctly, entrepreneurship is a creative and self-realizing process that inevitably leads to a wealth of personal development and spiritual growth.

Personal development is a vital part of the human experience. On the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we often dive into the idea of personal development and how it factors into human evolution and ultimately the growth of our collective mind at the species level. After interviewing and knowing many entrepreneurs, I am convinced that the process of building a business is a shortcut towards this personal growth and spiritual development we are all intuitively chasing. Here is a breakdown of what I have learned:

Self Development Is Key In Business Building:

Starting and growing a business is an intense process of personal growth and development. There is nothing harder than overcoming limiting beliefs to start, pushing through hardship to continue, and continuing a personal development plan in order to thrive. It’s a process of reaching deep into your soul power, personal development like no other, going to depths of your mind, and pulling out some gold to give to the world.

Chris Albert and I dive into this topic on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. On this episode, we chat about the process of personal development and spiritual growth undergone during the process of starting and growing a business. With multiple years of experience coaching for the London Real Academy, Chris has seen hundreds of new entrepreneurs begin this intense journey of personal development.

Chris also went through this journey of self improvement himself by starting and growing Warrior Soul Agoge, a lifestyle brand that supports Military service members and veterans. Chris knows better than anyone the intense self development it takes to grow a successful business. Let’s talk about this process and how it can aid in evolving our lives and taking everything to the next level:

Personal development is not easy. Throughout the process of growing a business, mistakes are often made that can set a person back a great deal. Having a mentor, coach, or consultant can help significantly with this process. In fact, working with someone further along the path will accelerate the process considerably. If you are looking for some help in this process, Chris has started a coaching program to help folks grow their business to where they want to be in life. If you want to watch his free class and learn about this process, click this link to learn.

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