Jobs Of The Future

What Are The Best “Jobs Of The Future”?

As the internet continues to revolutionize our world and transform our world from the industrial age, the jobs of the future will look radically change. Already, we are seeing more folks who are doing remote work from home or becoming a digital nomad and living a more nomadic lifestyle. Work from home opportunities are burgeoning as more folks demand the ability to remote work from home instead of going to an office. Jobs of the future will look radically different from those that have existed up until this point.

In many cases, true “jobs of the future” might be entrepreneurship. These days, we see many young folks (and older ones too!) taking to their laptops and either taking digital nomad jobs or starting a business they can run online. As a future career, is this something that will become more normal? I think so!

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I’m talking to Tony Whatley about this topic. Tony is an expert in starting a “side-hustle”: a business that supplements your 9-5 income and eventually can become your vehicle for remote work from home. We are diving into Jobs of the Future and discussing why running a job from your laptop might become a more regular form of how human beings operate their day to day lives.


Tony is the author of “Side Hustle Millionaire. Check out his book by clicking here. This is the guide of how Tony grew a side business to over a million dollars in revenue while still working at his 9-5 corporate job. You can also check out Tony on his website by clicking right here.

Side Hustle Lifestyle

As jobs of the future continue to emerge and develop, a phenomena is developing in the 9-5 world: more folks are starting “side hustle” jobs and businesses they work in their free time. Instead of the nuclear family life of getting home at 5 and watching the news, more and more people are utilizing their evenings and nights to operate some sort of side hustle. What is a “side hustle”? Typically, a business, investment opportunity, or second job that is oftentimes accomplished through the internet.

Successful side hustles come in a variety of forms. For example, thanks to websites such as Bigger Pockets or Active Duty Passive Income, there is a rise in the number of individuals who are interested in investing in real estate. Thanks to the education provided by these credible and informative sources, it has never been easier to begin investing in real estate. For many individuals, this is a lucrative side hustle that oftentimes replaces the person’s 9-5 job.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I spoke with Tim Kelly about how to operate a profitable real estate side hustle while still working a 9-5 job. Tim is in the United States Navy and has managed to create and help operate a highly successful real estate investing firm while also serving in the military. Beginning in 2011, Tim started buying properties with his first investment in a single-family property. Today, Tim is centered around multi-family property and intends to acquire 5,000 multi-family homes within the next three years through the partnerships he has created via his side hustle.

If you’re interested in the mindset and strategy behind running a highly successful “side hustle”, this show is a must-listen. On this episode, Tim and I discuss the mindset that it takes to operate a successful side hustle that can eventually grow to replace your 9-5 job. Here’s the issue most folks run into: they get in their own way. They create excuses that are really just hiding various limiting beliefs in plain site.

When we tell our minds that anything is possible and we refuse to create excuses, we can truly achieve whatever we want from life. It is important to set priorities, master time management, and stay up later and/or wake up earlier than everyone else in order to achieve goals. Once we prioritize what’s important and know the motivating factors behind why we are creating a side hustle, suddenly our minds open and we begin to achieve more and more in our lives.

Jobs of the future are changing and going to look radically different than jobs of today. By creating a side hustle, we gift ourselves the opportunity to learn some of these digital skills. By doing so, it is possible to bulletproof against the changing economy that is inevitably going to happen. You see, the world is radically shifting and there is a high likelihood that many jobs will be replaced by AI technology and other forms of new technology. How do you ensure this does not happen to you? Master a digital skillset for the digital age. Creating a side hustle can give you the means to make this a reality and truly begin to achieve more than you thought possible.

It all starts with changing your mind, thinking powerful thoughts, and beginning to imagine yourself achieving more with your life. When we make this mental shift, the entire world opens its doors to the pathway to success. All it takes is shifting our mindset around what is possible and what we can achieve. Ensuring you are competitive for jobs of the future will rely on these key character traits of the human experience.

Jobs of the future come in many forms. It is not strictly necessary that a person become an entrepreneur running a completely online company. Instead, jobs of the future might resemble a format similar to what Tim is doing with his real estate investing company. Given the right mindset and the right strategy, it is quite possible to operate in several industries simultaneously.

How To Be A Digital Nomad:

One of the best careers for the future might be what are called “digital nomad jobs”. What is a digital nomad job? Well, it is typically a type of job that a person can work from anywhere in the world. This gives the individual a type of freedom that is previously unimagined. Why will more work from home companies start to emerge? Well, because it makes financial sense for companies to allow remote work from home instead of paying for an office.

When a company allows employees to work from home, that company suddenly expands their recruitment pool. Instead of being limited to recruits from the local area (or paying for someone to move!), a company can recruit from the entire world. Suddenly, work from home companies seem to have a massive advantage over those sticking to an archaic 9-5 model that dates back to the industrial age.

Here’s the challenge: how to become a digital nomad?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find fake gurus who will teach you all sorts of crazy strategies to live the digital nomad life. Unfortunately, in many cases these gurus are only lining their own pockets rather than those of their students. More often than not, the journey towards starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad involves a few years of hard work in order to build a business.

Here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I talked to Drew Weatherhead about this topic. Drew Weatherhead is the creator of Because Jitsu, a meme website dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Drew also hosts the Submission Ace Championship BJJ tournament in Canada. I brought Drew onto the show because I feel he has a great perspective on how to become a digital nomad and work from home. Check it out:


Have you thought about starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad? Lifestyle design is an amazing opportunity. However, ensure you are following the right steps to escape the 9-5 rat race by creating a real business that will sustain your growth.

What if you do not want to start an online business and become a digital nomad? Remote work from home might be more up your alley. Let’s dive into that topic next!

Minimalism And The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

“Jobs of the Future” might look nothing like a traditional 9-5 job. In fact, as mentioned above, it is becoming far more common for folks to ditch the cubicle in favor of remote work from home or a digital nomad lifestyle of moving around between places. The movement towards minimalism is being embraced by the millennial culture  as younger folks seek to downsize their life potentially into one suitcase or backpack they can use to travel the world and have more meaningful experiences. Truly, jobs of the future could have a pre-requisite of sorts that requires them to be workable from anywhere in the world using just a laptop. In the 21st century, more folks are interested in minimalism and the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle.

Minimalism often involves dramatically reducing the amount of stuff you have in your life in favor of an easier and less hectic lifestyle. Oftentimes, folks engaging in minimalism will travel the world and live a “backpack” life or “van-dwelling” life but sometimes the person simply enjoys a de-cluttered home that has only the immediate possessions needed to live day-to-day. In addition to the practical side of minimalism, there is also a spiritual element of seeking to de-clutter the mind and spirit via eliminating unessential objects in your daily life. There is also a train of thought that minimalism is healthier for the environment because we effectively reduce the amount of waste and products we introduce into the natural world. For many people, this sort of lifestyle is massively appealing for the sake of providing more freedom and a healthier karmic relationship with the world in general. As discussed in this interview with Daniel Stone, when we respect the world and create a more meaningful existence and relationship with the planet, we enter into a more abundant state of being because we have successfully honored the environment and collective consciousness in which we find ourselves existing.

Conni Biesalski is a minimalist and digital nomad who helps others understand and implement this lifestyle. She is an advocate for holistic living, Yoga, a vegan lifestyle, and the digital nomad lifestyle. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien show Conni and I  discuss minimalism and how to get started while also exploring the future of the human lifestyle. When it comes to successfully navigating through potential “jobs of the future”, folks like Conni are leading our species towards a healthier relationship with the planet, ourselves, and our fellow humans. To learn more about what Conni is creating, check out her YouTube channel at this link.

Digital nomad lifestyle and minimalism are going to be increasingly popular as the doors open to further travel experiences. The millennial generation is more interested in experience vs. having a lot of “things”… Minimalism could very well become much more mainstream as folks begin to de-clutter their lives, their minds, and explore the world rather than flock to a more “traditional” 9-5 life.

Minimalism is more than just a reduction of physical clutter. In this episode, Conni shared that there is a deeply spiritual aspect of the minimalism lifestyle that centers around the de-cluttering of internal junk. For example, have you ever known someone who has a really messy home full of old junk and clutter? From what I’ve experienced, these are often the same folks who have a lot of internal junk and clutter that they’re avoiding cleaning. A messy attic or closet that hasn’t been cleaned in years oftentimes reflects a messy room in your head or heart that has yet to be totally cleaned out.

Jobs of the future that center around a minimalist lifestyle could be a healthy addition to our culture. By allowing folks to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle that encourages a culture of minimalism and a movement towards decreasing clutter could be incredibly beneficial for mental health, spiritual development, personal achievement, and much more. By furthering and encouraging this development, we do a load of good for our fellow human beings as they go through their experience of life.

Remote Work From Home:

Remote work from home comes in many forms. For many folks, building an online business is not in their interests. Most of the population does not feel called to building an digital business, becoming a digital nomad, managing employees, selling products, or having that be a part of their lifestyle design. That is OK! There are still plenty of options to have remote work from home.

What are the best work from home companies? Good news! There are more coming all the time. For college graduates and young folks entering the workforce who want to explore a remote work option, I always recommend they think about online teaching. Nowadays, there are so many remote work opportunities to teach english to those who want to learn. Here are a few examples of companies that offer remote work from home in the english teaching industry:

Now obviously, do your research and make sure you go for the best online teaching platform for your needs. Is DadaABC better than Palfish? How is Landi vs. VIPKid? Does MagicEars pay more than Palfish or Landi? Etc. These are the questions to consider before one of these remote work from home opportunities. There are many blogs and articles online nowadays (like this one) that compare DadaABC vs. VIPKid vs. Landi vs. MagicEars etc. etc. Make sure you do your research and find out which remote work opportunity is best for you when it comes to online english teaching.

What Other Remote Work From Home Opportunities Exist?

I have several friends making a killing as freelance writers. A great platform that I am currently exploring is writers.work Using a platform like this lets you browse all the remote work from home companies who are looking for freelance writers. If you are someone with a writing background, this is a great place to go.

What about remote work freelance opportunities other than writing? Always remember to browse sites like Upwork, Pangian, or Freelancer for some gigs and see what is out there! I know several folks who got started in the online space as a Freelancer before they ever started their own online business. Remote work as a freelancer is an excellent entry point into the world of working on your laptop and potentially living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Honestly, one of the best careers for the future is anything in coding or website development. If you are someone who knows how to code in a language related to Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain (Python or R for example), you will have endless amounts of remote work opportunities. How to learn Python or R? Fortunately, there are countless courses on Udemy like these ones from SuperDataScience teaching you exactly this skill. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to set yourself up for a great remote work from home opportunity for one of these “jobs of the future”.

What Are The Best Jobs For The Future?

Honestly, the best jobs of the future will be in the tech industry. However, I encourage you to understand that the definition of “the tech industry” is rapidly changing. Indeed, just about every future career or remote work opportunity will technology be some sort of “tech” job. Why? Because our species is evolving! Our economy is growing rapidly!

Jobs of the future in Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain development will explode. If you are someone who knows how to code Virtual Reality platforms, you will be in luck! You might be reading this post and thinking “I don’t know how to get started with that stuff”. Well, you are in luck! Nowadays, there are countless ways to learn advanced coding skills.

If you want to bulletproof your future career, your best bet is to explore these emerging technology fields. Jobs of the future related to emerging technology like virtual reality or Artificial Intelligence will be absolutely huge. A person looking to get into one of these industries will find themselves well compensated. Honestly, the barrier to entry is not as high as you might think. It is a matter of studying the right skills on a platform like Udemy in order to gain these skills that will set you up for amazing remote work from home jobs.

Here is an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I talk to Aaron Louis Rosa about Virtual Reality. Aaron is a Virtual Reality expert and uses this technology in his work at the Naval Academy. He is a journalist who has found some innovate ways to incorporate Virtual Reality technology into his career. By doing so, Aaron has “future proofed” his career and ensured that he will be getting some of these “best jobs of the future” whenever they come down the pipeline.


Want an outstanding future career? Get into something like Virtual Reality. Think it is difficult to learn how to code in Virtual Reality? Again, this is something that is easily taught on a platform like Udemy. For an enterprising young person who wants to take advantage of the best careers for the future, learning a skill like coding in Virtual Reality is a great option.

Jobs of the future will always be evolving. Stay up to date on this blog and the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to make sure you never miss a beat! I will always do my best to ensure you know about the best jobs for the future as they develop. This is a quickly emerging and evolving topic by its very nature but I commit to making Beyond Homo Sapien a one stop shop for analyzing jobs of the future and any work from home opportunities I can find. Stay tuned!

Competition vs. Collaboration

Jobs of the Future are going to be incredibly different than those of today. As the world economy becomes more connected and interwoven with itself thanks to the power of the internet, our civilization will begin to connect more readily with folks from all over the world.

This will open up new possibilities inside of the world economy. Jobs of the future and businesses that lean more towards collaboration with others instead of competing with others very well could have the upper hand when it comes to material success. Ironically, it will be more beneficial to collaborate with others instead of competing just because of the way in which our interconnected network is becoming.

Melissa Drake and I are diving into why this is the case. Here’s a few examples: jobs of the future will be based online at an increased rate compared to those that are in existence today. This will mean that folks who own and operate a small business will achieve a more mutually beneficial agreement when choosing to collaborate with one another vs. competing. Why is this the case? Because it is easier to provide valuable information to each other’s audiences and customers than it is to compete. By doing so, everyone wins.

In the past, it was harder to create these “everyone wins” situations because resources in general were more scarce. However, now that the world is expanding, Jobs of the future that focus more around the idea of collaborating and sharing of resources are more viable and ultimately more profitable because partnering businesses can gain access to each other’s networks and audiences instead of fighting one another for the right to serve the same individual.

Furthermore, folks are developing more developed niches of individuals due to the interconnectivity of our world. In today’s market, it is much easier to find 1,000 people who are geared specifically around YOUR business and what you are offering within a very narrow spectrum. Customers/clients are more likely to work with you based around your personality and just their natural tendency to want to work with you related to what you’re offering in your business. By leaning into this swing, jobs of the future will allow for more collaboration and openness with fellow businesses and also with the customers in general.

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