Jeffrey Epstein, Trump, And The Children

Jeffrey Epstein Is Just The Beginning

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Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” shocked the world back in 2018.

Through following the Jeffrey Epstein rabbit hole, a vast network of underground child sex trafficking bas begun to come into the light. As we still deal collectively with the COVID-19 pandemic, the news media fails to highlight all the emerging details with this important situation.

Jeffrey Epstein was a monstrous pedophile who would manipulate and rape young women. He established a pyramid scheme of molestation that lasted for decades. Despite multiple attempts to publicly expose this information, the Epstein investigation and subsequent cases were stifled. Epstein was offered a generous plea deal in one such case where he received a secret slap on the wrist from an attorney that Trump would later select as a member of his cabinet.

The further this case goes, the more it seems the US government is involved in this underground child sex ring. As the spiderweb goes outwards into the world, we find allegations and evidence against Prince Andrew and other members of government at the highest of levels.

Recently, Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested and is being watched closely. Today, on the 20th of July, 2020, the son and husband of judge Esther Salas were attacked in broad daylight. Her son was murdered and husband left in critical condition. Salas is working on a case connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his international underground organization.

Want to watch a video about this information? Check out this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien.

In order to educate yourself, I recommend the documentary “Filthy Rich” on Netflix. It is a comprehensive and unbiased reporting of the Epstein case and botched conviction attempts.

Open your eyes and see the web of lies in which we have swam.

What Is Happening In 2020?

Something fishy is happening here in 2020… Last year, half a million children went missing. Most of them stayed missing. The arrest and subsequent “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein woke many people up to the possibility of an international child sex trafficking ring existing under our noses… Possibly involving the highest levels of government in the USA, UK, and more. In 2020, there are many who believe Trump, the intelligence agencies, and “Qanon” are staging a coup against these individuals… For more on the Qanon agenda, watch this video:


Ultimately, it will be up to us to find the solutions we have been seeking inside of our society. Rather than trust “someone else will handle it”… We must seek to be the leaders that we hoped our elected leaders would be. In the face of their failure, it is up to us to take a stand.

These stories about organizations like Qanon make us want to believe that the government is working in our best interest. However, I believe it is FAR more likely that our illustrious “leader” is much more likely to be involved, considering his connections to every one else suspected of being involved. Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s private island 26 times… If you want to dive deep down this rabbit hole, watch the Epstein documentary “Filthy Rich” on Netflix. It will open your eyes! It is up to US to find these answers and hold our “leaders” accountable. They will not do it themselves. Now is an age of personal accountability. We must empower one another to find the answers we have long sought. It is time for an awakening that opens the eyes of the American people and allows us to be a catalyst for a better world. Want to watch an episode of the show related to where we can take the species in 2020? Check out this video to learn about the importance of energetic consent:

When we involve ourselves in an energetic contract with a person or organization, we are attached energetically to that entity. For instance, when we agree to become US citizens by way of our birth certificate, we are entering into a contract with the US government. We can renounce this citizenship later in life (while still maintaining American nationality). However, until we do, there is an energetic agreement between us as sovereign beings and the government.

How Can We Help?

Instead of giving away our power to individuals and organizations that do NOT work in our favor, let us embrace our potential once again. Now is the time to unleash a massive wave of entrepreneurship and creativity that can ignite the fire that lives inside the hearts of ALL humans. However, before that new age can arrive, we must confront our collective demons and beat them once and for all. It is beginning with these allegations regarding Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and many more. While the mainstream news media continues a 24/7 cycle about COVID-19, we should strive to educate ourselves and ask a tough question: “What does our news media NOT want us to know about?” By answering this question, we can move forward in our quest to better our world. Although it is a difficult time, it does not have to be painful. We can shed light into dark places and help to heal collective trauma. We can also free the prisoners of sex trafficking, abuse, and rape all across our world. It starts with you and me! If you want to get started contributing towards the emerging master plan to save the world, check out the first part of my forthcoming book.

You can read the introduction and first two chapters for free. This book will get you up speed on the work and research being done behind the scenes to help evolve our species and create a better reality. You also might like this post on the blog.  

I will write and record more on this topic soon!

In the meantime, educate yourself and pay attention to current events closely. Do not let this story get away. Now is the time for decisive, peaceful, and powerful action at a collective level.

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