Human Design And Gene Keys

Human Design And Gene Keys

Human Design and Gene Keys intersect in many directions. Through understanding both the systems of Human Design and Gene Keys together, we can map out a pathway to ascension and spiritual awakening. The universe is far more weird than we give it credit. Oftentimes, when paranormal experiences happen in our life, they are meant to draw our attention inward and call us to a deeper alignment. Through understanding the Gene Keys system, we can understand our genetic pathway towards evolution. When acting in accord with our Human Design, we have an easier time manifesting what we want and keeping our energy in balance.

Human Design works alongside astrology to create a system for self realization and optimal living. In Human Design, we have a pathway to understanding our own energy systems. There are five “types” in Human Design:

  1. Projectors: Individuals who should wait for an invitation to act. Those who project their internal reality onto the world to architect their own creations. When recognized, a Projector can be invited into a place of leadership where they serve as a wellspring to others.
  2. Generators: Individuals who provide energy and support to others. A Generator manifests through working with Manifestors and enabling them to achieve their goals. When the team succeeds, the Generator benefits. The Generator draws support from Projectors to achieve their total optimization and spiritual growth.
  3. Manifestors: Individuals who impose their willpower on reality and shape reality with their minds! These are the Type-A personality types who get-after life with passion and fire. Although they are strong willed and spirited people, Manifestors rely on healing support from Generators to keep themselves in the action.
  4. Manifesting-Generators: Those who are hybrids of the Manifestor and Generator types. These individuals serve to enable others and also enhance themselves to a greater degree. Powerful individuals indeed!
  5. Reflectors: Those who reflect the collective energy of the world. For these individuals, self-care is hugely important. Their health and energy levels are closely tied in with the moon. Rarest of all the types, they serve as oracles with the spirit world and often are drawn towards special roles and gifts.

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Watch this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to watch Jarin Kenyon and Paul Tokgozoglu talk about the Human Design system and the different types within the Jovian Chart.

Jarin Kenyon

Want to know more about Jarin Kenyon? He has appeared as a guest on Beyond Homo Sapien several times and is our go-to expert for understanding Human Design and the 64 Gene Keys. Here is his bio:

Jarin Kenyon

“Jarin Kenyon is a motivational speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur. He is passionate about and expertises on the science of the mind, law of attraction, and human design.

“He aspires to empower and educate millions of people into believing in and achieving their greatest dreams and desires.

“His Human Design is a 3/5 Sacral Manifesting-Generator. He runs his own company called “Fast Track Your Dream Life”. He is Co-Founder of Rise Up Entertainment, including the Rise Up Radio Show. He has traveled the world working with gurus in several areas to gather the wisdom he now delivers on stage.”

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Gene Keys

Gene Keys was created by Richard Rudd. In his book “The Gene Keys”, Richard Rudd lays out the 64 keys hidden inside of our DNA. Richard Rudd explains that we each have different Gene Keys that are most prominent inside of our life stories. For instance, my main gene key is number 57.

Gene Keys is a complex topic and requires extensive contemplation. Inside of the Gene Keys book, Richard Rudd explains that the idea of contemplation is essential to integrating the Gene Keys into your life. Over a long period of time contemplating the different Gene Keys and how they impact your life, the individual ascends to higher realms of consciousness.

The Gene Keys system revolves around three ideas: the “shadow”, the “genius”, and “the Siddhi”. The final level of “Siddhi” is reserved for those who have ascended into the highest state of a specific Gene Key within the system of 64. Ideally, a person rises to the “Siddhi” level of activation in the three Gene Keys that most drastically impact their life.

In most cases, we exist in the state of our shadow. Over time, this shadow energy of our lower spiritual selves is transmuted into higher states. In the same way that our bodies and spirits experience evolution, our DNA activates and changes to conform with the internal evolution of consciousness we might experience. In a powerful way, Gene Keys allows us to experience this evolution in our daily life.

As we progress through the Gene Keys system, we enter into states of “genius” within our DNA. Inside these states, we feel alive and activated. Although still not at the highest “Siddhi” state, we experience life in a more vivid fashion. Although the different states of consciousness and experience differ depending on which Gene Key is activated, the generic idea is that the “genius” level is quite desirable.

Gene Keys

As we evolve our DNA, we progress into the “Siddhi” state of enlightenment. The Gene Keys system explains that the Siddhi is our highest selves. In this way, we experience god and thrive as spiritually enlightened beings. We have ascended and now hold space for others to do the same. In this highest state, we re-enter life as a teacher and a servent.

Gene Keys requires time and contemplation to integrate or understand.

Want to find out your Gene Keys Profile? Click here to learn more.

Gene Keys And Human Design

Gene Keys and Human Design work together and can create one symbiotic system for human understanding. Together, they form a pathway towards better contemplation of our human conditions. Through conducting readings of Human Design and Gene Keys, we can learn how to activate our DNA code and evolve beyond what we normally experience. This is a key component of spiritual awakening and self realization.

As you dive into your journey with the Gene Keys, you develop a better understanding of your spiritual body and how it evolves alongside your human body! As you work with Human Design, you optimize your energy and learn to manifest your ambitions. Together, they create a wonderful system.

Want to go to the next level? Start to learn about Astrology or Tarot and how they combine to work with Human Design or Gene Keys. Spiritual awakening is a deep rabbit hole and I have yet to find the end. Good luck to all fellow seekers!

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Jarin Kenyon joins Paul Tokgozoglu to talk about how the Gene Keys factor into our Human Design charts. Let us join together in the journey towards self realization!

Human Design and Gene Keys are best used together. When we take a holistic approach to life, more is revealed. Life is weirder than we could have imagined and astrological forces have more energetic sway over our destiny than we may have realized. These powerful forces are worked into the fabric of our DNA!

Check out the podcast episode below for a secret portion of the show after the regular interview:



Gene Keys and Human Design are fascinating. When I was first exposed to these systems, I was skeptical. At first, they appeared as as bastardized version of astrology (which almost seemed phony at the time). However, over contemplation and research, I have found much truth in the halls of Human Design and the 64 Gene Keys developed by Richard Rudd. Although I certainly do not believe Richard Rudd to be some ascended master, he has developed a unique system for humans to contemplate their life’s journey.

Human Design and Gene Keys are intuitive practices. They ask us to be more in-tune with our souls, our energy, and our manifestations. Gene Keys calls us into deep meditation and contemplation. Human Design asks us to set boundaries, practice self-care, and empathize for others as a part of the way in which we co-create in the world. Together, they are magical.

If you have questions about Human Design or Gene Keys, post them in the comments below!

See you in the next post!

Much Love!

+Paul Tokgozoglu


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