how to start a business

How To Start A Business

How To Start A Business In 2021

Learning how to start a business has never been easier than in today’s digital-based economy. In 2021, new entrepreneurs have more opportunity than at any other point in human history. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet into every industry, digital-based skills have become more valuable while the difficulty associated with learning those skills has been almost entirely eliminated thanks to innovate softwares with a keen eye for designing an intuitive user-experience. All of this and more contribute to the renaissance happening now in our economy. Instead of an ecosystem leftover from the Industrial Age, we are shifting into a Digital or “Space Age” wherein humanity learns to work on their own terms and utilize technology to accomplish our shared vision. If you are wanting to learn how to start a business, now is the best time to begin.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I breakdown what I’ve learned from starting businesses over the last six years. Although I am still a relative beginner, I have been able to support myself full-time as a business development consultant since leaving the Army at the beginning of 2020. Listen to this episode and learn the 3-step approach to starting a business that contributes to the evolution of humanity:

If you want to start a business, where do you begin?

Starting A Business In 2021

2020-2021 has brought a paradigm shift in our economy. If you want to start a business in today’s digital-based marketplace, it is important you develop skills that are relevant and valuable to the people in our world today. Good news for you: many of the technologies in high-demand in 2021 are easy to learn and might only take a few months of self-education to gain a journeymen level of understanding.

Starting a business today takes commitment, willpower, and self-determination.

Here is a 3 step approach to starting a business that will work for anyone who invests the time and energy required to succeed:

Step 1: Get Started On Your Business

Starting your business requires identifying a passion and taking action to make your vision a reality. It might sound too-simple but this is the hardest part in starting a business: GETTING STARTED! Too often, new entrepreneurs get stuck in “paralysis analysis” or “imposter syndrome”… These times of over-analysis or self-doubt often keep potentially successful ventures from ever seeing the light of day.  Rather than spending years developing the “perfect” business plan for a venture that will never exist, take small actions everyday towards building a massive empire over a long stretch of time.

As you begin to move forward towards starting your business, you will gain clarity and traction along the way.

Willpower is needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. In order to move the needle forward in your financial ambitions, you need to overcome the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting started. Instead of making excuses for why you cannot begin, it is time to identify a passion-project you want to start and just get going.

How To Get Started In Business

Begin your business venture by identifying an area of interest. In the best case, this will also be an area where you are skilled and already have some knowledge. However, you can also assume the role of “the investigator” and document the learning of a new topic and sharing what you learn with a growing audience. If you are already an expert in a valuable field (chiropractic care, medicine, engineering, marketing, etc.) then you can simply create an online platform where you expand your reach by sharing your expertise.

If you want to start a business but have zero skills at the moment, you are in the right spot. The best place to begin is by using a platform where you enjoy publishing content to grow your audience. When I began my journey as an entrepreneur in 2015, I started a podcast about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For two years, I learned the ins-and-outs of recording podcasts, running a YouTube channel, editing audio, and marketing a show on social media. This opportunity led to me building a network and learning some valuable skills. As a result, I ended up managing the social media channels for Yoga for BJJ thanks to an offer from my friend Sebastian who I had met through my podcast. Over the years that have passed, I have built a business development agency that helps clients grow their business through creating and executing a systemized digital marketing strategy. Since leaving the Army at the beginning of 2020, I have been able to support myself full-time through this business.

My path to starting a business will not work for everyone but it has worked for myself and many of the folks I have met along the way.

To summarize step 1 in this process of starting a business:

Identify something you’re passionate about and GET STARTED creating content and taking action towards creating an online platform. For example, if you love to write and you have a passion for sewing, start a blog about sewing and share what you have learned. Document your different sewing projects and help others get started on their own journey. If you enjoy being on camera, start a YouTube channel. Don’t want to be on camera and hate writing? Creating a podcast is a great route for you. Regardless, of what you do, you will experience the personal development that comes along with entrepreneurship and you will begin to move the needle towards financial and lifestyle success. You will begin to create momentum.

Do you want to start a podcast? Use your computer to record and download garageband or audacity to do your audio editing. Use a simple USB headset to record in the beginning. Get started! No excuses.

Looking to make videos and begin as a YouTube content creator? Download Lightworks and use the camera on your phone to begin. It does not require all the fancy bells on whistles to begin publishing your videos.

Want to begin writing blog posts? Learn how to publish on WordPress by watching a YouTube walkthrough like this one. Once your blog site is up and running, it is simple to publish a post each day. Use Google trends to do some basic keyword research for free and learn what everyone is searching on Google. Make your content accordingly and get to work publishing!

If you want to learn how to start your business, here is the “big secret”: it takes consistent effort every day. Time to get started today by publishing your first video/podcast/blog… You can do this!

What happens after you get started on your business? Begin to learn valuable skills that will create income for you and your family. This is only the beginning!

Step 2: Learn Valuable Skills For Your Business

Once you have started your business by creating an online platform, it is time to level up your skillset. Be warned: this process can take YEARS. There is no “get rich quick” scheme and success is a mindset that must be developed over time. Even the children of the wealthiest individuals must still be taught the secrets of success and how to manifest and manage their ideal life.

Time to add value to yourself! Once you have started your passion-project, it is time to increase the skillset and knowledge-base that you possess. To earn more money, you must become more valuable. In step 1, you get started. Step 2 is where you become the most successful version of yourself by leveling up in WHAT you know.

Learning how to start a business involves learning the skills related to the business. For example, if you are operating a new YouTube channel, you need to learn video editing, audio recording, basic cinematography, lighting, and more associated with creating the videos themselves. You must also study search engine optimization (SEO) and learn the basics of keyword research. In order to be a successful YouTube creator, you must title your videos and write descriptions in accordance with what is actually being searched on YouTube. Furthermore, you must strive to UNDERSTAND the needs of your audience and create content accordingly. Through mastering the YouTube platform over a number of years, you will begin to also master these other skills.

One more example to help you start your business: If you start a blog about documenting your journey to become the world’s greatest chef, you are also learning how to build websites. In order to be a successful blogger, you must learn how to create a blog on the internet and keep it managed. While a blog might take years to provide a full-time income, you can learn how to build websites in a number of months and begin charging others for that service relatively fast in comparison.

Once you have acquired an intermediate level of skill with your new business, you can monetize the skillset that you have built. If you have mastered the art of video editing for your YouTube channel, you can begin to offer video editing services to others. Once you have built a reputation for yourself as a reliable editor, you can begin to charge more for your time and eventually support yourself only on this skillset if you so choose.

While getting started with your business, continue to work your day-job and take your time. Ensure that you have a true understanding of the skills you have built but avoid paralysis-analysis. There is a balance that must be navigated but do not waste time being caught in your limiting beliefs.

Over the course of time, you will master these new business skills and be able to charge others for your time. Once you are at that level, it will be in your best interest to expand your network and begin to grow your influence. By providing support to those in need, you can get started on your new business and build your ideal life.

Step 3: Grow Your Business By Helping Others

Time to grow your new business through helping other people. By building an online platform, you can begin to grow your network, audience, and influence. Through creating a network of like-minded human beings, you can find your ideal role in the ecosystem that you have developed for yourself. When you develop a valuable skill set that provides invaluable support to those people, you will have unlocked the secrets of wealth. By continuing to provide value to your network on a consistent basis, you enter into the energetic pathways of giving and receiving. You become aligned with your true potential and all of life expands.

Step 3 is simple: find people to help and start helping them with your newfound skillset.

In the beginning of growing this business, help people for lower fees than anyone else and get some experience. Although you should begin to get paid more for your work after demonstrated success, it is OK to accept some cheaper jobs in the beginning to build your reputation. Once you have built a portfolio of your work, it is time to begin charging market-value for your service.

In business, your portfolio of results is everything. Once you have created a track record of undeniable wins for your clients, the business becomes easier to grow. Suddenly, you are getting new clients from referrals and you have more work than you thought possible. Now is the time to quit your day-job and take your new business to the next level. Congrats! You have achieved what many deemed “impossible” and started a successful business based around the needs of others and where you fit into that ecosystem.

How To Start A Business – Conclusion

Want to get started as a new entrepreneur? Follow this 3-step process that worked for me and so many others. Here is a summary to help you start your business in 2021 and get started creating your dream lifestyle:

Step 1: Get started creating an online platform based around your passions. Find something you enjoy doing and document the process on a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel.

Step 2: Develop valuable skills by working on your new online business. Seek to master the ins-and-outs of the technologies and skills associated with your venture.

Step 3: Grow your network and begin to help people solve their problems using your new skillset. Get started providing value to people.

Do not forget: starting a new business takes time, consistent effort every day, and the willpower to succeed. If life gets you down, then it is time to rise back to the top. Instead of letting the obstacles of life prevent you from starting your business, choose to always persevere. Keep in mind that all obstacles are opportunities to succeed, pivot, or find a new way forward.

Learning how to start a business in 2021 involves learning a valuable skillset. To begin educating yourself, start your own brand and take action towards growing your message each day. By improving your position over a long enough period of time, you will be surprised at the results. With consistent effort, you will find success.

Remember that becoming a new entrepreneur is an emotional and spiritual experience. By going through the baptism of starting a business, you enter into a lineage of job-creators and opportunity-builders that has advanced our species to its current point. Given the state of our collective world and economy, we need brave souls with adventurous spirits to guide us into a better future. To solve our current problems, we must innovate solutions. By doing so, we create a wavelength of opportunity for the entire world that can bathe our previous darkness in a new sunlight.

the great work hermeticism

The Great Work Of Hermeticism

The Great Work & Hermetic Philosophy

Since the dawning of the world, the Great Work has been unfolding. What is “the Great Work” and how does Hermeticism play a part? Keep reading to learn more about the esoteric version of evangelism and how it is impacting our world in 2021.

The Great Work has existed since the beginning. It continues to exist until all humanity has reached a complete state of spiritual awakening and awareness here in the physical realm on Earth. When humankind has reached its full potential in consciousness at our current evolutionary state of being, the Great Work will be complete. When it becomes complete, it shall kickstart a new cycle the likes of which we cannot comprehend in our current collective state. If esotericism had an equivalent to the “new heaven on Earth” of the Bible, it would be the completion of the Great Work. Indeed, if Eliphas Levi and many others are to be believed, the book of Revelation at the end of the Bible is nothing more than the completion of the Great Work told through Cabalistic codes and veiled in allegory.

Hermeticism is an esoteric philosophical practice from antiquity.  When a Hermetic philosopher is initiated, they learn about the Great Work through any number of ways. They might hear about it in an old book, from a friend, or on a podcast or blog like this one. All of these happenings that oftentimes appear so synchronistic are actually the higher mind of humanity working to awaken itself. When you begin to comprehend the deeper meanings behind the apparent “random happenstances” in life, then you will begin to notice the beauty of the cosmic mind speaking constantly to each of us, at all times.

The Great Work is ongoing and its work is eternal and ordained by the creator. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I dive into discussing the Great Work and how it is impacting our world here in 2021. Take a moment and listen to this episode before you continue reading:

After all this information, you might be left wondering about the history of the Great Work. How did this all begin? Let’s continue…

Hermeticism & The Great Work

Hermetic philosophy is an ancient tradition of esotericism that has existed since before the days of Egypt. Throughout history, the Hermetic teachings have been veiled under different allegories like alchemy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, and many others. Although each of these teachings have their own flavor, traditions, rituals, and practices depending on the path you take, all roads lead up the mountain. At their foundation, these traditions are rooted in Hermeticism and the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, the oldest and greatest sage of our world.

Hermeticism teaches that humans are divine.  Instead of a belief system that places humans in subordination to a creator deity, Hermetic philosophy elevates mankind to the same level as the gods or angels and says that we are a sort of brother/sister to god. In our role as co-creators with divinity, humans are invited into a sort of ongoing observational relationship with the source of the cosmic mind. By observing the works and acts of god, Hermetic philosophers grow in wisdom and begin to understand the nature of reality and how our world operates. Utilizing these epiphanies, Hermetic philosophers have made their names in history and contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

Famous Hermetic philosophers include Isaac Newton, the Medici family, Alexander the Great, Plato, Napoleon, Aristotle, Pythagorus, and the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. However, more important than these famous names are the countless others who stand in the shadows, working quietly to complete the Great Work from their own vantage point on the world.

In his book “The Secret Destiny Of America”, Manly P. Hall writes that America was founded as a place to complete the Great Work. In this compelling text, Manly explains the secret history of the foundation of the USA and shares how the work was guided by a secret society of philosophers who were dedicated to the restoration of esoteric wisdom. By creating a place free from persecution of religious studies, the Hermetic philosophers could ensure their practices and beliefs would not be threatened. Prior to this moment in history, it was dangerous business to study magic, astrology, Hermeticism, alchemy, or anything else that smacked of heresy. Through the establishment of a sanctuary for all the world, the “society of unknown philosophers” described by Manly Hall would help provide a place for the completion of the Great Work.

Hermeticism and the Great Work go hand-in-hand. Although we are not quite as loud about it as the Christians in their evangelical chores, Hermetic philosophers celebrate the Great Work in much the same way. When an individual begins to awaken to the true nature of their higher self within them, it is a special time. If this summarizes you reading this blog, then it is my honor to introduce you to the topic.

Let’s dive deeper into the Great Work and what it entails…

The Great Work Awaits

The Great Work is “the creation of beings by and of themselves”, according to Eliphas Levi. Through the completion of this process, a person becomes awakened to the true nature of themselves. By having a realization experience inside of their physical bodies, the soul becomes awake and begins to remember its ability to create. Once we remember our full potential as a manifesting power-house, we can go to work creating our reality through consciousness instead of ignorance.

How does a person experience this awakening? There are many ways but the most important is meditation and contemplation. Through contemplating the deeper nature of reality and coming into closer communion with the great collective Mind, you will begin to experience life as one long spiritual experience. When you begin to realize that god is speaking to you at all times, your life changes. You begin to see all of life as a textbook, all humans as your greatest teachers, and all nature as your closest friend. The substance of life is knowledge, reason, vibration, and magnetism. By understanding and working with these four great forces, we begin to understand our ability as a creator.

What must one do to complete the Great Work? Wake up early every day. Create for yourself a disciplined routine that includes daily rituals which help you move energy, re-charge, and energize yourself. Need help with this? Check out this blog post about astral travel. 

Begin to become your own person however you can. Maybe this means starting a business or passion-project of some kind. Try podcasting or blogging. Do you have some project you’ve bene working on but never been able to finish? Now is a great time to return and finish it once and for all.

The completion of the Great Work is ongoing. Ultimately, it is the simplest and yet most difficult thing to explain to someone: when all people have experienced the fullness of being inside of this reality, and that experience is happening constantly, then we shall have a new dawning upon our world. When will this day come? It could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now.

What matters is this: When you complete the Great Work in your own life, you hold space for all to complete it for themselves. By paving these energetic wavelengths into the collective consciousness of humanity, you make the way easier for all those who come after you. When you realize what you are doing and consciously focus on creating MORE of these energetic wavelengths, you further amplify the vibratory wavelength that is emanating from people like you and me. By emanating a strong enough vibratory force, we might engulf the whole world in spiritual awakening.

Through the action of contemplation and meditation alone, you can heal the world.

However, by going out there and DOING something too, we might end up healing the world a whole lot faster together.

The true ritual that needs completion is the one where we collectively create opportunities for all mankind to realize the Great Work inside of their own life. Then, and only then, will the Great Work be near complete. What must be done?

Free the people. Free the mind. Free the body. Free the soul. Free the heart.

Liberty for all.

Love above everything.


Free Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

How Do We Connect With The Higher Self?

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, experience a guided meditation that connects you with your higher self in under ten minutes. Before you listen to this meditation experience, make sure you are sitting comfortably or laying down in a safe area. Do not listen to this guided meditation while driving or occupying yourself in any other way. Turn off all electronics and find a space where you will not be disturbed by anyone.

Listen to the guided meditation on this episode of the podcast:

Want to download this guided meditation to your device and take it with you? Enter your email address on this form and a download link will be sent to your inbox:

Free Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

  1. Connect with your higher self in under 10 minutes.
  2. Visit the astral plane and travel the universe.
  3. Easy to use meditation you can take anywhere.
Hidden Content

By downloading this to your device, you can take this meditation into the woods, to the river, or anywhere else in nature that you feel called to connect with yourself.

The intent for this guided meditation is that it connect you with your higher self and allow you to unlock the astral plane. By exploring the astral plane through your astral body, you can journey throughout the cosmos. Although it is a surreal experience the first time you leave your body and enter another dimension, through practice you can begin to experience astral travel inside of your meditation practices. This guided session serves to highlight the connection that we have to the highest parts of our ourselves.

How To Meditate

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps a person to become more present with themselves. By sitting comfortably at home for short periods every day, you can begin to experience the benefits of meditation. New to the practice of meditation? It is easy to get started.

All beginners to meditation can start without hassle by taking 5-10 minutes per day and closing their eyes. By quieting your mind and allowing yourself to be in a quiet space, you can begin to experience the benefits of a meditation practice. Over time, you will want to go for longer periods because you will begin to fall in love with the practice of sitting quietly with yourself. If you are overwhelmed by the idea of meditation, then you need only sit with yourself quietly for 5-10 minutes each day.

Do not make meditation more difficult than it needs to be. Want to learn more about how to meditate? Read this blog post that I wrote on the topic.

Astral Travel

What is astral travel? Believe it or not, we can leave our physical bodies and travel into other dimensions. Since the days of antiquity, humans have been practicing methods of astral travel, astral projection, or other “out of body” experiences like remote viewing. Through the practice of astral travel, a person can leave their body and explore other dimensions or places inside of our universe, including other planets.

Astral travel sounded like an absurd idea to me until I began to experience it for myself. Over the years of practicing astral travel, I have found it to be a profound and powerful journey that serves to connect human beings with their higher selves and our divine origins. Instead of relying on people in “authority” to provide us with the answers to our problems, we can begin to find these answers ourselves by speaking directly with the highest parts of ourselves. Through the practice of astral travel, I have connected with my higher self at a deep level. Additionally, I have been able to connect with entities and beings in other dimensions.

Are you a beginner to astral travel? Try the meditation above and it will walk you through the basics of how to connect with your astral body. Through regular practice, you will develop a mystical relationship with yourself and the world around you unlike what you have experienced in the past. Instead of relying on others to give you a spiritual experience, you will be able to have them for your self at will.

As Eliphas Levi writes about in his “Doctrine & Ritual of High Magick”, the mage is able to say to the physical body “SLEEP!” and to the astral body “AWAKE!”. By starting the journey of meditation and astral travel, you will begin to understand the meaning behind these words through direct experience. It is up to you to practice and develop a meditation journey for yourself. By connecting with your astral body, you will begin to fall in love with the practice and understand the potential of closing your eyes for a session of meditation.

how to manifest

How To Manifest – Beginners Guide To Manifestation

How To Manifest Your Dream Reality

Looking for how to manifest your dream reality? Check out this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien and learn about the basics of manifestation. Watch this now and learn how to manifest your vision into the physical plane of reality:

Learning how to manifest your reality revolves around understanding the willpower. In his book “The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magick”, Eliphas Levi details the importance of the will in magical operations wherein manifestation is the desired outcome. He writes; “Want to learn to rule over yourself and over others? Learn to will”.

On this episode of the show, we dive deep into manifestation and how the power of the will is critical in this operation. There are three phases of manifestation that are important to consider:

How To Manifest Step 1 – Imagination Creates Reality

Want to manifest a new home in the countryside? Go to the country often and walk in the forests to immerse yourself in that reality. Neville Goddard discusses this method of manifestation often in his works and makes the claim that “imagination creates reality”. Want to manifest the world of your dreams and visions? Spend time imaging it and putting yourself physically in that environment as closely as you can.

Our world is a collection of vibrations that emanate from one cosmic mind. When we place ourselves inside the vibratory wavelengths that contain our deepest desires, we align ourselves with that energy. Furthermore, we tell our subconscious mind that we already have what we are working to manifest – because it’s true!

Want to manifest more money through the law of attraction? Show gratitude for the money you already have. Become a better steward of what you already have and focus on this and work to multiply what is already existing. This is the secret behind the allegory of Jesus turning a few fish into enough to feed thousands. Use the power of your imagination to manifest your desires and turn them into reality inside of the physical plane.

How To Manifest Step 2 – Find Alignment With Your Higher Self And The Divine Will

When learning how to manifest, it is imperative that we come to an agreement with the highest part of ourselves and ensure that our manifestation is in alignment with the divine will for our lives. All the while, we must remember that we are the divine expressing itself in a human form. We create and emanate our world and our destiny is one written by our own hand. We must connect with that centerfold part of ourselves deep within and create the world that we came here to build. Want to master the art of manifestation? Learn to connect with your higher self and seek council with all decisions, such that the Great Work can unfold on the Earth and your manifestations can come quickly and with ease.

Remember that you are the creator of your life. Your higher self and the divine will for yourself are manifestations of yourself existing at higher states of consciousness. At the end of the day, you are the one who writes the script for your life. Want a different reality for yourself? Consult with the highest parts of yourself through meditation, astral travel, prayer, or however you personally connect with the divine spark.

Once you have achieved a consensus with the highest part of your being, the manifestation should happen shortly thereafter. Instead of doubting the power of manifestation if something is not happening for you, choose to see it as an opportunity to dive deeper into this question. What is the divine will for your life? What is YOUR will for your life? Decide on this and watch magic happen at a faster rate.

How To Manifest Step 3 – Take Action!

Want to manifest something into the physical plane? Learn how to take action towards it every day. Do not let a day go by without moving your energy towards your desires in some way. Want to create a new business? Take action towards that creation each day. While you take these actions, continue with the first two steps and continue to immerse yourself in imagining the experience fulfilled. At the same time, remain in constant council with yourself and ensure your manifestations are in alignment with your divine will.

Remember that you are the cause in your reality. Study the 7 Hermetic principles and learn about the power that you possess as a creative force. You are the cause of your reality and all that you experience is an emanation of what exists within yourself. When you align with yourself, use your imagination to create your reality, and you begin to take mindful action each day towards your goals, you can expect that manifestation will be close behind. Daily action towards your goals from a place of mindfulness and ceremony is a powerful tool to manifest your dream world into being.

Learning how to manifest is fun when you begin to see results. If you are not having luck, consult back to step two and come into consult with yourself. However, do not stop taking action and do not become over-ridden by paralysis-analysis. Instead, take action towards your goals each days and exercise your willpower in the direction you want to go. Before you know it, your dream world will be real in front of your eyes.

Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation does not need to be complicated or difficult. Any time we experience difficulty in a magical operation, it is only because we are not in alignment with ourselves and our true purpose. If you experience a manifestation failing to work out, then ask yourself this: is what you are working to manifest in alignment with your true will? Do you actually WANT what you are working to manifest OR are you just chasing something that does not actually serve your highest good?

When we are in alignment with ourselves, manifestation is easy. If we experience struggle, then it is time to surrender to the flow of life and trust the process of the unfolding. Our manifestations are already in the works and created by us and for us since the day we were born.

When you get started learning how to create your reality, you open your eyes to the deeper truths of life. Best of luck and welcome to a wide world of manifestation!

World’s Oldest Religion Says: “Humans Are Divine!”

World’s Oldest Religion Says “Humans Are God”

According to the world’s most ancient “wisdom religion” dating back to Atlantis or before, human beings are divine. You can find evidence for this in the Hermetic Corpus, the Zohar, the Chaldean Oracles, the Bible, and many other sacred texts from antiquity. More recently, the book “The Immortality Key, The Secret History Of The Religion With No Name” by Brian C. Muraresku. However, as you will find below, I have some important additions to share with you that have resulted from my extensive research and my own religious beliefs and practices as a Hermetic philosopher.


Essentially, we are ALL “god” experiencing itself through our different perspectives. This is the secret taught by Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah, Freemasonry, and many other esoteric traditions around the world. Inside of the Hermetic corpus, you can find sacred texts that are older than the New Testament saying exactly this. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I will dive deep into the “divine spark” theory that humans are divine.

I have found this to be 100% true. As a believer and a member of the “wisdom religion”, I am here to testify to the truths that we have known since the dawn of time. Although in 2021, there is a lot of talk of a “spiritual awakening” like it is a new concept, this is not correct. As discussed on this podcast, spiritual awakening or “being woke” are just more modern ways of describing ancient esoteric truths that have been around since humans first appeared.

Listen to this episode with an open mind, an open heart, and please share with anyone you feel should hear this information. Remember, in 2021, you also can join the emerging “wisdom religion” and become a member of the “un-church”.

All that is required is for you to think for yourself, form your own relationship with god, and DO NO HARM to anyone. Remember that everyone else is god living from THEIR perspective. When we all do this, humanity will remember the truth and return to the source. During this difficult time, it is essential that we are Hermetic philosophers embrace this truth and continue to co-create with God so that ALL my complete the Great Work and come to full awareness of the divine spark within themselves.

If you listen to this message, I would love to discuss with you. Leave a comment and let me know what is your experience with esoteric philosophy, Hermeticism, or any other form of religious belief. At the end of the day, I believe that all religions are one.

Welcome all who have good intent.

If you are Christian, Hindu, Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion, know that I believe we are all one. From my perspective, we are all worshiping the same god and operating under the same collective banner. Although you might not share that perspective, that is fine. I hope that one day we can meet up and discuss in person. I would encourage you to read your Bible, Qaran, Bhagavad Gita, or text more closely and trust even more that these are the words of god speaking to you directly. However, I would ask that you open your mind to greater possibilities.

The Immortality Key

In his book “The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name”, Brian Muraresku argues that the world’s oldest religion deals with psychedelic rituals. He discusses the esoteric mysteries at Eleusis and the “Eleusinian Mystery Drink”. Much like Terence Mckenna, Brian Muraresku believes that a psychedelic mushroom was at the heart of this ritual and perhaps at the heart of the wisdom religion itself. Graham Hancock argues the same in podcast interviews with Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus, and many more.

You can watch Brian Muraresku discuss this topic on the Joe Rogan Experience here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS5qj…

On the video above, I propose an alternative hypothesis… Perhaps an extension on what has been offered by Graham Hancock and Brian Muraresku.

Although the world’s oldest religion CERTAINLY included the use of psychedelic substances such as ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, and more, the heart and soul of this religion was something else. The oldest religion in the world preached and taught that humans beings are divine. At the heart and soul of Hermetic philosophy, the Kabbalah, Freemasonry, shamanic tribes, Native American legends, and many more, we find THIS truth. This is something we have explored already in our discussions on Hermetic philosophy.