Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, And The Children

Jeffrey Epstein Is Just The Beginning

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Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” shocked the world back in 2018.

Through following the Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole, a vast network of underground child sex trafficking bas begun to come into the light. As we still deal collectively with the COVID-19 pandemic, the news media fails to highlight all the emerging details with this important situation.

Jeffrey Epstein was a monstrous pedophile who would manipulate and rape young women. He established a pyramid scheme of molestation that lasted for decades. Despite multiple attempts to publicly expose this information, the Epstein investigation and subsequent cases were stifled. Epstein was offered a generous plea deal in one such case where he received a secret slap on the wrist from an attorney that Trump would later select as a member of his cabinet.

The further this case goes, the more it seems the US government is involved in this underground child sex ring. As the spiderweb goes outwards into the world, we find allegations and evidence against Prince Andrew and other members of government at the highest of levels.

Recently, Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested and is being watched closely. Today, on the 20th of July, 2020, the son and husband of judge Esther Salas were attacked in broad daylight. Her son was murdered and husband left in critical condition. Salas is working on a case connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his international underground organization.

Want to watch a video about this information? Check out this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien.

In order to educate yourself, I recommend the documentary “Filthy Rich” on Netflix. It is a comprehensive and unbiased reporting of the Epstein case and botched conviction attempts.

Open your eyes and see the web of lies in which we have swam.

What Is Happening In 2020?

Something fishy is happening here in 2020… Last year, half a million children went missing. Most of them stayed missing. The arrest and subsequent “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein woke many people up to the possibility of an international child sex trafficking ring existing under our noses… Possibly involving the highest levels of government in the USA, UK, and more. In 2020, there are many who believe Trump, the intelligence agencies, and “Qanon” are staging a coup against these individuals… For more on the Qanon agenda, watch this video:


Ultimately, it will be up to us to find the solutions we have been seeking inside of our society. Rather than trust “someone else will handle it”… We must seek to be the leaders that we hoped our elected leaders would be. In the face of their failure, it is up to us to take a stand.

These stories about organizations like Qanon make us want to believe that the government is working in our best interest. However, I believe it is FAR more likely that our illustrious “leader” is much more likely to be involved, considering his connections to every one else suspected of being involved. Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s private island 26 times… If you want to dive deep down this rabbit hole, watch the Epstein documentary “Filthy Rich” on Netflix. It will open your eyes! It is up to US to find these answers and hold our “leaders” accountable. They will not do it themselves. Now is an age of personal accountability. We must empower one another to find the answers we have long sought. It is time for an awakening that opens the eyes of the American people and allows us to be a catalyst for a better world. Want to watch an episode of the show related to where we can take the species in 2020? Check out this video to learn about the importance of energetic consent:

When we involve ourselves in an energetic contract with a person or organization, we are attached energetically to that entity. For instance, when we agree to become US citizens by way of our birth certificate, we are entering into a contract with the US government. We can renounce this citizenship later in life (while still maintaining American nationality). However, until we do, there is an energetic agreement between us as sovereign beings and the government.

How Can We Help?

Instead of giving away our power to individuals and organizations that do NOT work in our favor, let us embrace our potential once again. Now is the time to unleash a massive wave of entrepreneurship and creativity that can ignite the fire that lives inside the hearts of ALL humans. However, before that new age can arrive, we must confront our collective demons and beat them once and for all. It is beginning with these allegations regarding Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and many more. While the mainstream news media continues a 24/7 cycle about COVID-19, we should strive to educate ourselves and ask a tough question: “What does our news media NOT want us to know about?” By answering this question, we can move forward in our quest to better our world. Although it is a difficult time, it does not have to be painful. We can shed light into dark places and help to heal collective trauma. We can also free the prisoners of sex trafficking, abuse, and rape all across our world. It starts with you and me! If you want to get started contributing towards the emerging master plan to save the world, check out the first part of my forthcoming book.

You can read the introduction and first two chapters for free. This book will get you up speed on the work and research being done behind the scenes to help evolve our species and create a better reality. You also might like this post on the blog.  

I will write and record more on this topic soon!

In the meantime, educate yourself and pay attention to current events closely. Do not let this story get away. Now is the time for decisive, peaceful, and powerful action at a collective level.

The Kybalion

The Kybalion And The 7 Hermetic Principles


Have you read the Kybalion?

It was life changing when I found it a few years ago. Reading and working with the Kybalion was a catalyst for my greater awakening and really helped me make sense of my life. I felt led to create a post about the topic.

The Kybalion is a magical book that serves as a catalyst for initiation into higher realms of knowledge. For thousands of years, the Hermetic Principles have been guarded and taught by initiates and adepts in the world’s mystery schools. In the early 1900s, a book called “The Kybalion” appeared on the scene, authored by a mysterious “Three Initiates”.

The “Three Initiates” is most likely a pen-name used by William Walker Atkinson, a prolific writer and leader of the “New Thought Movement”. Regardless of its author, the Kybalion serves as the most concise teaching of the 7 Hermetic Principles that have been passed down since the earliest days of Egypt and Samaria.

The 7 Hermetic Principles are as follows:

Mentalism — “The All is mind”. The universe is mental and the foundational element of reality is some sort of mental force… Quantum physics is beginning to find this to be true but it is what Hermetic philosophers have preached since Egypt.

Correspondence — “As above, so below”. The same laws apply at every level of reality… At each of the different “planes of correspondence”, we find different beings but they are just manifestations of ourselves here on the physical plane. By understanding how to create mentally, we can influence our world by emanating out what is inside of yourself. In this way, your inner world creates your outer experience BECAUSE the principle of correspondence allows it to be so.

Vibration — Everything vibrates. We all emit a wavelength or pulse that can be amplified. This is the key to what the Kybalion calls “the scepter of power” and allows the individual to influence their world through understanding vibration, frequency, and amplification.

Polarity — All of reality has two poles. “All truths are half truths”. All of life exists along two poles… There are no “good” or “bad” emotions, there is only feeling with different poles. Love can be transmuted into hate and vice versa… Fear into courage… Anxiety into excitement. The Hermetic student can learn to polarize themselves at the desired state and learn to control their emotions.

Rhythm — Everything flows in and out, like a pendulum. By raising in consciousness above the local energetic environment, the student can avoid the backwards swing of the pendulum along the pole between two opposites. By doing so, a person can learn to change their state at will and avoid influence from outside energies that might bring them back to where they started.

Causation — All of nature is the result of causes. Inside of your reality, you are either a cause or an effect. There is no coincidence. By mastering the Hermetic principles and choosing to create your reality, you become a cause. Instead of being constantly affected by your world, you become the force of energy that influences the world.

Gender — There is masculine and feminine at all levels of reality. When it comes to mental creation, there is the divine force of logic (masculine) and the creative force of emotion (feminine). By weaving the two together, “the All” creates the world. The principle of gender is manifest at all levels of reality and in all things, people, plants, animals, etc.

Understanding and working with these 7 Hermetic Principles helps the student to better grasp the “scepter of power” within their own life.

However, studying Esoteric information like the Kybalion opens the doorways to initiation, powerful magic, and higher purpose. For many people, the Kybalion serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening.

Have you heard the phrase “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”? This idea originates inside of the Kybalion. When the individual is ready to receive higher knowledge and begin initiation into higher levels of consciousness, a book like the Kybalion shows up to reveal the mysteries of life.

Watch this video to learn more about the 7 Hermetic Principles and how a book like the Kybalion can serve to catalyze a person’s initiation into new levels of awareness.

If you liked this post and want more info, here’s a video I made on the topic:

Let me know if you have any questions. Be safe!



The Master Plan To Save The World

What Is The Best Way For Humans To Live Together?

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The Master Plan To Save The World

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Paul Tokgozoglu

Beautiful world


Now continues a story that has existed since the dawn of our species.

It has been called many names by many tribes and peoples:

“The Great Work”
“The Gospel”
“The Quest For The Holy Grail”
“The Search For Shamballah”

Here in 2020, we hear talk of a “great awakening” or some version of a “heaven-on-earth” scenario. However, amid possibilities for nuclear war, pandemics, mass quarantines, economic disasters, police brutality, and civil unrest, such talk can be hard to believe. Stories or prophecies of a near-apocalypse seem far more likely. Fortunately, the treasure troves of history are filled with prophecies that never came to pass.

Underneath the veil of our world has lain hidden a powerful truth: the individual has more ability to create mass change than we have been taught.

You, dear reader, have more power, creativity, and opportunity than you ever realized. Here in 2020, this is more true than at any other moment in history. All that is required is for me and you to claim that destiny on behalf of ourselves and everyone else.

Deep in the heart of every human lies a powerful message: We are meant for more inside of our lives, a better world is possible, and it is achievable within our lifetimes.

Today, that message is hard to receive. Even though every aspect of our world contrives to tear down that message, we feel it inside of our personal interactions, our walks in nature, intimate moments with our spouse or kids, chats with our best friends, and our shared community values. Inside of 2020, it is possible to re-awaken this fire that has laid sleeping since we were born.

Why is a plan of any sort required for this to happen? At the end of the day, plans are just ideas humans have created and articulated to a great detail so they can move towards personal or shared goals. If the goal involves starting any sort of collective movement towards a better reality, then having a rallying banner is important. Without such a plan of action, we are little more than a mob of angry scavengers looking for someone to blame. Armed with a concise strategy, we become an organized movement capable of holding accountable incompetent elected leaders.

Sound like an overwhelming task? It can start small and it begins inside of your own personal life. My intent is to provide you with a playbook of ways in which you can help improve the world and bring about a better reality for yourself, your family, and your community.

Instead of dabbling in hippy woohoo talk of angels, demons, and prophecies related to the ending or saving of the world, I want to conduct our work strategically, logically, and practically. There is much work to be done in higher levels of reality but those energies are currently manifesting themselves in the form of this book which you are reading. By utilizing this playbook, you can serve to become a conduit for this cosmic force of change that is influencing our world. It is time to become a catalyst. Instead of running from our demons and inventing new excuses for why the world is falling apart, it is time for us to take a stand inside of our own lives. The real “Grassroots Resistance” or revolution begins in the quiet of your own home, within the deep work of creativity and innovation.

The true message of this book is simple: You have far more ability than you could have imagined. This ability and ingenuity has been stifled by a system that was outside of your control at the time of your birth. However, here in 2020, we have a shared opportunity to empower one another towards the achievement of our own personal goals.

My hypothesis is that we will find those goals are mostly shared and that, at the end of the day, all of us want the same things out of life. By working from this basic level of understanding, we can unleash a massive renaissance inside of entrepreneurship, creativity, and ingenuity that can heal our species and save the world. Through the power of education, community, and personal effort, much can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

We exist at a moment in history that has never existed before. Our species has never had the arsenal of technologies, world philosophies, spiritual teachings, and connection tools that exist today.

To give an insight into what I am saying, we are simultaneously experiencing massive evolutions in multiple different avenues of our civilization. On the one hand, the internet continues to move forward the powerful of technology. It has led to the invention of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, augmented reality, virtual reality, and much more. On the other hand, medicine is advancing to provide gene altering, collagen regeneration, artificial limbs, 3D printed organs, and a deeper understanding of diseases like cancer, AIDs, coronavirus, and more. While these massive renaissances are happening in tech and medicine, we see more new entrepreneurs in the world than has existed for hundreds of years. Thanks to the power of the internet, millions of people are able to start businesses more easily which has led to more financial freedom, location-independent living, and fulfillment. Due to all of this, we have experienced a massive increase in communication and travel between countries for all sorts of reasons. As our world becomes more of a global network, we begin to merge into a new form of human unlike anything our ancestors could have imagined.

Our world has become globally connected in a way that could never have happened at any moment in history. Do you understand how rare this is? It is so rare that it has never happened before. We have yet to begin seeing the real implications of a completely connected world. I write this book in Missouri and you might read it in Asia or Europe after purchasing it through an online “website” (whatever that means). As a result of this massive increase in connection, we have begun to share philosophies, religious teachings, and esoteric traditions across borders like never before. By finding the common denominators across all those different teachings, we might finally find some truth within our own lives from a spiritual perspective. Suddenly, amidst a massive renaissance inside of technology and medicine, we see a resurgence in ancient teachings and personal spiritual practices. Meanwhile, quietly in the background of all these events, acting as an increasingly louder influence, live the psychedelic plants and substances which have been involved in shaping our world for thousands of years.

All of these disciplines are connected. They are all one message and one story. Our world exists as a sort of cosmic event and there is a new story emerging onto the scene, shaping uninterrupted despite current events. It is a story of hope, innovation, interconnectedness, and empathy. It is the feeling inside of our chests that speaks to the possibility that such a world can exist. To turn this feeling into reality, we must become more concrete. It is time to mobilize and create a leaderless movement; a self-sustaining organism or network that exists in plain site.

This book is not meant to be my master plan to save the world, readable by others. Instead, this is meant to be your playbook for your own personal master plan to save the world. Later on, I will share a proposed plan to help you see what I am getting after but ultimately I am not here to dictate to you the best way ahead from your own vantage point. Given enough thought and hard-work, you can invent a much better solution for your life and the lives of others in your local community than I ever could from here in my office in Missouri. I am not you. However, I can certainly help provide a framework to get you started and on your way. At the end of the day, there will come a time where you will have to put down the books, pause Netflix, walk over to your computer, and finally get to work on that empire you have been dreaming up in your head. If that day is not today, then no worries. Keep on reading.

Here is the “master plan” put simply: If all of us create our own “save the world” plan and then meet together in person or online, we just might find that our plans are quite similar. Through a bit of organization, intuition, and guidance, we might find ourselves able to create quite a bit within this world. Using the power of connection, we can accomplish much. By doing so, we engage in what has been called “The Great Work” for thousands of years. In that vein, the message of this book is to take action and find the truth for yourself. Stop waiting for a leader to magically appear on the November elections.

“The Great Work” has been written about by Manly Hall quite extensively. Inside of his works, Hall describes the “Orders of the Quest” and “The Orders of the Great Work” as all the various universal organizations that work together towards the preservation and teaching of the “secret teachings of all ages”. What are these “secret teachings” in particular?
In a nutshell, most of these organizations practiced some version of Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Neo-Platonism, or mystical tradition. Generally speaking, they preached some version of the “doctrine of emanation”; the teaching that humans create their reality through mental creation, manifestation, and a process of internal transmutation. Why is this the case? According to the secret teachings, it is because all of reality is a living organism, a collective hive mind, or an “infinite living mind”.

Before I continue down this rabbit hole, I want to be clear:

I am not here to convince you of anything. However, based on what I have read from plenty of long-passed ancestral writers similar to me, they were not trying to convince anyone either.

These teachings were meant to be applied, tested, and understood within the confines of a person’s life. If we are speaking about the topic of creating your own reality, the only way to see “if it is real” is to go out and attempt to create your reality.

Based on what myself and many others have experienced, you might be surprised what you find.

Inside the context of this book, I share this information only to provide my inspiration for the text. May those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.

Humans have far more power than we realized. It has been starring us in the face all along. Thanks to the power of the internet, we can organize and help one another figure this out. With a strong enough network, our call to action can emanate the new world we all envision.

We create what we already are. In order to get started towards a better reality, it is time to start fresh. We must confront the demons of our old world and win those battles, once and for all.

This book is your playbook to constructing a “master plan” to save yourself, before you save anyone else. By serving as an example inside of your community, you can inspire change and become a fellow catalyst for human evolution. The time is now, wait another and it might pass.
The universe conspires in our benefit. Obstacles provide opportunities. There is a plan to change our reality, if only we allow it in.


As I write this chapter, the protests around George Floyd’s death are raging. The coronavirus continues to influence our world. Millions have filed for unemployment. Sitting here in the middle of nowhere Missouri, I ask myself how I can be of better service. The world is full of evidence suggesting our system is broken. All around me, people are asking for organization and leadership in any form. Our current leaders have seemingly failed. Regardless, they are absent as ever from our day-to-day lives.

When I started writing this book, the coronavirus was just beginning to spread here in the USA. We had just entered the beginnings of a vague lock down. Over the process of writing this work, the world has proved more than ever that a new system is necessary. The premise of this book is that such a renaissance is more than possible: it is already underway.

The renaissance in question is personal choice and responsibility. While our Founding Fathers fought for the rights of the individual to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we can seek to ensure that a level of equality, justice, and fairness is achieved at every level of society.

Our economic systems have failed. Capitalism has resulted in mass instability and scarcity within our civilization at-scale. Finding a solution requires a new creation. Rather than attempting to revive old communist or socialist agendas that smack of corruption and ineffectiveness, let us seek to discover something new. A new way is possible.

The world might appear to be a hyper-dangerous place at the moment. However, reality is more nuanced. People are becoming hyper aware of all the problems that have been facing our world for generations… and it is happening all at once, largely because of the proliferation of the  internet.

It is human evolution at work. We are expanding our consciousness and awareness through this expansion of connection at-scale. We are becoming one collective hive mind while still finding how to maintain individuality and personal freedoms. It is a confusing time, to say the least…

The old must be transmuted into the new. First step in solving a problem is admitting you have a problem.

It’s a time of mass initiation.

I believe we will make it to the other side collectively. However, It is up to WE THE PEOPLE to demand better of our world. It has ALWAYS been up to us.

You and me. Not some old, tired, and disconnected individual wearing a suit in Washington DC, masquerading as our “representative.”

It begins with taking responsibility and realizing that we are giving away our power and consent to those we thought had our best interests in mind. We elected the majority of our leaders and trusted that they were moral and upstanding citizens. Although many folks sitting in Washington D.C. are working in our favor, there are plenty who seem to act through only selfish ambition. In many cases, these elected leaders have appointed or created shadowy organizations filled with individuals the people did not elect. For instance: the CIA director is not elected, but appointed by the president. We have created a shadow government of agencies, corporations, and generals who stand behind our elected officials, whispering in their ear. Our current model enables these actions that takeaway freedoms and choices from the American people.

Such a system has not stood the tests of time. Thankfully, new tools and resources are available inside of our 2020 landscape. We need only realize the best strategies and tactics and then begin implementation.

We are realizing the power of one individual to bring about mass change. It only takes one police officer to start mass protests. It only takes one protestor to turn that protest into a riot. It only takes one viral video of a police officer unreasonably pepper spraying people to incite more rage in a separate part of the world.

Luckily, we have a choice: we can choose how to respond to social problems.

We can choose to get swept up in the collective emotional swings, perpetuated by the mainstream media… or we can choose to be in control of our personal emotions. We can choose to observe and learn rather than judge. We can choose to make our own conclusions, rather than accepting whatever is on social media or the news. We can take back our power, beginning in the mind.

We are the co-creators of this reality we all experience together.

Let us choose to be better catalysts.

The new heaven on earth is here and it exists within us all. I believe we are collectively embracing and receiving that inheritance. All of nature cries out for a new story. If Jesus Christ were to return, he probably would come as a collective energy that we all might feel inside our hearts. The metaphorical “Holy Ghost” perhaps serves as a representation for our own inner fire, the Holy Grail inside. By tapping into that energy inside ourselves, we might create heaven. We do not need to wait for Jesus to descend from the skies to give us permission to begin loving each other unconditionally. We can start loving each other more today.

Right now is messy and scary but it is all a part of healing.

We are diagnosing the collective issues that we have denied for generations.

Let us remember this axiom from the Kybalion:

“Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the master.”

Transmutation means change. It is the alchemical process that has existed since the dawn of time. As a person changes their base states into purity, they evolve internally and create a new world for themselves and their posterity. Let us transmute and change our anger into peace, our hate into love, and our ignorance into wisdom.

We are all humans in this together. There are wonderful people and evildoers on BOTH sides of every “team”.

It is time to highlight these evil-doing individuals on both sides of the protest or party line and begin to discuss the best way to ensure they no longer do any harm to our civilization.

I think we will find that those people we label “evil doers” need help in some form. They might be suffering from a long history of mental health conditions. Likely, they struggled to achieve within their life. Inside their world, they are a victim in some form.

Maybe they’ve spent a lifetime in poverty, subject to a system that does not work in their favor? Given the chance, rioting might seem like the best viable option. Are they correct in that logic? NO. However, we must seek to understand why THEY think they are correct. Otherwise, we will never stop riots from happening.

Or maybe this “evil doer” is a police officer who didn’t receive proper training? In the USA, our police training systems are completely inadequate compared to most of the developed world. This lack of training combined with a lack of accountability has resulted in racist and immoral police officers infiltrating police forces all over our nation. Our police force has abandoned their standards and failed in their responsibility to police one another. This has resulted in unqualified and ignorant individuals passing the initiations of their organization and becoming police officers.

When this individual gets into a stressful situation, they overreact and get scared. Under that pressure, they snap and suddenly become a viral video. Does this excuse their behavior? NO. However, we must seek to understand why this “officer of the law” thought their life was in danger, even when it was clearly not.

Why are so many of our police officers living in constant fear? Shouldn’t they be bastions of courage and community stability? Although plenty of those officers exist in our world, there seem to be plenty of undertrained individuals who are clearly unfit for service, for some reason.

Why do we have so many untrained police? Why do cops in the USA go through a six-ish month boot camp while those in Germany attend a three year academy?

These are just a few examples of systematic issues that go FAR beyond what most news outlets want you to know. It is time to say goodbye to the global military industrial complex, police brutality, news outlets that divide and fail to report truth, dictatorial leaders, riots, broken money systems, racism, sexism, and a whole lot more.

We must demand and then create a new system.

It is up to us.

It has ALWAYS been up to us.

Let us choose wisely. Let us choose personal responsibility for our world. Let us choose the path of love.

It is time to begin achieving within our own lives so that we can pave a new way forward for our posterity.  It is time to make those ideas in the backs of our minds a reality. This book does not seek to create one “master plan” that will work for all peoples but rather to empower and exemplify how YOU, the reader, can create your own master plan to bring about change inside of your own life or at-scale.

The time is now to get started towards creating a better world. It starts with you and me doing what we can to improve ourselves, our families, and our communities.

By uniting together through the power of the internet, we can create a global network of those who are striving in the name of this great work. We are more connected than at any other time in history, by a long shot.

My hypothesis is we will arrive at similar conclusions for how to begin changing our world. This book serves to begin a conversation that I hope we might continue online or in-person.

Our world is more connected than ever before and it is only becoming more profound.

Let us get to work.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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On these pages come the next great plan for mankind.  

Instead of a system that serves only a select few, let us have universal brother/sister-hood and unity that works for everyone through a system of meritocracy. Rather than give-in to a socialist safety net, communist values, or any other failed form of economics, we shall strive to co-create a system wherein hard work, disciplined effort, and quality of character are the only means by which a human being earns their way. However, this system cannot come about through the means of capitalism. We have seen throughout the pages of history that capitalism left alone cannot stand under the weight of pressure. 

Our global economics are fragile because they provide no easy means by which the last can become first. Meanwhile, the “first” have their path set before them and their hands held as they navigate their often inherited fortunes. Although it is not morally admonishable to inherit great wealth, it must be considered that a truly just and fair society cannot exist if the “least of these” in our civilization are left unaccounted for inside of the system. We must prioritize those who have been left disadvantaged by the bloody pages of history. I am not referring necessarily to direct reparations or any other form of monetary payment. What we must do instead is structure society in such a way that it takes into account socio economic conditions that were created and instituted during less enlightened eras of civilization. For instance, in many inner cities around the United States of America, there are communities that still live under the effects of Civil Rights Era laws. In Baltimore, city busses do not run to certain neighborhoods because these were traditionally segregated as minority communities. These bus routes have not been updated to reflect our new views about race. Another example: Native American communities still suffer under unjust property laws enacted hundreds of years ago. For these minority groups, the weight of laws created by our ignorant ancestors are still felt today.

The critic might say here “Of course! These individuals can still pull themselves up by their bootstraps and succeed inside of America! In fact, the USA is one of the best places to start a business, go from rags-to-riches, and make a name for yourself! Don’t make excuses, take action!”

I agree with this critic more than they might think. Ultimately, it is indeed the individual’s responsibility to work hard, create their own way, and seize opportunity inside of their own lives. However, it is foolish to deny that these individuals are seriously disadvantaged compared to an individual born white, wealthy, and well-fed inside of suburban America. 

Imagine two individuals born with relatively equal ambitions and natural talents: one individual is born in the suburbs outside of Washington DC. The second individual is born thirty minutes away, inside of inner-city Baltimore. Although both individuals arrived here on Earth with the same talents, ambitions, genetic hard-wiring, and language, they are in vastly different starting positions inside of the “game of life” despite being born only thirty minutes apart. The same scenario happens every day in and around cities all over the world: the richest members of society are oftentimes born only miles away from those who find themselves living in the gutters. As we have seen time and time again, such a scenario can lead to eventual violent revolution, political turmoil, civil war, global pandemics, and a host of other “worst case scenarios”. Why? Because the scenario we find ourselves in with capitalism is ultimately unsustainable. It is a barrel keg primed for eventual self-destruction.

The question is ultimately a matter of resources. Imagine this hypothetical scenario: you and a few friends are playing a board game. This game involves collecting and expending resources (Imagine “Monopoly”). You both start at the same spot on the board. However, inside of this game, there is a special rule: one player at random starts with 10x as much money as the others. This player also gets to move first. Any time this player runs out of money, the bank gives him a quick and easy loan. If that is not enough, this player is also coached by some of the best Monopoly coaches and strategists in the world while the other players have only the rulebook and a strategy guide. Why? He got lucky and was born into a wealthy family.

The only way the other players have a chance of winning the game is if the lucky player is lazy, an idiot with their money, or extremely generous and charitable to others (which oftentimes happens!).

Now, there is an important element to consider: in life, a person born into a wealthy family did not arrive by accident. Likely, their parents or grandparents or great-great-grandparents worked extremely hard, generated a family fortune, and (of course) shared their wealth with their beloved children and grandchildren. There is nothing wrong with this system and wealth generation is an admirable goal for any family with ambitions of great legacy and long-term success.

Of course, there are countless individuals who have pulled themselves from the gutters of society all the way to the top. Indeed, many of the wealthiest and most impactful individuals in history are in this category. It is easy to find examples of individuals who overcame extreme adversity and disparity only to create massive generational wealth that can last for centuries.

Here is the issue with this model: such families and individuals are in the overwhelming minority.

The average person, for whatever reason, is not able to climb to this peak of the totem pole. For most people living in modern civilization, such ambitions are the makings of the documentaries and movies they watch on Netflix after working their shitty and unfulfilling job. If we are thinking about “Average Joe/Jane”, they are typically lightyears away from where they want to be financially.  Due to our current system of capitalism, this financial un-fulfillment often equates to an unhappy and unfulfilling life because money is required to succeed inside of a purely capitalist system.

Why this disparity of personality? Why are some driven and called to become entrepreneurs, pro athletes, or movies stars while most never voice any such ambition? Why do some rise from the bottoms of society and rise to achieve greatness, while most never leave their socioeconomic conditions?

If we want to create a fair and just society, we need to answer these questions. If we want our systems of living in harmony to make sense, we have to learn from mistakes of the past. In order to provide equal opportunity for all humanity, let us strive to innovate new systems of sustainability rather than resorting to failed systems of government or economics.

The answer to the question of this disparity of opportunity is complex and nuanced. It involves re-thinking education, economics, food distribution, taxation, law enforcement, drug policies, foster systems, and a whole lot more. It is a multi-faceted plan with many faces.

However, at the end of the day, it is a plan like any other. It can have a date of execution, achievable goals, a timeline, and checkpoints along the way.

This is the stated mission and intent of this document:

To co-create with all fellow thinkers and seekers a plan to manifest a truly just and fair system whereby humans can live together in peace, harmony, and opportunity.

In order for this plan to succeed, the “plan” must first exist.

Based on what we have seen from history on the planning of civilizations, it cannot be done alone.

If one individual tried to create a system wherein all can live equally, they are most likely to create a system that would work best for themselves; forgetting that “other people are people too”.

In order to create a truly sustainable plan for mankind, it must be co-created from as many wise perspectives as possible. The planning committee must include and consult with experts in economics, civilization-planning, political structures, eduction, religious structures, law enforcement, food production, distribution, banking, and an enormous amount of other systems.

However, always with the eyes and ears to see where all these systems overlap with each other.

Ultimately, all our systems of government, education, military, law enforcement, economics, and more all serve to answer the same basic question:

How can humans best live together in peace, harmony, and opportunity?

We are still working collectively to best answer that question. Amid our current crisis in 2020, it is clear our current course is set for disaster. In order to create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”, we must do this ourselves. Rather than wait for old politicians to fix our world, it is in the hands of the people once again to enact their destiny upon the Earth.

In the asking of this question, we must be ruthless. We must devoid ourselves of anything that is a relic of the old story. Rather than accepting that certain systems “must exist”, we should question everything. Let us heed the skeptic’s wisdom and assume that we know nothing unless it is proven through personal and collective experience. If a certain system of society is deemed unnecessary (for instance: current models of education), it shall be removed from this plan.

We do not seek to model or copy an older system but rather discover something new.

In the same way that humans discovered fire, steel, agriculture, electricity, germs, or any other pivotal discovery that changed the face of the world, let us discover a new way to live together.

By very definition of our pursuit, we should not look for examples of this system in the troves of history. By nature of our pursuit, history can only be looked at for examples of systems that do not work properly. As Charles Eisenstein wrote, “the master’s tools cannot destroy the master’s house”.

Instead, we should utilize the tools we have today in 2020 to manifest something new inside of our day-to-day lives. This is a hands-on process that cannot happen through speculation and inaction. Now is a time for deeds, not words.

However, some words must certainly precede deeds so that we can organize, create a philosophy, and decide on next-steps.

Leaders are planners.

However, planning and acting can be symbiotic actions. For example, as I write this document to flush out my own thoughts on the matter, I am also creating content for my blog, putting words to paper (or, well, Google Doc) so I can share with others, and attempting to establish a way by which we can achieve this universal goal. Action and planning should be done together. Masculine and feminine working as one.

Here are the next steps as I see them:

  1. Find others who are thinking along the same lines as those who are working on this plan.
  2. Invite them to join an online Think-tank where we can all plan together.
  3. Co-create a plan utilizing means of communicating over technology.
  4. Once long-term plan is created, break it down into shorter goals.
  5. Decide on yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals to achieve together.
  6. Get to work and achieve goals.

I have taken the liberty of creating the online Think-Tank and we are recruiting new members.

Go to the Beyond Homo Sapien sub-reddit on Reddit and start contributing. This plan is about co-creation and unity over old patterns of human civilization building.

Here is the link to join:


Let us all stand as Knights of the Holy Grail during these times.

See you on the inside! Thank you for reading. Let us plan and share together.

Paul Tokgozoglu

PS. Thank you so much for reading to the very end!

A few things…

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Much love! Be safe!


Archetypes And Shapeshifting 101

Archetypes Explained

Archetypes are a confusing but important concept. When it comes to the topic of human evolution, understanding different archetypal patterns or forces at-play in our world can help us understand how to better heal our world. When we understand that different deities or “gods” in our experience are really archetypal gods that exist at a higher level of consciousness, we begin to grasp the importance of this issue. Archetypes mold and influence our consciousness at a universal scale.

Have you heard of shape shifting or shapeshifters?

More common in Celtic, Native American, or Voodoo traditions, shapeshifting is typically seen as the idea of a person turning into an animal. Although shapeshifting can be practiced in this manner, there is a more esoteric meaning for the term that extends beyond the realm of animal magic.

In the esoteric traditions, the practice of shapeshifting involves changing between archetypes. In this way, a magician can embody different archetypal “god” energy and channel various beings into this plane of existence. If we are talking about channeling, embodying spirits, or working with beings at a higher level of reality, we are really speaking about communication with an archetypal energy.

Archetypes are written in the stars. If you have studied astrology, you will be familiar with the zodiac and the different astrological signs that give us an energy signature throughout the day. Each of these “zodiac signs” represent archetypal energies that exist at the universal level. Here on the earthly plane, we have different energy signatures that exist inside of the collective consciousness of mankind.

Carl Jung is one of the founding fathers of studying archetypes. His work into understanding the collective consciousness is paramount to working with archetypes. Before contacting these higher forces at work, it is necessary to know that they exist. If you have studied Hermetic philosophy, you will have learned about the planes of correspondance and the different entities that exist at the various levels. When we work with archetypal energy, we are tapping into the true nature of these “higher powers”. In such a way, we can energize ourselves and gain insight through direct communication with the collective mind.

Sound crazy? Well, consider that the archetype of “the heroes journey” is the framework for just about every successful movie, book, or story since the dawn of civilization. Gilgamesh, the world’s oldest mythology, chronicles the original “heroes journey” through the tale of the ancient evil king who became good through passing a series of tests. Once he received his enlightenment, Gilgamesh returns home to share the gift that he gained as a result of his archetypal journey.

The same heroes journey was repeated in the story of Hercules. Inside of this twelve labors, Hercules travels through the different signs of the Zodiac in his quest to achieve immortality. As a half-son of Zeus, Hercules embodies the divine archetypal powers that hold sway inside of our world. Hercules would go on to inspire Achilles. In the fabled Trojan War, the Greek Hero Achilles does battle with his rival Hector. In the story, we learn that Achilles embodies the unwilling hero. Achilles does not wish to engage in battle with the Trojans until he experiences the death of his closest friends. Once he tastes this darkness, Achilles goes on to defeat the Trojans and ultimately die when his ankle is pierced with a poison apple.

In the same vein, Alexander the Great was inspired by Achilles. Everywhere he went, the Macedonian conquerer carried his own personal copy of Homer’s epic: The Iliad. During his trials as conquerer of the ancient world, the young Alexander drew inspiration from Achilles in his real-life heroes journey.

The Heroes Journey

Archetypes like “The Hero” shape our world. They are embedded in our world mythologies. If you believe that archetypes and ancient gods are an energy of the past, you are mistaken. Draw your attention to the modern day archetypes here in 2020: the super heroes. Whether we are talking about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Iron Man, or any of them… Super heroes and fantasy worlds still capture our imagination. They are sources of inspiration for our youth. They captivate audiences and generate billions of dollars for media companies that influence our political processes.

Star Wars was based off Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces“. Inside of this great work, Campbell details the heroes journey. He breaks down the different stages of growth that all heroes encounter inside of their journeys. Campbell explains that, generically speaking, the typical “hero” character is unwilling. They are called into adventure against their wishes. Gandalf summons Frodo to carry the ring to Mount Doom because he must. Luke Skywalker does not want to leave his home until his relatives are killed and his life is in-danger.

The hero is often scared. Throughout their experience, the hero encounters mentors. Dumbledore finds Harry Potter, Aslan meets Lucy, and Morpheus rescues Neo. In your own life, have you ever encountered a mentor who turned your life around? For me, Alex Charfen, Miles Beckler, and Carol Tuttle all come to mind.

The hero is trained by their teachers. Joseph Campbell explains that the hero goes through a period of initiation. While embracing his higher power, the hero must prove himself to his teachers. In war, Soldiers go through boot camp or basic training. Special Operations communities all over the world are selective. In the same way, Harry Potter must prove himself to The Order Of The Phoenix before they will bring him on-board. Luke Skywalker is trained by Yoda in a remote planet. Batman travels the world to master martial arts, chemistry, and technology.

Following training, the hero faces their first test. Typically, the hero makes a name for themselves. Spiderman catches the villain and hoists him up for the police. Superman rescues a man who is trying to kill himself. Achilles defeats Hector in one-on-one combat. Alexander the Great conquers Persia without losing a battle.

This period of success oftentimes leads to the hero becoming their own worst nightmare. The ego takes over. The heroes old demons come back to fight them once again. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo begins to let the power of the Ring take him over. He insists to Sam that he alone is worthy of being the Ring-bearer. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vader before his training is complete. In real life, Alexander the Great expanded his empire too quickly.

In the stories, the hero faces setbacks. Typically, the villain gets one-over on the hero at least once. In the super hero moves of 2018 and 2019, we watched the Avengers face almost certain defeat by Thanos. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo appears defeated by Shelob and captured by the orcs of Mordor. In Star Wars, Han Solo is frozen in carbonate. In real life, we learn about how Caesar is named a criminal after his conquest of Gaul. We learn about just how close Hitler came to winning WW2 on several occasions. In the archetype of the heroes journey, there is often a moment of almost certain death.

Oftentimes, the hero bounces back. Luke Skywalker and the rebels defeat the Empire (with the help of our Ewok friends, of course). Harry Potter beats Voldemort. The Avengers set the universe back to its proper order.

However, in real life, this is typically not the case. If we read history, we can learn that our real-life “heroes” oftentimes fall short. Alexander the Great died young. Achilles dies from an arrow in his ankle. Caesar is murdered by his supposed friends. Napoleon is exiled. Tzar Nicholas and his family are shot in a basement. Barrack Obama brings little change.

So where do we go wrong?

Why do we strive so diligently to follow the heroes journey if it only leads to ruin?

Understanding archetypes is the pathway we must take to change long-held patterns of belief at the collective level. Archetypal energies like the heroes journey influence are planet at a cosmic scale. If we can learn more about how archetypes function, we can use them to our advantage.

Jungian Archetypes

Archetypal Gods

Gods are archetypes. Have you studied mythology? If you read stories about the Egyptian or Greek gods, you learn that they embody different energetic patterns and archetypes at the cosmic level. For instance: the Egyptian god Imhotep and the Greek Asclepius are essentially identical. They both embody the spirit of “the god of healing”. As the founder of medicine, Imhotep was deified by both the Greeks and the Egyptians, but under different names.

In the same vein, we can study gods that embody the Hero archetype. Whether it is the Celtic Lugh or the Greek Heracles (also known as the Roman Hercules), we can read the stories about hero characters. In Native American mythology, we learn about heroes like Kukulkan or Votan who founded great empires in South America. In Norse mythology, we learn about Freyr and Fenrir. All over the world, there are hero myths that include the story of a human becoming elevated to god-hood after their death. Since our species first began to tell stories, we have taught and lived this archetype in millions of ways.

Archetypal gods

So what does the hero archetype really represent?

If we study mythology, we learn that the hero is always searching for immortality.

One of the most powerful archetypal stories is the Quest for the Holy Grail. In this ancient story of the British isles, we learn about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In Arthur’s court, all are said to be equal. Arthur is taught by the powerful wizard: Merlin. In the same way that Obi-Wan taught Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi, Merlin initiates King Arthur into a powerful magical tradition. Eventually, King Arthur and his Knights set out to find the sacred cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper. This magical cup is said to contain the blood of Christ. Drinking from the Holy Grail carries the promise of immortality. Additionally, those who are said to “possess the Grail” are said to guard the gateways to the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. In a sense, the power of the Holy Grail can create a new Heaven here on Earth for those who maintain the “Church of the Holy Grail”. Want to learn more about the Grail Tradition? Click here.

King Arthur and his Knights are embodying all heroes in this Quest for the Grail. In the archetype of the heroes journey, the hero is searching for their higher self. They are reaching for spiritual fulfillment. In their work, the hero is manifesting their highest self into the earthly plane. When Jason finds the Golden Fleece, he is really finding himself. Upon return to their kingdom, the hero exists at an enlightened state. In fact, after the hero’s body dies on the earthly plane, the community often immortalizes the hero inside of their mythology. In some cases, the hero is even placed into the stars through our understanding of the constellations. When the hero returns, they are met with a warm welcome. Gilgamesh turns his city into a mighty nation.

Put simply: the hero achieves his goal when his quest for spiritual fulfillment is fulfilled.

Inside of our world, this message gets lost. In his conquest of the world, Alexander the “Great” murders millions of innocent people. When he tries to do the same, Napoleon leads to the deaths of many more. The United States, embodying the story of the hero at a collective level, lead the world into futility when they invaded Iraq in 2003. We have not learned the message of the heroes journey.

The hero is fulfilled when his quest for enlightenment and inner wisdom is achieved. The Holy Grail represents the power of Jesus Christ. It embodies Christ Consciousness. The understanding that unconditional love is the supreme force for good in our world. When we embody this Christ Consciousness at every level of our being, we can inherit and receive “the Holy Grail”. Once this receiving has occurred, we can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

I believe it because such has been my experience. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within man. The Holy Grail can be yours.

Archetypal Energy And Shapeshifting

How do archetypes work with shapeshifting?

For most of our lives, we embody the spirit of the heroes journey. This archetypal energy raises us out of our lower selves and helps us achieve a sort of self-realization. Through the power of this quest for “higher self”, we raise in spiritual consciousness. Our evolution begins and transforms everything about our lives.

However, once the heroes journey is finished, we can transition into working with different archetypes. It is almost as if the heroes journey is a sort of initiation that we must undergo before these higher levels of power can be accessed and used freely.

In my last post, I wrote about my experiences with astral travel and experiencing spirits like Imhotep.

When I was first beginning to understand archetypal energies, I worked exclusively with certain known gods. During my astral travels, I met with Ganesh. I encountered Shiva. I spoke with Thor. I knelt before the Lords of the Cycles and received guidance about my destiny. Whenever working with these archetypes, I would feel an immense sense of energetic power. The energy of the encounter would bring me to my knees. Especially when working with Imhotep and learning to embody that energy in my life, I was oftentimes in need of a breather or a nap. When you are first exposed to archetypal energies, it can be intense. This is normal. You are literally making contact with a higher dimension of the human collective consciousness. Although use of psychedelic plant medicines or cannabis can certainly help, they are not necessary for the practice. Indeed, working in the sober realm for extended periods if of prime importance.

However, the real power of archetypes lies in shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting is when you move between the different archetypal gods. Living a life where you contact and work directly with a select number of deities. In my spiritual practice, I work with Jesus Christ, Imhotep, King Arthur, Kokopelli, and the Archangels. Although it may sound crazy to those who have never experienced this sort of magic, belief can only come through direct practice. You have to see and feel this to believe in the power. However, that being said, tread wary. When you set an intent to contact a higher power, such a power might show up more readily than you think.

Once you understand how to shift between these archetypal energies, further levels of power are unlocked.

The creation of your own archetypes.

Once the magician is practiced in the art of channeling higher powers, you can directly tap into different versions of your higher self.

In my spiritual practice, I have invented a few.

These days, I only exist as my own archetypes. I do not embody spirits, gods, or angels in these days. Although I might seek guidance from a higher power, I am working on creating my own archetypes inside of the collective mind.

Let me introduce you to a few. In a sense, it is a conscious decision to step into a different mindset. I am making agreements with myself as to which energies I am consciously accessing. I set an intent and make a choice for how I am going to show-up inside of my world. From my perspective, shape-shifting is extremely practical. Certain archetypes do better inside of a business meeting. When I am with my girlfriend, she wants me to be in a given headspace. If I am out with friends, I probably do not need to be in direct contact with the spirit realm.

Having boundaries with the spirit realm is even more important than having boundaries with friends in your life. If you do not, those spiritual relationships might impact or affect others than you realize. Unfortunately, such has been my experience on several occasions. I was not aware of the power I was summoning into my world and it negatively impacted myself and several friends. Although everyone was fine in the aftermath, the experiences certainly left an impact and changed how I approach these practices. Be careful as you enter into higher levels of awareness.

Let me introduce you to the archetype whose writing this blog post:

Ninja Paul.

Ninja Paul is energetically invisible unless he chooses to reveal himself.

In this state, I am focused on a meditative practice. I am involved in more ceremonial practices like creating art, Yoga, meditation, or martial arts.

I am a master of healing Ninja magic like Feng shui. I use my powers only to heal and help the world. I operate in secret and I move unseen through my world.

Get the idea?

This is not so suggest leaning into a form of dissociative identity disorder. Rest assured: I have full retention of memory in all these various “forms” of myself. As mentioned before, it is the art of tapping into different sides of yourself. It is a method of “getting in the zone”.

In my life, shape shifting between archetypes proves extremely effective. Want to write a book? Activate a side of your self that is better at expressing art. Perhaps your inner child? Instead of invoking a god, invoke your highest self.

Once you do, your whole life changes. Why? Because your highest self gets to choose. You are now writing the code for the video game of life. Once you complete your own heroes journey, the Kingdom of Heaven is yours.

Ready to begin? Go find your Holy Grail.

+Ninja Paul+





Tantra Kevin Orosz

Tantra Archetype Explained


Tantra is the sacred practice of being one with the divine in every moment. Through the practices of breath-work, mindfulness, willpower, magic, and sexual transmutation, the tantric practitioner weaves their way through life according to the path of tantric mysticism. While studying the different magical schools of the world, I read accounts of tantric Yogis who could perform incredible feats of magical ability. Tantric masters might be able to become invisible, levitate, or conduct incredible acts of sexual passion. Although I have never practiced tantra too closely myself, I have always been interested in learning more.

This post documents my process of learning more about tantra and how this powerful practice can help our lives here in 2020!

Tantra is a magical practice. Through the focus of willpower and intend, the tantric Yogi can influence their reality through the power of their mind. This anyway, is the idea and the promise of the Tantric path. There is much more to tantra than just tantric sex. In all, the practice seems to focus around ideas of breath-work, mindfulness, and connection with the divine. In this way, it might be similar to Kundalini Yoga. However, tantra differs in nature due to its focus on working with partners in either Tantric Yoga, tantric sex, or similar practices.


Tantra is a lifelong practice that brings many to a greater understanding of their place in the universe. In this post, we will explore tantra together and include interviews with experts on the topic of tantric sex, the tantra archetype, and breathwork!

Tantra Archetype

Tantra is a cosmic archetype that exists in the collective consciousness. Instead of navigating blindly through the video game of life, these archetypal forces can give us a roadmap forward in our spiritual journeys. Inside of the material world, we can learn to gain a level of control through the process of awakening to the realization that reality emanates from us. We are part of an infinite living mind. We swim inside of a cosmic brain matter. If you want to learn more about this concept, study the works of Carl Jung or read Hermetic philosophy.

Cosmic archetypes like the Heroes Journey influence our reality at a higher energetic level. Through practices like astral travel, a person can learn to access these different planes of correspondence inside of their own inner world. Although it might first appear that these mental apparitions or meditative-voyages exist only inside of the mind, I have found through experimentation that there does indeed appear to be a correspondence between these so-called “different planes of correspondence”. As said in the Emerald Tablets: “As Above, So Below”.

Archetypes like Tantra are held inside of the collective mind. They are worshipped in different cultures under an assortment of names and mythologies. In Greece, the cult of Aphrodite practiced sex rituals, sex magic, and erotic parties that might seem taboo in today’s “civilized” world. Meanwhile, Norse practices of fertility magic and nature worship was quite similar despite a distance of time and space.  All over the world, we see veneration of the sexual goddess inside of statues, art, and story.

All these myths, practices, rituals, and gods are the same archetype: Tantra. Sex. Fertility. Manifestation. The Divine Feminine co-creating with the Divine Masculine.

Inside of Hermetic philosophy, we see the idea of the Principle of Gender. This seventh principle inside of the Hermetic teachings explains that all of creation is manifested inside of this guideline of two opposite principles: masculine and feminine. Down to the atomic level, we see the proton and the electron orbiting the neutron. The Hermetic philosophers suggest that the proton represents the masculine force, the electron the feminine, and the neutron stands as the neutral pillar of spirit around which all life revolves. This is also established inside of the teachings of Kabbalah from the Zohar regarding the Tree of Life.

Inside of human beings, the principle of gender manifests as men and women. Two separate sexes who are able to come together in unity through the act of sex. From the practice of sex, humans give life to their species and the evolutionary cycle continues forward.

Tantra represents this unity. Inside of tantric practices of sex, ritual, breathwork, meditation, and Yoga, we find a pathway forward into a deep connection with the divine. Through this path, the tantric Yogi can manifest into being great “miracles” and achieve dominion over the outer and inner worlds.

Tantra works at the level of the foundation of reality. By understanding the principle of gender, a tantric Yogi or practitioner can enter into a deep state of union with their partner or in their personal practice. Tantra is a powerful archetype that can be embodied inside of an individual practice from the comfort of one’s home.

Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is most often the aspect of Tantra which stands out the most. Inside of popular culture, Tantra is regarded as the practice of sex cults, orgies, and sex addicts. Although our world is awakening to the magic and healing potential of practices like Tantra, historically these sorts of practiced have not been in the spotlight. Thankfully, here in 2020, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in topics like Tantra, astral travel, Tarot, Hermetic philosophy, and work with psychedelic plant medicines.

Tantric sex is a powerful practice of manifestation. In the same way that humans are birthed through the act of sex, so to0 our manifestations spring into existence when imagined during a powerful act of sex. Inside of various teachings around the law of attraction, we find the idea that EMOTION and FEELING is an important part of the manifestation equation. Neville Goddard and other teachers of the “New Thought Movement” advocate for the idea that imagination combined with a powerful sense of emotion that your goals have already been accomplished is how this “magic” seems to work best. Put simply: if you want to manifest something, try feeling the emotion you would have if you had already achieved that goal. In modern day science, it is becoming understood that our brains do not know the difference between a past event or present moment. All our brain records is the emotional reaction we have to that situation.

Tantric sex helps because the best-case-scenario for manifestation is a state of ecstatic bliss with a partner while both individuals are focused on the same desired intent.

Tantra is more than sex but this aspect is a powerful and magical practice of the tradition.

Tantric sex can also bring deep emotional healing. Inside of our societies, sexual healing is needed at a deep level.

Kevin Orosz

Want to learn more about Tantra? You will enjoy this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with the powerful Kevin Orosz.

Kevin Orosz

Kevin joins the show to talk about Tantra and how this archetype can aid in sexual healing. Watch or listen to this episode now to learn more about tantra.

Kevin Orosz is a spiritual practitioner, Yogi, and coach who works deeply with Tantra. Through his own powerful inner journey, Kevin has developed a tantric practice that is worth studying. Inside of this toolkit of practices, Kevin has found a way to successfully run his business, maintain an amazing relationship, and travel the world. Tantra is a path that can lead to intense healing if understood correctly.