The Great Work Of Hermeticism

The Great Work & Hermetic Philosophy

Since the dawning of the world, the Great Work has been unfolding. What is “the Great Work” and how does Hermeticism play a part? Keep reading to learn more about the esoteric version of evangelism and how it is impacting our world in 2021.

The Great Work has existed since the beginning. It continues to exist until all humanity has reached a complete state of spiritual awakening and awareness here in the physical realm on Earth. When humankind has reached its full potential in consciousness at our current evolutionary state of being, the Great Work will be complete. When it becomes complete, it shall kickstart a new cycle the likes of which we cannot comprehend in our current collective state. If esotericism had an equivalent to the “new heaven on Earth” of the Bible, it would be the completion of the Great Work. Indeed, if Eliphas Levi and many others are to be believed, the book of Revelation at the end of the Bible is nothing more than the completion of the Great Work told through Cabalistic codes and veiled in allegory.

Hermeticism is an esoteric philosophical practice from antiquity.  When a Hermetic philosopher is initiated, they learn about the Great Work through any number of ways. They might hear about it in an old book, from a friend, or on a podcast or blog like this one. All of these happenings that oftentimes appear so synchronistic are actually the higher mind of humanity working to awaken itself. When you begin to comprehend the deeper meanings behind the apparent “random happenstances” in life, then you will begin to notice the beauty of the cosmic mind speaking constantly to each of us, at all times.

The Great Work is ongoing and its work is eternal and ordained by the creator. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I dive into discussing the Great Work and how it is impacting our world here in 2021. Take a moment and listen to this episode before you continue reading:

After all this information, you might be left wondering about the history of the Great Work. How did this all begin? Let’s continue…

Hermeticism & The Great Work

Hermetic philosophy is an ancient tradition of esotericism that has existed since before the days of Egypt. Throughout history, the Hermetic teachings have been veiled under different allegories like alchemy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, and many others. Although each of these teachings have their own flavor, traditions, rituals, and practices depending on the path you take, all roads lead up the mountain. At their foundation, these traditions are rooted in Hermeticism and the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, the oldest and greatest sage of our world.

Hermeticism teaches that humans are divine.  Instead of a belief system that places humans in subordination to a creator deity, Hermetic philosophy elevates mankind to the same level as the gods or angels and says that we are a sort of brother/sister to god. In our role as co-creators with divinity, humans are invited into a sort of ongoing observational relationship with the source of the cosmic mind. By observing the works and acts of god, Hermetic philosophers grow in wisdom and begin to understand the nature of reality and how our world operates. Utilizing these epiphanies, Hermetic philosophers have made their names in history and contributed to the rise and fall of civilizations.

Famous Hermetic philosophers include Isaac Newton, the Medici family, Alexander the Great, Plato, Napoleon, Aristotle, Pythagorus, and the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. However, more important than these famous names are the countless others who stand in the shadows, working quietly to complete the Great Work from their own vantage point on the world.

In his book “The Secret Destiny Of America”, Manly P. Hall writes that America was founded as a place to complete the Great Work. In this compelling text, Manly explains the secret history of the foundation of the USA and shares how the work was guided by a secret society of philosophers who were dedicated to the restoration of esoteric wisdom. By creating a place free from persecution of religious studies, the Hermetic philosophers could ensure their practices and beliefs would not be threatened. Prior to this moment in history, it was dangerous business to study magic, astrology, Hermeticism, alchemy, or anything else that smacked of heresy. Through the establishment of a sanctuary for all the world, the “society of unknown philosophers” described by Manly Hall would help provide a place for the completion of the Great Work.

Hermeticism and the Great Work go hand-in-hand. Although we are not quite as loud about it as the Christians in their evangelical chores, Hermetic philosophers celebrate the Great Work in much the same way. When an individual begins to awaken to the true nature of their higher self within them, it is a special time. If this summarizes you reading this blog, then it is my honor to introduce you to the topic.

Let’s dive deeper into the Great Work and what it entails…

The Great Work Awaits

The Great Work is “the creation of beings by and of themselves”, according to Eliphas Levi. Through the completion of this process, a person becomes awakened to the true nature of themselves. By having a realization experience inside of their physical bodies, the soul becomes awake and begins to remember its ability to create. Once we remember our full potential as a manifesting power-house, we can go to work creating our reality through consciousness instead of ignorance.

How does a person experience this awakening? There are many ways but the most important is meditation and contemplation. Through contemplating the deeper nature of reality and coming into closer communion with the great collective Mind, you will begin to experience life as one long spiritual experience. When you begin to realize that god is speaking to you at all times, your life changes. You begin to see all of life as a textbook, all humans as your greatest teachers, and all nature as your closest friend. The substance of life is knowledge, reason, vibration, and magnetism. By understanding and working with these four great forces, we begin to understand our ability as a creator.

What must one do to complete the Great Work? Wake up early every day. Create for yourself a disciplined routine that includes daily rituals which help you move energy, re-charge, and energize yourself. Need help with this? Check out this blog post about astral travel. 

Begin to become your own person however you can. Maybe this means starting a business or passion-project of some kind. Try podcasting or blogging. Do you have some project you’ve bene working on but never been able to finish? Now is a great time to return and finish it once and for all.

The completion of the Great Work is ongoing. Ultimately, it is the simplest and yet most difficult thing to explain to someone: when all people have experienced the fullness of being inside of this reality, and that experience is happening constantly, then we shall have a new dawning upon our world. When will this day come? It could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now.

What matters is this: When you complete the Great Work in your own life, you hold space for all to complete it for themselves. By paving these energetic wavelengths into the collective consciousness of humanity, you make the way easier for all those who come after you. When you realize what you are doing and consciously focus on creating MORE of these energetic wavelengths, you further amplify the vibratory wavelength that is emanating from people like you and me. By emanating a strong enough vibratory force, we might engulf the whole world in spiritual awakening.

Through the action of contemplation and meditation alone, you can heal the world.

However, by going out there and DOING something too, we might end up healing the world a whole lot faster together.

The true ritual that needs completion is the one where we collectively create opportunities for all mankind to realize the Great Work inside of their own life. Then, and only then, will the Great Work be near complete. What must be done?

Free the people. Free the mind. Free the body. Free the soul. Free the heart.

Liberty for all.

Love above everything.


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