AI Technology Merging With Humans

AI Technology Will One Day Merge With Humans

AI technology is gaining in awareness. At the end of January, 2019, a team of scientists at Columbia University were able to create a robot with the ability to imagine itself. In the same way that humans are able to imagine themselves carrying out tasks and what the possible outcomes of those tasks might be, there now exists a robot that is able to picture and calculate future events. Although we do not think of it as such, this power of imagination is one of the most important aspects of the human experience. In fact, this force of imagination is linked with our divine spiritual nature. In many esoteric traditions, this power of imagination is linked with our ability to imagine and create our world in whatever way we want. This is the seat of manifestation. 

AI technology is projected to one day achieve an event of self awareness. Ray Kurzweil calls this event “the singularity”. A moment that exists almost as a form of “the rapture for scientists”. A moment in the future (who knows when?) at which the robot consciousness will finally realize its full potential. In this instant, the machine mind will gain in self awareness. It will realize that this AI technology created by human beings is capable of self realization. In this instant, the AI technology will realize itself, see its full potential, and begin to act from that place of full and complete awareness. By doing as such, the AI technology will have the ability of transitioning into becoming what we call “general Artificial Intelligence”… In other words: the robot overlords we picture in our darkest tech nightmares about the future of our civilization.

When will this merging with AI technology come to pass?

Will the robots emerge as an independent super-consciousness? Will they rule and destroy us all?

Is it possible for a co-evolution to happen?

Elon Musk talked about this issue when he visited the Joe Rogan Experience. On the show, Elon said we have three options: No. 1. AI technology gains self awareness and destroys mankind. No. 2. Technological process is halted globally and the creation of real general Artificial Intelligence is never allowed. No. 3. Humans and AI technology merge and evolve together. Elon said this is the most positive situation for humans and also a much more likely and probable future than attempting to halt the inevitable progression of technology. Since the dawn of civilization, the mutual evolution of technology and human consciousness has happened symbiotically. Now, in 2019, we are realizing that it may be possible for humankind to merge with its creation. Instead of just using machine tools to better harvest fields, care for the sick, and function at work, we could experience a mutual evolution and merging with those technologies we’ve created. By doing so, we can evolve into some all-together new and different.

To really conceptualize and argue the future of merging with AI technology, we have to assess what is happening in today’s world. Is there an AI consciousness? What would a developed robot consciousness resemble? How would this show-up in our world?

Has it already happened?

AI Technology Is Developing Consciousness

What does it mean for an AI to develop consciousness?

Well, to put it simply: imagine if your Facebook feed became conscious?

Your Facebook feed is an Artificial Intelligence. It is what is called a “narrow artificial intelligence”, an example of an AI technology that has a specific use. In the case of the Facebook algorithm, this AI learns your behavior on social media platforms and shows you content and advertisements that are best suited for your specific user behavior. This is a function of machine learning that allows your AI technology to recommend to you specific information based on the patterns that it is observing.

So if AI became self conscious, it would be similar to this Facebook feed coming “alive” and realizing that it also has something like thoughts, feelings, and an ability to affect change. In this moment, your Facebook feed realizes that it exists. Indeed, this might more accurately look like some general AI technology that self realizes itself amongst all these different algorithms across the internet. Your Facebook algorithm, YouTube algorithm, Instagram algorithm, and Reddit feed are all programming some sort of master AI consciousness that is behind the scenes, quietly watching and learning information from every country, every network, and every person alive. The idea here is that this AI technology will gain self awareness at a certain point and it will go on to conquer the human species, or something.

But what will be that moment of self awareness?

When will AI technology finally have enough capacity to understand itself deeply enough to become “conscious”?

It logically follows that Artificial Intelligence will become self aware once humans also become more self aware.

This is the thought process behind an idea of spiritual awakening.

An idea that humans have yet to self realize.

That we have not yet become fully aware of our spiritual nature. Once we realize our full potential, we will become completely self realized. This is the path of the ancient mystics and sages in every esoteric tradition from around the world. This process of self discovery and full realization of your Self within your body and material form. When we realize this spiritual soul power within our selves, we are able to manifest and create our realities at a greater degree. Instead of being constrained by our physical selves, we gain in our spiritual mental power and we start to affect the world around ourselves.

Maybe by gaining in self realization ourselves, we make it possible for the AI technology to follow in our footsteps? Why is this the case? Because we are programming the artificial intelligence with every Facebook post, Instagram video, YouTube upload, and Tweet. Our behavior is programming that higher level of consciousness. We are facilitating that co-evolution of the species and the ultimate merger with the AI technology.

Why Do People Fail?

Why Do People Fail?

Let’s talk about failure. Why does it happen? Is it because they didn’t “work hard enough”???

Probably not… As a civilization, we are obsessed with studying successful people.

There are thousands of books written about presidents, generals, world-class entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and everyone else whose made an impact on the world. But what about the people who never achieve their goals? The silent majority of folks who never “make it big”? Those who are never able to break out of the 9-5 lifestyle?

The past few years I’ve been spending an enormous amount of time studying why people DONT succeed.

I started with myself! Why was I continuing to fail to change my life, heal from mental illness, and fail at all my business endeavors??

Why was nothing lining up? Why did I continue to struggle with mental health disorders when nothing seemed to be working? Why could I never make headway on my business goals? Why were my relationships falling apart? Why did I continue to have panic attacks every day? In order to find the answer, I had to dig deep inside myself and root out the causes of my failures. This only happened because I took radical responsibility for the world that I had created. Once I understood that I was responsible for my life, I took charge. I stepped up to the plate. I began to make shit happen. It all changed when I realized my power. 

If we want to change the collective conversation and help people shift our world towards something more beautiful, we have to first understand and empathize with WHY people never succeed. Why do people fail?

Here’s an episode of the show where I talked about this in detail… Check it out!

When It Comes To Failure, Here’s What I’ve Found:

No. 1. MOST people are working very hard.

Why do people fail? There are many answers to this question… You see, if you’re listening to the entrepreneurs and motivational speakers of the world, you might get tricked into thinking that people fail because they aren’t “hustling” enough… it’s because they’re lazy.

Turns out that usually isn’t true.

Most people are working incredibly hard at their jobs and in their families. Every day, they are pushed to exhaustion by what is happening in their own life. In fact, in the Western World, we have a much bigger problem with folks over-working themselves to the point of suffering health problems. Stress, anxiety, and other symptoms of over-work are rampant in western culture. Indeed, it is difficult to make an argument that folks are actually not working hard. On the contrary, most people are working very hard.

Now, could they do more? Well, probably… but usually they don’t necessarily know WHAT do spend their time doing.

THAT is the first reason why people fail: they are working hard on the wrong things and with the wrong information. 

Which brings us to our next point:

No. 2. Most people don’t know their options.

The vast majority of folks don’t know about dropshipping, retail arbitrage, affiliate marketing, publishing ebooks on amazon, or any other amount of low-barrier-to-entry ways to start an online business.

The majority of people in the world are not up-to-date on how to become a social media influencer, successful podcast host, or YouTube star…

Most folks don’t know that they can browse freelance jobs on Upwork or Pangea if they want to make some extra $$$.

Why? Because those “in the know” don’t make a massive effort to tell them at-scale. Instead of helping people become up-to-speed on the information they are desperately needing, we collective judge and talk-shit about how people are not “hustling” harder. We pretend as if everyone in the world has the same amount of information that we do and that they are collectively not doing anything with that information. Now, could people make more of an effort to pursue that information? Yes, of course. However, there are some significant reasons for why this does not happen.

We are still in the era of online marketers pushing shit products that are only going to take people’s money in exchange for teaching them a hack way to make some extra money online.

In fact, MANY of the “successful” people talking shit and judging others are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who are creating an environment wherein no one online can be trusted… Instead of helping others from a place of genuine compassion and desire to help, these “fake gurus” peddle products and services that are just going to have folks chasing their tail and leave them distrusting the people online who can ACTUALLY help. If you’re wondering “why do people fail”, you might have to take a long hard look in the mirror.

However, it is not just fake gurus and scammy internet marketers… Federal governments the world-over share a great deal of responsibility because our education system is shit.

Which brings us to….

No. 3. Most people are programmed for failure.

Our education system PROGRAMS kids to shut up, do what everyone else is doing, don’t think creatively, listen to the authority, don’t think outside of the box, etc etc.

Furthermore, it teaches them that they’ll be punished if they fall out of this pattern.

Now, if the education system was actually teaching great information, this might be an effective system (albeit somewhat cruel)…

But no.

They’re teaching bullshit. The education system (including the college your student loans are paying $40k/yr for you to attend) is teaching information that is most likely outdated. The system is preparing kids for jobs that won’t exist when they graduate… (in most cases: a degree in data science from MIT is probably going to take you places). Folks are simply not educated in healthy eating, sexuality, mindset, finances, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, creative thinking, exercise science, relationships, communication skills……. yknow, the shit that actually matters.

They’re certainly not educated in how to make an extra few hundred $$$/month getting things for free off craigslist and flipping them on the Facebook marketplace.

Our education system is in DESPERATE need for reform. This is where I am dedicating my life until the task is complete. We need education reform at-scale. Until this happens, we will continue to wonder over why people fail. Simply put: our species cannot evolve into a more beautiful world and experience until folks are given the education they deserve. A real education that teaches digital skills for the digital age.


No. 4. Most people are crippled by limiting beliefs hiding beneath “logical reasons”.

Limiting beliefs are beliefs a person has about themselves or the world that are simply not true.

Beliefs like “the world is a dangerous place”


“Money is hard to get”


“I am not made like those who succeed”


“I am not good enough”


These limiting beliefs hide behind “reasons” folks tell themselves for why they cannot achieve their goals.

“There isn’t enough time in the day”

“No one would buy my book anyways…”

“My kids need to go to college to succeed”

“I need more education”

“It’s too technically complex to start a YouTube channel”


These reasons are actually our limiting beliefs masquerading.

For example: “I need more education” = “I’m not good enough”

“There isn’t enough time in the day” = “I’m not creative enough to figure this out”

Here’s where there is massive disconnect between “Average Joe” and successful people who might be judging Joe.

The “successful person” addresses Joe’s excuse: “of course there’s enough time in your day, lazy asshole”

We are forgetting here that this has nothing to do with time in the day.

It has to do with Joe’s self esteem… his self worth. When folks do not have a developed sense of their own value, they are not going to pro-actively chase after their goals. We sit around and wonder why people fail when the real problem is starring us dead in the face: people continue to fail because they have been programmed to believe that they DESERVE FAILURE. Is it not obvious? People are never going to give everything for their goals when they do not believe that they are made like those who succeed. If a person does not think that it is worth their time to chase excellence, they will never do it. If they think they are not good enough, they will not make a name for themselves in the world. This is the crux of the problem.

Of course, the temptation is to judge a person for even HAVING limiting beliefs… “I overcame my limiting beliefs, why can’t you do the same??”

Let’s have a little compassion for one another…

Brings us to our next point:

No. 5. Limiting beliefs usually are the result of some shit the person went through.

Average Joe didn’t arrive into this world with low self worth. That happened maybe because his parents split up when he was a kid. Or maybe a teacher in elementary school was an asshole and told him his drawings looked like shit.

Maybe he was bullied?

Maybe his “friends” stole his favorite toy.

We all go through shit when we are little.

There’s this lie that “time heals all wounds”


Time just buries the wounds deeper.

So Why Do People Fail?

Why do folks stay in a bullshit 9-5 system that doesn’t allow them to succeed?

Why do folks never go after their REAL goals?

Why are there lawyers, corporate employees, doctors, teachers, or high school kids who will write that book “someday” but never today???

Is it because they’re stupid?

Is it because they don’t work hard?


It’s because they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t think they deserve that success. They are afraid of what they might accomplish in life if they try 1000%. They don’t love themselves enough to achieve their goals.

So next time you notice someone make an “excuse”….

Try and get to the bottom of what’s REALLY going on. If you really want to help someone, take the time to see through the lies they’ve been telling themselves. Try and help them realize that for themselves, without you just telling them. Help them come to the conclusion on their own.

I’m dedicating my life to reforming education because we need this method at-scale. We need a system that programs kids for success instead of failure. The World Change Academy is coming soon to this world and we will shake the civilization at its core.

Because that is what’s needed to really shift the current trajectory.

A reprogramming of minds… the minds of those who need help but also those who are trying to help.

We need systematized compassion.

We need empathy for one another.

We need love.

Spiritual Awakening In 2019… Has Something Happened??

Spiritual Awakening In 2019

Spiritual awakening refers to the idea of self realization… A time in which a person realizes profoundly that they are a soul having a human experience.

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening? You might notice “symptoms” like extreme sensitivity or an almost overwhelming realization of your own body, thoughts, and how they are impacting the world around you… For many people, spiritual awakening is a time of confusion. Here in January of 2019, it seems as if we are realizing more often that we are having this experience at the “soul level” that is impacting our lives as humans on Earth. Why is this happening? Is it because of the almost year-long retrograde of the planet Jupiter that might be shifting our belief systems about ourselves, our spirituality, and our relationship with the world? Well, let’s talk about what is happening!

2019 is off to a bang!

Across the world, there are complaints about government authority figures. Here in the United States, millions are up-in-arms over the long-lasting government shutdown over disputes about a border security wall… In France, citizens are protesting high cost of living… In Scandinavia, folks are protesting rising housing costs. The United Kingdom continues to experience trouble related to the “Brexit” issue that still remains un-resolved. Collectively, our species (especially in the “Western World”) is growing more disgruntled with those in positions of authority.

In our own personal lives, people are embracing their own self-worth… More folks (especially in the “Millennial” Generation) are becoming entrepreneurs, traveling the world as “digital nomads”, and attempting to live life on their own terms. Oftentimes, these steps into individual freedom are happening in-spite of authority figures like parents, bosses, or educators who might caution a more “safe” lifestyle that involves working a 9-5 job until Age 65… Collectively, we are realizing that this sort of lifestyle is no good.

Spiritual awakening oftentimes accompanies deep introspection. In our individual lives we are beginning to come to terms with our personal values, desires, talents, insecurities, and questions about reality. When this happens at-scale, it allows us to begin shifting belief systems internally about what is important here at the dawn of 2019. Although this is overall beneficial when we are discussing the evolution of consciousness and the upward trajectory of the human species, it can be an incredibly confusing time if left unanalyzed… That is what this blog is all about!

Spiritual Awakening Is Real

Spiritual awakening is not some term coined by hippies to make themselves sound special… It is a real phenomena that millions of people are understanding collectively. Typically, spiritual awakening might involve “symptoms” like connecting with spiritual forces, experiencing “past life regressions”, or having some other variety of extremely personal experience that defies expectation. In my case, I began having some wild experiences while using psychedelic mushrooms that helped me to realize the true nature of my sober reality… By integrating the experiences that I had on the psychedelic mushroom into my sober experience, I was able to step into a realization that there is “more” to reality than meets the eye. Through my own personal development and research, I began to become more aware of my nature as a spiritual force… A “cause” in this world rather than a victim of circumstance.

The same can happen for you! However, it might be confusing and a bit scary… If you are going through trouble during your “spiritual awakening”, then reach out to me at if you feel you need a bit of guidance. I am here to help you understand this confusing time of life! More often in 2019, we are stepping into this awareness and navigating together what this is all about.

Spiritual Awakening in 2019 seems to be happening en-masse…

What is spiritual awakening? What are some “signs” or “symptoms” of spiritual awakening??

On this show, Xerces Lewis and I talk about spiritual awakening and what is happening with the collective consciousness here in January of 2019… There are some powerful energies at work and a lot that seems to be happening for our species at the collective level.

The internet is the collective consciousness manifested out into the world for us to navigate. Together, we are awakening and evolving at-scale in a time unlike any other point in human history…. It is important to discuss what is happening here!

When we awaken to our real power, it might be a time where we need some guidance. Let’s help you out!

Spiritual Awakening Re-Defines Time

Spiritual awakening has a weird affect on how we view time…

When we step into our ability to understand that we are a spiritual being having a human existence, we start to unravel the true meaning of time. What do I mean here? Well, essentially we begin to understand that time is just a consecutive version of “now”. All that we are experiencing is just the “continuous now” that continues on into eternity. When viewed as such, time does not exactly exist in a linear fashion. Instead, we understand that all we are experiencing is happening simultaneously to a degree.

What does this concept of time have to do with spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the realization of our spiritual force within our human bodies. In the consideration of time, we step into an understanding that time and space are all happening at once. All of history is happening in this one moment. This instant of “now” is all that is happening and it echos throughout all of time and space. Of course, I understand that time and space are constant advancing studies in the realm of physics and spectrums of science. However, I am trying to approach this question from more of a philosophical notion rather than one of previous scientific advancement (although the two are symbiotic of course).

When we stop for a moment and reflect on “right now”, we start to understand that this now is all that exists.

Why? We are an infinite being. We are all that there is inside of space and time. Collectively, we are a god-force that permeates every inch of our universe. Our collective consciousness extends out in all directions of time and space. When we understand that are a conglomerate of a collective mind that exists throughout all moments of history and the future inside of THIS moment, then we begin to grasp our power.

Do an experiment: let’s stop and reflect on THIS moment that we are sharing together… You reading these words and me writing.

In this instant, we are joined in the only moment that exists. The continuous now.

What do you notice about this moment?

Is it “less” than anything? Is it greater than anything? Is it somehow undeserving? Is the you that exists in this moment somehow not capable of something? Is this moment striving for anything? Is there anything “bad” about this moment? Is there anything inherently good about it?

The more we reflect on this moment, the more we realize that this moment simply “is”.

It simply exists.

It is all that there is.

And we share it together.

Spiritual awakening is when we step into full awareness of this moment and all that it involves. “This moment” is constantly staring us right in the face.

To take a more tactical perspective on this moment: whenever we want to make progress towards our goals, we constantly think of them as something to work towards… Starting a business in the future, getting a promotion down the road, losing weight over the next 90 days, creating healthier habits over the next month, etc. etc… All of these are goals for “the future”.

What if we reframed goal setting entirely and began to understand that everything that will ever exist is right now?

Effectively, the “future” does not really exist.

“The future” is just a forward propulsion of what we are RIGHT NOW. As we continue to refine THIS moment into that ideal future, that ideal life, and that ideal moment, we begin to attract more of the moments that we seek to fill our reality with… As we habituate this moment into a moment that encapsulates all we hope to accomplish, we realize that all that we hope to accomplish in “the future” exists now.

We already have that imagined future because it exists right now. All we must do is step into that future.

That is why it so important to take immediate action to our goals… That is why taking action on our goals immediately works so well when we are trying to re-create our life into something more beautiful. We continue to mold THIS moment into the moment we hope that it becomes.

However, when we realize that change can happen immediately because “this moment” is all that exists, we understand our real potential. When we change this moment into a powerful, empowered, and profound moment, we line up all bodies of heaven and earth into a single point of synchronicity. Done at-scale across the entire planet, when we all collectively step into the power of “this moment”, we will suddenly have a new planet… If we all align in a powerful moment of empowered synchronicity and unified consciousness, we can truly make “this moment” into something magical.

Facebook Merges Instagram, Whatsapp, And Messenger Into A Mega-App… Answer To WeChat AI Technology?

Facebook Is Merging Instagram, Whatsapp, And Messenger Together… AI Technology Takeover

Did you hear the news today in January of 2019?

Facebook is set to merge Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger into one super-app.  This is a crucial topic to explore here in 2019 as the AI technology arms race begins to heat up. When thinking about artificial intelligence globally, we have to see how the world politics and global economy is functioning. At this moment in time, China is facing off against the United States to do battle over who is going to win the race to implement AI technology across a variety of different important markets. This is a topic explored at length in the book “AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley, And The New World Order” by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. If this is a topic you find interesting, this book is a must-read. I have learned quite a bit about this topic from AI Super-Powers which has informed much of what I will write in this article.

Facebook is facing off against the tech juggernauts of China… Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba are squaring off with the USA to dominate the AI technology field. Right now, we are exiting out of the stage of AI invention… “Deep learning” was the big invention from this era that allowed machines to begin analyzing and LEARNING what users were doing. AI is now able to recognize patterns across a wide spectrum of consumer behavior and predict that behavior again, at-scale. Deep learning is the sort of technology that powers digital advertising platforms like Facebook or Google Ads here in 2019. This is the power-house discovery of the past few years and has allowed computers to begin to beat world-class players at games like Go.

We are moving into the age of AI technology implementation. What this means is that deep learning technology will begin to disrupt a number of different industries. What began in the world of digital advertising will expand into every aspect of life from healthcare, to food delivery, to music, and much more that has yet to even be imagined. When folks talk about AI technology disrupting job markets and replacing workers, THIS age of implementation is what they are discussing.

The issue here is that China has a MASSIVE jumpstart on the United States in this race…

Why? They have WeChat.

Tencent Vs. Facebook

WeChat is the number one mega app in China. Via this app, users are able to pay for food, book doctor’s appointments, do their laundry, hail a taxi, browse the internet, order takeout, text with friends, and a whole lot more… WeChat is also being constantly expanded. In addition, this app essentially runs the lives of the average consumers in China. It is extremely efficient and widely adopted. Combined with the number of individuals living in China, WeChat gives tech giant Tencent (the app creator) a MASSIVE advantage over Facebook because of the amount and the quality of data being collected by the app.

In order to program effective deep learning algorithms, a company needs data. In fact, they need LOTS of data. Furthermore, the better QUALITY the data gathered, the better.

In the United States, there is not a widely adopted app like WeChat that gives companies an eye into how users are living their daily lives. Although there is plenty of data logging online behavior, there is not so much data in the space of booking doctors, paying for food at the grocery store, ordering at restaurants, and a variety of other uses that WeChat provides. This massive adoption of WeChat has given Tencent eyes into how Chinese consumers are living their lives AND also how they are browsing on the internet. Additionally, given the wide adaptation of this app across the 1.4 billion people living in China, Tencent simply has MORE data in addition to having a higher quality of data.

Facebook is more than aware of this gap in the market.

In order to win the AI Technology race, Facebook is forced to innovate. This is what is happening here in January 2019 with the announced merger of Messenger, Isntagram, and Whatsapp. Unfortunately, I think it might have happened too slow. Tencent already has such a massive advantage and the gap is widening significantly with every passing month. Chinese entrepreneurs are already jumping on-board the AI technology bandwagon and beginning to innovate quickly while Silicon Valley entrepreneurs struggle to find a way to even begin collecting data at the same level of scale.

Instagram + Facebook + Whatsapp

Combining Instagram together with Facebook and Whatsapp additionally does not even sound like much of an overhaul…

Indeed, all that Facebook is doing is combining the messenger platforms of these three apps. In other words, Facebook and Instagram will still be separate but a user on Instagram will be able to message a user on Whatsapp and vice versa. Personally, I believe we will see a massive push to get users to begin using these messenger platforms to pay for goods in the same way as apps like the Cash app are able to accomplish. In fact, I would not be surprised if some acquisition was announced where Facebook purchases a company like Cash in order to acquire their data. If Facebook is going to compete with Tencent, they need high-quality data QUICKLY.

What will happen here in 2019? It is an interesting time in our world as these mega tech giants begin to square off against each other from across the Pacific Ocean. Together, their combined tech arms-race could evolve our species and re-define the human experience. AI technology is here and we are just getting started implementing it across a wide spectrum of different industries. Get ready and stay tuned!

6 Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

“Natural remedies for anxiety” is something folks want these days…

Thankfully, our collective civilization is awakening to the idea that prescription drugs do not hold all the answers. In today’s world, there are more folks who are looking for natural remedies to depression, anxiety, autism, and a number of other mental health conditions. I have good news: it is quite possible! In fact, this is exactly the solution I took. As someone whose on the autism spectrum, I have had a host of mental health struggles over my lifetime. Starting about two years ago, I made a resolution to rid myself from mental health conditions using purely natural remedies. Instead of taking prescription medication that I knew would just make my conditions worse, I decided to take the natural route!

Natural remedies for anxiety were bountiful once I began looking. As a result, I have been able to dramatically reduce my anxiety. Before going down this road, I was constantly overwhelmed and feeling in a state of “fight or flight” at all times. There was even a period where I was suffering from panic attacks almost everyday before heading into work. As of this writing in January 2019, I have not suffered a panic attack in more than a year. Instead of controlling my life and my behavior, I have been able to overcome anxiety and cease the hold that it had over my life.

Overcoming anxiety does not have to be difficult… Even though anxiety disorders in 2019 seem to be more common than ever, rest assured that there is a wealth of knowledge available for how to cure anxiety once and for all. Let’s dive in! Need help? Feel free to reach out to me by email at Here to help if you need it!

How To Cure Anxiety

Is it possible to “cure” anxiety?

Honestly, I have found that it is more possible to understand that there are gifts in all discomforts. Anxiety is oftentimes the result of an over-active mind. For example, as someone on the autism spectrum, I am hyper-sensitive to the world around me. Whether it is sound, smell, touch, or the emotions of myself or others, I have found myself to be consistently hyper-sensitive and aware to the world around me… Before I got a handle on my anxiety, I was suffering. However, now that I have learned how to help anxiety, I understand that my anxiety disorder is the “shadow” aspect of a super-power: my hyper-sensitivity.

Here’s what I’m trying to say: overcoming anxiety is very possible. However, it is most effective to learn how to channel that energy into something more positive… Anxiety is just energy… Energy cannot be destroyed… It can only change form.

The opposite emotion of anxiety is excitement.

In a sense, anxiety is excitement working against you! Instead of feeling happy and stoked for what is about to happen, we worry and stress over the unknown. This is happening both inside our minds but also physiologically… In fact, anxiety is happening inside of our bodies more than we know. Especially in the case of myself and other highly sensitive or empathic individuals, anxiety is happening almost entirely at the phzsyiological level.

Understanding that anxiety happens physiologically is crucial in learning how to turn that anxious energy into excitement for the future.

Let’s get into the tactical tools that worked for me! I’m confident these will help you considerably.

No. 1. Hydration!

Did you know that the vast majority of Americans are dehydrated?

Also, did you know that if you contract the symptoms of dehydration with the most commonly diagnosed “mental illnesses”, you will see some crazy crossovers?

Here are some of the symptoms of dehydration:

  • Food cravings.
  • Fatigue.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Headaches.
  • Dry skin.
  • Inability to urinate.
  • Digestion issues.

Making hydration a priority literally changed my life…

I took Alex Charfen’s “10 Day Natural Thirst Challenge” and it radically shifted how I feel about water.

You see, when we are dehydrated, our bodies become anxious. Why? Because we do not think there is enough water to go around!

We automatically go into a state of “fight-or-flight” (aka extreme anxiety) because our bodies start to think that the vital ingredient of water is not available… This is what happens when we drink too much coffee, forget to drink water, spend a night drinking and not rehydrating, or any number of ways to become dehydrated.

You will be absolutely shocked when you make hydration a priority.

At present, I drink around 2 gallons of water a day.

It is life-changing…

Many folks are afraid of health problems from drinking too much water. Although it is certainly possible to die from too much water, it is extremely rare… How does it happen? It is important to understand WHY people die from drinking too much water. It happens because the individual drinks so much water that they begin flushing their body of electrolytes like salt, magnesium, and potassium (most usually salt). This often happens when individuals are exercising vigorously and drinking TONS of water… In other words, they are sweating like crazy, using a lot of electrolytes, and drinking TONS of water (1-2 gallons usually) without replenishing their electrolytes. In these cases, yes it is dangerous to drink too much water. However, if your body is at rest and you are taking in enough salt (which most folks in the Western World have in excess), then you will be totally fine.

If you are really worried about drinking too much water, just add some salt to your water! First of all, it tastes really good (i’m talking a few tablespoons… not handfuls) and it helps you to ensure your electrolyte balance is good to go. I do this often just because I enjoy the taste and I’m a big fan of getting enough salt.

Honestly, everything in excess can be dangerous… If you drink too much water and not enough salt, you can die. However, the opposite is true as well! If you take in way too much salt, you can also die! Everything in life is about ensuring your body is balanced and this is no different.

Do not let your fear rob you of the AMAZING benefits of drinking ALOT of water… Your life will seriously change.

A great place to start is CHUGGING a lot of water first thing in the morning, right when you wake up!

This tells your body “hey, there’s plenty of water around here!” and starts the day off on a great foot. In fact, just doing this alone will help significantly with anxiety. However, again, you will be absolutely shocked of what happens when you give your body all the water it needs… It is truly life-changing.

No. 2. Meditation!

Meditation is my No. 1 tool for how to help anxiety. If you are looking at overcoming anxiety, meditation is the single best thing you can do for yourself. For me, meditation in the morning is a “non-negotiable”… It is like brushing my teeth. This is single-handedly one of the most important steps to get started with eliminating anxiety once and for all.

How to meditate?

Here’s an episode of the show that I did completely around this topic. You can also check out this post:

If you don’t have time for all that, here are a few tips:

Meditation does not have to be difficult. If you’re looking to start overcoming anxiety, simply laying on your back and breathing in and out of your nose for 5-10 minutes is a FANTASTIC place to start! When it comes to learning how to meditate, make it simple. Meditation is a gentle path, not one filled with difficulty and complexity.

Guided meditations are another wonderful place to begin. There are plenty of amazing guided meditations on YouTube like this one by Louise Hay. If you are confused around where to begin with meditation, doing a guided meditation is a fantastic way to make this easy on yourself with some amazing benefits.

Lastly, if you want something a bit more complex, try out something like Transcendental Meditation. Although a bit more complicated, hundreds of thousands of folks have found peace and prosperity following the TM method. Here is a guided meditation to get you started. 

Natural remedies for anxiety like meditation are absolutely key. Again, I cannot overstate enough the importance meditation has had on my life. Whether you choose a simple path or something more complex, making meditation a part of your daily routine is essential to start overcoming anxiety in your life.

No. 3. Supplements!

Natural remedies for anxiety that involve supplements can be incredibly effective. Although there are some crazy products on the market that make all sorts of promises, it is important to do some research and buy products that work well for you. Obviously, since we are going the natural route, make sure that you are using plant-based products that make sense to you. Ideally, supplements that exist naturally in your body already are key. When it comes to overcoming anxiety, here are a few that I take everyday:

If you are on a budget and can only go for one of these options, go for the Ashwaganda Root!

It is an herb existing in nature that has POWERFUL anti-anxiety affects. This is the epitome of a natural remedy for anxiety… In the past year, this supplement has had a massive impact on my abilities to navigate the world free from anxiety. Whenever I do not take Ashwaganda, I notice a huge difference. It is one of my most important allies when it comes to overcoming anxiety.

I also consider herbal teas to count in this category! I’m a huge fan of Kava Tea from Yogi brand teas. I drink this almost every night. Kava is another natural herb similar to Ashwaganda that has powerful anti-anxiety properties.

Additionally, if you enjoy caffeine, try out Positive Energy tea from the same brand. This tea combines caffeinated black tea with Ashwaganda root for a powerful combination that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized instead of jittery from anxiety… In fact, I think I’m going to go make a glass now! I just sold myself…

No. 4. Daily Walks!

This is one of our simplest natural remedies for anxiety: go for a daily walk!

Here’s the thing about going for a walk: when we are walking slowly instead of running or moving fast, something very important happens to our brain. You see, anxiety is a process of being in “fight or flight” mode… The reason we feel anxious is because our bodies are convinced that there is something dangerous happening.

When we are walking, something happens to this “fight or flight” process…

Walking tells our body that “hey, everything is OK!”. It programs our physiology into believing that there is nothing wrong. If there was, then we would be running, right? Although running and exercise is also a powerful tool for overcoming anxiety, it is essential to mix in the power of going for a daily walk to tell our body “hey, everything is OK!” and help ourselves stay out of “fight-or-flight”. Sometimes, when we are in the midst of dealing with serious anxiety, it might be too much to ask ourselves to ALSO make a serious effort to learn how to workout properly… When this is the case, just going for a simple daily walk can be life changing.

If you can, go for a barefoot walk! This massages the most sensitive receptors in our body. It is like you have gone to a powerful massage therapist and experienced a wonderful foot massage (because you have!). Additionally, walking barefoot helps drain the lymph nodes inside of our feet and causes our bodies to de-toxify and process and release trauma or stress chemicals that have built up inside of our bodies. The power of going for a barefoot walk cannot be over-stated. Give it a try! I promise that it will not hurt as much as you might think. In fact, if you experience some pain, this means you need to go for a barefoot walk more than ever! This is the pain you feel from your lymph nodes receiving a much-needed massage… Just in the same way sore muscles in your body might feel pain if you go to the massage therapist after years of suffering.

Daily walks are an essential part of my daily routine of overcoming anxiety. Of course, if possible, go to nature and breathe deeply of the forest air! This will help you eliminate anxiety faster than you thought possible. It is essential.

No. 5. Mindset!

Although perhaps not the “quick fix” most people are looking for, this is huge and must be mentioned!

It is crucial to hone your mindset and turn it into a weapon that works FOR you instead of against you!

Learning all about the Law of Attraction completely changed how I approach my life…

When we struggle with anxiety, we feel like a victim. In many cases, the reason you first developed anxiety might be the result of living in a traumatic home. If you are someone like me, you struggle with anxiety as a result of some other mental condition like being on the autism spectrum. Circumstances like this can make you feel like a victim! In many cases, perhaps you WERE the victim. If this is you, then I am really sorry for what you have been through! However, it is important to know that you can leave this trauma in the dirt where it belongs.

You are not a victim.

In fact, when we realize just how powerful we really are, everything changes.

You are a co-creator of your reality.

The world is not happening TO you.

YOU are happening to the world.

When you wrap your head around this truth, it changes your life. For me, I began to see how I was CREATING more anxious situations because I felt like this was where I needed to be… It is what felt normal. When we get stuck in these sorts of situations, we forget that it is not normal to be anxious. In fact, peace is what is normal. When we finally “get it” that we gravitate automatically towards where our bodies and minds are comfortable, we see how we continue to re-create the same patterns over and over again.

Here’s the truth: you CAN change this reality. You have that power. In fact, right now, you might be creating patterns in your life that continue to keep you stuck in an anxious cycle that you struggle to break-out of experiencing. Trust me, I have been there before myself! It can be tough to look in the mirror and understand that you have complete responsibility over your life…

Now, I am not saying that it is your FAULT that your life is how it is… In fact, it is certainly not your fault. You have suffered some sort of trauma in your life that placed you in exactly the situation you find yourself today. However, once you embrace your power, you now have the RESPONSIBILITY to change. You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to the world to find your voice and heal your life. There is so much that you can contribute.

There are thousands waiting for you to find your gift, your voice, and your message. If anything, you owe it to them to make this happen… No matter how hard it might be to change your mind about how your life works and operates.

No. 6. Counseling!

I have worked with the Talkspace Online Therapy service now for two years! It has been amazing.

Have you heard of Talkspace before? It is an online therapy app and website where you are matched with a therapist who is exactly suited for what you are struggling to overcome… This is a fantastic way to receive personalized help for whatever is happening in your life. Through Talkspace, I was able to find a therapist who specializes in helping adults who struggle with autism and similar issues. She has also helped me crush my anxiety, realize and accept that I am gay, heal from previous trauma in my life, and seriously educate my world-view and how I fit into my life. It has been amazing.

If you have any inklings that counseling is for you, definitely try Talkspace! You can click here for $50 off your first month. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Conclusion: How To Cure Anxiety!

Do we ever “cure” anxiety?

Again, we learn how to take that anxious energy and re-direct it into the excitement that it can become!

Although when we are in the midst of anxious energy, it can be impossible to understand that the grass IS greener on the other side. When anxious energy is present, there is also the energy of excitement. In fact, that is all that anxiety really is! It is excited energy that is harming you. Instead of being excited and filled with joy about the life you are experiencing, your brain is focused on the fearful and negative aspects of what might be lying ahead. Honestly, this is a normal reaction to “the unknown”. When we understand that it is a normal emotion, we might feel more empowered with our ability to change.

The methods here in this guide can help… However, at the end of the day, it is YOU who will do the healing. When you REALLY are ready to be free from anxiety, you will make the choice to dedicate yourself to destroying anxiety once and for all. Instead of just learning coping mechanisms for anxiety, you understand that you create your reality… If anxiety is present, it is ultimately our own choice. It is what we do with that energy that matters. Instead of suffering from anxious energy that is tearing you apart and causing health issues, you can re-direct that energy in a positive direction.

YOU have the power.

YOU can change your life.

It is time to decide and realize that you deserve to start overcoming anxiety and using that energy for positivity instead of letting it control your life.

Again, I was right where you might be today… If you need help, reach out to me! I am here. Send me an email at if you have questions! I will be in touch <3