Law Of Attraction 101

Law Of Attraction 101 And How To Use It:

Many folks want to know how to apply the law of attraction. They’re left asking “Is the law of attraction real?”

As our species continues to evolve, more people are wondering how to manifest money, attract love, and create the life they visualize. The Law of Attraction is a confusing topic these days due to many “fake gurus” leading folks down paths that just leave them feeling confused and full of doubt. The Law of Attraction has been an extremely powerful force in my own life and I think it can be the same for you as well.

“Does the Law of Attraction Work?” Yes… From my experience it does. However, I encourage you to consult your own experience, your own inner voice, and your own journey when it comes to deciding how the Law of Attraction best works for you. This guide is an accumulation of my experience to help lead you down the right path to making the Law of Attraction work in your life. Let’s dive in!

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

Is this something to invest time into exploring?

I explore that topic in depth on this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast:

Nowadays, there are so many fake gurus when it comes to the law of attraction.

So many folks who do not really understand this complex esoteric principle.

In this video I talk about the Manifestation Pyramid… This is a formula I’m devising to help you implement the Law of Attraction into your life in a way that actually works.

If you want more information on how to manifest using the Manifestation Pyramid, read this post here on the blog.

You have to understand that when it comes to the law of attraction, the secret, how to attract money, law of attraction in the bible, and a ton of other topics, you need to become your own authority.

Trust your own intuition.

Trust your own experience.

Do not rely only on the experience of others.

Today, there are so many fake gurus giving advice about the law of attraction. They will convince you that “the secret” to how to attract money (or whatever) is to start a vision board, say some affirmations, and “trust the universe” by investing in their expensive program.

Here’s the challenge: few of these “life coach” folks understand that the law of attraction involves more than affirmations.

As I lay out in this video, there is a formula to the universal law of attraction.

It is more than just creating a vision board. The law of attraction relies on several key points:

  1. Thoughts.
  2. Beliefs.
  3. Feelings.
  4. Action.

This is what has worked in my experience when it comes to the law of attraction.

Let’s go through each of these in detail:

Starting with your Thoughts:

“Law of Attraction Affirmations” And How To Create Them:

Do Affirmations work?

Well, it depends on how you use them…

Here’s the challenge:

So many folks these days are attempting to get spiritually inclined folks to believe that the Law of Attraction works by just creating simple Affirmations that will attract money, manifest love, and create whatever you want in life.

As if just making a vision board and imagining yourself on a Yacht will somehow make that appear in your backyard tomorrow…

Want a deep dive on this topic? Keep on reading.

If you’d rather watch/listen to this information, here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I dive into this particular aspect of the Law of Attraction.

On this episode, I breakdown what I call “Law of Attraction Affirmations” that help you eliminate limiting beliefs without a bunch of hippy bullshit that will just leave you feeling confused:

Here’s the truth about creating affirmations:

They are meant to help you uncover limiting beliefs.

What’s a limiting belief?

It’s some sort of belief that is holding you back, usually at the subconscious level.

For example, maybe you have a limiting belief that you don’t deserve success?

Here’s the thing: you probably are not aware that you have a limiting belief around self-worth.

Limiting beliefs are sneaky like that…

Limiting beliefs are often hidden under some other type of belief that makes a bit more sense to your conscious mind.

“I don’t have time”

“I don’t know how to do XYZ”

“It’s too hard to do XYZ”

“XZY is unrealistic”

Etc. etc.

Oftentimes, these are just different versions of limiting beliefs that are oftentimes the culprit of our failures in life.

Limiting beliefs like these demons:

“I don’t deserve success”

“I don’t love myself”

“I’m not good enough”

And so on…

Want to learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs?

It all starts with Affirmations.

“Law of Attraction Affirmations” work by helping you to visualize your goals as something that already exists.

Imaging your goals as already achieved does NOT make them appear by magic.

What it does is help you uncover limiting beliefs like the ones I mentioned above.

When you uncover the limiting belief, you are now staring the problem right in the face. You are now more than ready to heal, overcome these limiting beliefs, and move forward towards your goal.

Here’s the thing:

Uncovering limiting beliefs is just the first step.

It’s the foundation of what I call the “Manifestation Pyramid”.

You can learn more about the Manifestation Pyramid by clicking above or listening/watching this video:

It’s a system I’m creating to help you attract money, manifest love, create success, overcome limiting beliefs, and conquer your goals.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, changing your thoughts is an important part of the process… However, again, it’s the first step.

Here’s how to actually use “Law of Attraction Affirmations” to start manifesting the life you deserve:

First, identify your goal.

Let’s say you want to become a millionaire and achieve financial freedom?

Seem like a lofty goal? Well, maybe that’s your limiting beliefs talking.

To get started towards identifying limiting beliefs, select ten affirmations that are worded as if your goal has already been accomplished.

Here’s ten that might have something to do with becoming a millionaire, attracting money, and achieving financial freedom:

  1. I am a millionaire.
  2. I am financially free.
  3. I create money.
  4. I attract money.
  5. I am successful.
  6. I love myself.
  7. I achieve my goals.
  8. I am good enough.
  9. I deserve success.
  10. Money comes easily to me.

Now that you have your affirmations created, begin to write them down and speak them aloud as you write… These law of attraction affirmations are effective because they help you to identify your limiting beliefs.

You will notice that with some of these affirmations, you feel confident and great.

You’re thinking “Fuck yeah! I deserve success!”… “YES! I do love myself!”

Etc. etc.

However, eventually, you will find one or two of these affirmations that cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Maybe your breathing is blocked?… Your heart starts to beat faster?… You feel anxious for no apparent reason… Whatever the physical symptom, you know you’re on the trail of a limiting belief that is preventing you from achieving this goal of attracting money and conquering your goals.

Ask yourself:

“Why does this make me feel uncomfortable?”

“What is the belief that might be behind why I’m uncomfortable with this affirmation?”

“What memories are coming to mind?”

“What beliefs are being uncovered?”

Maybe you had a negative experience in childhood that integrated this limiting belief into your subconscious mind? This might be what’s holding you back from using the law of attraction to manifest money (or anything you’d like to create).

It is important to integrate changing these limiting beliefs. Changing your limiting beliefs will shift how you FEEL about the world… It will shift your energy into a higher vibration and cause you to begin to attract more of what you are working to create.

The way you feel changes how you are perceived. It shifts how other people view you in the world. This is an important concept because you begin to create a new reality based around the energetic fields you are projecting out into the world. There is research done by the HeartMath Institute that will help you understand this idea better.

Changing how you feel about your reality will inspire you to take action.

Law of attraction affirmations are incredibly important in that respect.

So what is the law of attraction? I’ve found that it’s a state of being.

It is not a specific event that you have “manifested”… It is a new shift in your ability to exist in a heightened state of reality. A greater version of how we experience the world.

A moment in your world when suddenly everything is going right. Your world clicks. You experience a new shift in your belief system and suddenly you’ve unlocked the secrets of the world.

It’s a new paradigm of existence. We are entering into a new era of human evolution that is going to completely revolutionize our world. If you want to learn more about the different ways our species is evolving, here’s a post I made awhile back on that topic. Check it out!

It’s a state of heightened ability and existence wherein you are able to manifest whatever you want through the power of subconscious mind, your own effort, and your own impact on the world.

“The Secret” To The Law Of Attraction: Feeling

Law of Attraction “experts” often leave out a key part of the equation: feeling.

How you feel is crucially important to unlocking the power of subconscious mind. Carol Tuttle says in her book “Remembering Wholeness” that ensuring you feel great every day should be your number one priority. Why is it so important to feel great in order to start manifesting money and unlocking lifes abundance?

The way you feel cultivates what you do. At the top of our Manifestation Pyramid is action. The taking of action towards your goals and what you are looking to manifest into the world is an essential part of the puzzle. If we look at Manifesting as a sort of alchemical formula, the ingredient which ignites the concoction is the taking of action. When we move towards our goals by being productive and staying in a zone of excellence and extreme action-taking, we seem to trigger a reaction in the universe that rewards us with whatever we are looking to manifest.

Want to dive in deep on this topic? Watch this video now:

Law of attraction relies upon us to take this level of action. However, we will not take the most purposeful and correct action if we are not feeling great. Our feelings create how we are seen. When we are feeling confident, calm, full of love, and ready to take on the world, we approach each conversation differently. We carry in our hearts an intangible quality than anyone can identify immediately. It slides below the subconscious level.

Furthermore, it is these intangible qualities that seem to pull and manifest our realities in our direction. When we launch into the esoteric teachings, we are told by these “law of attraction books” that our feelings are like magnets. When we avoid something due to fear, we end up manifesting more of what we are working to avoid. When we approach the world from love and trust, we create and receive more love and trust in our environments and in our relationships.

In order to take the right level of action, we must be feeling well enough to do what we must do in order to achieve our goals and create what we are working to manifest into our lives.

How do we start feeling more in line with our “true self”?

Law of attraction affirmations!

Overcoming limiting beliefs!

By combining those two foundational building blocks, we feel better… We begin to feel like anything is possible (because it is) and we make real progress towards our goals. When we actually feel amazing and take purposeful action in the right direction, the universe conspires in our favor to bring about our goals into the physical plane.

There is a magical quality to our feelings. When we feel as if our goals are being accomplished, we often find they are. I believe there is a tangible element to this equation (the taking of action) but also an intangible in that our desires do indeed seem to manifest as if by magic when we are feeling as if they have already been accomplished.

When we feel as if the world is conquered, our goals are achieved, and the world is conspiring in our favor, “the universe” seems to prove that to be true. In order to achieve this state, it is important to have positive thoughts playing in your head and positive beliefs empowering your engine of feeling. What’s a great way to cultivate this level of feeling?

  • Meditation.
  • Journaling.
  • Law of Attraction Affirmations.
  • Exercise.
  • Going for a Walk.
  • Studying successful people to get inspired.
  • Inspiring chats with positive and like minded folks.
  • Distancing yourself from toxic people and information.
  • Never watching the News.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive books, people, and ideas.
  • Going to a Spa/Sauna.

However, to truly feel amazing, I’ve found that taking action towards our goals does the trick. When we enter that state of momentum and productivity, we feel better. Suddenly, we feel more calm and relaxed. When we take the action from which we have been running, our world shifts. When we stop procrastinating and overcome resistance towards our goals, we REALLY begin to feel good. In this way, taking action and feeling great are linked.

In other words: don’t wait to feel good before taking action towards your goals. Anticipate that the feeling will come once you take the proper amount of action. The two are symbiotic.

Law Of Attraction And Frequency

The law of attraction can be a confusing topic…

In today’s world, there are many fake gurus out there teaching about the law of attraction. Unfortunately, many of these folks are a bit misinformed as to WHY the law of attraction “works”, how it works, and how to best apply it to your life.

The law of attraction is a state of being.

It is a constant state of you. It isn’t something you turn on or off. You are ALWAYS using the law of attraction to shape your world OR be shaped by the world around you. Whether you are a cause or effect in your world is up to you…

On this show, Pasha Moreno Tarantino and I chat about the concept of frequency and how it applies to learning about the law of attraction. What is “frequency”? Well, essentially, we are referring here to the idea that all of reality is vibrating. If we learn more about quantum physics, we begin to think that advancing scientific theory speculates that reality is composed of a sort of wavelength at the basic level. In other words, the most foundation building block of reality seems to be some sort of frequency. When we understand that all of reality is frequency (including you and me), we can begin to wrap our heads around WHY the law of attraction works.

You see, frequency is the rate at which we “vibrate”… when we speak about the principle of vibration, we are discussing the rate at which our selves are vibrating in relation to the world around us. The frequency rate at which we are vibrating is how we ascend or descend between the planes of correspondence.

When we ascend between planes, we gain the ability to affect the plane beneath which we have vibrated or raised our degree of consciousness.

The law of attraction is simply the name for the power that we can access to use our mental power to create our world. It is always in effect. We are always using it. There is a certain responsibility that we realize when this comes into affect! There is so much power at our fingertips when we start to understand just how incredible the creative aspects of our mind really are… This is what is meant by “manifestation”… It is a process of co-creating your reality into whatever lessons your soul is asking to learn and experience. With great power comes great responsibility.

Setting Intention

Law of Attraction manifesting often involves the setting of a powerful intention.

When our minds are focused and centered on a clear goal we want to manifest and create, our subconscious mind finds ways to deliver these goals to us as if by magic. How does this work? By going through the process of clearing ourselves of subconscious limiting beliefs and instead setting an intention at the root of our subconscious mind, we “pre-program” ourselves for success.

Do you believe in spiritual guides?

The Law of Attraction often seems to work hand in hand with whatever divine forces might be at work in our world. If you are someone who tends to not believe in these spiritual forces such as Angels or Animal Spirit companions, you might still be able to appreciate the power of connecting with our own intuitive voice to receive “downloads” of sorts that seem to come from some outside collective mind.

How does intention play a role here?

When we create a powerful intention around our goals, we program our subconscious mind to begin attracting the situations and circumstances that will deliver that goal into our lap.

We start to feel more ready, powerful, and confident around our goals and our ability to make them happen. When we start to take action towards those goals from a place of powerful intention, they begin to manifest as if by magic into our worlds.

What does this look like in real life?

Watch this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with Mike Bledsoe of the Shrugged Collective Podcast Network.

Mike is a coach and Podcaster who helps folks set powerful intentions that help them unlock their full potential and enjoy life. Instead of working under hard conditions and “grinding” through life towards some goal, Mike helps people understand that life is meant to be a fun game rather than a miserable grind. When we set powerful intentions, release our trauma, and act from a place of overwhelming power and ability, our world changes quickly.

Check it out:

Releasing trauma and overcoming limiting beliefs is a massive piece of understanding how the Law of Attraction can be used to transform your life. Here’s “the secret”: it does not have to be difficult. By setting powerful intentions from a place of healing and joy, we can enjoy the process instead of just suffering and grinding it out towards some monetary or career goal.

How To Manifest A Great Career

The law of attraction has re-entered the cultural spotlight in the modern world. Thousands of people around the world are wondering how to manifest money, love, greater spiritual development, or any number of desires. In fact, more than ever, folks are trying to attract money and create a better career for themselves using the law of attraction. Oftentimes, that is the “draw” of the law of attraction: the potential to allegedly help us earn more money, change careers, get a promotion at work, or any number of material gains.

Does the law of attraction work? When it comes to attracting money, starting a business, or getting promoted at work, law of attraction skeptics are, well, skeptical. Similar the way prayer gets misused in organized religion, the law of attraction is often used as a tool to just ask god (in this case “the universe”) for more money or a better job and then feel disappointed and let down if it does not get delivered.

What is the reality here? Can we learn how to attract money? Does the law of attraction work when it comes to creating more financial abundance in our careers? Susan Scotts joins this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to discuss how to manifest a great career:

Susan is a coach who has done extensive work with transitioning Military Servicemembers who want to leave the Military and enter into their own business. In addition to her work with the Military, Susan helps people all over the world learn how to manifest a great career and create the lifestyle they desire.

On the above episode, Susan and I chat about how to manifest, how the law of attraction actually works, and how this fits into your life.

As the human species evolves and expands, the bridge between the esoteric and the modern world is forming. Similar to what we saw during the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, or the Renaissance, these spiritual concepts like the law of attraction are making their way back into the collective consciousness.

The emergence of these esoteric concepts is happening simultaneous to developments in new technology. The two will meet at the top and together evolve our species into a new Golden Age of opportunity, freedom, self-expression, and spiritual awakening.

Learning how to manifest is a valuable skill. As our culture begins to accept more often that the Law of Attraction and similar concepts are real, there is more acceptance around this conversation of figuring out how the Law of Attraction actually works. Nowadays, there is plenty of confusion around how to manifest and it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out how to manifest love, money, or any number of things…

Beyond Homo Sapien seeks to find the truth of what is actually going on here.

The Law of Attraction and similar teachings are observable and seem to happen when a certain formula is applied. However, the real question of WHY these concepts work is important for us to answer. Personally, I believe that the reason the law of attraction works is because we are all a collective mind. Everything that we experience in reality is a collective whole. In other words, you (the reader) and me are the same person. You are me living a different life. If I were to live your life and have your experiences, I would think all the same thoughts, believe all the same beliefs, and be in exactly the position where you find yourself.

This concept is discussed in numerous religions all over the world. Whether in Hinduism, Christianity, or in more esoteric traditions, the common theme of the oneness of our divine souls is congruent across a wide spectrum of belief systems. Is it actually true? Well, if we are looking for an answer to WHY the Law of Attraction seems to work when the above formula is applied successfully, we are left with the idea of our divine oneness and commonly shared collective mind as an answer to the question. Indeed, by applying the law of attraction, we effectively demand from the collective mind a certain response. Effectively we are acknowledging the video game of life for what it appears to be and demanding that it deliver a certain response in accordance with what sort of reality we seek to enjoy and explore.

Law of Attraction ideas are expanding and growing. As we continue to evolve, we will find more clarity around the law of attraction, how it works, and (more importantly) WHY it works… The answer to these questions can lead us towards a better understanding of the spiritual origins of mankind and increase the empathy that we have for one another.

The Law Of Attraction Origins

Where does the Law of Attraction originate?

You see, if the Law of Attraction is real, then it had to begin somewhere and be based in some sort of religious, philosophical, metaphysical, or spiritual teaching, right?

Did the Law of Attraction originate with “The Secret” book/movie?

Not at all. You see, the Law of Attraction actually spawns from whats called “Hermetic Philosophy” or “Hermeticism”.

What is Hermeticism? It’s an ancient esoteric system of philosophy that allegedly dates back to Egypt. In fact, there are some who suggest that Hermetic Philosophy  originates from Atlantis (if you believe in things like that…). The basis of Hermetic Philosophy is a series of texts known as the “Corpus Hermeticum” or “Hermetic Corpus”. These texts are attributed to an ancient philosopher known as “Hermes Trismegistus” (a name which means “Hermes the Thrice Great”) who is said to herald from Ancient Egypt.

Hermeticism has actually been demonized by Christian culture. Although you may have never heard of “Hermeticism”, you have probably heard of “The Occult” and other “demonic” practices. Hermetic philosophy is the foundation on which “The Occult” is built.

However, when diving into learning about the history of Hermeticism, you begin to realize that there isn’t too much scary stuff going on. Although you might find a few folks on Reddit posting some crazy imagery or scary looking Tarot card decks, the actual Hermeticism Books themselves are not scary. In fact, they seem to be quite encouraging, inspiring, lovely, and glorifying of “god” rather than a demon worshipping group.

How does the Law of Attraction fit into Hermeticism?

Hermeticism is built on what are called the “7 Hermetic Principles”. Here they are:

  • The principle of Mentalism: All is Mind.
  • The principle of Correspondance: “As Above So Below”
  • The principle of Vibration.
  • The principle of Polarity.
  • The principle of Rhythm.
  • The principle of Cause and Effect.
  • The principle of Gender.

What do the “7 Hermetic Principles” have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Quite a lot actually… Although the Law of Attraction is not one of these foundational principles, it is a product of them.

Mastery of these 7 Hermetic Principles is said to result in being able to use the Law of Attraction at will… Effectively, the Law of Attraction is “magic”.

For example, the principle of Vibration states that everything is in motion… Nothing rests. The Universe (or “The All” as expressed in Hermeticism) is constantly vibrating in motion. An individual who is able to elevate or “raise their vibration” is able to effect control over lower plains of vibration. In other words: the “Law of Attraction” is not a tool like a hammer or a saw… It is a state of being. It is a full ability to manipulate your specific world using the power of your own mind.

I’m going to write a more in depth article on the 7 Hermetic Principles soon. However, for now, know that their impact on the world stretches back to Ancient Greece and Egypt. When examining the various ages of mankind from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, Hermeticism is often at the root of the spiritual revolution that accompanies technological advancement. In today’s world, Hermeticism seems to be making its return and having another day in the sun as it throws off the shackles of being labeled “demonic” and finding a way into society under the guise of the “Law of Attraction”.


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