Human Evolution Is Here

Human Evolution Has Begun

Once upon a time in a forest in Germany, I had an experience with psychedelic mushrooms.

It was a day much like today, actually… A bit cold.

This was at a point in my life where I was still struggling with autism to a great degree. My marriage was not in good shape. I had not yet realized that I am gay. Over the past year, psychedelic mushrooms had helped me significantly in my journey to overcome autism, heal my life, and develop into the person that I knew I could become. Overall, my experience of life was improving but I still had a seemingly long way to go.

To overcome autism, I was using psychedelic mushrooms consistently for a year… Multiple times per week. I was at a unique position in my life because my wife was supportive and the substance had such a drastically beneficial impact on me and our relationship that it made logical sense to consume mushrooms regularly. Honestly, this year of consistent mushroom use is where I came up with most of the crazy ideas that I share on the Beyond Homo Sapien show.

Here’s what I found with psychedelic mushrooms: at the beginning of my experiences with them, the experiences focused on me and my personal issues. In my first handful of uses, the experiences were centered around realizing I’m autistic, releasing trauma I had been holding, analyzing negative patterns in my own life, and so on.

As we progressed down the rabbit hole, the conversation changed.

Instead of focusing on me and my own conditions, the experiences shifted to talk more about human evolution and the current state of civilization… Basically, where this is all heading.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Human Evolution Is Here

This was the primary lesson of the mushrooms: human evolution has already happened. Take a look around, silly monkeys, it happened too quickly for you to realize.

The internet is our collective mind manifested into the world. Thanks to the powers of connecting networks together, Homo Sapiens has learned how to speak to one another across distance instantly. You might be reading this blog in Dubai, London, Hong Kong, or Moscow. I am writing it in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. Despite being separated by great distance, we can communicate and share these ideas instantly with one another. If we had each other’s information, we could hop on a video call and discuss these ideas from opposite ends of the planet.

Do you realize what has happened?

Our collective consciousness has been turned into bytes and data. We can learn what people in other countries are thinking as they go through their day-to-day life. We can watch ideas be debated and developed over Twitter comment threads. We can hop on Reddit and see “the front page of the internet” and view in real-time the most trending topics, videos, jokes, memes, etc.

Arguments over social media are a beautiful thing… This is our collective mind trying to decide something. Over thousands of comments expressed every second, we are collectively evolving in our thoughts and beliefs around homosexuality, war, crime, socioeconomics, religion, artificial intelligence, or the best food for our cats.

It is a collective organism trying to make up its mind about what it believes. We simply fail to understand what has happened because it happened too quickly. Suddenly, we can talk to people in other countries instantly. In fact, we can go one level further: we can analyze and see into their minds. Using tools like Google Trends or various keyword research tools, we can view in real-time what internet users are typing into their internet browsers. We can observe these trends changing at a large scale in real-time.

We simply have not been able to adapt our civilization fast enough for the internet’s true impact to manifest.

Folks are treating the emergence of the internet as if we have gone from the Bronze Age into the Iron Age… As if our civilization has developed some new tools and things are just becoming a bit more efficient.

What has actually happened is more akin to jumping from the Bronze Age directly into the Enlightenment.

If you were transported directly 500 years into the future, you would probably notice because it would be an individual experience.

We have not yet noticed what has happened because the teleportation into the future happened at the collective level. We have ALL experienced this shift into “the future” and we have yet to realize what is happening. This is why so many industries are being disrupted… Companies like AirBnB, Uber, and Amazon realized the immense power of the internet and took advantage. Their conquest was swift and happened before their competitors even realized what was happening.

However, these tech companies are just the beginning. They are a preview of what is about to happen. We are going to experience a collective shift into the new age of civilization that will leave many in our civilization confused, scared, and unaware of what exactly happened.

Human evolution can be harsh. Survival of the fittest.

Does it have to be harsh? No. In fact, there is much we can do to ensure that everyone is able to experience and enjoy human evolution and the step forward into the future of our civilization. It requires education and compassion. When we share the message of what has happened and help our fellow humans to take advantage, we step into a more advantageous position that ensures we move forward into the future as equals rather than as a privileged few and a disadvantaged majority.

Human Evolution In 2019

Is it possible for the human species to evolve here in 2019?

How would this look? Are we sitting on a powder keg just waiting to explode or will it take millions of years before Homo Sapiens evolves into something else? Although there is certainly a biological element to this question, it is essential to consider the ability for technology to speed-up the process of human evolution via allowing our species to merge with machines and/or consume psychedelic substances in order to accelerate the process. Have you experimented with Psychedelic mushrooms before? This is a factor that is not often considered… The philosopher Terence Mckenna (RIP) was an advocate for the idea that psilocybin mushrooms aided the development of the human brain and evolution over a quick period of time. Would it be possible for this to happen again?

Human evolution might look differently than we can define biologically.

Instead of a process taking millions of years to complete, human evolution might happen in the blink of an eye. When have we crossed over into something new? Does it happen when we have cybernetic chips embedded in our heads that connect us automatically to virtual reality and the internet? Will it be when we operate our lives on blockchain-integrated neuralink-platforms? It would seem that we are moving towards this future faster than we are not.

These are important questions to consider. On this show, Scot Chrisman and I are talking about the ramifications of the internet and how technology will impact human evolution. Let’s dive into this conversation!

Predictions For 2019 And 2020

Human evolution involves a switch in our belief systems.

We are evolving out of learning from pain and into learning from joy.

What does this mean? It requires a shift in how we identify with our experiences. Instead of learning from the hardships of life, we are beginning to understand that joy and love carry just as many lessons as the painful paths of existence.

2019 and 2020 are about to be MASSIVE years for the evolution of the human species… Let’s make some predictions about this important time.

Let’s make some predictions about what is happening here in the world at-scale.

We are living through the most incredible moment in history. There are no coincidences: we are all here to play a role of some variety. For some people, that role is to resist the change and produce some final challenges. However, for many of us, we are meant to facilitate and catalyst the evolution of the species into something more profound.

2019 and 2020 predictions from the Beyond Homo Sapien foxhole:

Elon Musk’s Neuralink will shock the world.

Elon Musk is set to release Neuralink here at any moment…

This is a device that potentially could connect human beings to the machines. Essentially, it gives us the opportunity to merge with Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. From Musk’s perspective, Neuralink is a survival method.

I’ve done another show breaking down Neuralink. You can watch that here at this link:

AI Technology will be integrated across a wide spectrum of civilization.

We are entering the era of AI technology implementation across the globe.

Deep Learning was the big invention of the previous few decades… Effectively, this is the mechanism that allows AI technology to learn patterns, use data to discover more about us, and really learn and analyze data and patterns at-scale.

I’ve done an episode on this topic as well… Check it out here:

People will become more and more dissatisfied with their governments.

We are already seeing that folks are becoming more disgruntled about government structures and entities. Honestly, what we are seeing right now is a preview of what is to come…

Sometime in the next two years, I predict we will see some MASSIVE government corruption uncovered… Something absolutely huge. It will come via Wikileaks or some random teenage hacker…

Something global… Something along the lines of exposing the folks who are really pulling the strings behind world politics.

What will be enlightening about this revelation is that we will find that this “Cabal of Illuminati” is a group of old men and women who will get caught with their pant’s down.

Instead of finding Sauron, we will find someone who looks a lot more like our grandpa or grandma.

These folks will be quickly escorted off-stage, given some sort of punishment, and sent on their way to live out the rest of their lives in some prison or nursing home.

We will realize that the “monsters” we imagined are nothing more than a bunch of old folks.

Suddenly, we will realize that we have the power

Blockchain Technology will eliminate the need for governments, bankers, and more.

Blockchain will become more firmly integrated into our society.

Want to read more about Blockchain? Read this post on New Technology.

We will awaken to the power of this incredibly technology.

Once this government cabal is exposed, we will turn to Blockchain as a way to ward against government corruption.

We will begin bulletproofing ourselves against these corporations and folks who are “pulling the strings” at the higher levels

Education will begin to be reformed.

Human evolution requires us stepping into the awareness that we need a better education system.

Alternative education will become the norm.

We will dispose of public education.

The student loan crisis will demand an alternative to the education system.

This is when the World Change Academy will step into the forefront of our civilization.

We will realize the nature of the human condition.

We will uncover some massive breakthrough about the nature of reality.

I predict that the outcome of this breakthrough will be humans realizing that our minds affect our reality.

That we create every inch of our reality.

We will quickly begin asking “Why?”

“Why does my mind control reality?”

We will realize that we are a collective mind.

We will realize that we are all of us one.

We will step into that awareness completely with science on our side, confirming what sages and mystics have preached since the dawn of spirituality.

Watch this video for a more detailed breakdown:

We will begin to bring up the “little guys”

We will recognize that everyone is an extension of ourselves.

This will empower us further to understand ourselves… We will realize that a homeless person is as much “us” as our arms and feet.

We will begin to love more strongly.

We will become awake fully to the nature of the collective consciousness.

This mindset and philosophy will stage us for expansion into space.

Just to see where humanity will go.

We will transition from learning from Pain into learning from Joy.

Because we will see that Joy is just the beginning of something more profound… The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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