Laws Of Attraction & Manifestation

Laws Of Attraction & Manifestation For Beginners

Laws of attraction & manifestation go hand in hand. In 2021, spiritual awakening is happening all over the world. Our species is becoming more self aware. Humanity is becoming spiritually awake and it does not matter what religion you follow or belief system you practice. Millions of people are asking “does manifestation actually work?” Is it possible to manifest your ideal life through the law of attraction? If so, how does manifestation work and how can you get started manifesting?

The law of attraction & manifestation hit the mainstream media when The Secret book and movie phenomena gripped the world. This book about the law of attraction and manifestation first introduced the public to the idea that our thoughts are causative and have an effect on our physical world. Although The Secret and other books like it have been met with skepticism, these teachings have been practiced for thousands of years. Learning how to manifest is an important part of undergoing a spiritual awakening and it is a secret that has been taught since the ancient Mystery Schools of antiquity.

When a person becomes spiritually awake, they often begin to question the nature of reality. For most people, this is a lonely time where they experience the world in a new light. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? If so, you are in the right spot. Instead of being affected by their environment around you, learn how to manifest and use the law of attraction to create your ideal life. Although it does not happen overnight, you can learn the basics of manifestation and get started today.

laws of attraction manifestation
How do the laws of attraction & manifestation work together? Manifestation is the action (the verb) that you conduct in order to create your reality through the laws of attraction. When you understand the law, manifestation becomes a central part of your life. You begin to understand that what you experience is a manifestation of your internal states and external actions. “As within, so without. As above, so below” says Hermes Trismegistus, the greatest of sages.

Through the laws of attraction, manifestation magnetizes your desires into your physical reality. When you understand that you have the ability to magnetically attract your desires to yourself, your understanding of reality changes. For many people, this can be a frightening concept because it throws a “monkey wrench” into our cherished views of reality. However, when you lean into the laws of attraction and use manifestation to create your ideal life, everything changes. This is how you manifest the kingdom of Heaven inside of your life.

Here is how to start manifestation even if you are a complete beginner…

How Does Manifestation Work?

Learning how to manifest through the laws of attraction is easier if you understand how manifestation works. In the ancient Hermetic philosophy, it was taught to initiates of the Mystery Schools that we exist in a great cosmic mind. As said in the Kybalion: “the universe is mental”. In other words, the foundational building block of reality is consciousness. In modern days, quantum physics is validating what the sages and mystics of all cultures have always known. At the foundation of our reality is a sort of wavelength from which all of reality springs into being, similar to the way that a video game loads when you insert it into your xBox and hit the power button. The first Hermetic principle of mentalism is gaining traction and entering into our mainstream conversation.

When you understand that the universe is composed of mind and consciousness, the law of attraction and manifestation make more sense. The reason why manifestation works and why you can create your reality with your mind is because everything is consciousness. When you utilize your consciousness to mold and shape the world around you, reality responds because it is fundamentally composed of mind.

Manifestation examples exist throughout nature. For instance, when you drop a stone into a pool of water, it creates a ripple in the water. Little ripples shoot out from where the stone first met the water. Think of your mind in the same way. When you project your wavelength out into the world around you, it creates a ripple in the conscious world. This ripple effect has an impact on your world because everything is composed of consciousness. Our universe is mental. When you create mental imprints on your environment, you affect your physical reality.

The laws of attraction work in your favor when manifestation is done with conscious force. The more you understand why your abilities work, the more you believe in yourself. Since your power of belief increases the frequency of your vibration, you have a stronger impact on the world around you. The more you believe in the power of belief, the stronger belief becomes… Kinda like in all those Christmas movies where Santa Clause becomes more real the more the children believe.

Let’s learn about how to begin manifesting even if you are a complete beginner…

Best Manifestation Method

How do we get started manifesting? Here is a secret… You have been manifesting since you were born!

Your life is a manifestation of what your soul decided to create here on Earth before you arrived. Manifestation of the spirit into the physical world is the purpose of human life. When we self-realize and awaken to our full potential, we complete The Great Work and become the masters of our destiny. We begin to create our world as an active participant instead of being pushed around by the circumstances of life. Instead of living as a victim, we become the active creator.

The more you amplify the wavelength coming from your body, the greater the impact you have on your environment. Learning how to manifest through the laws of attraction requires that you do more than think your day away… You must take action on what you desire to manifest. In his book The Doctrine & Ritual of High Magick, Eliphas Levi writes that “to be, one must do! It is action that creates life.” If you sit around all day thinking about your ideal life and hoping it will magically arrive someday, you will ask “does manifestation actually work?” Once you begin to take action towards your goals, the laws of attraction begins to work in your favor and you start to manifest your desires.

Without action, nothing happens. Think of manifestation like firing a gun into the universe. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions make-up the bullet that goes into the gun. Without the bullet, the gun is of no use. However, if you fail to the pull the trigger, the gun will never fire. I call this the manifestation pyramid because all ingredients have to exist for manifestation to work. If you fail to the pull the trigger on your goals, they will never appear. If you take action but fail to use your mind’s ability to manifest your reality, then your actions will be less productive and often lead you nowhere.

The best manifestation method is when you combine positive thoughts with firm belief and take constant action every day, all while feeling that your goals have already been accomplished.

Do you want to manifest a specific goal? Follow these steps to manifest a job, relationship, new home, creation of a business, or anything else you desire…

How To Start Manifestation

Are you trying to manifest a job or use the law of attraction to launch a new business? Realize that you need to move energy in the direction of those goals every day. If you want to manifest the job of your dreams or build the business you know you were meant to create, you need to take determined action in those directions. Do not wait for life to happen to you. Instead, grasp the “scepter of power” spoken about in the Kybalion and insist on your reality changing in accordance with your will.

As written by Orison Swett Marden in An Iron Will, “A man who can resolve vigorously upon a course of action, and turns neither to the right nor the left, though a paradise tempt him, who keeps his eyes upon the goal, whatever distracts him, is sure of success.”… Also to quote Emerson, “There is always room for a man of force!”

Do you want to get started manifesting your ideal life? Set a goal for yourself, believe you can accomplish this, feel in your body that your goal has already been accomplished, think constantly about how you will achieve your desires, and take constant action every day towards that direction. In so doing, you will manifest your goals into the physical plane.

Manifestation through the law of attraction can take time. The greater the goal, the more energy you have to move in that direction. Do not be discouraged if your manifestations do not appear overnight, some can take years while others happen in an instant. Begin to move your energy towards your goal every day and you will manifest your dreams. To once again quote Eliphas Levi, “What you wish for shall be done, and it has already been started for you and by you.”

Get started and take action!

Spiritually Awake – The Process Of Spiritual Awakening

Are You Spiritually Awake?

The process of spiritual awakening is hitting our planet like an asteroid. All over the world, human beings are beginning a process of awakening and ascension that is evolving and expanding our planet. The collective consciousness is springing into life and more people are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. Are you undergoing a process of spiritual awakening? You are probably wondering “what does spiritual awakening mean?” It can be a confusing topic. Here’s the good news: spiritual awakening is nothing new. In fact, it is one of the oldest processes and events. In the ancient mystery schools, the process of spiritual awakening was called “initiation” and it was administered to those brave souls who entered the schools and dedicated their lives to the service of humanity.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to find clarity during this confusing time.

Being spiritually awake gives a person awareness of the true nature of reality. It is a time of stepping into your soulful purpose and realizing that you are a soul having a human experience. When we lean into our spiritual awakening process and trust the journey, everything changes. If you are wondering how to start your spiritual journey, it begins with a powerful realization. When you grasp the truth that you are a soul having a human experience, and you feel that awareness permeate your being, you are beginning the process of spiritual awakening. When you become spiritually awake, you have a profound understanding that you create your reality and you begin to choose the experiences in your life. You become the cause inside of your physical world instead of being affected by everything in your environment.

When you choose the path of spiritual awakening and trust the path before you, everything changes.

There is no “spiritual awakening test” to gauge if you are spiritually awake or not… Instead, it is a personal journey of inner work that lasts your entire life. In fact, there are levels of spiritual awakening and you will find that each new level provides new challenges, questions, and answers. The Mayans depicted the process of spiritual awakening inside of their calendar. They believed in nine different levels that humans ascend through over the course of their spiritual journey. When you are beginning spirituality, all of this can be overwhelming. You might be confused about the symptoms you experience as you begin your journey to become spiritually awake.

Here is an episode of the podcast where I interviewed Dr. Calleman and we dove deep into discussing the Mayan theory of cosmogony and the nine levels of consciousness:

Your spiritual awakening is your own journey towards joining the house of the immortals written about by Manly P. Hall. When you undergo a spiritual awakening process, you gain an awareness that death is not the end of life. In fact, death is just one more ascension into a new level of consciousness. The soul carries on after death. When the soul leaves the body, it returns to source through an evolutionary process that does not stop after death. Instead, death is only the entry into new levels of reality. When you understand that your soul is immortal and you begin to identify with your soul more than your body, you become immortal. Although your body may one day perish, your soul lives forever.

Becoming spiritually awake means that you are stepping into this path of total realization of your soul’s power to create and manifest your world.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

How do you know if you are beginning a process of spiritual awakening? Are there symptoms of a spiritual awakening? Becoming spiritually awake is often the hardest time of a person’s life. In the ancient mystery schools, this process was called “initiation” for a reason. During a spiritual awakening, your karma catches up with you immediately. At first, this can be overwhelming because it feels like your entire world is crashing down around you. Many people report experiencing breakups, job losses, dramatic shifts in living situations, and losing friends. Why do these things happen during a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a process of evolution that unlocks new abilities. As said by Uncle Ben in Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility”. The period of karmic cleansing is essential to ensure that only the worthiest souls complete the process of becoming spiritually awake. Although it might feel at first that your world is falling apart, this destruction only creates the way forward for you to step into your true potential. Your negative karma will stop affecting you when you learn the lessons meant to be learned and forgive yourself for previous mistakes.

My process of becoming spiritually awake was the hardest time of my life. In a period of six months, I broke up with my ex-wife, lost many of my friends, got fired from a job, and was forced to move to another part of the world against my wishes. This was happening at the exact same time that I was having some of the most profound spiritual experiences and realizations of my life. At the time, I had just begun reading the Kybalion and was experiencing the initiation that goes hand in hand with that book. If you have read any “initiatory books” in the past, you will know what I mean. It seemed as if the book was helping me have the most profound spiritual experiences of my life by tearing down the veils that I had been refusing to look behind.

During my process of spiritual awakening, I learned valuable lessons. If I told a lie (even a white lie), it was discovered almost instantly. If I was speeding on the highway, I would get pulled over by a police officer and issued a ticket. Any time I made a mistake at work, it was revealed and highlighted. It felt as if I had a spirit hanging over my head who was demanding I do the right thing at all times, or face the consequences of my actions. Becoming spiritually awake carries a hefty dose of responsibility because you begin to gain dominion over your physical reality. Such power can be used for ill means if given to the wrong person. The forces that govern spiritual awakening and initiation ensure that only the worthy are given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. In my case, I had to spend a few months dealing with the darkest parts of myself in order to succeed.

Here’s the good news about becoming spiritually awake: the process of karmic cleansing comes to an end when you learn the lessons you are meant to learn and when you forgive yourself for your past mistakes. In my case, I was not able to move forward until I broke up with a toxic partner, distanced myself from toxic people, left work that did not fulfill me, stopped speeding, and stopped telling lies. Once I forgave myself for the mistakes I had made over the years, the karmic switch was flipped.

The process of spiritual awakening carries with it the symptoms of evolution and growth. Many people report symptoms of spiritual awakening that include sickness, purging, seeing “angel numbers” like 1111 everywhere, a dissolution of your previous life, and much more. At the end of the day, these side effects of the spiritual awakening process are just your bodies way of evolving and embracing a new energy.

When you start to become spiritually awake, everything that is going to happen to you happens quickly… The good and the bad!

Thankfully, the good karma catches up with you just as much as the bad karma that must be cleared.

How To Have Spiritual Awakening Without Suffering

Becoming spiritually awake does not have to be difficult. Once you learn the lessons that need to be learned and you clear your negative karma, the good karma begins to come back ten-fold. Just as your negative actions from the past and present catch up with you, your good actions begin to return to you as well. Once you do the hard “shadow work” to heal yourself and fix your life, you open the doorway to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Your physical reality begins to shift and you start to experience the magic of the universe as a constant stream of happiness that you get to control.

The process of spiritual awakening can feel like fighting a demon. This demonic force is the manifested form of your shadow. Although it can feel like an outside entity, this shadow being is your own trauma, fear, hatred, and other negative emotions. Once you face the dweller on the threshold to the higher planes of consciousness, you enter the halls of the immortals and begin to have more control over your life. Over time, you learn that the dweller who guards this place inside of yourself is actually one of your greatest friends and teachers. Instead of fearing this shadow-self, you integrate the shadow into your consciousness and begin to heal yourself for good.

After you have begun the process of healing yourself, things change. Instead of always ending up on the downside of your negative karmic back-lash, you experience all the good karma that you are creating. Here is the secret about karma: it is your greatest tool and friend in creating your reality. If you are focused on always doing the right thing and you never veer from the path of righteousness, then you can trust that karma will always be your friend and work on your behalf. Why? Because you already did the hard work of facing your demons and transmuting the darkest parts of your personality into something more useful to the world.

During my process of spiritual awakening, I spent a long time alone. For over a year, I had hardly anyone in my life. Although I could talk to friends and family over the internet, I had absolutely no one to spend time with in person. For months, I experienced a deep depression as a result of sheer loneliness. I would listen to audiobooks and podcasts because I wanted to feel like I had someone to talk to, even if the conversation was one-sided. Although I worked a job at the time, my position carried almost no human interaction. During that time, I started this blog and podcast because I wanted to converse with people who were going through the same journey that I was. Whenever I would podcast with someone, it was the happiest moment of my day because I got to connect with another human being at an authentic level. After doing interviews for months, I began to realize that my process of spiritual awakening was shared by so many people around the world. The more I interviewed people like myself, the less alone I felt. Like a lightning bolt striking the earth, I awoke to the epiphany that we are all one cosmic being experiencing life together. We are all one and none of us are alone, even when we feel at the depths of our darkness.

Becoming spiritually awake led me to realizing that I am not alone. Once this truth sunk in, I began to attract new people into my world. The day everything changed was when I interviewed Allison Thomas on the show. It was one of the first “in person” podcasts I had done and it resulted in me connecting with Allison and a friend of hers named Jessie. Although I did not know it at the time, this chance encounter would lead to me marrying Jessie and starting a non-profit with Allison just a few years later. Here’s the podcast episode where it all began to shift:

Once those two entered my world, everything changed. Suddenly, I began to attract more people who were on the same page and going through the same process of spiritual awakening. Over the course of a few short weeks, I found a new network of friends who were all on the same page. Without me doing anything other than following my intuition, I had stumbled into a massive community of people. Instead of being completely alone, I was overwhelmed with new and wonderful connections.

So what happened?

After going through a profound process of spiritual awakening, I healed my old wounds. Although it took me enduring months of loneliness and pain, I “snapped out of it” as soon as I forgave myself and learned the lessons I needed to learn. Once I realized I was not alone, and that other people were having the same experience, everything changed. When I accepted into my subconscious that my experience was common, I began to attract new people almost instantly. 

Since connecting with my soul tribe, things have been different. Although many of those folks are no longer in my “day to day” life, we keep in touch. The opportunities I created as a result of this spiritual awakening have manifested the life that I have today where I work as the president of a successful business development agency and live by a river with the love of my life. Daily I am reminded of the magic of the universe. None of this would have been possible if not for becoming spiritually awake.

Books About Spiritual Awakening

When I began my process of spiritual awakening, I began to connect with books that explained the process to me. Although I also had people in my life who helped me understand what was happening, the books brought comfort because many of them were so old! I began to realize that becoming spiritually awake is nothing new. In fact, this initiation has been happening since our world first came into being.

The ancient mystery schools would facilitate spiritual awakening through a process of initiation. In his book “The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte De. Saint Germain”, Manly P. Hall shares the process of initiation as a sort of allegorical poem. Attributed by Hall to the immortal Count of Saint Germain, this poem is said to detail the initiation that resulted in becoming spiritually awake. At the end of the poem, he describes the results of spiritual awakening:

“I crossed the place, and mounting on a marble platform, which was before me, I noticed with astonishment that I had re-entered the hall of Throne (the first in which I had found myself when entering the Palace of Wisdom). The triangular alter was still in the center of this hall but the bird, the altar and the torch were joined and formed a single body. Near them was a golden sun. The sword which I had brought from the hall of fire lay a few paces distant on the cushion of one of the thrones.

“I took up the sword and struck the sun, reducing it to dust. I then touched it and each molecule became a golden sun like the one I had broken. At that instant a loud and melodious voice exclaimed, ‘the work is perfect!’ Hearing this, the children of light hastened to join me, the doors of immortality were opened to me, and the cloud which covers the eyes of mortals, was dissipated. I SAW and the spirits which preside over the elements knew me for their master.”

When we complete the initiation into spiritual awakening, we embrace our potential and we overcome the problems of the material world. We become the master of the elements and experience the kingdom of heaven on earth. Does this mean a goodbye to difficulty and hardship? Quite the contrary. Although life becomes more joyful and we gain a full awareness of the magic of the universe, more responsibility is thrust on our shoulders. Those who have undergone the process of becoming spiritually awake are given the task of spreading this awareness to the world. We become the ministers of a new reality and the beacons of an eternal flame. Your relationship with the world changes forever and there is no going back. Once fully awake, you can never fall back asleep, nor would you ever want to.

In his book from the 1800s “Transcendental Magick”, Eliphas Levi writes the following directly to us in our modern day:

“But you, before all things, who are you, thus taking this work into your hands and proposing to read it?

“On the pediment of a temple consecrated by antiquity to the God of Light was an inscription of two words: ‘KNOW THYSELF!’

“I impress the same counsel on every man when he seeks to approach science. Magic, which the men of old denominated the SANCTUM REGNUM, the Holy Kingdom, or the Kingdom of God, REGNUM DEI, exists only for kings and for priests.

“Are you priests? Are you kings? The priesthood of Magic is not a vulgar priesthood, and its royalty enters not into competition with the princes of this world. The monarchs of science are the priests of truth, and their sovereignty is hidden from the multitude, like their prayers and their sacrifices. The kings of science are men who know the truth and them the truth has made free, according to the specific promise given by the most mighty of all initiators.”

If you want to learn more about the process of spiritual awakening and the history of initiation, Manly P. Hall and Eliphas Levi are two whose work you should read. Although both have passed into the deathless realm of the immortals, their spirits continue to guide all seekers who undergo the process of spiritual awakening and look for questions. In my life, their words have been guideposts which helped me know that my experiences were not unique. If you are feeling alone in your journey of becoming spiritually awake, consult these older writers and find that you are not so alone after all.

Want to read more old books about spiritual awakening? Check out also the Kybalion, the Hermetic Corpus, and the Chaldean Oracles.

By educating yourself about the process of awakening, you will gain more confidence in what is happening inside of your life. Do not be afraid to seek and to find.

How To Start A Spiritual Journey

Looking to begin the process of spiritual awakening? If you have found this website, it means you have already begun. Do not be afraid of your previous karmic baggage. Instead, face the demons within yourself and integrate the lessons taught by the dweller on the threshold. By communing with the shadow-self within you, the keys to unlocking the secrets of your life will be revealed. Instead of running from the past and ignoring your problems, stand and face yourself.

Take responsibility for your life and your spiritual awakening will be easy. When you forgive yourself for your mistakes and you work to fix those problems, you gain control over your life. By submitting yourself to the initiation, you pass. When you resist and run from your darkness, it will only get worse. “KNOW THYSELF” is powerful advice.

Becoming spiritually awake does not have to be difficult if you learn the lessons you are meant to learn. Do not run from your healing. Lean into the lessons you know you are meant to learn. If you are in a toxic relationship that falls away, do not be upset for long because this is just part of the process. Everyone I know who underwent a spiritual awakening lost friends, relationships, jobs, homes, and more. Once the karmic baggage is cleared, you open the gateway for your good karma to come back to you too.

If this process of spiritual awakening is giving you problems, reach out to me at paul@beyondhomosapien.com with any questions… I am happy to help!

You also should read this post on the blog about spiritual awakening and listen to this episode of the podcast I recorded about initiation into Hermetic philosophy.

Enjoy the process and learn to forgive yourself… It will make all the difference in the world! As within, so without. As above, so below.

Intuition – How To Listen To Your Intuition

Intuition Is King

Do we know the true power of our intuition?

Eliphas Levi wrote that “the mage can know everything through intuition”. He also wrote that one of the privileges of the magician was to “be able to speak knowledgeably on all things, without prior study”. The human mind normally uses only a small percentage of its real potential. When we undergo a spiritual awakening, our intuition becomes more potent because we are tapped into conversation with our higher self. Whether you conceptualize the divine through concepts of “god” or “the universe”, understand that there is a collective consciousness that can be tapped into on demand.

Want to learn how to listen to your intuition and compare its advice against your gut feeling? Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast:

Intuition is the guidepost by which you can achieve your destiny. However, the feelings in your body carry valuable information that can help keep you safe. When you allow these emotions to stop you from achieving your ambitions, then you remain stuck. Instead, follow the guidance from your intuitive voice and balance it against the messages from your gut and other parts of your psyche.

Intuition vs. Gut Feeling

Intuition and gut feeling are closely connected. The physiological feelings in your body enable you to quickly gain information about your environment and the people around you. Are you in doubt about the people around you? Check in with the feelings happening in your body and you will be able to know whether or not they can be trusted. Have you ever been near someone that “makes your skin crawl”? What is happening is the biological reactions in your body are informing you that you are in an unhealthy or unsafe situation. From a vibrational perspective, your body is able to tell when you are near an object or person with a lower vibrational frequency than yours. This is written about in the book “Power vs. Force” where decades of experimentation is presented demonstrating the bodies ability to sense vibration. When our body is presented with something or someone at a lower degree of vibration, it is felt. The body can tell when you are on the right or wrong path and it communicates this information to us through emotions and feelings in the heart, gut, and other parts of the body.

Your feelings are a fantastic guidepost to help you know when an environment, person, or food is unhealthy for you. However, emotion can often get in the way of intuition because our intuitive urges often push us outside of our comfort zone. When your body is pushed to a new limit, it is uncomfortable. Change produces discomfort in the body because our bodies are moved out of a restful state and pushed into something new. When we are presented with new and challenging information, it can be uncomfortable.

Intuition is a voice that comes into your mind with instructions or information. Oftentimes this voice comes in a flash that might feel like information being downloaded into your brain. This voice provides guidance that might push you outside of your comfort zone. In my own life, this voice has told me to start podcasting, given me instructions on books to begin writing, helped me find the right romantic partner, and insisted on me leaving toxic relationships. Sometimes this voice has not made sense but the more I follow its guidance the better my life seems to get.

How Do You Recognize Your Intuition?

Listening to your intuition is a personal journey. One of the common questions I get is “how do I know which voice to listen to inside of my head?” Intuition can be lost amongst a sea of other voices inside our head that seem to contradict and disagree with each other. Many people remain stuck in this endless internal debate. They become paralyzed by their over-analysis and oftentimes take no action because they cannot decipher truth against lies.

Intuition is the voice of instruction that provides you with the pathway forward to achieve your destiny. When you listen to intuition, you are learning the next steps you need to take to accomplish the goals you were meant to achieve. Oftentimes, we might not understand the purpose for our life. By following the roadmap of our intuition, we find ourselves and create our purpose through taking action on the information we are given.

Intuitive guidance can provide endless ideas and inspiration. Whenever this voice introduces a new idea, it is met with protective voices inside your head that are meant to keep you protected and safe. These secondary voices debate with the voice of intuition and often leave a person feeling confused. If your intuition is pushing you to make a change in your life, the protective voices will often work to keep you stuck and doing the same things you have always done. Instead of ignoring and stifling those protective voices, hear them out and give them thanks for watching over you. When you ignore the protection voices, you only give them more energy to come back later with a vengeance because they were never heard in the first place. Often these secondary voices can give us wonderful advice that helps to balance the inspiration given to us through intuition. However, we remain stuck if we allow the voices of protection to keep us stagnate. When we ignore our intuition, we begin a process of lethargy that creates depression, angst, and anxiety.

Listen To Intuition

Instead of remaining stuck in your situation, balance the voice of intuition against the protective voices. Do not allow your doubts and fears to stop you from following intuition. However, you can hear those voices out and implement their advice while following your intuition. Use those protective voices to cover your bases and help you remain on the right track towards accomplishment of your true desires. If you are stuck and lost in a confusing ocean of internal dialogue, work to decipher the voice of intuition amidst all the others. When you align with this guidance for your life, everything changes. You create new opportunities for change and you begin the path towards accomplishment of your destiny.

When we follow the voice of intuition and balance it with the feelings in our body, we begin to create our purpose and we find ourselves in the process. Instead of waiting for all the answers from day one, begin to take action on what your intuition is telling you to do. Even if this voice of intuition does not make sense to you or your friends, listen to its guidance and implement what it tells you to do. Balance this voice with the others vying for your attention but do not allow fear and protection to stop you from taking action.

Vibrational Manifestation – What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration

vibrational manifestation

Vibrational Manifestation Masterclass

Have you experienced a miraculous vibrational manifestation? These events can change our understanding of reality. Keep reading to learn more about this phenomena that is awakening our world to a new dawn for the species.

Vibrational manifestation is the phenomena of creating or attracting physical objects, people, or things (house, car, etc.) through the changing of the vibrational frequency coming from your body.

Here’s a secret known by the ancient mystery schools of all the ages: There is a vibrational frequency that pulsates from your body and extends in all directions. This auric field encapsulates your physical body and projects a wave that impacts and affects your environment. The pulsation of this wavelength is what assists in the generation of your world by manifesting out what you are experiencing within yourself.

Everything you experience is your own consciousness pushed out. When you first learn about this concept, it provokes skepticism. However, as you experience and practice with the idea of reality creation, your skepticism will be replaced with an almost evangelic belief. We are all connected as one being experiencing the world through billions of different perspectives. Although we might view from separate vantage points, there is a source within us that stays connected to the divine whole.

Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast for more information on why raising your vibration changes your reality. When you are done, keep reading!

When you change or influence the vibrational pulse coming from your body, you altar the manifestation that you experience. This creates changes in your physical reality in accordance with the mental images and instructions you have attached to your vibrational frequency.

Vibrational manifestation in a nutshell: you program the vibrational pulse coming from your body to deliver certain results, in accordance with your divine will. By doing so, you create your reality.

When you do this, you become the active creator of your life. Although you have always been experiencing life, you have been the passive creator. Life has seemed like a wave of experiences that wash over and leave you always reacting. By awakening to your true nature, you grab the “scepter of power” wrote about in the Kybalion and you ascend into a higher plane of correspondence. By doing so, you become the “cause” in your world instead of always being “affected”. When you realize your full potential and use your willpower to amplify the frequency projected from your body, you become co-creator with the mind of the universe. As said by Manly P. Hall, you begin to “think with the mind of god”.

Dangers Of Vibrational Manifestation

Vibrational manifestation carries with it a hefty responsibility: you must do no harm and violate no one’s consent. If your actions, thoughts, and intentions are evil and self-serving, they will have an evil impact on the world. This mis-use of the vibrational currents will result in a karmic backlash on yourself ten-times that of what you projected to the outside. When you abuse the consent of others, you desecrate the sacred temples and reject yourself from the company of the immortals.

To safeguard against accidental harmful (or “left hand”) magick, do the following when you are planning a vibrational manifestation:

1. Ask yourself “are my actions in alignment with the completion of the Great Work?”… In other words, are your actions serving to awaken others to their true potential? Are your actions selfless and in the service of others or are you being self-serving alone?

Sometimes, you might be operating in the grey where your actions are in service of others but you are also a benefactor. In these situations, ask yourself if anyone is being harmed or if there is a violation of consent. Are you giving more than you take? Do you lead with action or do you wait on others to serve you?

How are you showing up in the grey? This makes all the difference. There is balance in the universe and equilibrium between the poles of good and evil must be maintained. Your intentions are what matter. Your right intent must lead to right action.

Do you intend to do good and serve your community? If so, it is fine if you are paid for your work. In fact, you must be paid for your work to ensure an even energetic exchange. When you refuse payment, you cut-off your ability to receive and further amplify your vibrational manifestation.

There is room in the grey but you must be careful to ensure you always give more than you take. Do this and you will be on the victorious side of good and triumph over adversity.

2. Will your actions result in the harming of anyone or the violating of anyone’s consent? In general, if you are involving other people in your manifestation work, you must have their consent. If you and I were going to engage in a magical ceremony together, you would want to know the details prior to beginning… Consider the same for those involved in your manifestations. Ensure that they are aware of what you are doing, who you are doing it with, and the intent with which you do it.

Are you working with an intelligence outside of someone’s perception? If you involve this intelligence and the individual both in your manifestation, you must tell them. Consent increases the strength of the manifestation because it allows the flow of energy between individuals to go unrestrained. If consent is violated, it blocks everything like a dam until it is no longer sustainable.

If your actions could cause harm, do not continue. In fact, when programming the energy coming from your body, instruct it to do no harm and thank it for keeping everyone safe as it works. By doing so, you give yourself an insurance policy against any accidental harmful magic.

One of the best “prayers” is a prayer of thanks. Instead of demanding god and the spiritual forces of the universe do “do your will”, THANK them for already having completed the work necessary for you to continue the Great Work and thank them for doing so in a way that works out for everyone’s good and keeps everyone safe.

Focusing on gratitude while making this prayer and feeling it fulfilled will change your life.

3. Check in with your higher self.

Have you checked in with yourself and made yourself certain that what you are doing is in alignment with the divine will for your life? In other words, ensure that your vibrational manifestation is what you want to happen in your life. For example, if you are working to manifest more money, check-in to ensure that this will help you achieve your goals.

Most of us think we know what we want but receive an unpleasant surprise when it arrives. Have you ever heard “be careful what you wish for?” The same is true for manifestation. Before you put your sacred spiritual energy into the manifestation of an endeavor, check in with your higher self and ensure you are in alignment with your own will.

Want a guided meditation to connect you with your higher self? Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast. You can download this meditation by clicking here and entering your information when prompted.

This guided meditation will help you ensure that your manifestation work is in alignment with the divine will and plan for your life. When you are before the image of your higher self, ask it for guidance and pay attention to what pops into your mind.

If you follow these three steps, you will avoid any harmful counter-effects of your manifestation.

Another tool to increase the power of your vibrational manifestation is the Tarot.

Prior to undertaking a manifestation, consult the Tarot cards about what you are working to manifest. By doing so, you can check-in with yourself and bring any feelings about this manifestation to the fore-front. Want to learn more about the Tarot cards? Read this post.

Your internal world creates your external world. The vibrational wavelength of energy projecting from your body generates your world in the same way a video game world is created and “loaded” when you plug-in the Xbox and insert Halo into the disc drive. It is a process of creation that corresponds with how our reality is generated through the emanation of source.

Our universe is a great mind that extends infinitely through time and space. This mind has been called “god”, “the universe”, Jehovah, Brahma, and a host of different names since the dawn of time. However, all these names serve to make an attempt at defining the same thing: the All. The great being in which we all swim and which composes us in the same way that Tolkien creates Frodo Baggins.

Why Does Vibrational Manifestation Work?

Vibrational manifestation works because we are all one cosmic being. When you begin to wrap your head around the idea that everyone is you living a different life, you can start to comprehend the mechanics behind the law of attraction. Why does the law of attraction work? Why do your thoughts cause things to happen in the world?

The vibrational wavelength that goes from your body in all directions manifests and emanates your world. When you make a conscious shift in your bodies vibration, that wavelength increases in strength. In the same way that a magnet gets stronger the closer you are, the vibrational field around you becomes stronger and pulsates a wider radius the more you shift your internal states.

Have you read the book “Power vs. Force”? This book details extensive research on vibration done over several decades. The research chronicles how it was realized that love and joy are stronger frequencies than emotions like hatred or fear. Researchers also found that our bodies can tell through intuition if another object or person is at a lower or higher vibratory state. For instance, if a type of food is repulsive to our digestive system, our bodies will have an instinctive reaction that distances us from the food.

Every person gives off a vibration that can be felt in the fibers of our being. We feel repulsed by those we can tell have an instinctive air about them that gives off a negative energy. This intuitive response has been felt since childhood but we make no effort to explain the phenomenon. What is happening is that you are picking up on the lower vibratory state of the other person. Your body can tell the moment you are around someone whose vibration does not match your own. If the other person has a stronger vibrational frequency than ours, we might feel intimidated or overwhelmed in their presence. We might also feel a sense of deep relief, healing, and happiness. There are some people you can tell are worthy of trust based only on their vibratory signature.

Vibrational manifestation is a manipulation of the spiritual energy around you. When you make a conscious shift in your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs, you change the frequency at which you operate. This shift makes changes in the conscious world around you and can be felt by all of creation. Changing your vibration involves the transmutation of your base emotions into their positive polarity.

How To Change Your Vibration:

Changing your vibration begins a powerful manifestation in your world. When you make a conscious decision to change your vibratory state, you start the process because you must first admit to yourself that this “crazy hippy stuff” is true. By making a firm decision to believe in the power of belief, you amplify its magnitude. In so doing, you gain control over your destiny and grasp the scepter of power that gives you the ability to have an active affect on your world.

Transmutation is the key to changing your vibration. The Hermetic principle of polarity outlines that there are two ends to each emotional state. Everything in nature is the opposite of something else. For instance, love is the opposite of hate. Courage is the polar opposite to fear. Cold and heat oppose one another. Up is contrary to down. There is nothing in nature that does not have a polar opposite. Plato used this principle to argue for the existence of the soul inside his dialogue The Phaedo. He stated that the divine experience of the immortal soul is the polar opposite to this human experience we have now on the physical plane. Whether you believe him or not, it is a fantastic way to see how the principle of polarity spans all concepts and theories.

Our emotions are able to be changed into their polar opposite. Feeling afraid? Courage is the answer because it is at the vibrational opposite. Have you ever been in love with someone and then find out they are cheating on you? The love is quickly transformed into hate. Ever get back with an ex-partner? When this happens, the hatred has begun to transmute back into love. These are simple examples but you probably can see how your own emotions have spanned from one polarity to the other on many occasions. In my life, mastering this process and finding balance has been a journey.

Do you want to change your vibrational manifestation? Begin to transmute your lower emotions into their more positive states. Doing so requires contemplation and action. It means you have to put yourself out there and take a leap of faith that courage is on the other side of fear and that hatred can be transformed into love. Through the active control of your emotions and the changing of your actions as a result, you strengthen your vibration. You crystalize the aura of spiritual energy around you and begin to have an active impact on your world.

Here is an easy way to improve your vibrational manifestation. When you improve your diet and your health, everything changes. Through the principle of correspondence, your internal world manifests your external. When you change the vibration of your body and improve your health, you make your vibration more powerful. You have a stronger impact inside your world and begin to manifest more quickly because you have taken more care of the spiritual energy that is doing the manifestation. Our energy gives life-force to the world. When we harness our energy and care for it through proper diet and exercise, the manifestation potential of your energy field is taken to a new level. Prioritization of health must be supreme if you want to experience miracles and perform them on command. If you do not care for your physical body, you will only manifest out the junk that you put inside of you.

Your thoughts and emotions create your physical world through the principle of vibration. The spiritual wavelength that manifests and animates your physical world is influenced by your thoughts and emotions. When you change these emotions to their positive pole, you create a new reality for yourself.

Action is supreme in vibrational manifestation. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are causative but they must be put into motion through decisive action. When you consider your action to be ceremonial, you unleash your vibratory wavelength on the universe. Here’s an allegory to describe this:

In vibrational manifestation, consider your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to be the bullet that goes into the gun. This bullet is important and can have an incredible affect on the environment depending on its strength and its consistency. Consider the strength in a BB gun pellet vs. an armor piercing round. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are of great importance but they require action.

Action is you aiming the gun and pulling the trigger. When you take actions towards your vibrational manifestation every day, you unleash that vibratory signal on the world. Feeling disgruntled as to why your manifestation does not work? Ask yourself how much action you have taken towards the accomplishment of your goal. Sometimes, even the smallest action will do. However, it must be constant action and it must be taken every day.

Your intention matters. The more intentional your actions, the stronger the signal they emit. The better you are at aiming the gun, the better chance you have of hitting your target. In the same way, when you take more powerful actions with more intention behind them, you create a larger impact. However, just as with the bullet, you must be filling your head with the right thoughts, forming the correct beliefs, and feeling the best you can. As you take more and more action, your wavelength builds until it encapsulates the world. I call this the manifestation pyramid.

What Does Vibrational Manifestation Do?

Your vibration heals the world around you. The manifestation of your vibration causes a real reaction in the physical plane around you because everything is composed of this same spiritual energy. The principle of vibration illustrates the concept of how powerful vibratory manifestation is in the makeup of our world. Your vibratory pulse extends throughout our world, and in all directions. While moving, it encounters the energy fields of those around you and it intermingles with them. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed or experience emotions we cannot explain, what we are feeling is the energetic wavelengths of the people in our city or township. When we transmute these feelings in our bodies, we assist our neighbors and countrymen in the healing of their own negative thoughts or feelings. Together, we complete the Great Work and start a new age for mankind.

When your vibratory wavelength moves around your environment, it helps to generate and impact the area. You and I are not alone in the generating of our world. We work alongside those across the planet who exist at the same frequency of energetic currents. If you have connected with this blog and are reading this information, that means that our energetic wavelengths have connected. It is an honor to join forces with you on this physical plane.

Through the principal of correspondence described in the Kybalion and the Hermetic Corpus, what is above is like that which is below and vice versa. When we move and evolve to new dimensions in human consciousness, we pave the neural pathways for everyone else to follow. By sharing how to make the ascension that we have done, we create a staircase for others to climb. Although we had to climb the mountain, they will get to walk. Such is human progress. People like us are paving this path forward for the evolution of mankind and holding wide the door that leads to the manifestation of the sanctum regnum: the kingdom of heaven.

When we inherit the kingdom of heaven in our lives today, we increase the frequency of that vibration. Here in 2021, we have the ability to change our world and take ourselves beyond Homo sapiens. We are evolving and moving into something that has never been before. When enough humans have awakened and begun to amplify the vibration of this idea, we shall experience a new dawn for mankind. This dawn has already broke for many of us who exist in the physical plane and we are working to spread the good news to all four corners. Articles like this one and the many you find on this website were written as intentional actions in the manifestation that I and others are working to complete. This manifestation has been called the Great Work and it has been ongoing since the human species arrived.

The Great Work is the ascension of the species. It is the ultimate vibrational manifestation of heaven on earth and in the lives of each person on the planet. When this is complete, we will have a new experience and be able to explore new horizons we cannot comprehend today. This awakening is ongoing and it is nearing completion faster than anticipated. Keep a watch on your actions and notice how they amplify your vibration and serve to create your world. The more mindful action you take, the better your world becomes.

Keep going until all the world has awoken to their potential and we all can celebrate together.

1111 “Angel Number” Meaning

What Does The “Angel Number” 1111 Mean?

Have you been seeing the number 1111 in different ways? Maybe you look at the clock all the time and find that the time is 11:11… Or you go are checking out and realize you’re (once again) getting charged $11.11…

However it is happening, you are seeing the number 1111 often. What does this “Angel Number” mean and why does it show up often during a spiritual awakening? When this number begins to frequently be seen, a person can feel like they are going crazy. Rest assured: seeing these angel numbers often is a shared phenomena and there are many people around the world who form a relationship with these numbers.

Numerology is the practice of associating different meanings to numbers. The practice descends from older traditions like the Jewish Kabbalah. In 2021, this topic is seeing a re-emergence due to the collective spiritual awakening happening on our planet.

The main reason these numbers show up in a person’s life is to get them to acknowledge a deeper truth: reality does not work quite as we always suspected.

Synchronicities and signs like seeing the number 1111 begin to happen during a person’s spiritual awakening because the cosmic intelligence is looking to form a relationship. The universal intelligence is speaking to us constantly and the process of awakening brings more awareness to this truth.

If you are seeing repeated numbers like 1111 all the time, then it is a sign that this universal mind is working to get your attention and wake you up to a powerful realization.

Angel Number 1111 Message

What does 1111 mean to you?

Here is the magic of working with numerology and diving deeper into the Kabbalah:

You begin to form a personal relationship with the world around you through numbers, animals, signs, and words. When you realize that the universe is speaking to you all the time, you can engage and interact more with your life. Mindfulness breathes new possibility into your life and allows you to tune-into the signs of cosmic awakening.

Listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to learn more about 1111 and what this number means inside of your life:

At the end of the day, your personal relationship and meaning for the number 1111 is most important. If you ask 100 different people about the meaning of the number 1111, then you would find 100 different answers. The Kabbalah is about forming a personal and mystical relationship with the divine being that exists everywhere at once in the universe. This divine spark lies inside of you and allows you to create your reality and develop your own definitions around these ideas.

Here is my personal interpretation of the Angel Number 1111:

The Kabbalah has methods for deducing the meaning of numbers and associating them with ideas. Since the Kabbalah assists the creation of my world-view, I use these methods to determine the meaning of numbers like 1111. Here is my system for numerology, inspired by Alistair Crowley:

Take the number before you… In this case, 1111.

Add these numbers together.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4

Next, multiply:

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 = 1

Last, divide:

1 ÷ 1 ÷ 1 ÷ 1 = 1

This gives us three new numbers: 4, 1, & 1.

The number 4 is considered the sacred number in ceremonial magick because it represents the name of God: Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei. This is the “Tetragrammaton” or the quaternary expression of god throughout all of life. This number cabalistically expresses the idea of god in totality, everywhere at once.

Put simply: the number 4 refers to both the name of god and also the concept of god existing in all of time and space. We exist in a reality of forms that are the emanations of god everywhere at once. This concept is encapsulated in the idea of the number 4.

The number 1 expresses unity. When we conceptualize 1, we think about the idea that everything is originally one being. Every adventure begins as an idea. Each life-form begins inside of another life-form. We are all connected as one universal being. This beautiful idea of wholeness and a remembrance of our unity is expressed in the number 1.

The number 1111 refers to both of these concepts simultaneously: both the idea of god expressed everywhere at once and also the concepts of unity and wholeness. Together, these give us much to contemplate when considering the Angel Number 1111 and help us understand why it serves as a divine messenger sent to awaken humanity.

The number 1111 is a direct implication of god or the universal mind working to form a connection with you.

During a person’s spiritual awakening, this number can become a light-post to help guide your path and help you realize your full potential.

1111 angel number

“Why Do I Keep Seeing 1111?”

The number 1111 shows up when a person is experiencing a spiritual awakening. During this powerful moment in a person’s life, they are ascending up “Jacob’s Ladder” and climbing the ladder of stars to a new level of consciousness. During this evolutionary process, synchronicities begin to happen as a sign of the dimensional shift.

The number 1111 or similar signs might appear as “glitches in the matrix” to help grab your attention. When this happens, do not be afraid. Instead, use these numbers and cabalistic correspondences to guide you on your path of awakening.

As you continue on your journey, you will begin to understand that these numbers are meant to form a personal relationship with you. Start to attach and develop your own meanings for these angel numbers like 1111, 222, 333, or 1234 and begin to have a conversation with divinity whenever you are going about your day. By attaching your own perspective to the number, you increase the potency of the experience because you begin to join the conversation happening around you at all times.

You are meant to have an individual experience of the divine. The divine spark is inside of you and it guides your awakening. When you surrender to the flow of life and begin to trust the synchronicities and signs, they happen more often and they create more impact.

If you are new on the journey of awakening, then you are in the right place. This blog serves to help illustrate and share the process of human evolution. Spiritual awakening is not a new process and it has been orchestrated since the dawn of our species. When you align yourself with that process, you step into your full potential and begin to have more of an impact on your enviornment.