I declare absolute victory over the Satan Archetype in my life and fully embrace and receive the Holy Grail.

Im off to art.
You should join me.
See you soon.

For real guys, I’m done with podcasting.
At least for now.
It’s time.

I’m evolving beyond…

Time to go into art.

This means to me: writing, graphic design, drawing, painting, and making music… Probably dancing too. And always: martial arts.

Podcasting is great but it drains my energy away from those other things.

Let the records show.

Time to focus on my top three:

1.>My girl

Want to find the Grail in your life?

It all just starts with setting the intent.

Set the intent to find the Holy Grail and let me know when you do.

It’s closer than close.

You’ll know when you know…

Listen to Manly Hall.

I’ll be posting a bit more here but mostly on my various websites.

But I’ll be leaving this profile behind except to correspond with some select folks.

Other then that, I’ll be on Telegram. PM me on messenger if you want my number and we can connect there.

Beyond Homo Sapien will remain as it is as a work of art in of itself.

I will leave it untouched as a standalone work.

There’s like 180 podcast episodes or something so I figured that’s enough to get the point across of what I was trying to say:

Humanity evolved and no one noticed.

Here’s a bunch of episodes about that topic…

Now I’m off to demonstrate the information I’ve learned since I finished all that I had to say (well… except for writing which I will now go do).

With art!

Well… except for one thing…

My team and I are going to be writing a massive compilation of books called “Beyond Homo Sapien”…

In the book we will share:

Our life stories.
Hermetic Philosophy.
Human Evolution Info.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

The book will be launched through the website.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ve got an esoteric scavenger hunt going on through the Beyond Homo Sapien Soundtrack on Spotify or Amazon… You can play it on Alexa 🙂

It’ll take you on a journey to find the Holy Grail in your life.

Let me know when you find it!

+ Darth Shickari

PS>I’m launching an art brand soon.

PPS>I’ll still do podcasts every now and then (especially episodes of “Important Podcast” because they play a role in the scavenger hunt).

PPPS>You can join the Beyond Homo Sapien Underground Newsletter on the website via the sound healing MP3 library. We’ve been going for awhile.


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