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Have you read Manly P. Hall’s second book? The Ways Of The Lonely Ones is an absolute favorite of mine and I wanted to write this post sharing my key takeaways. The short book is separated into allegorical stories that share insights into the lives of ascended masters around the world. Through the fictional stories shared in the book, the reader is able to contemplate the meaning of spiritual awakening and our purpose here on Earth.

The book shares different stories that have a moral. In a sense, each one is a parable meant to teach a different lesson to the reader. The book includes a story of an “Old Man of the Mountain” who lives in the middle of the forest, surrounded by animal companions. It also includes the tale of an elder alchemist who realizes the secret of the “philosophers stone” after a lifetime of study; only to find that this realization inspires him to return back to the world he had left behind in search of these alchemical secrets. Inside of this book, Manly Hall encourages the reader to think on the nature of human existence and spiritual enlightenment.

Written at the age of 21, this book is a testament to the intuitive wisdom possessed by the young Manly Hall. By reading his work, you will realize that spiritual insight is not the exclusive domain of those with extensive experience and study. The most simple truths stand the test of time.

Manly P. Hall’s book The Ways Of The Lonely Ones is under $10 on Amazon – check it out here:

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I read my favorite of these allegorical stories:

It is called “The One Who Turned Back”.

Listen to this episode of the show to experience one of these powerful stories at work:

If you enjoyed this story, the rest of the book will inspire you and enlighten your spiritual journey.


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