Gender Issues: Feminine And Masculine Energy In 2019

Gender Issues In 2019

At the beginning of 2019, gender issues are increasingly more complex. On the one end, we have women who have been hurt and traumatized by the collective civilization for thousands of years. On the other, we have men who feel increasingly more misunderstood, disenfranchised, and confused by the global state of gender. With more radical definitions of “sexism” coming into our collective mind, confusion continues. In today’s world, we see folks being demonized for misunderstandings that could have been resolved over a common conversation. Is sexism real? Yes, of course. We have seen thousands of years of abuse hurled towards half of our collective species. On the other side of the coin, there is a tendency for an over-correction in the other direction as women make their claim for equality. In our increasingly more politically-correct western culture, there have been examples of instances that leave one side or the other feeling increasingly more confused and misunderstood.

Gender issues are incredibly important. In 2019, it is absolutely essential for our collective civilization to begin accepting the radical shift needed towards equal opportunity at a global scale. In many parts of the world, women are still oppressed. Additionally, when we speak about gender equality, we need only continue our conversation to also encompass the LGBTQ community or minority communities that might feel oppressed in their parent culture. Truly, equality at-scale is a goal that must be achieved before any sort of real progress can be made. As a gay man, I feel a tremendous amount of empathy, pain, and compassion for gay people living in Iraq or Saudi Arabia who have to stifle their natural sexual emotions or face persecution and death simply over their choice of partner. That being said, it is important to protect against an over-correction that will only lead towards more collective suffering.

As women, minorities, and the LGBTQ members of our tribe demand equality, there is potential for an over-correction towards the other side… How could this manifest? Just as we have collectively demonized the feminine energy within ourselves and within our collective society, we could begin to suppress our masculine tendency. To really understand the potential here for gross negligence, it is important to discuss the masculine and feminine energy and how they are incorporated into modern-day gender issues. Let’s dive in!

Gender Issues Manifest Through Our Internal Suppressions

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner states. When it comes to learning about the law of attraction, we begin to understand and see how drastically our internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs start to manifest our external world. Similarly, when we suppress our internal masculine energy or feminine energy, we see these imbalances reflected out into our collective society at-scale.

What is masculine energy? What is feminine energy? To define the problem, first we must explain the Universal Principle of Gender.

The Universal Principle Of Gender

There are seven primary universal principles.

  • The principle of mentalism – all is mind.
  • The principle of correspondance – “As Above So Below”.
  • The principle of vibration – The universe vibrates… Everything is in motion.
  • The principle of polarity – Everything exists along a pole… Everything has its opposites.
  • The principle of rhythm – Everything shifts along its pole… Backwards and forwards the pendulum swings.
  • The principle of cause and effect – Everything in the universe is either a cause or affected by a cause.
  • The principle of gender – Everything in the universe has a masculine and a feminine energy manifested.

Here we will cover the principle of gender.

This is the idea expressed by Yin and Yang… Two sides of the coin. The principle of gender is not referring to sex (although sex – man or woman – is one expression of the principle of gender) but rather to the way in which that energy is expressed or manifested in the physical world. For example, the masculine energy is typically associated with persistence, pushing, thought, overcoming obstacles, forward motion, and action… This could manifest in the waves of the ocean crashing onto the shores, a cat pouncing on a mouse, or an entrepreneur working a 15-hour day to make their dream a reality. Feminine energy refers more towards the creative energy of nature… It is associated with nurturing, compassion, emotion, rest, daydreaming, cultivation of energy, or withdrawing… Feminine energy might manifest in the ocean waves rolling back into the ocean to “re-group” for their next hurrah, the cat taking a bath after devouring the mouse, or the busy entrepreneur enjoying a bath after a long day of work.

Gender issues are a manifestation of our misunderstandings around the principle of gender. When we suppress one side of the equation, we fail to fully enjoy the human experience. Instead of enjoying everything that we can create and manifest individually, we suppress a side of ourselves that is asking to be expressed. Oftentimes, this can manifest as health issues, business failures, financial trouble, or relationship issues. When our collective whole is refusing to recognize one aspect of our own internal nature, we can feel societal-level impacts that reverberate throughout the entire culture or civilization at-large.

Masculine Energy In 2019

Gender issues are a manifestation of our own internal suppressions. Picture this: if there were 100 people living in a town and each of those individuals had the flu, we would notice some collective issues. Work would stagnate because everyone was sick, the overall mood of the village would suffer because folks were grumpy, and the local restaurants or bars might fail because no one was able to enjoy a night-out. If those 100 people were unable to overcome their flu, eventually the town would probably fail because it would not be able to function.

The same is happening in today’s world when it comes to balancing our internal masculine and feminine energies.

Collectively, we are all neglecting to even recognize our internal feminine and masculine elements. Women are taught to lean into their feminine energies while men are encouraged to pursue being more masculine. In the United States of America, there is a collective conversation happening around gender equality and the aforementioned over-correction that could happen if women begin to ignore their feminine energy and begin working entirely from their masculine energy. Obviously, women have been unable to pursue their own internal masculine energy for some-time so a bit of an over-correction might even be necessary in order to make up for lost time. However, it is essential that we understand this global phenomena and work to heal trauma instead of casting blame towards others.

Likewise, men are experiencing a confusing time around gender equality because the average man does not want to inflict pain on women. Indeed, the actual number of men who are actually terrible sexists is in the overwhelming minority. For the most part, men want to support women in stepping into their masculine energy. However, the overall conversation around sexism and gender has left many men confused. In response to this apparent over-correction by females, makes are left wondering their place. Men might feel misunderstood or wrongly blamed for crimes they personally did not commit. Furthermore, men could feel themselves being discouraged from experiencing their own masculine energy. Suddenly, we are living in a world where “an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”. Suddenly, women are asking for revenge for their own lack of ability to experience masculine energy via demanding that men now experience the same. If we want to heal trauma and build a more beautiful world, this travesty must be avoided.

On this show, I talk to Kevin Oroszlan about this important topic… We dive into discussing how men can thrive in 2019 and what balanced masculine energy combined with feminine energy might resemble. In today’s increasingly more polarized world, this is an important conversation to begin having at-scale from the largest platforms possible.

Kevin is a coach who helps men embrace their masculine energy in a fully healthy manner. By embracing our divine masculine energy, we are able to facilitate healing for the collective divine feminine energy that has been so greatly wronged. As Kevin says in this episode “as men, embracing your own feminine energy does not turn you into a woman. Rather, it makes you more of a man”. Beautifully said.

On this show, we talked about how the suppression of our internal feminine energy has manifested into oppression of women collectively. Just as our own bodies can sometimes demand a rest, demand more creative space, or even manifest diseases or illnesses that force us to finally take a break from our masculine energy, women around the world are standing together and demanding to be recognized. No longer are women standing up for injustices committed against them. Although this drive for equality is certainly to be encouraged, there is a tendency to demonize masculine energy. Almost as a way to get revenge for what has been suffered by the divine feminine, the divine masculine is being criticized and held accountable for sins that it may not have necessarily committed. We are risking a fall into demanding justice for crimes that were not committed by any singular person or organization.

So who is to blame?

Again, it may be the case that our own internal misunderstandings around feminine energy are to blame. In a sense, we are collectively at-fault for neglecting to acknowledge and value our own feminine energy. When we heal these wounds, we will notice healing permeate throughout civilization and begin to reshape our cultures into something far more profound and wholesome than we have experienced to-date.


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