Why Do People Fail?

Why Do People Fail?

Let’s talk about failure. Why does it happen? Is it because they didn’t “work hard enough”???

Probably not… As a civilization, we are obsessed with studying successful people.

There are thousands of books written about presidents, generals, world-class entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and everyone else whose made an impact on the world. But what about the people who never achieve their goals? The silent majority of folks who never “make it big”? Those who are never able to break out of the 9-5 lifestyle?

The past few years I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time studying why people DONT succeed.

I started with myself! Why was I continuing to fail to change my life, heal from mental illness, and fail at all my business endeavors??

Why was nothing lining up? Why did I continue to struggle with mental health disorders when nothing seemed to be working? Why could I never make headway on my business goals? Why were my relationships falling apart? Why did I continue to have panic attacks every day? In order to find the answer, I had to dig deep inside myself and root out the causes of my failures. This only happened because I took radical responsibility for the world that I had created. Once I understood that I was responsible for my life, I took charge. I stepped up to the plate. I began to make shit happen. It all changed when I realized my power. 

If we want to change the collective conversation and help people shift our world towards something more beautiful, we have to first understand and empathize with WHY people never succeed. Why do people fail?

Here’s an episode of the show where I talked about this in detail… Check it out!

When It Comes To Failure, Here’s What I’ve Found:

No. 1. MOST people are working very hard.

Why do people fail? There are many answers to this question… You see, if you’re listening to the entrepreneurs and motivational speakers of the world, you might get tricked into thinking that people fail because they aren’t “hustling” enough… it’s because they’re lazy.

Turns out that usually isn’t true.

Most people are working incredibly hard at their jobs and in their families. Every day, they are pushed to exhaustion by what is happening in their own life. In fact, in the Western World, we have a much bigger problem with folks over-working themselves to the point of suffering health problems. Stress, anxiety, and other symptoms of over-work are rampant in western culture. Indeed, it is difficult to make an argument that folks are actually not working hard. On the contrary, most people are working very hard.

Now, could they do more? Well, probably… but usually they don’t necessarily know WHAT do spend their time doing.

THAT is the first reason why people fail: they are working hard on the wrong things and with the wrong information. 

Which brings us to our next point:

No. 2. Most people don’t know their options.

The vast majority of folks don’t know about dropshipping, retail arbitrage, affiliate marketing, publishing ebooks on amazon, or any other amount of low-barrier-to-entry ways to start an online business.

The majority of people in the world are not up-to-date on how to become a social media influencer, successful podcast host, or YouTube star…

Most folks don’t know that they can browse freelance jobs on Upwork or Pangea if they want to make some extra $$$.

Why? Because those “in the know” don’t make a massive effort to tell them at-scale. Instead of helping people become up-to-speed on the information they are desperately needing, we collective judge and talk-shit about how people are not “hustling” harder. We pretend as if everyone in the world has the same amount of information that we do and that they are collectively not doing anything with that information. Now, could people make more of an effort to pursue that information? Yes, of course. However, there are some significant reasons for why this does not happen.

We are still in the era of online marketers pushing shit products that are only going to take people’s money in exchange for teaching them a hack way to make some extra money online.

In fact, MANY of the “successful” people talking shit and judging others are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are creating an environment wherein no one online can be trusted… Instead of helping others from a place of genuine compassion and desire to help, these “fake gurus” peddle products and services that are just going to have folks chasing their tail and leave them distrusting the people online who can ACTUALLY help. If you’re wondering “why do people fail”, you might have to take a long hard look in the mirror.

However, it is not just fake gurus and scammy internet marketers… Federal governments the world-over share a great deal of responsibility because our education system is shit.

Which brings us to….

No. 3. Most people are programmed for failure.

Our education system PROGRAMS kids to shut up, do what everyone else is doing, don’t think creatively, listen to the authority, don’t think outside of the box, etc etc.

Furthermore, it teaches them that they’ll be punished if they fall out of this pattern.

Now, if the education system was actually teaching great information, this might be an effective system (albeit somewhat cruel)…

But no.

They’re teaching bullshit. The education system (including the college your student loans are paying $40k/yr for you to attend) is teaching information that is most likely outdated. The system is preparing kids for jobs that won’t exist when they graduate… (in most cases: a degree in data science from MIT is probably going to take you places). Folks are simply not educated in healthy eating, sexuality, mindset, finances, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, creative thinking, exercise science, relationships, communication skills……. yknow, the shit that actually matters.

They’re certainly not educated in how to make an extra few hundred $$$/month getting things for free off craigslist and flipping them on the Facebook marketplace.

Our education system is in DESPERATE need for reform. This is where I am dedicating my life until the task is complete. We need education reform at-scale. Until this happens, we will continue to wonder over why people fail. Simply put: our species cannot evolve into a more beautiful world and experience until folks are given the education they deserve. A real education that teaches digital skills for the digital age.


No. 4. Most people are crippled by limiting beliefs hiding beneath “logical reasons”.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs a person has about themselves or the world that are simply not true.

Beliefs like “the world is a dangerous place”


“Money is hard to get”


“I am not made like those who succeed”


“I am not good enough”


These limiting beliefs hide behind “reasons” folks tell themselves for why they cannot achieve their goals.

“There isn’t enough time in the day”

“No one would buy my book anyways…”

“My kids need to go to college to succeed”

“I need more education”

“It’s too technically complex to start a YouTube channel”


These reasons are actually our limiting beliefs masquerading.

For example: “I need more education” = “I’m not good enough”

“There isn’t enough time in the day” = “I’m not creative enough to figure this out”

Here’s where there is massive disconnect between “Average Joe” and successful people who might be judging Joe.

The “successful person” addresses Joe’s excuse: “of course there’s enough time in your day, lazy asshole”

We are forgetting here that this has nothing to do with time in the day.

It has to do with Joe’s self esteem… his self worth. When folks do not have a developed sense of their own value, they are not going to pro-actively chase after their goals. We sit around and wonder why people fail when the real problem is starring us dead in the face: people continue to fail because they have been programmed to believe that they DESERVE FAILURE. Is it not obvious? People are never going to give everything for their goals when they do not believe that they are made like those who succeed. If a person does not think that it is worth their time to chase excellence, they will never do it. If they think they are not good enough, they will not make a name for themselves in the world. This is the crux of the problem.

Of course, the temptation is to judge a person for even HAVING limiting beliefs… “I overcame my limiting beliefs, why can’t you do the same??”

Let’s have a little compassion for one another…

Brings us to our next point:

No. 5. Limiting beliefs usually are the result of some shit the person went through.

Average Joe didn’t arrive into this world with low self worth. That happened maybe because his parents split up when he was a kid. Or maybe a teacher in elementary school was an asshole and told him his drawings looked like shit.

Maybe he was bullied?

Maybe his “friends” stole his favorite toy.

We all go through shit when we are little.

There’s this lie that “time heals all wounds”


Time just buries the wounds deeper.

So Why Do People Fail?

Why do folks stay in a bullshit 9-5 system that doesn’t allow them to succeed?

Why do folks never go after their REAL goals?

Why are there lawyers, corporate employees, doctors, teachers, or high school kids who will write that book “someday” but never today???

Is it because they’re stupid?

Is it because they don’t work hard?


It’s because they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t think they deserve that success. They are afraid of what they might accomplish in life if they try 1000%. They don’t love themselves enough to achieve their goals.

So next time you notice someone make an “excuse”….

Try and get to the bottom of what’s REALLY going on. If you really want to help someone, take the time to see through the lies they’ve been telling themselves. Try and help them realize that for themselves, without you just telling them. Help them come to the conclusion on their own.

I’m dedicating my life to reforming education because we need this method at-scale. We need a system that programs kids for success instead of failure. The World Change Academy is coming soon to this world and we will shake the civilization at its core.

Because that is what’s needed to really shift the current trajectory.

A reprogramming of minds… the minds of those who need help but also those who are trying to help.

We need systematized compassion.

We need empathy for one another.

We need love.

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