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Manly P. Hall

Many P. Hall is one of my favorite people in history. Want to learn about one of the greatest philosophers of the modern era? Watch or listen to this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien!

Who Is Manly P. Hall?

Manly P. Hall is one of the most prolific authors, speakers, and thinkers of the last few hundred years. He wrote over 130 books and gave thousands of lectures… First emerging onto the scene with “The Secret Teachings Of All Ages” when he was in his twenties, Manly Hall went on to become an influential teacher in the topics of metaphysics, occultism, mystery schools, esoteric philosophy, and many other topics.

The last few years, Manly Hall has been a constant mentor to me in my journey… He is someone who has influenced me enormously, even though he died before I was ever born. When I first encountered his book “The Initiates Of The Flame”, I felt as if he was writing directly to me. Over the years since I first began reading his work, Manly Hall has helped me to make sense of my life and understand myself and the universe at a deeper level. In particular, his work analyzing “the great work” throughout history has been transformative. By learning about the different organizations and people throughout history who have been involved in this collective goal, I have found deeper peace and stillness inside of my own life and spiritual journey.

In this video, I share some of the key takeaways from Manly Hall’s work. In many of his works, Manly wrote about the possibility for a human to experience a transformation here on Earth to better embody their spiritual selves in their Earthly journey. Manly Hall teaches that humans are the microcosm of the universe. The human body is a reflection of the universe at an internal level. As said in Hermetic philosophy: “as above, so below. As within, so without”.

Manly writes about various people throughout history like the Count of Saint Germaine, Cagliastro, HP Blavatsky, Jesus, and many more who walked the path of the “adept”. In his books, Manly shares that these individuals we might consider “ascended masters” are really just normal humans who have understood and grasped life’s greater mysteries. By putting aside ourselves and stepping onto the path of self-discipline, mastery, and empathy, a person can make a vow before the highest part of themselves and achieve such a level of internal spiritual mastery. By walking in the steps of the ancient masters throughout time, a human is able to accelerate their own journey beyond what they might have first thought possible.

Best Manly P. Hall Books

In no particular order, here are books by Manly P. Hall that I recommend your pursue:

1. The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.

This book is the most famous by Manly Hall. In this incredible anthology, Manly has crafted an essential source for all students of occultism and the greater mysteries of life. Inside this text is an encyclopedia of different secret teachings and symbols from around the world. Manly discusses Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and numerous other religions and compares their symbols with one another. By cross-referencing this with teachings from Hermetic philosophy, Freemasonry, Kaballah, and much more, Manly Hall created an essential text for the student of spirituality.

2. Initiates Of The Flame.

This short book changed my life. Inside this first book by Manly P. Hall is described the path that a human being can choose to work on behalf of the collective consciousness, as opposed to their own selfishness. By making a vow before the highest parts of themselves, the “initiate” is able to progress through different levels of consciousness until they reach the highest parts of themselves. Once there, the individual has the ability to walk in the steps of the great “adepts” throughout history. However, such a path will only lead to fruition if taken with the right intent and motivation. If done to serve the self, then it is a path clouded in shadow. If the student is able to truly grasp the greater truths of life and work on behalf of mankind, then the journey can become purely magical and divinely guided. Overall, it is all about stepping up to the plate and serving humanity from wherever you are at in life.

3. The Secret Destiny Of America.

One of Manly Hall’s most famous work, the Secret Destiny of America was quoted by Ronald Reagan in speeches. This text is a sort of secret history of the societies and mystery schools that worked to bring America into fruition. As a high level Mason, Manly Hall was privileged to information about the secret purpose of the United States. In this read, he provides context for that greater work and explains the goal of creating a university of “the seven day’s work” wherein mankind will finally be able to achieve spiritual fulfillment and individual freedom here on the Earth. Whether or not you believe the information in this book to be true, Manly Hall crafts a compelling argument for why individual responsibility and personal freedoms are the highest values and greatest tools in making way for a better world.

4. The Phoenix.

A compelling read that called to me deeply, The Phoenix is a book about ascended masters. Inside of this text, Manly Hall makes the argument that different “ascended masters” throughout history were regular human beings who understood deeply the sciences of life and the secrets of the universe. Although these individuals stand as outliers inside of the history books, they were humans like any other. Whether we are talking about the immortal Count of Saint Germaine, the powerful Theosophist HP Blavatsky, or Gandhi, we are merely recognizing humans who successfully understood the greater secrets of life and then embodied those principles in their day to day lives. A powerful work, The Phoenix helps us to see the potential for a human being and how that might be enacted in our daily lives.

5. Orders Of The Quest.

This book introduces different mystery schools or secret orders that served to protect esoteric secrets throughout history. If you are a student of occultism or spirituality, you will be impressed and blown away by the amount of work that has been undertaken to ensure the survival of these mysteries. The Orders of the Quest helped me to context my greater life’s mission and find great appreciation for all those throughout history who ensured that this information survive the fires of the Inquisition or the ignorance of religious dogma. Furthermore, this book suggests that the “Great Work” is still underway and manifests inside of our daily work. By reading this short book by Manly Hall, the student is able to place their life into the greater context or our esoteric world.

6. Magic.

One of the shortest books by Manly Hall that I have read, Magic is a short guide for understanding how magic works inside of our universe. By understanding the difference between “left-hand” or “right-hand” magic, a student is able to discern when they are acting in accordance with universal will or when they are acting purely from selfish ambition. Filled with warnings of following the left-hand path, this book makes clear the position of Manly P. Hall on esoteric secrets: the possession of “secret” knowledge does not give the individual a right to do anything they want in life. Secret information or greater spiritual understanding does not make a person better than another. By understanding this principle, the magician is able to act in accordance with divine harmony and become a servant of the light rather than a misaligned practitioner.

7. The Most Holy Trinosphia Of The Count Of Saint Germaine

One of the most interesting works produced by Manly P. Hall, The Trinosphia is attributed to the immortal Count of Saint Germaine. However, the work includes a detailed introduction and commentary by Manly Hall and could be possibly been created by him altogether asa means for sharing deeper esoteric truths. Regardless of the author of the document, the Trinosphia is an allegorical story of a person who escapes prison inside of an Inquisition dungeon, only to emerge into a spiritual initiation into higher consciousness. This book is a collection of symbols that represent the journey of initiation and the path of becoming an initiate to an adept in the ancient mysteries. It is a fascinating read that can be interpreted a number of different ways.

Manly Hall’s Legacy

Manly P. Hall is one of the greatest esoteric philosophers in history. By studying his work, I have grown into a deeper understanding of myself and my life’s purpose. Furthermore, Manly helps me to feel not-so-alone. In fact, if his work is to be believed, then the path that you and I walk is one of the oldest in history. The path of initiation and “spiritual awakening” is thousands of years old and has been walked by all who pursue “the great work” of bringing humanity to closer spiritual awareness.

If you feel led to study the works of Manly P. Hall, I recommend starting with whatever book calls to you the most. He wrote over a 130 books and they are often on vastly different topics. Wherever you dive into the Manly Hall rabbit hole, I contend it will be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening explorations of your life. Keep an open mind and test all that you learn. Do not believe something just because you read it inside of a book but rather apply the concepts to your life and see for yourself where they lead.

Thank you for reading!

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