Free Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

How Do We Connect With The Higher Self?

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, experience a guided meditation that connects you with your higher self in under ten minutes. Before you listen to this meditation experience, make sure you are sitting comfortably or laying down in a safe area. Do not listen to this guided meditation while driving or occupying yourself in any other way. Turn off all electronics and find a space where you will not be disturbed by anyone.

Listen to the guided meditation on this episode of the podcast:

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Free Guided Meditation To Connect You With Your Higher Self

  1. Connect with your higher self in under 10 minutes.
  2. Visit the astral plane and travel the universe.
  3. Easy to use meditation you can take anywhere.
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By downloading this to your device, you can take this meditation into the woods, to the river, or anywhere else in nature that you feel called to connect with yourself.

The intent for this guided meditation is that it connect you with your higher self and allow you to unlock the astral plane. By exploring the astral plane through your astral body, you can journey throughout the cosmos. Although it is a surreal experience the first time you leave your body and enter another dimension, through practice you can begin to experience astral travel inside of your meditation practices. This guided session serves to highlight the connection that we have to the highest parts of our ourselves.

How To Meditate

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps a person to become more present with themselves. By sitting comfortably at home for short periods every day, you can begin to experience the benefits of meditation. New to the practice of meditation? It is easy to get started.

All beginners to meditation can start without hassle by taking 5-10 minutes per day and closing their eyes. By quieting your mind and allowing yourself to be in a quiet space, you can begin to experience the benefits of a meditation practice. Over time, you will want to go for longer periods because you will begin to fall in love with the practice of sitting quietly with yourself. If you are overwhelmed by the idea of meditation, then you need only sit with yourself quietly for 5-10 minutes each day.

Do not make meditation more difficult than it needs to be. Want to learn more about how to meditate? Read this blog post that I wrote on the topic.

Astral Travel

What is astral travel? Believe it or not, we can leave our physical bodies and travel into other dimensions. Since the days of antiquity, humans have been practicing methods of astral travel, astral projection, or other “out of body” experiences like remote viewing. Through the practice of astral travel, a person can leave their body and explore other dimensions or places inside of our universe, including other planets.

Astral travel sounded like an absurd idea to me until I began to experience it for myself. Over the years of practicing astral travel, I have found it to be a profound and powerful journey that serves to connect human beings with their higher selves and our divine origins. Instead of relying on people in “authority” to provide us with the answers to our problems, we can begin to find these answers ourselves by speaking directly with the highest parts of ourselves. Through the practice of astral travel, I have connected with my higher self at a deep level. Additionally, I have been able to connect with entities and beings in other dimensions.

Are you a beginner to astral travel? Try the meditation above and it will walk you through the basics of how to connect with your astral body. Through regular practice, you will develop a mystical relationship with yourself and the world around you unlike what you have experienced in the past. Instead of relying on others to give you a spiritual experience, you will be able to have them for your self at will.

As Eliphas Levi writes about in his “Doctrine & Ritual of High Magick”, the mage is able to say to the physical body “SLEEP!” and to the astral body “AWAKE!”. By starting the journey of meditation and astral travel, you will begin to understand the meaning behind these words through direct experience. It is up to you to practice and develop a meditation journey for yourself. By connecting with your astral body, you will begin to fall in love with the practice and understand the potential of closing your eyes for a session of meditation.

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