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Sex in the future might look quite different. With advances in new technology like sex robots, virtual reality porn, and augmented reality, we are primed for an evolution in human sexuality. Are we ready?

Let’s find out!

The future of sex is a compelling topic. Instead of wading through the old patterns taught to us through religious orthodoxy, we can evolve into a healthier understanding of sexuality. Rather than give way to porn addiction or sex with robots instead of people, we can evolve collectively into a better relationship with sex. Humans are meant to have sex and enjoy pleasure. Once we embrace this realization, we are free to experience ourselves as the sexual creatures we KNOW we are!

It is time for sexual healing at the collective level.

Holistic living is congruent with sexual freedom. The future of sex involves an openness to different lifestyles. Additionally, choose to embrace your kinks and accept yourself fully. Find partners who will support you in exploring yourself sexually instead of shaming you for your secret fantasies.

It is OK to have kinks and explore yourself fully! Always remember: enter all sexual situations with full consent or not at all. YOU can withdraw consent at any time. Be careful to respect the consent of others and take this issue seriously. In order to experience full sexual healing, we must move beyond violations of consent. Once consent is respected fully in the bedroom, it will give rise to a dramatic shift towards individual power at the collective level. Such a change will be felt at the highest levels of our civilization.

Ready to learn about the future of sex? Let’s dive in!

Sex In The Future

Sex is evolving. If understood properly, this evolution can bring sexual healing and a deeper intimacy with our partners.

Do you and your partner have fantasies that seem unrealistic or unsafe to satisfy?

Sex robots, virtual reality, and augmented reality will allow you to fulfill those fantasies in vivid form without leaving the comfort and safety of your bedroom.

Instead of running from these desires, it will become easier to have virtual threesomes, orgies, and all sorts of “dark” desires that might seem taboo. In fact, it might be the case that you NEVER venture into the world of experiencing sexual healing outside of a monogamous relationship. If that is your route, then this is fantastic! Monogamy can lead to a deep and intimate relationship with a single individual.

However, moving into the future, folks will have the opportunity to explore relationship dynamics that were once taboo or even physically impossible. For example: including a hyper-realistic AI robot in your sexual relationship with your partner. As new technology progresses, AI technology will become more real and increasingly conscious. In the same way you grow with a human partner, you might find yourself able to join with an artificial intelligence in a symbiotic relationship. Does this sound scary? Although the idea of mating with an AI consciousness might seem wild, it will become possible within our lifetimes.

Experiencing true sexual healing requires education!

Sexual Education In The Future

Sexual education is evolving. With the advent of the internet, we have new opportunities to learn from those who are far along the path of sexual healing. If we want to experience ourselves as the sexual beings we feel inside, then self-understanding is paramount. What turns you on? Are you more erotic than you think? It is time for radical self acceptance and love.

Ian Ferguson is a pioneer. Along with his partner Jaiya, Ian educates his audience in an effort to expand their awareness about eroticism. Thanks to the power of the internet, we have access to leaders like Ian who can help us understand ourselves and experience an “erotic breakthrough”.

Here is a little more about Ian Ferguson pulled from his bio:

“The consummate Renaissance Man and a lifelong student of Human Potential,  Ian Ferguson has been featured on Good Morning America, Anderson Live, VH1, and in Details magazine.
“From his youth as tap dance king of Ohio to directing and performing in Off-Broadway theatre in New York; from building a seven-figure design business serving celebrity clients like Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfieffer to co-creating Jaiya, Inc., an international company with the mission of uplifting sexuality as something to be openly and honestly discussed, celebrated and enjoyed,  Ian has been driven by his desire to create a world with freedom of expression for all — a world where people are more connected to the truth of their bodies and each other through authentic, honest communication, and love.
“In 2007, Ian partnered with Jaiya, an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best-selling author to co-found Jaiya, Inc., spreading the word about Jaiya’s revolutionary framework, the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™, designed to radically transform how we talk about and experience sex.
“A person’s relationship to their sexuality reveals how they live every aspect of their life.  Empowering people to own their desires and express their true sexual nature unleashes the creative potential of all of life.”

Ian Ferguson was kind enough to join us on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to discuss the topic of the future of sex! Let’s dive into the show and learn.

Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson and Jaiya can be found online easily on their website and social media platforms.

What questions do you have about the future of sex? Post them in the comments below!

Want to take the Erotic Breakthrough quiz and begin a sexual transformation? Click this link and take the free quiz!

Jaiya and Ian

Have you ever experienced trouble with eroticism?

It might be the case that you simply have never had the awareness necessary to ask for what you need in the bedroom. For so many of us, we struggle to know our true desires AND THEN express those fantasies to our partners. It might be as simple as playing sexy music or lighting a few candles. Resources like the Erotic Breakthrough free quiz help equip us with better self understanding. Through that enlightenment, we can experience transformation in all areas of life. It starts in the bedroom!

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