I declare absolute victory over the Satan Archetype in my life and fully embrace and receive the Holy Grail.


I declare absolute victory over the Satan Archetype in my life and fully embrace and receive the Holy Grail.

Im off to art.
You should join me.
See you soon.

For real guys, I’m done with podcasting.
At least for now.
It’s time.

I’m evolving beyond…

Time to go into art.

This means to me: writing, graphic design, drawing, painting, and making music… Probably dancing too. And always: martial arts.

Podcasting is great but it drains my energy away from those other things.

Let the records show.

Time to focus on my top three:

1.>My girl

Want to find the Grail in your life?

It all just starts with setting the intent.

Set the intent to find the Holy Grail and let me know when you do.

It’s closer than close.

You’ll know when you know…

Listen to Manly Hall.

I’ll be posting a bit more here but mostly on my various websites.

But I’ll be leaving this profile behind except to correspond with some select folks.

Other then that, I’ll be on Telegram. PM me on messenger if you want my number and we can connect there.

Beyond Homo Sapien will remain as it is as a work of art in of itself.

I will leave it untouched as a standalone work.

There’s like 180 podcast episodes or something so I figured that’s enough to get the point across of what I was trying to say:

Humanity evolved and no one noticed.

Here’s a bunch of episodes about that topic…

Now I’m off to demonstrate the information I’ve learned since I finished all that I had to say (well… except for writing which I will now go do).

With art!

Well… except for one thing…

My team and I are going to be writing a massive compilation of books called “Beyond Homo Sapien”…

In the book we will share:

Our life stories.
Hermetic Philosophy.
Human Evolution Info.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

The book will be launched through the website.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ve got an esoteric scavenger hunt going on through the Beyond Homo Sapien Soundtrack on Spotify or Amazon… You can play it on Alexa 🙂

It’ll take you on a journey to find the Holy Grail in your life.

Let me know when you find it!

+ Darth Shickari

PS>I’m launching an art brand soon.

PPS>I’ll still do podcasts every now and then (especially episodes of “Important Podcast” because they play a role in the scavenger hunt).

PPPS>You can join the Beyond Homo Sapien Underground Newsletter on the website via the sound healing MP3 library. We’ve been going for awhile.


The Universe Is Mental

“The universe is mental”

If you believe in this thing called “the law of attraction”, what you REALLY believe in is the concept of a mental universe.

You might not know that this is the case, but it is.
The teachings around the “law of attraction” originated during the late 1800s/early 1900s during the industrial revolution.
They were pioneered by booked like “the Secret of All Ages” or “The Master Key System”… Which ultimately led to books like “the Secret”.
Such “secrets” were used by the likes of Rockefeller or Ford to innovate and become rich during the time of the Industrial Revolution.
However, the “law of attraction” is just a phrase coined to describe a phenomenon studied since the dawn of human philosophical and spiritual teachings:
The phenomena/concept of the mental universe.
What is this concept?
Essentially, it is the idea that the universe is somehow mental.
That the fundamental building block of reality is some form of mind.
Effectively, what I’m suggesting is that IF you believe in the law of attraction, what you REALLY believe is that your mind has the power to influence reality.
Such a feat is only possible if the fundamental construct of reality is also mind.
Otherwise, your thoughts and feelings would not have the influence that we believe that they do…
Why does it appear that your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs seem to generate your reality?
Again and again, this has proven to be overwhelmingly true in my life and in the lives of many of my closest friends and family members.
I would be a fucking moron if i didn’t believe in the law of attraction at this point…
I would simply not be paying attention to the life that plays out in front of me, to include the accompanying books that explain the exact phenomenon that I seem to experience on an almost daily basis.
However, this somewhat paranormal existence is merely the demonstration of what ancient peoples have known for thousands of years:
That the universe is mental.
Hindus have been saying this for thousands of years: that the universe is “consciousness vibrating”…
In other words, a literal moving and vibrating conscious being in whose mind we swim.
The Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhnaton founded his own version of the Egyptian religion known as “Atonism”…
Worship of what he called “The Aton” (or Aten).
This invisible mind force that he observed operating in nature.
As Pharaoh, he demanded that the Egyptian religion be demolished and, instead, that we worship the direct source of divine power:
The universal mind.
The Aton.
The collective consciousness.
The “great unseen”.
Akhnaton worshiped the Aton in all its forms. He was known to converse with homeless beggers, poor farmers, slaves, and folks from all walks of life…
It was said that he saw the Aton in all his subjects.
In all the places that he walked as Pharaoh, he saw the handiwork of the Aton.
The universal mind that manifests itself constantly, every moment of every day.
I’m starting to think he may have been onto something…

How To Destroy A Child’s Creativity AND Desire To Create SIMULTANEOUSLY:

 How to destroy a child’s creativity and desire to create SIMULTANEOUSLY:

1. Grade their art and artistic process.

2. Grade their musical abilities.

3. Grade their writing ability.

4. Tell them art can only be performed at certain times of the day.

5. Teach them about how art only makes a living for a select few lucky people.

6. Downplay the role of art during history lessons (where writing is also graded, of course).

7. Poke fun at kids who are “different” or dress in a “weird” way.

8. Outlaw “outrageous” hair styles and clothing choices.

9. Wake kids up early and send them to a concrete building all day, away from nature. When they return home, make sure they’re so busy writing graded papers and doing graded projects that they cannot do their own art or go for a walk… or, yknow, be a kid.

10. Rinse and repeat as adults but instead of grading their art, you’re grading their powerpoint presentations.

The art probably stopped long ago by this point. Job done!

… and we wonder why society has got some problems …

Meanwhile, we continue to read posts like this one, share them on our social media pages, talk about them with our friends… all to “increase awareness” around issues.

… Which is important but literally just the beginning!

It’s time we demand a better education system for our kids and ultimately for ourselves.

Personally, I think our current system is maintained by adults who are STILL hurting over their own inability to create as children.

Kind’ve a “this is what I had to go through… and so do you!” mentality.

Now, I don’t necessarily think this is a CONSCIOUS decision necessarily.

However, it is manifesting as a result of us not dealing with the demons hidden in our collective unconscious.

Time to confront those demons head on.

What Will Humans Look Like In The Future?

What will Humans look like in the future?

Will the world end up looking like a sci-fi movie?

There are countless depictions of how “the future” will look. As we’ve observed in hindsight, our predictions are oftentimes incorrect. Whether it’s “2001 Space Odyssey” or “Back to the Future 2”, we seem to not correctly predict the future of what humans will look like in the future… Honestly, it makes sense! How can we possibly imagine our future when the whole point is that we cannot imagine the decisions, choices, and world that posterity will create? After all, if we could imagine that future, it might be here today. Evolution is a gradual process that happens over long periods of time rather than short bursts. That being said, I believe that we are staging for the next leap forward in evolution and it is happening much faster than we originally imaged.

Let’s talk about human evolution in 2019 and how humans will look in the next few decades!

Instead of walking around in Jetson-style jumpsuits and living in tech cities, I think we will be seeing a return to a coexistence with nature. Instead of Coruscant or “planet cities” we see in many Sci-Fi movies, we will be looking a lot more like Avatar. That is what I predict… Why? Because the only way to sustainably continue to grow our species is to learn how to co-exist with nature. This is the option that makes sense and coincides well with what is true about our reality.

Let’s dive in!

Human Evolution Back To Nature

Human evolution requires us to adapt to stay alive.

In 2019, the world is looking more bleak when it comes to issues of climate change and ecological disaster. As we inch closer to apparent destruction, the outcry for a sustainable future becomes louder to the point where it will become the mainstream voice. Thankfully, our civilization is awakening to the realization that our world governments have been purchased by oil companies, pharmaceutical agents, and other organizations that profit from death and violence.

In the USA, we see politicians like Bernie Sanders calling for radical campaign finance reform. The idea is that we should reduce corporations abilities to influence US elections through financing. Although the goal behind this strategy is just and noble (corrupt politicians aren’t great…), such a radical reform would take time, a massive shift in our political situation, new solutions for politicians to receive funding, and an uphill battle due to the very nature of the question… Corporations financing politicians literally have a vested interest in ensuring  that these bills do not get passed.

I’ve got a different idea! Instead of a lengthy and complex process to create a new system of campaign financing, we need different corporations that pull the strings!

The real issue with campaign finance is that the corporations that are buying politicians PROFIT from death, destruciton, ecological disaster, locking people up in private prisons, etc. etc.

Instead, let’s get sustainable corporations that are large enough to start buying out politicians.

Instead of “Big Pharma”, how about “Big Farmer”?

“Big Cannabis”

“Big Vitamin”

“Big Yoga”

“Big Workout”


Corporations that profit from saving our planet, helping people, and improving health worldwide.

Doesn’t that sound like a much faster method of saving our world? It requires us voting with our wallets. Here’s the good news: this change is already happening naturally. Already, folks are gravitating more towards a holistic lifestyle. Those who are gravitating towards a holistic lifestyle in 2019 are just the early adopters. For example, I’m currently living in the Midwest… The heart of the “Bible Belt” in the Midwest… Out here, folks LOVE CBD products. States like Arkansas, traditionally extremely religious, are seeing a huge surge towards using more CBD based products. Why? Because CBD works! It is a REAL medicine that helps people at-scale. The same is happening in cities like St. Louis here in Missouri. CBD stores are popping up all over. These states are also furthering plans to legalizing medical cannabis to provide plant-based solutions to healing… Again, all of this out in some of the most conservative states in the USA!

This is just a PREVIEW of what is about to happen globally.

I have so much hope for our future. The reason for this hope is because the TRUTH will prevail thanks to the internet. At this moment, it is possible to find the “truth” about most every topic in the world. We hold all of human knowledge in our hands via our smartphones. This is an entirely new concept and paradigm and the results of this dramatic shift have yet to be felt. Again, all that we have witnessed now is just a portent… an omen.

Folks think that the internet “happened” back in 2000…

The internet has yet to really takeoff. Still today in 2019, vast sections of the world are cut-off from the internet. If we take the human species as a whole, countries like the USA, Canada, or Germany who have adapted well to the internet are just the “early adopters” of this new lifestyle. Even within those countries, we have noticed that the younger generations are leading the charge in wider adoption of  technology. In other words, those who are currently living an “internet-based” lifestyle are the early adopters within their own countries… The countries being early adopters on the world stage.

Put differently: we are just getting started.

I predict  that the shift towards more sustainable campaign finance will happen gradually. Although there certainly will be press coverage around the movement that I’m sure will help speed along  the process, this shift will not require some massive revolution. In fact, what we will realize is that the laws of the USA and similar countries are already established in a way that allows for this shift to happen peacefully and relatively easily.

This shift will happen because more awareness is being drawn to the issues facing our planet. In today’s world more than ever before, our civilizations is awake and aware to the idea of campaign financing causing many of the problems in our world. The radical transparency offered by the internet will catapult these issues into the spotlight even more than they are today and we will see a global shift towards corporations that profit from saving our world rather than destroying the planet. People are not stupid… They are only ignorant of the problems and how easily those issues might be solved via voting with our wallets.

Once we have a more sustainable system in-place politically, we can pave the way for more radical changes that will leave us with a human species we will not recognize.

True Human Evolution

The political and social shifts mentioned above will herald in a new golden age of mankind.

Why You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Here’s why you probably don’t believe in yourself…

Our society is setup in a way to collectively instill ourselves with the false belief that we are not worthy.

That we are not adequate.

That there is something more we must do in order to be worthy of a reward.

That we do not have all the answers.

That we cannot believe in ourselves.

That we are inadequate.

You see: our environments create our beliefs.

Once those beliefs are created, we continue to believe them until a shift in belief has happened.

Typically, a shift in belief takes a conscious effort.

These things do not necessarily happen overnight…

Back in the early days of our species, we were plagued by predators and forces outside of our control.

A global flood destroyed our civilization.

Dinosaurs ate our children.

Enemy tribes ransacked our village and took all the food.

We died of diseases we didn’t understand, far earlier in life than we do today.

Life was super dangerous. Over millions of years of this existence, we evolved the belief that the world is a dangerous place…

Is The World A Dangerous Place?

Up until extremely recently, this was true.

WW2 just ended a few decades ago. Still today, there are plenty of places around the world where wars and conflict continue. Fortunately, we are seeing a massive decline in violence.

I think that decline in violence will dramatically increase.

We are headed towards a collective awareness and stepping into a collective desire for more peace… For a more beautiful world.

This is happening across our entire planet in a variety of forms. Before it ends, we will have a new awakened reality that we cling to as a collective source of comfort, love, and what is real in our universe. We will enter into an understanding that love and relationships are all that matter in life… that our relationships with other people are the most important things in our world.

However, before we enter into that new belief system, it is time we come to terms with what has happened.

As a result of the chronic danger that has infected our planet for millions of years, we carry inside ourselves the collective belief that the world is a dangerous place.

That we are not powerful enough to shift that seemingly inherent truth…

That no matter what we do, we cannot ascend to heaven… We will always be subject to death and danger and violence in some regard.

I’m here to argue that this is not the case.

The Case For A More Beautiful World

I think that we can collectively ascend beyond violence and into a more beautiful world.

However, for this to happen, we must believe it to be possible.

All that exists in the physical plane of reality as a result of human origin first existed on the mental plane in some sort: as a conscious or unconscious thought inside the mind of an individual and eventually a collective mind of human origin.

Before we can move beyond violence and into something more peaceful, we must carry the passionate belief that it is possible… Furthermore, we must believe that WE… US… Our generation… That we are the ones who can affect this change and enter into the golden era we previously thought reserved for the gods.

Instead of waiting for some messiah, we realize that we are carriers of our own internal salvation… We awaken to the possibility that maybe we had the answers all along… Perhaps there is some key buried deep inside ourselves.

As a child, we should have received a message that said: “the entire world will try to distract you from the key inside of yourself. Instead of listening to those voices, your entire life’s purpose is finding that key. It is deep inside your subconscious… It is in the part of your body that you might call a ‘soul’. Uncovering this secret and sharing it with the world is the purpose of your life… This is your destiny, young one!”

Instead of that message, we receive the opposite.

We hear over and over that a world of anxiety and danger is normal…

We learn from the “experience” of our elders that it is normal to wake up earlier than you’d like, go to a job you don’t enjoy, work longer than you want, come home late and tired to a family, go to sleep earlier than you want, and “enjoy” a life of mediocrity.

We learn that fun is reserved for the “weekends”…

We learn that traffic is normal.

We learn that having people in authority over us is normal.

We learn that if we work real hard, we will do well.

We see examples of this being true in our life.

So what we we do? We believe it to be true.

We believe in this world of anxiety and concern.

We believe in the dangerous world. Instead of sticking with our childlike impulses about the world, we believe our parents when they warn about the dangers of the world. We believe our teachers when they tell us what we should know to succeed in life. We believe our pastors when they fill us in on the dangerous afterlife… After all, it isn’t too “far out” a story to believe given our preposterous amount of evidence for the dangerous world.

Again, we are genetically hardwired to believe in a dangerous world. It is in our very recent collective unconscious.

Here’s the fortunate truth about the dangerous world: It does not actually exist.

The dinosaurs are dead.

The sabertooth tigers too.

The “enemy tribe” coming to kill us is now (for the most part) a competitor in the marketplace.

Intimidating? Yes perhaps… Going to kill you and your family? Definitely not.

Examining the history of the past few decades, we find that most of the enemies facing our world are ones that we create ourselves… Terrorist cells that spring up of dissolved nation states which were brought about by military coups we helped orchestrate due to Cold War dealings created by some under-the-table deals that had to be done because of some outcome of countries splintering from the end of WW2 which resulted from unfair outcomes of WW1 which were created by XYZ… etc. etc…. It goes on and on and on…

Believing In Yourself

What does this all have to do with believing in yourself?

Oftentimes, we create our beliefs about ourselves to explain our world.

When the world is presented as a dangerous place, we assume that we are subject to our environment.

If our parents, teachers, and pastors are telling us that we have to be careful, pay attention, say our prayers, and avoid trouble if we want to survive in the dangerous world, we assume that it is because we are inherently unable to control our environments.

We have to look both ways before crossing the road because there are cars coming… Cars that are outside of our control.