Laws Of Attraction & Manifestation

Laws Of Attraction & Manifestation For Beginners

Laws of attraction & manifestation go hand in hand. In 2021, spiritual awakening is happening all over the world. Our species is becoming more self aware. Humanity is becoming spiritually awake and it does not matter what religion you follow or belief system you practice. Millions of people are asking “does manifestation actually work?” Is it possible to manifest your ideal life through the law of attraction? If so, how does manifestation work and how can you get started manifesting?

The law of attraction & manifestation hit the mainstream media when The Secret book and movie phenomena gripped the world. This book about the law of attraction and manifestation first introduced the public to the idea that our thoughts are causative and have an effect on our physical world. Although The Secret and other books like it have been met with skepticism, these teachings have been practiced for thousands of years. Learning how to manifest is an important part of undergoing a spiritual awakening and it is a secret that has been taught since the ancient Mystery Schools of antiquity.

When a person becomes spiritually awake, they often begin to question the nature of reality. For most people, this is a lonely time where they experience the world in a new light. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? If so, you are in the right spot. Instead of being affected by their environment around you, learn how to manifest and use the law of attraction to create your ideal life. Although it does not happen overnight, you can learn the basics of manifestation and get started today.

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How do the laws of attraction & manifestation work together? Manifestation is the action (the verb) that you conduct in order to create your reality through the laws of attraction. When you understand the law, manifestation becomes a central part of your life. You begin to understand that what you experience is a manifestation of your internal states and external actions. “As within, so without. As above, so below” says Hermes Trismegistus, the greatest of sages.

Through the laws of attraction, manifestation magnetizes your desires into your physical reality. When you understand that you have the ability to magnetically attract your desires to yourself, your understanding of reality changes. For many people, this can be a frightening concept because it throws a “monkey wrench” into our cherished views of reality. However, when you lean into the laws of attraction and use manifestation to create your ideal life, everything changes. This is how you manifest the kingdom of Heaven inside of your life.

Here is how to start manifestation even if you are a complete beginner…

How Does Manifestation Work?

Learning how to manifest through the laws of attraction is easier if you understand how manifestation works. In the ancient Hermetic philosophy, it was taught to initiates of the Mystery Schools that we exist in a great cosmic mind. As said in the Kybalion: “the universe is mental”. In other words, the foundational building block of reality is consciousness. In modern days, quantum physics is validating what the sages and mystics of all cultures have always known. At the foundation of our reality is a sort of wavelength from which all of reality springs into being, similar to the way that a video game loads when you insert it into your xBox and hit the power button. The first Hermetic principle of mentalism is gaining traction and entering into our mainstream conversation.

When you understand that the universe is composed of mind and consciousness, the law of attraction and manifestation make more sense. The reason why manifestation works and why you can create your reality with your mind is because everything is consciousness. When you utilize your consciousness to mold and shape the world around you, reality responds because it is fundamentally composed of mind.

Manifestation examples exist throughout nature. For instance, when you drop a stone into a pool of water, it creates a ripple in the water. Little ripples shoot out from where the stone first met the water. Think of your mind in the same way. When you project your wavelength out into the world around you, it creates a ripple in the conscious world. This ripple effect has an impact on your world because everything is composed of consciousness. Our universe is mental. When you create mental imprints on your environment, you affect your physical reality.

The laws of attraction work in your favor when manifestation is done with conscious force. The more you understand why your abilities work, the more you believe in yourself. Since your power of belief increases the frequency of your vibration, you have a stronger impact on the world around you. The more you believe in the power of belief, the stronger belief becomes… Kinda like in all those Christmas movies where Santa Clause becomes more real the more the children believe.

Let’s learn about how to begin manifesting even if you are a complete beginner…

Best Manifestation Method

How do we get started manifesting? Here is a secret… You have been manifesting since you were born!

Your life is a manifestation of what your soul decided to create here on Earth before you arrived. Manifestation of the spirit into the physical world is the purpose of human life. When we self-realize and awaken to our full potential, we complete The Great Work and become the masters of our destiny. We begin to create our world as an active participant instead of being pushed around by the circumstances of life. Instead of living as a victim, we become the active creator.

The more you amplify the wavelength coming from your body, the greater the impact you have on your environment. Learning how to manifest through the laws of attraction requires that you do more than think your day away… You must take action on what you desire to manifest. In his book The Doctrine & Ritual of High Magick, Eliphas Levi writes that “to be, one must do! It is action that creates life.” If you sit around all day thinking about your ideal life and hoping it will magically arrive someday, you will ask “does manifestation actually work?” Once you begin to take action towards your goals, the laws of attraction begins to work in your favor and you start to manifest your desires.

Without action, nothing happens. Think of manifestation like firing a gun into the universe. Your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions make-up the bullet that goes into the gun. Without the bullet, the gun is of no use. However, if you fail to the pull the trigger, the gun will never fire. I call this the manifestation pyramid because all ingredients have to exist for manifestation to work. If you fail to the pull the trigger on your goals, they will never appear. If you take action but fail to use your mind’s ability to manifest your reality, then your actions will be less productive and often lead you nowhere.

The best manifestation method is when you combine positive thoughts with firm belief and take constant action every day, all while feeling that your goals have already been accomplished.

Do you want to manifest a specific goal? Follow these steps to manifest a job, relationship, new home, creation of a business, or anything else you desire…

How To Start Manifestation

Are you trying to manifest a job or use the law of attraction to launch a new business? Realize that you need to move energy in the direction of those goals every day. If you want to manifest the job of your dreams or build the business you know you were meant to create, you need to take determined action in those directions. Do not wait for life to happen to you. Instead, grasp the “scepter of power” spoken about in the Kybalion and insist on your reality changing in accordance with your will.

As written by Orison Swett Marden in An Iron Will, “A man who can resolve vigorously upon a course of action, and turns neither to the right nor the left, though a paradise tempt him, who keeps his eyes upon the goal, whatever distracts him, is sure of success.”… Also to quote Emerson, “There is always room for a man of force!”

Do you want to get started manifesting your ideal life? Set a goal for yourself, believe you can accomplish this, feel in your body that your goal has already been accomplished, think constantly about how you will achieve your desires, and take constant action every day towards that direction. In so doing, you will manifest your goals into the physical plane.

Manifestation through the law of attraction can take time. The greater the goal, the more energy you have to move in that direction. Do not be discouraged if your manifestations do not appear overnight, some can take years while others happen in an instant. Begin to move your energy towards your goal every day and you will manifest your dreams. To once again quote Eliphas Levi, “What you wish for shall be done, and it has already been started for you and by you.”

Get started and take action!

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