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Fear Of Failure Holds Us Back

How can we make headway towards overcoming fear of failure? In today’s world, so many people are crippled by a fear of failure that never allows them to make any progress towards their goals… When we fail to achieve our goals individually due to fear, it causes a ripple effect into society that results in collective progress stagnating due to a collective level of fear. When this is viewed at the macro level, it is seen as a blight on our society that affects us from the individual and spans out to the collective level of consciousness.

Kim Fiske helps individuals navigate through fear of failure as they move towards accomplishing the goals they have for their life! Kim is the author of the book “The Monster Under The Bed”. She has worked to help folks overcome and navigate their fears as they move in a healthier direction in their life. Her extensive research into the science behind how our mind is programmed has resulted in her developing an excellent perspective around HOW fears are hard-wired into our brain from a young age… More importantly, Kim has found some ways to re-program our brains around success, courage, and abundance.

You can find Kim and links to her book by following this link to her website.

On today’s show, we are going to talk about fear of failure and how to navigate through this storm on the way to becoming courageous! We dive into discussing some creative solutions for navigating our fears. When we get creative, it activates parts of our brain that are more receptive to taking action and having fun instead of falling into procrastination and stagnation.

Fear exists along a spectrum… The principle of polarity is always at work in our universe… Fear can be transmuted into courage through an understanding of what’s possible. When we achieve a balanced perspective towards fear, it begins to look less scary.

Let’s help you overcome and navigate fear of failure! It doesn’t have to hinder you forever 🙂

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