How To Destroy A Child’s Creativity AND Desire To Create SIMULTANEOUSLY:

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 How to destroy a child’s creativity and desire to create SIMULTANEOUSLY:

1. Grade their art and artistic process.

2. Grade their musical abilities.

3. Grade their writing ability.

4. Tell them art can only be performed at certain times of the day.

5. Teach them about how art only makes a living for a select few lucky people.

6. Downplay the role of art during history lessons (where writing is also graded, of course).

7. Poke fun at kids who are “different” or dress in a “weird” way.

8. Outlaw “outrageous” hair styles and clothing choices.

9. Wake kids up early and send them to a concrete building all day, away from nature. When they return home, make sure they’re so busy writing graded papers and doing graded projects that they cannot do their own art or go for a walk… or, yknow, be a kid.

10. Rinse and repeat as adults but instead of grading their art, you’re grading their powerpoint presentations.

The art probably stopped long ago by this point. Job done!

… and we wonder why society has got some problems …

Meanwhile, we continue to read posts like this one, share them on our social media pages, talk about them with our friends… all to “increase awareness” around issues.

… Which is important but literally just the beginning!

It’s time we demand a better education system for our kids and ultimately for ourselves.

Personally, I think our current system is maintained by adults who are STILL hurting over their own inability to create as children.

Kind’ve a “this is what I had to go through… and so do you!” mentality.

Now, I don’t necessarily think this is a CONSCIOUS decision necessarily.

However, it is manifesting as a result of us not dealing with the demons hidden in our collective unconscious.

Time to confront those demons head on.

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