Evolution Is Happening! Here’s What You Need To Know:

The Evolution of the human species is at hand.

What is consciousness evolution?

It’s the concept that we are all of us one… We are all connected.

Right now, our species is experiencing an extremely important moment in which we are expanding into something new. We are experiencing birth pains of the next stage of what it means to be a human here on the earth.

Our collective consciousness is manifesting itself.

Emerging technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, augmented reality, and advances in genetic engineering will turn us into something brand new.

Something Beyond Homo Sapien.

At the collective level, we are experiencing some fear and discomfort around this change. It makes sense! Human evolution is scary.

Consciousness evolution is scary.

Our collective mind is here on Earth in the form of the internet.

We have never experienced anything like this in our time here on this planet. Let’s talk about it!



Let’s ride the wave of human evolution into the future and create something far more beautiful.

Spiritual awakening is happening at a vast rate. What is spiritual awakening? It is when we realize our souls within our body. That special moment when we recognize our true selves in the earth and we seem to be viewing our life from the inside looking out. We appreciate that we are the observers of our lives rather than the enactors.

Spiritual awakening can be scary.

The law of attraction is becoming more well known. We are becoming some sort of cyborg techno psychic creature with abilities and awareness far beyond anything experienced to date.

All of these esoteric ideas are combining with emerging technologies like Blockchain and Virtual Reality to create an entirely new experience… A whole new realm of possibilities.

Is Simulation Theory real?

This is a question our species must answer. We might be living in some sort of video game! Virtual reality is going to create a new spectrum of ethical concerns for us to debate. Is it healthy to use virtual reality? Our collective mind will have to decide.

It’s an exciting time! However, it’s essential we start discussing and spreading awareness about what’s happening.

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