Sacred Geometry Is Etched Into Our Ancient Buildings!

Are you interested in Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry?

Well, it’s a form of mathematics that seems to be congruent across wide spectrums of time, space, and human thinking.

Why is Sacred Geometry important?

It gives us a clue to the spiritual origins of our species. It can help us to achieve a greater understanding of the importance of chakra, spiritual awakening, and even the essence of god.

Old churches and cathedrals are filled with sacred architecture and geometry if you know what you’re looking for…



Ancient builders embed symbology into their creations to pass down specific clues and secrets.

Secrets that are considered quite important by many cultures dating back to antiquity.

What are they trying to say?

Well, take these photos for example:

We see chakras depicted in prominent features at the St. Louis Basilica.



We also see the Fibonacci Spiral


Chakras are a prominent piece of the Kabbalah and the inverted tree of life (depicted in one of these photos)

This is the roadmap to the spiritual essence of man.

The pathway to unlocking the energy centers of your own body that connect you with “god”.

These are passed down to us from antiquity, allegedly from Abraham and Moses.

It’s the key to unlocking our divinity.

“The kingdom of god is within”


What about the Fibonacci spiral?

This is a classic element of sacred geometry that is expressed all throughout nature.

Go look at an overlay of a hurricane and you’ll see… or a galaxy.

You see, it’s a sequence of numbers where each is the sum of the previous two:

0, 1, 1, 2 , 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34… etc.

When graphed, it creates a spiral.


What is the significance of this spiral?

Why is it carved into the 10,000 year old stones at Newgrange in Ireland?

Or the designs of churches?

Or into the domes of mosques?

Why did our ancestors decide that THIS spiral was so important to pass down?

I think it’s because they figured something out…

We live in some sort of video game.

Some sort of world where we make the rules.

Where we are a divine co-creator with god.

Where the world is ours for the taking.


Because it is literally etched into your energy framework.


Look it up!

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Ps. Photos taken from “The Spiritual Essence of Man” by Master Choa Kok Sui… a book you should read if this post interested you.

Hack Your Conversations With Alan Stevens: Communication Skills To Change The World

In the 21st Century, it can be difficult to develop solid communication skills.

What if you could look at someone and know everything about their personality just based off their face and a few details of their life?

How could this help you out?

Would it help you in your conversations? Could it aid you in understanding your own world?

Alan Stevens is here to shed some light:

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Alan Stevens is going to help us understand the system of Rapid Trait Profiling.

This is a system based in science and psychology that can help human beings to understand each other almost instantly.

It’s also a powerful tool for self understanding.

Alan is an expert in communication and has trained teachers, law enforcement, parents, salesman, and many more in his system. This is a way to quickly understand how best to deal with another human being in a way that is influential, informed, and kind.

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3 Tips to Awaken Your Alpha Man and Thrive with Adam Lewis Walker

As the world continues to change, masculinity is evolving… 

In the modern era, it can be confusing for a male to know how to stay in momentum and access their masculinity without feeling confused.

One side of the conversation will tell you that you’re acting “too alpha” and another will suggest that you are missing a primal connection with your inner Self.

Adam Lewis Walker is here to shed some light in this interview we just did on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast.

Adam is an author, coach, speaker, and podcast host of the Awaken Your Alpha show.

Adam helps men access and awaken their inner alpha male qualities without feeling guilty, ashamed, or doubtful that they’re pursuing a somehow wrongful course of action.

Don’t have time for the whole show? Here are some key takeaways:

No. 1. Identify the Alpha of YOUR Life.

What is the most important part of YOUR life?

What is the Alpha in your domain?

Is it your business goals? Your family goals? Your health? etc. etc.

Whatever it is, identify that goal… that one thing that will make you feel accomplished… go forth and conquer that goal. Do not stop.

Too often, we have a thousand different plans and projects and maintain all of them just enough so that our head is swimming above water.

We don’t actually thrive and dominate any one particular goal… Instead, we bounce around.

Why? Maybe there’s something inside yourself that is self-sabotaging? Maybe you have a limiting belief to overcome?

As Adam said during the show, often what’s holding back your Alpha is other relationships in your life that are in some way triggered from your success…

Has this happened to you before?

You start to have some success and others around you notice that “you’ve changed”? They begin to hold back your Alpha man awakening…

This is a toxic system of limitation that really keeps a lot of folks stuck in their lives… It prevents forward progress.

Identify the “Alpha” of your life and don’t stop until you overcome and succeed.

No. 2. Don’t neglect other aspects of your life WHILE you chase your Alpha

As mentioned above, select ONE Alpha in your life and chase that goal relentlessly.

However, do not neglect the rest of your life.

Do not neglect your health, family, important relationships, or other goals.

Find balance.

Chase after your Alpha until your goals are realized but do not fail to take care of your family. Continue to take care of your body. Eat foods that support your goals. Cultivate a mind that will overcome your limiting beliefs and seize your goals in wholeness.

Remember that your relationships are most important.

Have you seen the 75 year study at Harvard? Watch this TED Talk if you don’t know what I’m referring to:

Here’s the just of the study:

This is a 75 year study that followed men for the entirety of their lives.

The researchers were looking to identify what brings happiness to a person’s life…

They interviewed these men every year. They also interviewed their families, doctors, their bosses, their coworkers, and anyone who might have insight into the overall happiness levels of these individuals.

Here’s what was found:

Your relationships are the most important factor in determining happiness.

Not just that…

It’s the QUALITY of your relationships that is most important.

Knowing that you have people who will have your back no matter what happens.

THAT is what determines your overall happiness, success, wealth, and health throughout your life.

Neglect these relationships and you will have a difficult time finding fulfillment in your life.

No. 3. Guard Your Mind.

These days, there’s a million channels vying for your attention…

The news, social media, text messages, app notifications, new books, old books, and everything in between.

Plenty of reasons to fill your mind with facts that may or may not actually serve your goals.

Guard yourself from content overwhelm.

Tim Ferriss talks about this quite extensively…

Here’s an episode of his Podcast that deals with this issue:

Tim describes the idea of “just in time” information vs. “just in case” information…

Essentially: focus on the content and information that you need in that moment.

Do not consume content in the hopes that you MIGHT need that information someday.

Focus on the content that serves you in that moment.

By doing so, you ensure that your content is actually helping you get ahead. It’s a way to ensure you avoid distractions. Engage with the content you need to accomplish your Alpha goal. Doing so will eliminate anxiety, help with overwhelm, and keep you in momentum as you stay laser targeted on your goals.


As our species continues to evolve, folks like Adam serve an important link to aid in the healthy awakening of a man’s inner alpha.

Enjoy this show? Check out Adam’s new book: Awaken Your Alpha – Tales and Tactics to Thrive”… It will help you connect with yourself and maintain a momentum mindset that will help you overcome adversity and make the most of your life.

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