How To Pursue Initiation Into Hermetic Philosophy And The Knights Of The Holy Grail

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Initiation Into Hermetic Philosophy And Knights Of The Holy Grail

Want to become a Knight of the Holy Grail???

Haha that just sounded in my head like something that would be fun to type…

But seriously, do you wanna?

Overcoming all your limiting beliefs is essential to completing Initiation.

They are the core of what is holding back our world from enjoying the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible (PS. Check out that book by Charles Eisenstein, it will explain much that is happening to you. Pay attention to the very last part of the book. It for real made me cry and shake the first time I was read it).

Destroy your limiting beliefs to save your soul and increase your potential to enjoy affluence, ease, and joy.

Time for all your limiting beliefs to go!

This is the first step towards self realization.

Self realization is, by definition, the understanding that you are one with the divine.

Such a realization is simply not compatible with limiting beliefs.

As said in the Hermetic Corpus: “Leap clear of all that is corporeal”..

Watch this…

And here’s the long version if you want that…

Here’s what’s real:

Life is good my friends!

When you truly understand that, then you will know god.

God is woven into the fabric of our reality.

When you hold onto a limiting belief, you distance yourself from apprehending and becoming aware of that fact.

And it is indeed a fact.

The more you abolish your limiting beliefs, the more you will understand that the Hindus were right when they said that the universe is “consciousness vibrating”.

The universe is mental.

When you have limiting beliefs in your MENTAL space, you will not be able to apprehend this reality.

It will simply be beyond your comprehension, due to you holding onto that which keeps you low.

Here’s how you destroy your limiting beliefs:

Listen to more music…

Do not actually listen to the songs.

Instead, listen to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that manifest inside of your mind while the songs are playing.

Of course, I’m sure you will hear some of the words… 😉

But you must understand that, as always, YOUR intuition reigns supreme.

As you listen to yourself, start questioning a few of the thoughts that cause you any sort of discomfort. For example, perhaps the fact that I just said that YOUR intuition reigns supreme made you uncomfortable. Why?

Ask yourself “why am I thinking that?”

Ask yourself “is this my thought, or does this thought actually belong to someone else?”

Ask yourself “does a person who really loves and genuinely values himself/herself think such things as this? If not, then why am I thinking this? Do I not love myself?”

Etc. etc. etc.

In other words, engage yourself in Hermetic Philosophy.

As always, Hermetic Philosophy (the process of questioning until all limiting beliefs are abolished) is best conducted with at least THREE INITIATES. The more the better.

If you are still reading this and still on this “scavenger hunt”, you are still energetically involved in the initiation of mankind into our highest selves.


I am 100% for real with you in this moment. When you complete this initiation (which can happen today if you’d like), you do so for all mankind. We hold open the portal for the kingdom of heaven.


However, you very well might not have any other initiates around… When I began my initiation, I sure did not!

Not to worry: once you start to cleanse most of your negative karmic energy, you will begin to find the others. Once you find the others, make disruptive art! When you are ready, join the Phoenix mastermind and join those of us who are working to actively create our ideal life here in the physical plane.

Rest assured: this process is only difficult if you make it.

The time is now to take action on your goals. Get to work. You know what must be done.

You will come to understand what the mushroom spirit called “the totality of our victory”.

Satan was defeated long ago.

Any time that you are holding onto anything less than your highest good, you are not allowing yourself to transmute properly the collective energy of this world.

In other words, you’re not serving in your best light.

Put differently: you are not you.

Here is what I am really trying to say:

Find some good friends who you may have met recently.

Any time you find yourself getting “triggered” by ANYTHING (literally, even like if your alarm clock is pissing you off or something…), converse with your friends.

Talk to them about it.

Be authentic. Be real. Be true.

It is time to create your ideal life.

Let’s take action on our goals and bring about the manifestation of heaven on Earth… Let us complete the Great Work.

Real and proper Hermetic Philosophy is people talking with one another and overcoming their limiting beliefs in a safe space until they feel safe enough to fully accept their own self realization. Once that has happened, the real work can begin. Only then can we transmute and heal.

Here is what I want you to do:


Here is a hint: it’s close!

The Knights of the Holy Grail are calling.

Excelsior – 777

PS. When you are ready to take action on manifesting your ideal life and creating heaven on Earth for all of mankind, join the Phoenix mastermind for esoteric entrepreneurs who want to manifest their ideal life and hold open the portal for others…