How To Manifest – Beginners Guide To Manifestation

How To Manifest Your Dream Reality

Looking for how to manifest your dream reality? Check out this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien and learn about the basics of manifestation. Watch this now and learn how to manifest your vision into the physical plane of reality:

Learning how to manifest your reality revolves around understanding the willpower. In his book “The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magick”, Eliphas Levi details the importance of the will in magical operations wherein manifestation is the desired outcome. He writes; “Want to learn to rule over yourself and over others? Learn to will”.

On this episode of the show, we dive deep into manifestation and how the power of the will is critical in this operation. There are three phases of manifestation that are important to consider:

How To Manifest Step 1 – Imagination Creates Reality

Want to manifest a new home in the countryside? Go to the country often and walk in the forests to immerse yourself in that reality. Neville Goddard discusses this method of manifestation often in his works and makes the claim that “imagination creates reality”. Want to manifest the world of your dreams and visions? Spend time imaging it and putting yourself physically in that environment as closely as you can.

Our world is a collection of vibrations that emanate from one cosmic mind. When we place ourselves inside the vibratory wavelengths that contain our deepest desires, we align ourselves with that energy. Furthermore, we tell our subconscious mind that we already have what we are working to manifest – because it’s true!

Want to manifest more money through the law of attraction? Show gratitude for the money you already have. Become a better steward of what you already have and focus on this and work to multiply what is already existing. This is the secret behind the allegory of Jesus turning a few fish into enough to feed thousands. Use the power of your imagination to manifest your desires and turn them into reality inside of the physical plane.

How To Manifest Step 2 – Find Alignment With Your Higher Self And The Divine Will

When learning how to manifest, it is imperative that we come to an agreement with the highest part of ourselves and ensure that our manifestation is in alignment with the divine will for our lives. All the while, we must remember that we are the divine expressing itself in a human form. We create and emanate our world and our destiny is one written by our own hand. We must connect with that centerfold part of ourselves deep within and create the world that we came here to build. Want to master the art of manifestation? Learn to connect with your higher self and seek council with all decisions, such that the Great Work can unfold on the Earth and your manifestations can come quickly and with ease.

Remember that you are the creator of your life. Your higher self and the divine will for yourself are manifestations of yourself existing at higher states of consciousness. At the end of the day, you are the one who writes the script for your life. Want a different reality for yourself? Consult with the highest parts of yourself through meditation, astral travel, prayer, or however you personally connect with the divine spark.

Once you have achieved a consensus with the highest part of your being, the manifestation should happen shortly thereafter. Instead of doubting the power of manifestation if something is not happening for you, choose to see it as an opportunity to dive deeper into this question. What is the divine will for your life? What is YOUR will for your life? Decide on this and watch magic happen at a faster rate.

How To Manifest Step 3 – Take Action!

Want to manifest something into the physical plane? Learn how to take action towards it every day. Do not let a day go by without moving your energy towards your desires in some way. Want to create a new business? Take action towards that creation each day. While you take these actions, continue with the first two steps and continue to immerse yourself in imagining the experience fulfilled. At the same time, remain in constant council with yourself and ensure your manifestations are in alignment with your divine will.

Remember that you are the cause in your reality. Study the 7 Hermetic principles and learn about the power that you possess as a creative force. You are the cause of your reality and all that you experience is an emanation of what exists within yourself. When you align with yourself, use your imagination to create your reality, and you begin to take mindful action each day towards your goals, you can expect that manifestation will be close behind. Daily action towards your goals from a place of mindfulness and ceremony is a powerful tool to manifest your dream world into being.

Learning how to manifest is fun when you begin to see results. If you are not having luck, consult back to step two and come into consult with yourself. However, do not stop taking action and do not become over-ridden by paralysis-analysis. Instead, take action towards your goals each days and exercise your willpower in the direction you want to go. Before you know it, your dream world will be real in front of your eyes.

Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation does not need to be complicated or difficult. Any time we experience difficulty in a magical operation, it is only because we are not in alignment with ourselves and our true purpose. If you experience a manifestation failing to work out, then ask yourself this: is what you are working to manifest in alignment with your true will? Do you actually WANT what you are working to manifest OR are you just chasing something that does not actually serve your highest good?

When we are in alignment with ourselves, manifestation is easy. If we experience struggle, then it is time to surrender to the flow of life and trust the process of the unfolding. Our manifestations are already in the works and created by us and for us since the day we were born.

When you get started learning how to create your reality, you open your eyes to the deeper truths of life. Best of luck and welcome to a wide world of manifestation!

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