How To Believe In Yourself

How To Believe In Yourself

Here’s something society doesn’t teach: how to believe in yourself.

Learning how to believe in yourself is one of the most important parts of life. Unfortunately, we don’t even get a definition of what it means to believe in yourself.

There is no course in high school or college that teaches us how to believe in ourselves. In fact, quite the opposite…

School and society is setup in a way that it becomes difficult to learn how to believe in yourself. At school, we are taught to listen to the teachers, stand in line, color in the lines, and abandon our childlike sense of creativity. Meanwhile, fundamentalist religions are teaching us that we are full of “original sin” and inherently wrong.

That’s the message of both school and church: you come into this world “wrong”.

You need guidance. You don’t have the answers. You need to listen to the adults. You have to listen to the pastor or you’ll go to hell. You have to listen to the teacher or you’ll fail your class and get in trouble.

That’s why these messages need to begin changing…

We need to teach people how to believe in themselves. We have to teach self esteem and help individuals experience personal growth and personal development without feeling like they are failures. Instead of teaching kids to ignore that little voice in their heads, we need to teach them how to believe in themselves.

Believing in yourself means listening to that little voice in the back of your head… That little voice with all the crazy ideas.

Listening to that intuition… Listening to your “gut instincts”.

THAT is what it means to “believe in yourself”.

Believe in that little voice.

Believe in your feelings.

Believe in what feels right for you.

That is your birthright.

The world NEEDS that voice. Your voice is what is missing from the collective conversation.

Instead of teaching kids how to listen to authority, we need to teach them how to listen to that voice… How to act from a place of courage, creativity, and inspiration instead of a place of fear and waiting for guidance.

When we teach our kids to ignore their own little voice, we teach them how to fail at contributing to society. We breed a society that is not able to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Instead of wondering why the world seems to be “falling apart” in 2019, let’s focus on teaching more folks how to believe in themselves.

Believe in that little voice with all the crazy ideas.

Follow that voice to the ends of the earth. That is how you will fully know yourself. That is when you will have the fullest experience of this world that your soul is craving to have.

We come to this world to express and experience something deep within our soul.

When we fail to listen to that little voice, we fail to experience what our souls are begging to do.

Until we learn how to believe in ourselves and follow that voice without fear, we will repeat patterns that will help us get it right.

So listen to that little voice!

Write that book.

Start that podcast.

Talk to that person at the bar.

Take that risk.

The world needs you to make this happen.

Believing In Yourself And The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction works when you believe in yourself.

As you go down the rabbit hole of learning about the law of attraction, you’ll see that the power of belief is essential to begin creating the life you want to experience. Before you can learn how to create the world that your soul wants to experience, it is paramount that you trust yourself. The power of the law of attraction lies in unlocking your intuitive gifts and trusting yourself. If you struggle to trust yourself and feel that you have the answers inside of yourself, it becomes impossible to really manifest and create the world you want to experience. The world you seek to manifest is on the other side of overcoming fear and learning how to believe in yourself.

That little voice in the back of your head? This is your connection with whatever divine forces are at work in our world.

It is your “psychic power”…

Your “divine spark”.

Through connecting with this voice, you are able to create and manifest the world of your dreams. Why? Because you are adding your unique contribution to the world! Instead of chasing after someone else’s plans for your success, you follow your own arrow. Right now, what is missing from the worldwide “conversation” is YOUR voice and YOUR ideas. By tapping into this internal power, you are able to contribute your own unique message and gift to the collective whole.

In fact, this is why it is so insidious that our world teaches us to ignore that inner voice…

By doing so, we rob the collective consciousness of what YOU can uniquely add.

When we teach kids to stay in line, get a 9-5 job, and listen to the authorities, we stifle their ability to make a unique contribution. In 2019, we have plenty of social problems that could be solved by empowering young entrepreneurial minds to develop creative solutions. However, at the moment, our school systems are teaching kids to continue down the same roads that we have gone down for generations. This cycle will only end when we begin to realize that is happening and we make a proactive change towards a more beautiful world.

We have to start teaching our kids how to believe in themselves.

How does this happen?

YOU and ME start believing in ourselves.

We have to be the change we want to see in the world…

Instead of waiting for the governments of the world to make this change on our behalf, we have to step up to the plate and carry the ring to Mordor.

We have to take a proactive step towards empowerment. We must teach our kids personal sovereignty. We have to start with ourselves, our families, and our closest friends. This can create a ripple effect of belief that spans across the globe and into the stars. This is how we move our species forward.

Let’s make it happen my friends!

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