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Why Being Autistic Prevented Me From Realizing I’m Gay

High Functioning Autism And Me

High functioning autism explains most of my life. From the time I was young, I always felt a bit disconnected from others. As a young kid, I was homeschooled and did unaware of high functioning autism altogether. My parents and peers never had any suspicion I was on the autism spectrum. Most of my days were spent fairly disconnected from the world… I would spend hours and hours in my basement playing World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, Empire Earth, Warcraft 3, Halo 2, or whatever other video games I was currently obsessed with playing. High functioning autism did not really show its face until I got married, joined the Army, and moved away from home. I attended college first at Howard Community College (still living at home) and then transferred to Lycoming College in PA where I completed Army ROTC. Lycoming College is an extremely small College with about 1400 students total. Honestly, the reason I chose to attend such a small college was because I felt overwhelmed by the noise and environment at the larger Universities I had visited. In hindsight, this is one of those situations where high functioning autism certainly reared it’s head a bit to influence my decision making process.

Overall, my life prior to moving overseas was easy.

I had no idea what was waiting in store for me when I shook up my routine and began to venture into the “real world”…

Psychedelic Mushrooms

Before we dive more into the story of HOW being autistic has affected my life, it is important to share how I came to realize that I’m autistic in the first place. I feel this part of the story is crucial to share because it involves a substance that is about to be debated more publicly in the next few years: the psilocybin mushroom.

Psilocybin mushrooms are currently a schedule 1 drug in the United States of America. Despite continued research showing the long-lasting benefits of psilocybin mushroom in therapy, our fungal friend continues to remain highly illegal. However, there is a chance this could shift in the 2020 election. In the state of Oregon, there is a significant possibility that voting for the legality of psilocybin-active mushrooms will be on the ballot! Although we are still a ways away from having the actual law on the ballot, there is good reason for optimism. Oregon has a history of open-minded thinking towards recreational and medicinal drug use and it seems like the legalization of psychedelic mushrooms would find many advocates in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. However, obviously, there will be opposition towards this legalization from across our host of usual suspects when it comes time to actually vote. This is why it is important to share stories of the MASSIVE benefits of psychedelic mushrooms to pre-empt the case for their legalization when the time comes.

You see, psychedelic mushrooms saved my life.

High Functioning Autism Discovery

It all began when I was having troubles in my marriage.

After graduating from college, I got married to my girlfriend at the time and we moved overseas to Germany. Problems began happening almost right away. You see, I became a different person almost overnight… My now-Wife felt trapped in a new situation with a person that she felt she no longer recognized. It was as if I had transformed from a kind, well-meaning, and relatively “put together” person into a scared child practically in the blink of an eye. Over the course of a few weeks, I became increasingly selfish, self-centered, and borderline neglectful of my partner. Alone in a new country, she felt helpless.

I blamed my new job.

I thought it was all the fault of this 9-5 lifestyle that “forced” me to wakeup early, go to a job that I hated, and come home frustrated. I blamed everyone but myself. At the end of every day at the office, I would come home to my Wife in a terrible mood and take out my frustrations on the relationship. Typically, I would either come home and rant about my day or I would just stew silently while she made an attempt to have a good time and a “normal” relationship with her husband. Over time, she began to speak up about what was happening and how she felt. When she told me, I felt terrible. I felt like I had wounded the most important person in my life.

I would promise to change and then immediately go back to the same pattern.

I would make excuses for why we did not have a good sexual relationship.

I would constantly think of myself, my own needs, and not even realize what emotional support looked like in a relationship.

When she would try to explain what she felt was missing and have an “adult conversation”, I would just break down in a fit of crying. I would not even be able to have a conversation about what was happening because I was so emotionally overwhelmed by a situation that I did not understand.

You see, it was as if I could not even understand what was missing from the relationship. At the time, I felt completely overwhelmed by new job, adjusting to moving to a new environment, changes in my relationship status, paying bills, and the shift towards adult life… I could not even begin to comprehend more “high level” aspects of life such as emotional support or understanding for my Wife… This cycle dragged on for about a year. This was certainly the hardest part of both of our lives. Our internal states truly reflected out into the world around us: we had few friends, no purpose, and we lived in a small German village where no one spoke english. We were becoming desperate for a better life.

High functioning autism was still completely unknown to me. I had no clue that this was the root of so many of my problems…

In order to give myself some purpose in life, I started Podcasting. It began with the Mat-Tricks BJJ Podcast focused around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although this gave me some purpose and momentum in my life, it actually caused my relationship with my Wife to get even worse. I began to use the podcast and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in general as an excuse to not deal with my relationship problems. At this point in the story, we had moved to a larger German city, gained some more friends, and I had moved into a slightly better job. Suddenly, times were not quite so desperate as they had been… In my little autistic brain, this meant that I could somehow spend LESS time with my Wife (where the problems were at) and MORE time “making a better future” by podcasting and going to Jiu-Jitsu everyday.

Things began getting much worse for us. Although our friendship remained strong, the romantic side of our relationship was completely dead. Furthermore, because of my new obsession with podcasting and going to Jiu-Jitsu everyday, she felt increasingly more neglected and felt as if I did not care about our relationship.

Continuing to be tormented by not understanding what was happening and why I continued to fail in my attempts to improve the relationship, I became desperate. I was looking everywhere for answers.

She would continuously tell me that it seemed as if I had no empathy. Honestly, when she would say this, I struggled to even wrap my mind around what “empathy” actually meant. In hindsight, this should have been a bit of a clue as to what was really happening…

I turned to the psychedelic mushroom. I had heard through the Joe Rogan Podcast and the Warrior Poet Podcast with Aubrey Marcus about the power of mushrooms (and psychedelics in general) to change lives, hyper-speed personal development, and increase empathy. It sounded like something that would really help me to achieve what I wanted.

I managed to acquire some psychedelic mushrooms. Over the course of a few experiences, I gradually increased my awareness with my emotions and began to unlock certain aspects of my personality and process previous traumas that had happened throughout the course of my life. We were moving in the right direction. More importantly, suddenly, I was acting more emotionally connected with my Wife… Suddenly, I began to understand more about what she was saying during our talks. I was beginning to see things from her perspective and understand how that was actually supposed to “work”.

It all changed around my fourth or fifth experience with the mushrooms…

This experience changed my life forever.

During the experience, I suddenly was able to “know” intuitively that my Wife was another person.

I realized in an instant that a part of my mind was somehow “cut-off” to the idea that she (and everyone) was her own person, living her own life, with her own story, her own life that happened when I was not around, her own thoughts, and furthermore that I was a character in HER story just as she is a character in mine. Most importantly: I had the overwhelming sense that I need to respect her story, her experience, and her thoughts. I realized instinctively that my thoughts are not more important than hers… That my story is not more important than her story… That my life is not somehow more important that hers. If anything, hers is more important than mine! That is the meaning of love, after all, right? Placing someone else before yourself.

Of course, this is all stuff that I had previously known LOGICALLY… However, I had never FELT any of this before. I had never had the intuitive KNOWING that a “Neurotypical” person apparently walks around having 24/7.

During the trip, we hopped on Dr. Google and began to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Over the course of a few hours of learning all about this new thing called “High Functioning Autism”, we got to the bottom of what this thing is called:

“Theory of Mind”.

Have you ever heard about “Theory of Mind”?

It’s the intuitive KNOWING that other people are people too.

It’s that connective sense that Neurotypical people possess that helps them understand that they are existing as pieces in the puzzles of another person’s life. The intuitive expression and understanding that they are not alone in this world… That everyone else is also involved in this “game of life”. This realization completely changed the course of my life because it helped me understand that I’m on the autism spectrum. Without this clear example of what I was “missing” from life, I would have never made the effort to change… Without the experience of realizing that my Wife and everyone else is also here living their own life, I might have never changed. I probably would have just stayed set in my ways. I would never have realized my purpose in life, accepted that I’m gay, and gone onto having a healthy and loving relationship with my Wife (who has now become just my best friend).

High Functioning Autism Prevented Me From Realizing My Sexuality


High functioning autism is sneaky because it hides in plain side. Again, in hindsight, I see very clearly where I was somewhat at the whims of the disorder without realizing what was happening. At college, I was a total loner. I avoided people because it felt a bit overwhelming. I hated going to parties because it was too loud and I always felt really awkward. Mostly, I stayed in the library at the same computers every day working on homework or browsing the internet. I loved martial arts… I still do! Actually, for a side note, here’s a post on my martial arts journey and how it influenced my personal development:

High functioning autism did not really effect my life until I got married. You see, I had been doing Army ROTC during my time at Lycoming College and had commissioned as an officer in the US Army Military Police Corps. I was going to be stationed in Germany for three years. At this time, my girlfriend and I decided to get married so she could come. After all, she was my absolute best friend and we wanted to continue having fun together.

We got married and moved to Germany. Almost immediately, high functioning autism reared its head and the real problems began to emerge. Keep in mind: I still have no clue about high functioning autism or any of the details of how this works… All that I know is that my life SUCKS. For whatever reason, It’s difficult for me to function at my new job.

Meanwhile, my relationship is falling apart practically right from the beginning. Although the friendship between us is still strong, I’m realizing that I’m not a very emotionally supportive spouse.

High functioning autism was at the root of so many of the issues that I had… Now, when I finally found out about it, things clicked… For the longest time, I absolutely hated my life. I was miserable, things were just getting worse, and it felt like I was cursed with a terrible life. This is about 1.5 years ago. My marriage was getting worse and worse.

It wasn’t until I unlocked the ket to evolving my mindset and connecting with my spirituality that things began to shift. I learned about the Law of Attraction, I learned about self love and acceptance, I began to get to the root of some serious limiting beliefs. So many limiting beliefs around self acceptance, self approval, and self love began to emerge. What was the result of this intense period of self discovery?

Well, I’m gay. It explained so much… It explained why my emotions were always overwhelming me. I had blamed this high functioning autism thing but really it was unexpressed sexual emotions that were locked up inside. Once I began this period of self love, self acceptance, and self realization, everything changed. High functioning autism is a superpower. All that needed to change was ME and how I view the world, myself, and my “disorder”. My life radically changed. Share this video with someone in the event they’re fighting a battle you know nothing about.


Psychic Abilities 101

Psychic Abilities and Human Evolution:

Are psychics real? Oftentimes, whenever you talk about “psychic power” or say the word “clairvoyant”, you are typically met with raised eyebrows. Our civilization generally regards psychic abilities with skepticism and disbelief. Tarot card reading, astrology, spiritual readings, psychic medium workers, and others like them are often regarded as fakes, scammers, or irrational.

Psychic abilities are gaining interest in our world. Despite the story of them being “not real”, psychic power and clairvoyant abilities are gaining massive popularity in the online world. Thousands of folks are becoming curious about psychic abilities and how they develop. Psychic abilities have a sort of mythology and special draw. Why is that the case? People are searching for answers to experiences that they cannot explain. Spiritual practices are increasing. In a surreal sort of way, as the internet expands more people are exposed to psychic abilities and spiritual practices… In general, holistic lifestyle seems to be rising.

Psychic power is an exciting topic. Personally, I believe that the emergence of psychic abilities is a “symptom” of the evolution of our species. The expansion of the internet has revealed that hundreds of thousands of individuals have come together to ask “Am I psychic?”. What causes mass amounts of people all over the world to start to wonder about clairvoyant abilities, psychic power, tarot reading, and more? Perhaps there is something going on. Despite skeptics and doubt at the collective level, individual people are searching for answers around psychic abilities. When hundreds of thousands of people come together to ask questions around psychic abilities and wonder about their development, this is certainly a topic to discuss and explore.

Psychic Power and Consciousness Evolution:

Is mankind evolving? The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. The ramifications of this expansion is absolutely enormous. The internet allows a view into how the collective mind is feeling, thinking, and continuing to grow. By connecting all of mankind together, the internet facilities the evolution of the species.

Psychic abilities are evolving as a result of the expansion of the collective mind. It would appear that developing psychic abilities relies on awareness. When a person realizes the potential for developing psychic power or clairvoyant abilities, it is more likely they will be able to actually realize that potential.

Clairvoyant abilities are expanding. As more people step into this realization, individuals are working to find information about developing psychic abilities.

Emmie “Evolving” Nikolina is one of our most gifted “psychics”. She works to help folks connect with their spiritual power and receive guidance throughout their growth. She uses the power of the internet to spread awareness around psychic abilities and help her audience find guidance, peace, and greater awareness around their own psychic power.

Psychic power and their potential is something to be explored. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Emmie comes on the show to talk about the evolution of the human species and how the expansion of the collective consciousness is facilitating the development of psychic abilities. Let’s explore this topic together and see what we can discover.

Psychic abilities can be confusing. If you are looking to improve your understanding of how to unlock that power, make sure you go to Emmie’s website by clicking this link. Emmie is releasing some information products to help you unlock your own spiritual awakening and psychic abilities.

Psychic Abilities In 2019

Psychic abilities are gaining more traction and interest here in 2019. As the internet continues to expand and our collective consciousness starts to awaken to its real potential, we are beginning to realize the true ability of our minds. As we learn more about spiritual power and the connection between intuition and psychic power, we start to realize that we have somewhat psychic abilities already!

Are psychics real? Well, effectively we are all psychic! Right now, you are reading these words from somewhere that could be anywhere in the world! Meanwhile, I am typing them here in “middle of nowhere” Missouri. Technically, we are engaged in a sort of telepathy. Here’s an example of what I am discussing… Imagine this story:

“There is a blue bunny sitting on a tall stool inside of a dark room. There is a light shining onto the bunny. The light is about six feet in height and illuminating just how blue this bunny really is. As a door creeks open, we see this blue bunny perk up its ears and dart away!”

Right there is an example of REAL telepathy… Through the power of the internet, I was able to transfer an image of a blue bunny, a dark room, a light, and a creeky door. All of these images made their way into your brain where you pictured them in your mind’s eye.

Obviously this is a bit of a silly example but I hope you see my point. Through the power of the internet, we are engaged in a constant form of real telepathic communication. My thoughts are being communicated to you. The same has been happening through books for thousands of years but we have not really paused and examined the phenomenon because it was not happening at-scale. Thanks to the internet, you can be engaged in a sort of telepathic communication INSTANTLY with people in Greece, Spain, Thailand, China, and the United States all at the same time via your Facebook or Instagram feed… Suddenly, their thoughts are being transmitted into YOUR mind via a form of telepathic communication. This is an example of how the internet is providing the conduit for development of somewhat psychic abilities by serving as the manifestation of our collective consciousness made into a navigation-able and browse-able form.

Here in 2019, this is becoming more profound! We are headed for a psychic future where the proliferation and expansion of the internet will lead to potential development of real telepathy. This is a contention of mine: the internet and emerging tech like VR technology will facilitate the development of REAL psychic power and abilities in the same way that training wheels prepare you for riding a mountain bike years later.

Consciousness Evolution In 2019

Conscious evolution, synchronicity, and neuroscience seem to be merging. In today’s world, consciousness is being discussed at greater scale and degree than ever before. Instead of quietly wandering and wondering, today’s spiritual practitioners are taking to a more global stage via YouTube, Podcasting, blogging, and chatting in Facebook Groups all over the world…

The internet is our collective consciousness manifested into the world. Right now, if you are reading these words, you are engaging in a sort of conversation or dialogue with me… You might even add to the conversation by commenting on this blog post… This is a perfect example of conscious evolution and symbiotic psychic power because suddenly two independent neurons of the human collective consciousness can now speak to one another, from anywhere in the world!

Conscious evolution refers to the idea of human minds coming together to create a more beautiful world. By furthering the spread of information through channels like YouTube, social media, podcasting, or blogging, we can collectively evolve our collective consciousness and help one another achieve the next level of what we’re working to achieve both independently and collectively! It is a beautiful time.

Conscious evolution might come in a number of ways… There is more interest in today’s world around synchronicity, psychedelics, psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and a number of other facets of human evolution. Meanwhile, AI technology, VR technology, blockchain, and the expansion of the internet in general is taking on an entirely new dimension of the human experience. Together, these fields will lead to a brand new experience of the human life and I don’t think we can call ourselves “Homo Sapiens” for too much longer…

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Nick Pereira and I talked about the potential for developing super powers and psychic abilities here at the edge of human consciousness evolution! It is a powerful time for us collectively and the repercussions of this expansion of human consciousness are absolutely amazing. Let’s dive into this topic and see where it goes!

Want to learn more about Nick and everything he is doing to help spiritual coaches and entrepreneurs sell more effectively without resorting to unethical schemes and overused marketing tactics? Check him out by clicking this link here.

Nick is an initiated member of the Hare Krishna society. What is a Hare Krishna? Effectively, Nick and others like him are followers of the Hindu god Krishna. Do you know much about Hinduism? There are many misconceptions… One of them is that Hindus believe in millions of gods. In fact, Hindus believe in ONE god and they believe that god takes infinite forms. One aspect of god is you, another is me, another is this computer I am using to type these words, another is a tree, another is Krishna, another is Vishnu, etc. etc… Although Krishna might be seen as a “higher level” of this god-force…. one that exists on the spiritual plane of correspondance… This aspect of god is still very-much accessible to us humans. The difference is one of degree instead of one of type. The same can be said for angels, ascended masters, spirits, and even other “avatars” of god like Buddha or perhaps Jesus (depending on which Hindu you ask).

Nick and I spoke about the importance of individuality within the combined collective. In 2019, there is often some confusion around this idea of a collective consciousness. While it is important to recognize that we are all one collective, there is also much to be said for the individual. Although you (reading this) and I are one and the same and both originate from the same god-source, we are each different personalities and aspects of that divine force. By believing in this way, a person is able to see how they are an individual soul here on an independent journey. Although we maintain that connection to a divine source of “all-things”, we still retain our originality and our own sovereign journey. Quite an empowering belief!

Psychic Abilities… “Am I Psychic”?

“Am I Psychic” is a question many people have here in 2019…

Well, YES! That is really the answer… As our collective consciousness begins to become more apparent, we realize that we are all one and the same. Effectively, you and I are linked. We are all part of the same “whole… The same biosphere… One consciousness. Have you experienced a phenomena where you and someone in your friend group or network have an idea and then everyone else seems to have that idea? This sharing of the same ideas is happening more frequently as we all begin to realize the depth of our connectivity to one another.

On this show, Jax Atlantis and I discuss the idea of whether or not the internet is hindering the developing of psychic abilities… We also got into talking about Artificial Intelligence overlords, ancient civilizations, and some other craziness. Enjoy!

Psychic abilities are here… In fact, we have always had these abilities. The more we learn, the more we understand that we are all connected to the same psychic source and that developing psychic abilities is really just a matter of reconnecting with that spiritual power that ALL of us already have inside. How do we connect with that power of spiritual awakening? Well, sometimes it can be difficult especially given the rather traumatic environments many of us inhabit here on earth. Unfortunately, there are many who are still stuck in the “Old Story” of Separation…

Psychic abilities and spiritual awakening is inevitable. It is a part of who we are… At our source, this ability to harness psychic power is indistinguishable from our intuition. If we believe in the power of intuition, then we already believe in some form of psychic abilities. When we trust that little voice inside ourselves that urges us to do more, be more, create more, strive for more, and contribute more to the collective consciousness and our fellow-humans, then we are tapping into that psychic power already! Indeed, this is really what psychic abilities are all about: connecting with the collective consciousness.

Is it possible to do crazy things like levitation or telekinesis? What about remote viewing? I believe that these things are possible… Indeed, I have spoken with some individuals who have claimed to have these sorts of experiences… Is it real? Is remote viewing real? At the end of the day, we can trust only our own experiences. However, as quantum physics begins to expand more into research and thinking about the nature of consciousness and fundamental building blocks of reality, we begin to see how all of the universe is composed of some sort of a wavelength… In other words, the foundational building blocks are a sort of frequency, sound-wave, or something similar in nature.

If all of reality is a wavelength, then it makes sense that we could impact that reality with our own psychic power… By achieving a heightened energetic state of psychic abilities, we could use the power of our minds to affect the world around us… By doing so, we are tapping into the law of cause and effect and using our willpower to affect our world.

Psychic abilities like levitation or telekinesis might become possible when we step into this power. Before we can totally embrace our own psychic abilities, more education and research must be done. In the same way that Roger Bannister achieved a “four minute mile” which resulted in others quickly completing their own “four minute miles” in the sport of racing, it might take this belief before we see mass awakenings in the realm of psychic abilities. Once folks begin to see evidence of psychic abilities and experience others having this ability, our collective consciousness will shift towards believing more in ourselves and our psychic power. Although it can be argued that we have these abilities TODAY, it might take evidence and real proof before people begin to experiment seriously in their own psychic abilities at-scale. However, once this mass awakening and interest in psychic abilities begins to develop, it will cause a ripple effect throughout the collective consciousness that could rapidly increase the development of these psychic abilities.

So… Yes! You very well could be a psychic… We all might be 🙂 <3

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Have you had experience with psychic abilities? Let me know below! I’m really interested in everything to do with harnessing psychic power (as you might realize by now) and would love to hear your experience. If we widen this conversation inside our collective consciousness, it is reasonable to think that psychic abilities might develop at a faster pace. It is a very exciting idea! Let’s see where everything goes.


New Technology 101

New Technology And Future Human Evolution:

New Technology innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality are emerging onto the world stage. The outcome of this innovation is beyond our comprehension. Why is this the case? As the newest technology emerges, human beings will radically change. Our wants and desires will evolve. The evolution of mankind is at hand. Imagine this future: instead of using a phone to browse Facebook, there is a chip that is implanted into a person’s brain when they are born. This chip is integrated with AI technology that allows a person super-human intelligence that our future selves will consider normal.

New technology innovations will change how humans interact with one another. New technology has the power to radically shift how we define average human existence. It is difficult to predict a world where all mankind carries in their minds an embedded AI technology super-computer. The implications of this new technology emerging are profound.

Future technology affords humans god-like ability. Once the average “human” is wearing contact lenses (or reconstructed eyes all-together) that project virtual or augmented reality onto the physical plane, it is difficult to make the argument that this being is still a “homo sapiens”. New technology in the Blockchain sector gives each person the ability to serve as their own governing authority. Once this has been realized, it is no longer necessary for governments to be in their traditional role. Humans will have less dependence on those institutions.

How long will this take to happen? It is hard to say. New technology is being developed at high-speed and becoming more efficient all the time. This evolution could take fifty years or five depending on the integration of new technologies into their own development. In other words, once AI technology is able to create Virtual Reality technology, it is difficult to predict the speed at which those new technologies are developed.

New technology is complex by nature. This post is an ever-evolving document where the latest and greatest updates from the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast will be shared. As the show evolves, so will this post! If you are interested more specifically in Jobs of the Future, check out this post.

AI Technology:

AI Technology is perhaps the most important new technology to analyze. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult. Why is that the case? It is evolving fast. Additionally, latest developments in the field of AI technology are kept a bit under wraps for competitive and security reasons. To make matters more complex, folks at the top of the food chain in AI technology are often lightyears ahead of “Average Joe” when it comes to comprehension of this new technology. In other words, it would take a few years for them to explain to Average Joe what exactly is happening.

Latest technology innovations must be understood. Given the idea that these new technologies are advancing the evolution of the species, it is imperative that Average Joe understand what is happening. After all, if Average Joe is going to have their life entirely disrupted by AI technology, it is fair to say that they deserve an explanation, no matter how complex.

Dan Faggella is a man who has stepped up to fill that role. Through his work with TechEmergence, Dan breaks down the complexities of AI technology to share with his audience. Geared towards helping business leaders understand Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, Dan and his team interview leading experts in the AI technology space. The interviews are then transformed into detailed articles that help business owners and “Average Joes” all over the world understand exactly what is happening in AI technology news.

New technology like AI is here. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, Dan and I dive into how AI technology will advance our economy and ultimately our species. If you are confused by AI technology, this is a show that will breakdown some of the common questions around this new technology and shed some help on where our species is at today.

Want to check out more about what Dan Faggella is doing? If you enjoyed this episode of the show, you will enjoy watching either one of his TedX talks. Check them out here:

AI technology and latest trends in business can always be found at Techemergence. If this is a topic you enjoy, definitely check them out. Dan hosts a fantastic podcast that dives into this topic in detail. In this interview, Dan Faggella talked about two key concepts: the potential for humans to become “digitized and digested” and also the idea of job security in the age of Artificial Intelligence. To read more about those topics, check out the associated blog posts by clicking those links.

New Technology Is Automated

New technology often relies on automation as part of its “definition”. When assessing the use and value of a new technology system such as machine learning algorithms that can help a business automate work, the key factor in assessing usefulness is how automated the technology itself manages to be. In other words, if the new technology requires a lot of oversight, maintenance, and user training, then it is not nearly as useful as it could potentially be to that business owner.

AI Technology is highly relevant to the business community because it allows small or large businesses to automate much of their work.

In today’s world, the idea of automation companies disrupting the job industry can be quite fearful. For a majority of people in the world, the idea of losing their job to an automated machine learning system seems quite real. Given that a large portion of the world performs jobs that seem quite “robotic” by nature, the fear of losing one’s job to a robot seems scary, looming, unpredictable, and almost inevitable to the point of being depressing.

Is this fear “real”? Should we fear automation? Is new technology going to displace much of the job market and replace them with AI technology?

There is certainly some cause for concern but it seems as if that concern is applied mis-correctly. We worry about the “wrong” problems.

For example, instead of worrying about the fact that our corporate jobs rely on employees acting robotically and performing series of monotonous and “soul-draining” tasks, we worry that those jobs will be replaced by actual robots.

Rather than debating whether or not we even need to continue having 9-5 jobs, we complain and suffer emotionally over the idea that our 9-5 jobs could potentially disappear.

Is there cause for concern? Absolutely. However, the “concern” should be applied towards answering these questions rather than complaining, worrying, and fear-mongering over the loss of outdated systems that need to be replaced and outgrown. Indeed, we are experiencing the growing pains of the human species into something far beyond where we are at this moment in time. Automation and other forms of new technology are here to disrupt everything we know about the nature of our world and provide an entirely new paradigm for existing as humans. However, this should not be feared. Instead, we must converse and analyze the means and modalities that are beginning to emerge and new technology takes the stage alongside humanity as potential allies in this experience we share.

Emerging technology can be used to serve mankind. Even now, in today’s business world, there are hundreds (if not thousands) forms of new technology and automation companies that can be utilized to help a person grow their business and improve the quality of their lives. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I talk to Hector Santiesteban about automation and its role in the development of the human species into something more profound. We chat about the fear-mongering around these systems and whether or not that fear is warranted.

Automation is like a hurricane coming out way.

It is pointless to debate whether or not the hurricane should happen. What matters is how we react and adapt and change with that hurricane. Being the entrepreneurial types that we are, we can invent creative ways to utilize this new technology in ways that can benefit and heal the species. Instead of worrying and speculating about the fearful possibilities of this new technology, we can instead utilize that AI technology to really drive forward our species. What matters is education and the creative abilities of our own minds.

AI Technology And Human Evolution:

New technology like Artificial Intelligence have the potential to completely transform the human experience. In “the future”, it is likely that we will experience a world where we have artificially implanted limbs and organs that are upgraded versions of what we have now. Yuval Noah Harari discusses this phenomenon in his book “Homo Deus”:

“Cyborg engineering will go a step further [than Biological engineering], merging the organic body with non-organic devices such as bionic hands, artificial eyes, or millions of nano-robots that will navigate our bloodstream, diagnose problems and repair damage. Such a cyborg could enjoy abilities far beyond those of any organic body. For example, all parts of an organic body must be in direct contact with one another in order to function. If an elephant’s brain is in India, its eyes and ears in China and its feat in Australia, then this elephant is most probably dead, and even if it is in some mysterious sense alive, it cannot see, hear or walk. A cyborg, in contrast, could exist in numerous places at the same time. A cyborg doctor could perform emergency surgeries in Tokyo, in Chicago and in a space station on Mars, without ever leaving her Stockholm office. She will need only a fast Internet connect, and a few pairs of bionic eyes and hands.” (Homo Deus, P. 44)

AI technology has the potential to radically shape the human experience. The more we imagine and develop advances in this new technology, the more profound our realization of the human potential in this domain. Indeed, it is quite clear that we are approaching a new era of the species that will extend beyond Homo Sapiens and into something entirely different and new.

Here’s how it might begin: at the moment, artificial limbs are used most often to heal injured Soldiers, debilitated individuals, accidents, and other sorts of terrible injury. Similarly, when steroids were first introduced, they were used only as a medicine for certain conditions that required their special aid. In the same way that steroids made their way into the consumer market, artificial limbs and organs will begin to creep into the market.

New technology like artificial limbs and organs will be used to upgrade humans instead of only healing… In the same way that steroid injections are now used to upgrade healthy individuals into something more productive and capable of greater work capacity. Obviously, there are issues with steroid use that can result in serious health conditions. However, the fact remains that they are nowadays commonly used to upgrade healthy humans into a stronger, faster, and more capable version of themselves. New technology will become similarly used in the relatively near future, as soon as artificial limbs and organs are more generally acceptable in the eyes of society. At the moment, this new technology is still on the cutting edge of modern scientific literature, research, and communities. As soon as these new technology products are deemed more “consumer friendly” or “market viable”, it will become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Merging with AI technology or other forms of new technology will begin in the upper classes of society. In the same way that a smartphone used to be a luxury item, bionic limbs and VR technology eye implants will be the domain of the elite for a number of years. However, as these things tend to do, the price will drop and the average consumer will be more able to upgrade themselves into super humans.

However, there are many concerns with this implementation of new technology into the human experience…

AI technology and artificial limbs that can blend with human bodies have the potential to rapidly evolve humans into something entirely new. When this is fully understood, we begin to understand that there is a clear possibility for the elite members of society to evolve into god-like beings, leaving the average person (meaning, roughly 99.9% of the species) in the dust. In a sense, this is a new version of “survival of the fittest” that will depend on a person’s income levels.

Suddenly, providing equal opportunity and financial ability to “Average Joe” becomes a matter of allowing “Average Joe” to make the jump forward into the next stage of human evolution.

Failure to do as such might result in “Average Joe” missing the evolution into god-form that seems to be awaiting the human species. Personally, I believe that if our species is able to integrate with AI technology and gain immediate awareness of the collective consciousness that manifests itself as the internet, we will become quickly aware of the moral repercussions of leaving “Average Joe” in the dust. We might mourn the tragedy of leaving behind “Average Joe” in the same way we mourn the Crusades, the genocide of North America when the Europeans invaded, or slavery in the United States. Once we are more aware of the idea that “Average Joe” is an integral part of the collective consciousness, suddenly we might mourn the idea that this individual’s voice is missing… We finally understand the true potential of “Average Joe” all over the world, only to have a realization of just how much we have lost by not helping that individual make the jump into hyperspace alongside the rest of the newly evolved species.

What are the ramifications of this evolution? What are we working to achieve? What should we do?

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Anton Harrison-Kern and I talk about the co-evolution of AI technology, the human species, and other forms of new technology. We dive into the ethical ramifications of the evolution of human beings and talk about how we might possibly bring “Average Joe” along for the ride as we collectively transform into cyborg god-beings.


Anton Harrison-Kern is a serial entrepreneur out of Australia. He is an advocate for immortality, integrating with AI technology, and the co-evolution of our species with new technology. On this show, Anton and I talk about the ramifications of merging with AI technology and how the human species will continue to evolve over the next few decades.

Is immortality possible?

You see, we may never reach a point where we are “immortal”… However, it is highly likely that sometime over the next 20-30 years, the medical industry will experience an absolutely massive breakthrough. For example, we may invent nano-robots that can dissolve tumors, eliminate diabetes, and remove all viruses from the body with a simple yearly “nano-robot scan” or whatever we decide to call it… This will allow the species to live another 30-40 years. Now, instead of the average person dying at age 80, “Average Joe” is dying at age 120. Meanwhile, similar developments are happening in stem cell therapy, collagen restoration, and other technologies and treatments that allow human beings to appear younger and essentially BE younger, especially once genetic manipulation comes into the mix.

Now that we have an extra 40 good years to play around with, we go back to the labs and engineer ANOTHER 20-30 year medical breakthrough… Something that the minds of today cannot predict (that’s the whole point). The likelihood of such a successive number of breakthrough developments in medicine is highly likely. While this is all happening, folks like Elon Musk are developing and furthering self-driving cars that will allow us to reduce car accidents and other “common” causes of accidental death.

Suddenly, immortality does not seem so crazy.

Virtual Reality Technology:

VR technology has the potential to radically shift our world. Have you seen Ready Player One? Movies and books like this one are important to analyze. Why? They are predicting the next stage of human evolution with a great deal of accuracy. I am not suggesting that Ready Player One is guaranteed to happen. However, it is an important prediction of how new technology will shape our world.

VR technology is here to stay. The Oculus Go is groundbreaking in its availability. Although the technology is not too advanced right now, the ramifications of virtual reality systems that cost $200 is absolutely massive. Don’t think the Oculus Go is impressive? Give Oculus and the other VR technology companies a little time and they will radically change our world.

As Virtual Reality and other new technologies emerge, our species must facilitate the expansion of our spiritual and mental development. To avoid a future where we are all 400lbs and sitting around on the couch stuck in our virtual reality systems, we must cultivate personal fulfillment. What is the antidote for a future where new technology rules the world? Personal development. Spiritual awakening. In order to take advantage of these new technologies, our species must evolve in our ideas about the world and how we relate to our development.

VR technology is important to analyze. Personally, I believe it to be the most “dangerous” for the short term development of the human species. Why? All a person must do is examine the radical impact video games have had on health and personal development. I absolutely love video games. However, their impact on the health of our youth cannot be denied. More than ever, it is easier for a kid to spend all day inside binging on video games. Once VR technology is developed and more readily available, it will become a public health crisis if we are not careful.

The reality of a future spent on the couch while we live our lives in virtual reality systems is all too possible.

Emerging technology is important for us to discuss. Here is an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I talked to Aaron Louis Rosa. On this show, we talk about VR technology and its various uses. If you are interested in how virtual reality systems will shape our world, this is a great show for you to watch.

VR technology is expanding. Without a simultaneous expansion of the human consciousness and spirituality, there is a very real threat. Fortunately, I believe that this will not be the case. With advances in spiritual awakening and overall holistic living, it is likely that our species will survive the cut. New technology should be used as a tool for our spiritual awakening and personal development instead of a plague that brings us down. In order to make the jump forward in true human evolution, the growth of each must happen simultaneously.

Augmented Reality Technology:

AR Technology could potentially be more disruptive than VR technology. Although it could be hard to conceptualize this future, augmented reality technology has the ability to project a virtual world out onto our physical plane. If this becomes a standard way of living life, we will experience a “mixed reality” state where the distinction between the virtual and physical world becomes blurred. Now, I am not saying this is “bad” by definition. However, again, it is imperative that we have conversations about how to continue to improve holistic living and overall health so that new technology serves to enhance the human experience rather than destroy our health.

Are you looking for augmented reality examples? If AR technology is something that is new to you, it can be hard to conceptualize how this new technology plays a role in the development of our species. In fact, I have found that many folks simply do not understand augmented reality in any degree. If you are looking for augmented reality examples, check out this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with Reekita Shah Alias Gala.

AR technology can be difficult to predict. As with all emerging technology, the impacts of augmented and mixed reality have yet to be felt. When Pokemon GO launched on the scene, our civilization saw a preview of what is to come. Suddenly, new rules, laws, and regulations were being considered. Within a few weeks of the game’s release, there had already been a few recorded deaths as a result of playing the game. Think this is a fluke? Get ready folks. The world will become quite weird once AR technology is more fully developed.

Augmented Reality can get built into contact lenses. Furthermore, the book Homo Deus talks about the idea that our eyeballs could eventually get replaced by enhanced organs equipped with super-vision, binocular ability, augmented reality, and VR technology. One more example of why it is imperative we consider public health and holistic living when discussing new technologies.

Voice Control

Voice recognition technology is on the rise. Whether it’s Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, or ol Bigsby every tech giant seems intent on getting in on the new wave of voice control technology. What is voice recognition technology all about? If you have been living under a rock these last few years, you may have missed the introduction of Alexa and similar products to the marketplace. If you think voice recognition technology is a trend, watch this keynote speech from Gary V from a few months ago… You might reconsider your view.

Voice control isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the technology is only improving and set to takeover all other forms of search. Already, folks are more likely to post to Facebook or Twitter when looking for the answer to a question instead of actually searching Google. With the introduction of voice control, searching for information becomes even easier. Have you ever been frustrated when Siri or Alexa gives you a shitty response to your question? These machines are growing and improving constantly. Give voice recognition technology a few more years and I think you will be surprised with the level of accuracy that is developed.

Voice control when combined with other new technology can give us some heavy thought experiments. For example, consider the integration of voice recognition technology with VR technology. In just a handful of years, it will be possible to summon your virtual reality experience by simply saying “Alexa, launch Oculus”… Or something… Suddenly, your room transforms itself into a virtual world thanks to the VR technology optimized contact lenses you are wearing.

Voice control comes with a great deal of suspicion. Is Alexa a spy working for the CIA? Jeff Bezos’ deal with the CIA sure raises some eyebrows.

I wanted to get to the bottom of all this… On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I interrogate my Alexa device to get some fuckin’ answers.

All joking aside, data security and privacy are serious issues. In order to understand the ramifications of new technology, it is essential to discuss the issue of data security and privacy. The human species is evolving and we are going to experience a world where it is difficult to hide anything from anyone. Why? Because we are realizing that we are all one. We are all the same.

New Technology And Data Privacy

Personally, my view is that the world is coming together. The human species is evolving. The internet is connecting us to a degree never before seen. Folks are beginning to freak out a bit because of the level of accuracy they realize these voice control devices (and technology in general) have when it comes to delivering advertisements and the like.

Here’s the deal with privacy concerns: we are concerned with the fact that the “evil government” is gaining more access to our information. The fear is that we are going to become constantly advertised to, spied upon by an evil government, and that everyone is going to know everything about us (somehow).

As a result of this fear and concern, we collectively fear anything to do with data proliferation. Whenever we learn our data and privacy has been stolen, we freak out! We are up in arms about the issue.

However, the REAL issue to be concerned about here is the “evil government” or “evil corporation” on the other side of the equation.

The people we fear who might be spying on us. The groups of actual people (like you or me) who are allegedly spying on us and using our information against us. When it comes to discussing data security and privacy, it is important to realize what the REAL question is asking. We are not automatically concerned about data for the sake of data… we are concerned about WHO has access to that data because we envision some evil power that is able to threaten us from afar through spying or unwanted advertising.

If we truly fear our government, we should do something about that. It is well within the power of our civilization to change the leaders who are elected over us. Obviously, in less privileged countries, this may be another story. However, thanks to where the species is heading, I do believe that less advantaged countries will find themselves in more favorable conditions with new power over their leaders relatively soon. Again, the species is evolving and old paradigms are going to vanish.

When it comes to advertising, it is important to recognize that new technology simply means new ways of delivering advertising. Advertising has been around since the dawn of capitalism. Until the capitalist system shifts (if it ever should or will is a different story), advertising will remain no matter what new technology is developed.

In today’s world, folks are advertised to constantly. Looking around my apartment as I write this blog, I notice brand names, logos, and advertisements from a variety of brands right here in my own home. As the internet advances and data is shared more frequently and easily, these ads will become more accurate to my specific needs. In my mind, this is a good thing! I WANT advertisers to have more data about me so that they can send me great deals that are specific to exactly what I want to buy. Of course, I am personally involved in digital marketing so I do have a bit of a bias in that direction. Regardless, I see the use of data to make my life easier as a good thing given the fact that advertising itself is not going anywhere.

New technology means new ways to make money, until we do away with money all-together.

When it comes to more people having access to your personal information, folks become concerned. Will Jeff Bezos and the CIA know about what’s going on with my dying son? Will Betty from down the street somehow learn about the marital issues I’m having?

As the internet continues to expand, these questions will become all the more profound and surreal. If we look at the internet as a modality or means by which we are all connecting and evolving together, it is true that more folks might have access to personal information about your life. Indeed, my life is broadcasted somewhat freely over the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. There are times where I’ve gotten pretty vulnerable on the show (here’s an example) and there is certainly some level of discomfort associated.

New technology is evolving our species. When we end up at the height of this new leap forward in human evolution, it will be more normal to know details about one another. Already, we see the tremors of this. You probably know all sorts of personal information about folks you haven’t seen in years (or perhaps never met in real life) just based off posts they make on social media. As the internet expands and our species evolves, this phenomenon will become more frequent.

In a sense, it is something we will have to become used to experiencing…

However, this is not a negative thing. With more knowledge about one another, we gain empathy. We realize that other folks are going through the same trials and tribulations as us. When we experience a more profound and intuitive knowing of this fact, we begin to understand that other people ARE us. We are all one. We are all the same.

Data security and privacy issues will only get more profound. Why? Because at the end of the day, we are all the same. We are different versions of god embodied in incarnated forms. This is the truth of the human experience. Once this is more realized and well known, data privacy will not be as big a concern because we will understand that there is nothing to fear.

Blockchain For Dummies:

Cryptocurrrency and blockchain technology can be a bit confusing. Despite the Cryptocurrency crash we are currently experiencing here in November of 2018, the actual blockchain technology is incredibly powerful and revolutionary. Effectively, the end result of blockchain technology is that it gives you and me the ability to trade goods and services without using a third part (like a bank). Never before in human history has this been possible.

Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrency. Digital currency you hear about such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin are forms of cryptocurrency that is powered on blockchain technology. What does blockchain do? Well, effectively it allows you and I to make transactions knowing that our transactions are secure, legitimate, and trustworthy. This is certainly a “blockchain for dummies” explanation but effectively the technology allows you and I to reliably trust the validity and security of our transactions through a process of a distributed ledger and peer validation.

Blockchain for dummies is the point of this post. If you want a thorough understanding of blockchain technology, I highly recommend this inexpensive course on Udemy that will get teach you more about blockchain than probably 99% of people through some short and informative videos. The course teaches blockchain technology from a developer perspective but also a theoretical and philosophical perspective and the two are split into different modules for you to consume however you like. In other words, those of us who are just looking for “blockchain for dummies” instead of an in-depth explanation of how to actually code blockchain will have our needs met.

Blockchain technology can be understood as such: basically there is a distributed ledger that is shared across the network of computers and devices tapping into that specific blockchain. A “blockchain” is basically a history of transactions that anyone can view. For example, if you send me 5 bitcoin, there will be a “block” that shows all the details of that transaction (you sending, how much was sent, and me receiving). That “block” is then locked and put into a “chain” with the other “blocks”… Hence the name blockchain.

Blockchain technology becomes complex when we try to understand HOW these blocks are locked. Honestly, I am still learning the specifics of exactly how these systems are secured but essentially the transactions are validated by several hundred “miners” who are logged into that blockchain network. These real life people (several hundred or thousand of them) independently validate every part of the transaction to ensure its validity. The specifics of how this works, how the miners are paid, HOW they actually validate the transaction, different methods of validation, different numbers of miners for different blockchains (bitcoin blockchain vs. ethereum blockchain for example), and so on is where this all becomes incredibly complex.

However, long story short of “blockchain for dummies” is that these real-life people validate blockchain transactions.

What Is A Distributed Ledger?

Distributed ledger is a strong factor working in the favor of blockchain technology when it comes to security. Blockchain for dummies explanation here is that every individual person with access to the blockchain network has their own copy of the entire blockchain history. In other words, if someone were to attempt to “hack” the blockchain and modify a previous “block” in the “chain”, it would be easy to detect because that individual would only really be able to hack one specific blockchain copy. If Bill, Fred, and Ted are logged into the blockchain and Ted decides to try and hack the system, Ted might be able to hack Fred’s copy of the blockchain but Bill can identify the error because he has his own independent copy.

Blockchain for dummies is a topic I enjoy. However, if you want a more in-depth breakdown, I highly recommend this course on Udemy to make the most of your blockchain education.


Cryptocurrency is one item that can be traded on the blockchain. Effectively, digital currency is currency that is able to be traded over blockchain technology. Is crypto dying? In November of 2018, we are experiencing a dramatic downturn in fortune for cryptocurrency as the market has seemed to crush for our digital friend. If you are following new technology closely, you will know that blockchain technology is the real horse to bet on in this race vs. trying to understand which specific coin will rise to the top. However, this is an important question and situation to analyze because cryptocurrency is the financial backer for blockchain technology in general.

Matthew Aaron is the host of the top ranked podcast Crypto 101. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Matthew and I breakdown the current situation with the cryptocurrency market and answer the question of whether or not the cryptocurrency market (and blockchain technology in general) is poised for a collapse. If you are interested in blockchain technology and the future of crypto, this is a great show for you to watch:

Matthew and I dive into the future of crypto and discuss alternative solutions for blockchain technology. Honestly, I personally believe that cryptocurrency is one of the worst applications for blockchain technology when it comes to actually introducing this technology to the market. On this show, we discuss voting over the blockchain, the use of smart contracts in crowd funding or crowd ownership, and a number of other creative ways this technology can be applied to our evolving and changing world.

New technology is evolving the species. When these technologies combine with psychic abilities, spiritual awakening, and other esoteric principles, our world will never be the same. If you examine other times in history when a massive leap forward in history occurs (like the Industrial Revolution or the Renaissance), the new technological marvels are introduced alongside philosophies that always seem to go hand in hand. At the point in history we find ourselves today, this is happening again. Once new technology and spiritual principles meet at the top of the ladder, the human species will find itself at an evolved state.


Elon Musk might announce Neuralink any day now…

What is Neuralink? It is a way for our brains to directly interface with the machines. Essentially, it’s a way to merge with AI Technology and allow the human brain to take on some of the characteristics that we would typically associate with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Elon Musk has been quietly developing Neuralink in some secret laboratories as his way of helping the human species survive our encounter with AI Technology. Elon Musk believes that we must join with the AI rather than try to beat them. From his perspective, this is the only way forward.

I tend to agree with that sentiment. Merging with AI Technology is clearly the most beneficial and “safe” way forward. At this point in human history, we can either destroy AI technology, be destroyed or replaced by it one day, or we can merge with the AI through a modality like Neuralink.

Oddly enough, all of this coincides with some profound psilocybin mushroom experiences I had years ago. On those experiences, it was revealed to me that the human species was evolving and that soon a sort of technology would arrive that would allow us to have more instant access to the internet… Essentially, hyper-accurate cliff-notes for all content.

This seems to be Neuralink.

When he was on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Elon Musk explained that there’s two problems with the merge with AI Technology: bandwidth and user interface. In other words, we had to solve the issue of speed of how quickly we can gather data… and we also have to give ourselves a platform or portal via which that data can be viewed, collected, and engaged with.

He said Neuralink seeks to solve the bandwidth issue.

Ever since the experience with the mushrooms, I’ve been working with a team on the user interface piece… unknown really to the details about Neuralink.

Here’s the thing: it’s not just me.

Since starting on this journey, I’ve encountered many who are developing similar platforms… All of us heading towards some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. We are always bouncing around ideas and collaborating where possible as we head towards this supposed end-state.

The collective species is evolving. Neuralink is the missing piece of the puzzle that will jumpstart the human species way beyond Homo sapiens.

Here’s an episode of the show where I broke down everything that’s about to happen thanks to this new technology. Neuralink has the potential to upgrade the human species into something that is beyond where we are today. Once this technology is fully integrated into the human species and becomes more mainstream, I don’t think we can call ourselves “Homo Sapiens” anymore… That is where we are heading thanks to the power of new technology.

I would encourage you to closely follow developments with Neuralink and how it might be tied in with AI Technology. This new technology might transform our species essentially overnight with the advent of connecting with machines and allowing for information to flow seamlessly. Effectively, we could become Neo in the Matrix and “know kung-fu” in a matter of moments as our brains begin to download information at a higher rate of speed and time. This information combined with the advent of increasing content curation on the internet itself to ensure the cream rises to the top will collectively work hand-in-hand to transform our human experience. Following the developments in this new technology is absolutely paramount.

New Media

New Media like podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs are taking over our world.

We are collectively sick and tired of the old model. We are sick of fake looking reporters reading from tele-prompters and having fake conversations where they cannot deviate from the script. It is insulting to take complex ideas and attempt to distill them into 3-5 minute talking points meant to drive more fear into our world for the purpose of satisfying corporate funding. Collectively, we are waking up one person at a time to the promises of “new media”.

What makes podcasts and blogs so powerful?



These are powerful forces that increase empathy across borders. In general, new technology gives us the ability to connect with each other at an increased level. In today’s world, we can chat with folks across continents instantly via social media or any number of online forums or messenger apps. Although it might take a moment for this wave to take hold, new technology will create a wave of empathy that will be difficult to squash in any regard.

New Media is an essential part of this transformation. There is a reason that Joe Rogan receives millions of downloads every month. His show is three hours of authentic conversation that sends a powerful message of self expression, individual responsibility, hard-work, critical thinking, and introspective awareness. In this format, millions of people every month are exposed to an authentic expression of the human experience that is incredibly different from any content produced by FOX, CNN, or any other corporate news outlet.

We are collectively saying “finally… some real shit”.

Have you thought about the absurdity of our situation for the past few decades?

The average person spends a majority of their time at a 9-5 job. At this job, they are told to act “professional”. There are certain words like Fuck and Shit that are not to be used. They live in a state of fear and separation from their boss and fellow coworkers for fear of being “found out” over some menial task or piece of work they maybe were worried about doing or not doing. When they return home (driving on the man-made highway in a man-made car), after traveling through traffic of the rest of the species doing the same, they generally watch some TV. On the TV, they’re watching sports, fictional shows, or the news… All of which are not really an accurate portrayal of the human experience. What happens on the weekends? Go to the movies… Watch the game… Go out drinking with friends. For many folks, this is life.

It is all fake. There is no realness.

New Media is shaking this up. Now, on a person’s drive to work, they are listening to Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus talking about psychedelic journeys in the Amazon rainforest… Or maybe they’re learning history from Dan Carlin… Maybe they’ve got their favorite YouTube channel playing in the background. When they get home, they watch some of their favorite YouTube creators or maybe read their favorite blogs. The ripple effect is massive.

People are stepping into reality… Into the true human experience. Into the better world our hearts know is possible.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien show, Zerin Beattie from the Xpand Podcast and I talk about the changes brought about by New Media. We chat about this phenomenon and the effect it has on our world. Check it out!

We are existing in a time like no other. The world is rapidly shifting and new technology like New Media outlets are rapidly shifting how we view the world around us… There is unprecedented access to our fellow humans and it is only increasing. In a few decades, the level fo awareness available to the “average person” will be truly profound. I can’t wait!

Personal Development Through Business Building

Personal Development Via Entrepreneurship: Is It Possible?

Personal development is a key result of the process of building a business. In my own life as an entrepreneur, the process of starting a business is a cornerstone of my own personal and spiritual growth. By building a business, a person undergoes an intense process of overcoming limiting beliefs and unlocking our true soul power. Personal development is an inevitable part of the process. Growing a business is intensely difficult and many folks unfortunately fall by the wayside throughout the process.

Spiritual growth is inevitable during the entrepreneurship process. Why is this the case? What really seems to happen as we grow a business is that we unlock the key desires and needs of our soul. The individual discovers the reason their soul incarnated here onto the earth. If done correctly, entrepreneurship is a creative and self-realizing process that inevitably leads to a wealth of personal development and spiritual growth.

Personal development is a vital part of the human experience. On the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we often dive into the idea of personal development and how it factors into human evolution and ultimately the growth of our collective mind at the species level. After interviewing and knowing many entrepreneurs, I am convinced that the process of building a business is a shortcut towards this personal growth and spiritual development we are all intuitively chasing. Here is a breakdown of what I have learned:

Self Development Is Key In Business Building:

Starting and growing a business is an intense process of personal growth and development. There is nothing harder than overcoming limiting beliefs to start, pushing through hardship to continue, and continuing a personal development plan in order to thrive. It’s a process of reaching deep into your soul power, personal development like no other, going to depths of your mind, and pulling out some gold to give to the world.

Chris Albert and I dive into this topic on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. On this episode, we chat about the process of personal development and spiritual growth undergone during the process of starting and growing a business. With multiple years of experience coaching for the London Real Academy, Chris has seen hundreds of new entrepreneurs begin this intense journey of personal development.

Chris also went through this journey of self improvement himself by starting and growing Warrior Soul Agoge, a lifestyle brand that supports Military service members and veterans. Chris knows better than anyone the intense self development it takes to grow a successful business. Let’s talk about this process and how it can aid in evolving our lives and taking everything to the next level:

Personal development is not easy. Throughout the process of growing a business, mistakes are often made that can set a person back a great deal. Having a mentor, coach, or consultant can help significantly with this process. In fact, working with someone further along the path will accelerate the process considerably. If you are looking for some help in this process, Chris has started a coaching program to help folks grow their business to where they want to be in life. If you want to watch his free class and learn about this process, click this link to learn.

Psychedelics Help Personal Development

Do Psychedelics Help With Personal Development?

In today’s world, there is a resurgence around Psychedelic substances. Whether it’s ayahuasca, shrooms, salvia divinorum, MDMA, or even cannabis, there is a renaissance around psychedelics and how they can aid mankind. Thought leaders like Joe Rogan, Dennis McKenna, Aubrey Marcus, and many more are stepping up to change how the human species deals with psychedelics at the civilization level. Do psychedelics really help with personal development? There is mounting evidence that this is the case.

Psychedelics have been taboo for some time. Since the sweeping Controlled Substance Act of the 1970, psychedelics have been forced underground. Similar to ancient days when esoteric practices were demonized by the early Christian church, psychedelics have become hidden. Unfortunately, the personal development that can happen as a result of psychedelics has disappeared along with the substances themselves.

Psychedelics are making a resurgence. In what would seem a dark moment for humanity, psychedelics have returned to the spotlight. On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I chat with Paul Kaufman about this resurgence and how psychedelics can aid in personal development. Paul is involved in the legal cannabis industry in Oregon and he is an advocate for how psychedelics can be harnessed to assist in personal development. Paul is also an MMA fighter and BJJ practitioner with a deep understanding of personal development from a more generalized perspective.

Let’s dive into the show!

Ayahuasca For Personal Development

Ayahuasca is a sacred vine that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Well, more specifically, it is a combination of several plants that are brewed into a psychedelic drink that is said to connect the drinker with “Mother Ayahuasca”: a spiritual entity that delivers deep insights into that persons life. Personal development is a significant reason why entrepreneurs, business executives, life coaches, and advanced practitioners across a variety of fields are escaping to the Amazon in order to meet with Mother Ayahuasca.

Why is Ayahuasca great for personal development? According to users, it gives a person deep insight into the blocks hindering their personal growth and development. Countless testimonials come out of the Amazon rainforest about the personal development that comes from drinking Ayahuasca. Why is Ayahuasca gaining traction? As civilization continues forward, motivated people are finding it more difficult to connect with deeper truths and limitations preventing them from personal development. Psychedelics like Ayahuasca assist in a users ability to experience spiritual and personal growth due to the nature of the intense experience.

Want to learn more about why Ayahuasca is excellent for personal development? Luke Furguson came on the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to discuss how Ayahuasca changed his life and aided in spiritual growth. Luke now leads expeditions of people down to the Amazon rainforest in order to experience Ayahuasca. Listen to our interview here for a great example of how psychedelic “drugs” like Ayahuasca or Psilocybin Mushrooms can aid in personal growth:

Want to know how to visit the Amazon to do Ayahuasca? Check out Luke’s Facebook Group: Travel Peru. This is a fantastic place to learn how to experience this powerful psychedelic substance. Personal growth and spiritual development is the key behind what Luke is doing and this is a powerful place to get connected and learn about your options.

Psychedelics Aid In Spiritual Awakening

Psychedelics are a powerful medium because they help us connect with ourselves at a deeper level. In my case, psychedelic mushrooms were paramount in spiritual awakening. Before I tried psychedelic mushrooms, I felt incredibly disconnected with my emotions and my “higher self”. Spiritual enlightenment was a topic far removed from where I was headed at that time.

Men in the 21st Century find themselves at a confusing time. How can a man connect with their emotions at a deeper level? Spiritual awakening is a n important part of life and emotional connection is a key element. If a person is disconnected from their emotions, they are disconnected from their Selves and unable to progress up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This was certainly true in my case.

Psychedelics can help men connect with their emotions at a deep level. Indeed, it is hard to deny the life changing impact of the psychedelic experience, especially with plant medicines such as psilocybin mushrooms, psychedelic cactus, ayahuasca, or even cannabis. Want to learn more about the interrelated nature of Psychedelics with spiritual awakening particularly for men? Check out this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with Jason Bernardo.



Jason is a life coach who helps men experience healthier relationships. On this show, we talked about psychedelics and their role in helping men connect with their emotions at a deeper level. Whether its Ayahuasca, Salvia Divinorum, or MDMA, psychedelics have a powerful ability to help a person unlock their deeper emotions. This is a valuable tool for men in the 21st century.




Limiting Beliefs And How To Destroy Them

“Limiting Beliefs” And How To Overcome Them:

Building self esteem and overcoming limiting beliefs is at the heart of all real success. More than ever, folks are looking to answer the question “How do I identify and overcome limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs are those beliefs that are holding us back from achieving our goals and our potential, often at a subconscious level. Here’s the thing about limiting beliefs: it can be incredibly difficult to identify what they are and move through them towards our full potential.

Limiting beliefs are defined as beliefs about the world or your own self that are holding you back from achieving your potential.

For example, perhaps you have always wanted to start a business. For years, you have played around with the idea of creating a Podcast or YouTube channel but you cannot find the confidence inside yourself to get started. What is at the root of this poor self esteem? Oftentimes, limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”… “I don’t deserve success”… “I will not figure out how to succeed”… and so on.

Limiting beliefs are poisonous. They are holding back the next level of human evolution. If you have read Charles Eisenstein’s book “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” then you have probably heard of the idea of Consensus Reality. This theory details the idea that the world is only the way that it is because our species collectively believes that this is how things need to be. In other words, war and famine only continue to exist because our species collectively believes that this must continue. In a sense, we have limiting beliefs at the collective level. Following this train of thought: it is our moral and ethical obligation to overcome our own personal limiting beliefs so that we can contribute to the collective mind and move the human species into a more beautiful future (how’s that for a bold statement?)

Before we dive into HOW to overcome limiting beliefs, let’s discuss WHY it is so important.

Limiting Beliefs Hold Back Innovation.

Overcoming limiting beliefs is a popular topic in the entrepreneur community. Whether you are listening to Tony Robbins or Grant  : , there are hundreds of examples of accomplished entrepreneurs who discuss the importance of improving mindset, building self esteem, and imaging greater possibilities. This concept is at the heart of Napoleon Hill’s landmark book “Think And Grow Rich”.

Why is it so important for entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs? If we examine the way world economy functions, we begin to understand how integral entrepreneurs become to moving the species into a healthier future. Why is this the case? Imagine if Bill Gates had never created Microsoft because he did not believe it was possible. Think about how our daily lives would be if Henry Ford did not invent automobiles because he did not believe himself worthy of success. What about if Elon Musk never dared to create SpaceX because he thought it would never work?

Entrepreneurs are driving forward the evolution of the species. When it comes to creating innovating ideas and introducing these to the world, entrepreneurs require a ton of belief in themselves, their idea, and the world itself. All great innovations begin as a powerful belief in an entrepreneur’s own ability and the world in general.

Evan Carmichael is a driving force in helping entrepreneurs believe in themselves.

Evan hosts one of the top YouTube channels in the entrepreneur community to help aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs create a healthier mindset and increase their belief.

If the human species is going to thrive and survive, we are going to need powerful entrepreneurs who maintain a powerful sense of belief in themselves, their ideas, and the world in which they live.

Evan helps people overcome limiting beliefs, create a stronger mind, and achieve their potential.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, Evan and I talk about the power of overcoming limiting beliefs and the importance of this mission. There are millions of people in the world who have potential to create massive change and our modern world needs these individuals more than ever before.

Overcoming limiting beliefs is an essential key to the formula of how we can move our species into something healthier, stronger, and more capable of change. Enjoy this episode and do something today to change your beliefs about yourself, your world, and your own potential.

Entrepreneurship Builds Self Esteem:

Overcoming limiting beliefs is an essential part of becoming an entrepreneur. Indeed, oftentimes it is a powerful exercise to just get started! Even if your YouTube channel or Podcast goes nowhere, the act of getting started and creatively expressing yourself is an incredible way to begin identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that hold back your life in general. However, nowadays, there are more than enough ways to ensure that your project succeeds and truly makes the impact in the world you know is possible.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I’m talking to the great and powerful Miles Beckler. Miles and his wife Melanie are the masterminds behind Ask-Angelsone of the top brands in the spirituality niche. Miles also hosts his own YouTube channel and website where he helps entrepreneurs learn digital marketing skills in order to achieve financial freedom through a lifestyle business.

Building a business can be an intense process of spiritual growth. On this show, we talk about the process of overcoming limiting beliefs through the journey of creating multiple online businesses that Miles has experienced. We also are going to hear about Miles’ spiritual growth and his own personal process of destroying limiting beliefs as he marches towards ever larger goals.



Want to learn from Miles Beckler more personally? Miles just launched a mastermind group. This is an online membership where I am personally receiving massive value from the content and coaching. If you are looking to overcome limiting beliefs, grow your digital business, and achieve your goals, I highly recommend checking out Miles Beckler’s Mastermind.

In this Podcast, Miles mentions a video that he created about the power of the subconscious mind. Want to check out that video? You can watch it here on Miles’ YouTube channel. This is an outstanding summary on how Miles has overcome limiting beliefs in his life and built a more abundant mindset particularly around money. When it comes to overcoming limiting beliefs and switching from a scarcity to abundance mindset, this is a great video with some outstanding tips. Check it out:

Want more on the topic of why overcoming limiting beliefs is important? Check out this post about the Law of Attraction. Click here to read that blog post here on the website. If you have ever wondered whether or not the law of attraction is real and how limiting beliefs play a factor, that post will begin to spell out what’s real. Here’s the challenge with the law of attraction: taking action and overcoming the limiting beliefs affecting your subconscious mind is absolutely huge. Do not miss this crucial step.

In the interview above, Miles mentions two separate occasions when wealthy Europeans donate large amounts of money towards wildlife conservation. As our species evolves and we continue to come to grips with the idea that we are not separate from the planet, more folks will begin to believe that it is possible to save the world. If you want to read more about this topic, click here or click here!

Limiting Beliefs Undermine Your Goals

Why should you worry so much about overcoming limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs hold us back subconsciously from reaching our goals.

Have you ever set a goal and then not succeeded? Have you ever failed to keep a New Years Resolution? Have you ever spent time with a coach, counselor, or significant other and really dialed in some goals, only to fail yet again? Why does this keep happening?

From what I have experienced, limiting beliefs are the chief enemy of our goals. Oftentimes, when we are not achieving our goals, it can be confusing to determine why this might be the case. It is difficult to see how we can continue to fail and keep ourselves in a negative cycle of repeating the same patterns over and over. When this is the case, we forget to see how our limiting beliefs might be at work. We forget that our limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world are sneaky: they hide in plain sight, hidden in “reasons” that sound more logical to our minds.

Have you ever failed a goal related to your health? These are all too common in our world. Why is this the case?

Oftentimes we fail because we lack a certain level of determination. When we set a goal and strive to turn it into reality, we are placing a level of faith and trust in ourselves and in the method. In the case of establishing healthy diet and exercise habits, we are trusting that these methods (whatever they are) will work. We are holding to faith that our efforts that must consistently happen over long periods of time will ultimately yield results. We will not see results overnight. When it comes to building real strength, conditioning, and overall health, we will oftentimes experience an up-and-down cycle inside our heads that pull us around.

Here’s the thing: it can be difficult to stick to this course because there are many distractions in our world. Ultimately, deep in our minds, we probably KNOW that it takes a lot of time, consistency, and effort to see the ultimate result we are looking to achieve. However, it can be easy to get distracted and pulled away from this path because we watch a new video that convinces us we need to try a different workout method, a new “superfood”, a new supplement, etc. etc… Why do we fall for these tricks?

On the other side of the coin, we oftentimes fall off the bandwagon for a few days and then find it difficult to get back on. Why is this the case? We KNOW that there will always be ups-and-downs on the pathway to success. Subconsciously (or even consciously) we are completely aware that the path to ultimate success and fulfillment will not be a straight and linear path. Why do we fail to get back on the bandwagon when the inevitable peaks and valleys make themselves known?

Limiting beliefs. In my experience with improving my life, losing weight, implementing healthy habits, starting businesses, martial arts, and more, I have found that it all comes back to limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world.

These are the poisonous thoughts that burry themselves in our subconscious mind, just below our levels of awareness.

They hide under logical “reasons” that we tell ourselves… Going back to our weight-loss example: when we deviate from our path and pursue some “get-fit-quick” scheme that we secretly KNOW is never going to work, we are doing so because we subconsciously believe that we do not deserve to succeed. We hold a limiting belief in the depths of our mind that says “It is not possible for my plan to work because I am not able to succeed in this direction… Therefore, I should follow this guru’s advice and try this alternate method”… This is how we end up cycles of bouncing between workout plans, diet routines, and more.

Limiting beliefs hide themselves. For example, if you are continuing to fail to start a business that could one day replace your 9-5 job, you might be telling yourself “there isn’t enough time in the day to make this happen”. When you get home from work, you might gauge your energy levels and assess that “I don’t have the energy to do this”. In your mind, this is quite logical, right? If you tire yourself out at night and sleep poorly, you might not be able to perform at peak capacity at your 9-5 job tomorrow. If you lose that job, you could lose everything! Therefore, you logically reason your way into never getting started on that business.

Here’s the kicker though: you are being haunted by some limiting beliefs that keep many folks trapped in lives they hate.

Limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough to figure it out”… “I am not made like those who succeed”… “Successful people are better than me”… “I cannot figure it out”… “I’m not creative enough to find a way”… All of these are limiting beliefs that steal our happiness and rob us of the experience we could enjoy as humans.

Here’s the truth: to make a real impact on the world and change your life, it takes commitment. It takes a level of trust in yourself and your own abilities. It requires faith in the processes that have given success to others. More than anything, it necessitates that you believe that you can be successful. In order to make a lasting commitment to yourself and your goals, you must believe that you can ultimately succeed, that you deserve success, that you are made like those who succeed, and that your work will pay off down the road.

There is no “get rich quick” or “get fit quick” scheme that actually works… Anyone telling you differently is lying.

Real life changing results require a commitment.

How do you get started changing your limiting beliefs? The first step is identifying what is holding you back. If you have not already, I put together a Free Course on how to identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You can get that course by clicking here.

Resolve to not be a slave to your limiting beliefs. You can make a change in your life that will echo through history. Make it so. You owe it to yourself to overcome limiting beliefs and create a better life for yourself, for your family, and for the species.


Jobs Of The Future

What Are The Best “Jobs Of The Future”?

As the internet continues to revolutionize our world and transform our world from the industrial age, the jobs of the future will look radically change. Already, we are seeing more folks who are doing remote work from home or becoming a digital nomad and living a more nomadic lifestyle. Work from home opportunities are burgeoning as more folks demand the ability to remote work from home instead of going to an office. Jobs of the future will look radically different from those that have existed up until this point.

In many cases, true “jobs of the future” might be entrepreneurship. These days, we see many young folks (and older ones too!) taking to their laptops and either taking digital nomad jobs or starting a business they can run online. As a future career, is this something that will become more normal? I think so!

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I’m talking to Tony Whatley about this topic. Tony is an expert in starting a “side-hustle”: a business that supplements your 9-5 income and eventually can become your vehicle for remote work from home. We are diving into Jobs of the Future and discussing why running a job from your laptop might become a more regular form of how human beings operate their day to day lives.


Tony is the author of “Side Hustle Millionaire. Check out his book by clicking here. This is the guide of how Tony grew a side business to over a million dollars in revenue while still working at his 9-5 corporate job. You can also check out Tony on his website by clicking right here.

Side Hustle Lifestyle

As jobs of the future continue to emerge and develop, a phenomena is developing in the 9-5 world: more folks are starting “side hustle” jobs and businesses they work in their free time. Instead of the nuclear family life of getting home at 5 and watching the news, more and more people are utilizing their evenings and nights to operate some sort of side hustle. What is a “side hustle”? Typically, a business, investment opportunity, or second job that is oftentimes accomplished through the internet.

Successful side hustles come in a variety of forms. For example, thanks to websites such as Bigger Pockets or Active Duty Passive Income, there is a rise in the number of individuals who are interested in investing in real estate. Thanks to the education provided by these credible and informative sources, it has never been easier to begin investing in real estate. For many individuals, this is a lucrative side hustle that oftentimes replaces the person’s 9-5 job.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I spoke with Tim Kelly about how to operate a profitable real estate side hustle while still working a 9-5 job. Tim is in the United States Navy and has managed to create and help operate a highly successful real estate investing firm while also serving in the military. Beginning in 2011, Tim started buying properties with his first investment in a single-family property. Today, Tim is centered around multi-family property and intends to acquire 5,000 multi-family homes within the next three years through the partnerships he has created via his side hustle.

If you’re interested in the mindset and strategy behind running a highly successful “side hustle”, this show is a must-listen. On this episode, Tim and I discuss the mindset that it takes to operate a successful side hustle that can eventually grow to replace your 9-5 job. Here’s the issue most folks run into: they get in their own way. They create excuses that are really just hiding various limiting beliefs in plain site.

When we tell our minds that anything is possible and we refuse to create excuses, we can truly achieve whatever we want from life. It is important to set priorities, master time management, and stay up later and/or wake up earlier than everyone else in order to achieve goals. Once we prioritize what’s important and know the motivating factors behind why we are creating a side hustle, suddenly our minds open and we begin to achieve more and more in our lives.

Jobs of the future are changing and going to look radically different than jobs of today. By creating a side hustle, we gift ourselves the opportunity to learn some of these digital skills. By doing so, it is possible to bulletproof against the changing economy that is inevitably going to happen. You see, the world is radically shifting and there is a high likelihood that many jobs will be replaced by AI technology and other forms of new technology. How do you ensure this does not happen to you? Master a digital skillset for the digital age. Creating a side hustle can give you the means to make this a reality and truly begin to achieve more than you thought possible.

It all starts with changing your mind, thinking powerful thoughts, and beginning to imagine yourself achieving more with your life. When we make this mental shift, the entire world opens its doors to the pathway to success. All it takes is shifting our mindset around what is possible and what we can achieve. Ensuring you are competitive for jobs of the future will rely on these key character traits of the human experience.

Jobs of the future come in many forms. It is not strictly necessary that a person become an entrepreneur running a completely online company. Instead, jobs of the future might resemble a format similar to what Tim is doing with his real estate investing company. Given the right mindset and the right strategy, it is quite possible to operate in several industries simultaneously.

How To Be A Digital Nomad:

One of the best careers for the future might be what are called “digital nomad jobs”. What is a digital nomad job? Well, it is typically a type of job that a person can work from anywhere in the world. This gives the individual a type of freedom that is previously unimagined. Why will more work from home companies start to emerge? Well, because it makes financial sense for companies to allow remote work from home instead of paying for an office.

When a company allows employees to work from home, that company suddenly expands their recruitment pool. Instead of being limited to recruits from the local area (or paying for someone to move!), a company can recruit from the entire world. Suddenly, work from home companies seem to have a massive advantage over those sticking to an archaic 9-5 model that dates back to the industrial age.

Here’s the challenge: how to become a digital nomad?

Nowadays, it’s easy to find fake gurus who will teach you all sorts of crazy strategies to live the digital nomad life. Unfortunately, in many cases these gurus are only lining their own pockets rather than those of their students. More often than not, the journey towards starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad involves a few years of hard work in order to build a business.

Here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I talked to Drew Weatherhead about this topic. Drew Weatherhead is the creator of Because Jitsu, a meme website dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Drew also hosts the Submission Ace Championship BJJ tournament in Canada. I brought Drew onto the show because I feel he has a great perspective on how to become a digital nomad and work from home. Check it out:


Have you thought about starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad? Lifestyle design is an amazing opportunity. However, ensure you are following the right steps to escape the 9-5 rat race by creating a real business that will sustain your growth.

What if you do not want to start an online business and become a digital nomad? Remote work from home might be more up your alley. Let’s dive into that topic next!

Minimalism And The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

“Jobs of the Future” might look nothing like a traditional 9-5 job. In fact, as mentioned above, it is becoming far more common for folks to ditch the cubicle in favor of remote work from home or a digital nomad lifestyle of moving around between places. The movement towards minimalism is being embraced by the millennial culture  as younger folks seek to downsize their life potentially into one suitcase or backpack they can use to travel the world and have more meaningful experiences. Truly, jobs of the future could have a pre-requisite of sorts that requires them to be workable from anywhere in the world using just a laptop. In the 21st century, more folks are interested in minimalism and the freedom of a digital nomad lifestyle.

Minimalism often involves dramatically reducing the amount of stuff you have in your life in favor of an easier and less hectic lifestyle. Oftentimes, folks engaging in minimalism will travel the world and live a “backpack” life or “van-dwelling” life but sometimes the person simply enjoys a de-cluttered home that has only the immediate possessions needed to live day-to-day. In addition to the practical side of minimalism, there is also a spiritual element of seeking to de-clutter the mind and spirit via eliminating unessential objects in your daily life. There is also a train of thought that minimalism is healthier for the environment because we effectively reduce the amount of waste and products we introduce into the natural world. For many people, this sort of lifestyle is massively appealing for the sake of providing more freedom and a healthier karmic relationship with the world in general. As discussed in this interview with Daniel Stone, when we respect the world and create a more meaningful existence and relationship with the planet, we enter into a more abundant state of being because we have successfully honored the environment and collective consciousness in which we find ourselves existing.

Conni Biesalski is a minimalist and digital nomad who helps others understand and implement this lifestyle. She is an advocate for holistic living, Yoga, a vegan lifestyle, and the digital nomad lifestyle. On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien show Conni and I  discuss minimalism and how to get started while also exploring the future of the human lifestyle. When it comes to successfully navigating through potential “jobs of the future”, folks like Conni are leading our species towards a healthier relationship with the planet, ourselves, and our fellow humans. To learn more about what Conni is creating, check out her YouTube channel at this link.

Digital nomad lifestyle and minimalism are going to be increasingly popular as the doors open to further travel experiences. The millennial generation is more interested in experience vs. having a lot of “things”… Minimalism could very well become much more mainstream as folks begin to de-clutter their lives, their minds, and explore the world rather than flock to a more “traditional” 9-5 life.

Minimalism is more than just a reduction of physical clutter. In this episode, Conni shared that there is a deeply spiritual aspect of the minimalism lifestyle that centers around the de-cluttering of internal junk. For example, have you ever known someone who has a really messy home full of old junk and clutter? From what I’ve experienced, these are often the same folks who have a lot of internal junk and clutter that they’re avoiding cleaning. A messy attic or closet that hasn’t been cleaned in years oftentimes reflects a messy room in your head or heart that has yet to be totally cleaned out.

Jobs of the future that center around a minimalist lifestyle could be a healthy addition to our culture. By allowing folks to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle that encourages a culture of minimalism and a movement towards decreasing clutter could be incredibly beneficial for mental health, spiritual development, personal achievement, and much more. By furthering and encouraging this development, we do a load of good for our fellow human beings as they go through their experience of life.

Remote Work From Home:

Remote work from home comes in many forms. For many folks, building an online business is not in their interests. Most of the population does not feel called to building an digital business, becoming a digital nomad, managing employees, selling products, or having that be a part of their lifestyle design. That is OK! There are still plenty of options to have remote work from home.

What are the best work from home companies? Good news! There are more coming all the time. For college graduates and young folks entering the workforce who want to explore a remote work option, I always recommend they think about online teaching. Nowadays, there are so many remote work opportunities to teach english to those who want to learn. Here are a few examples of companies that offer remote work from home in the english teaching industry:

Now obviously, do your research and make sure you go for the best online teaching platform for your needs. Is DadaABC better than Palfish? How is Landi vs. VIPKid? Does MagicEars pay more than Palfish or Landi? Etc. These are the questions to consider before one of these remote work from home opportunities. There are many blogs and articles online nowadays (like this one) that compare DadaABC vs. VIPKid vs. Landi vs. MagicEars etc. etc. Make sure you do your research and find out which remote work opportunity is best for you when it comes to online english teaching.

What Other Remote Work From Home Opportunities Exist?

I have several friends making a killing as freelance writers. A great platform that I am currently exploring is Using a platform like this lets you browse all the remote work from home companies who are looking for freelance writers. If you are someone with a writing background, this is a great place to go.

What about remote work freelance opportunities other than writing? Always remember to browse sites like Upwork, Pangian, or Freelancer for some gigs and see what is out there! I know several folks who got started in the online space as a Freelancer before they ever started their own online business. Remote work as a freelancer is an excellent entry point into the world of working on your laptop and potentially living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Honestly, one of the best careers for the future is anything in coding or website development. If you are someone who knows how to code in a language related to Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain (Python or R for example), you will have endless amounts of remote work opportunities. How to learn Python or R? Fortunately, there are countless courses on Udemy like these ones from SuperDataScience teaching you exactly this skill. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to set yourself up for a great remote work from home opportunity for one of these “jobs of the future”.

What Are The Best Jobs For The Future?

Honestly, the best jobs of the future will be in the tech industry. However, I encourage you to understand that the definition of “the tech industry” is rapidly changing. Indeed, just about every future career or remote work opportunity will technology be some sort of “tech” job. Why? Because our species is evolving! Our economy is growing rapidly!

Jobs of the future in Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain development will explode. If you are someone who knows how to code Virtual Reality platforms, you will be in luck! You might be reading this post and thinking “I don’t know how to get started with that stuff”. Well, you are in luck! Nowadays, there are countless ways to learn advanced coding skills.

If you want to bulletproof your future career, your best bet is to explore these emerging technology fields. Jobs of the future related to emerging technology like virtual reality or Artificial Intelligence will be absolutely huge. A person looking to get into one of these industries will find themselves well compensated. Honestly, the barrier to entry is not as high as you might think. It is a matter of studying the right skills on a platform like Udemy in order to gain these skills that will set you up for amazing remote work from home jobs.

Here is an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I talk to Aaron Louis Rosa about Virtual Reality. Aaron is a Virtual Reality expert and uses this technology in his work at the Naval Academy. He is a journalist who has found some innovate ways to incorporate Virtual Reality technology into his career. By doing so, Aaron has “future proofed” his career and ensured that he will be getting some of these “best jobs of the future” whenever they come down the pipeline.


Want an outstanding future career? Get into something like Virtual Reality. Think it is difficult to learn how to code in Virtual Reality? Again, this is something that is easily taught on a platform like Udemy. For an enterprising young person who wants to take advantage of the best careers for the future, learning a skill like coding in Virtual Reality is a great option.

Jobs of the future will always be evolving. Stay up to date on this blog and the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast to make sure you never miss a beat! I will always do my best to ensure you know about the best jobs for the future as they develop. This is a quickly emerging and evolving topic by its very nature but I commit to making Beyond Homo Sapien a one stop shop for analyzing jobs of the future and any work from home opportunities I can find. Stay tuned!

Competition vs. Collaboration

Jobs of the Future are going to be incredibly different than those of today. As the world economy becomes more connected and interwoven with itself thanks to the power of the internet, our civilization will begin to connect more readily with folks from all over the world.

This will open up new possibilities inside of the world economy. Jobs of the future and businesses that lean more towards collaboration with others instead of competing with others very well could have the upper hand when it comes to material success. Ironically, it will be more beneficial to collaborate with others instead of competing just because of the way in which our interconnected network is becoming.

Melissa Drake and I are diving into why this is the case. Here’s a few examples: jobs of the future will be based online at an increased rate compared to those that are in existence today. This will mean that folks who own and operate a small business will achieve a more mutually beneficial agreement when choosing to collaborate with one another vs. competing. Why is this the case? Because it is easier to provide valuable information to each other’s audiences and customers than it is to compete. By doing so, everyone wins.

In the past, it was harder to create these “everyone wins” situations because resources in general were more scarce. However, now that the world is expanding, Jobs of the future that focus more around the idea of collaborating and sharing of resources are more viable and ultimately more profitable because partnering businesses can gain access to each other’s networks and audiences instead of fighting one another for the right to serve the same individual.

Furthermore, folks are developing more developed niches of individuals due to the interconnectivity of our world. In today’s market, it is much easier to find 1,000 people who are geared specifically around YOUR business and what you are offering within a very narrow spectrum. Customers/clients are more likely to work with you based around your personality and just their natural tendency to want to work with you related to what you’re offering in your business. By leaning into this swing, jobs of the future will allow for more collaboration and openness with fellow businesses and also with the customers in general.


Personal Development Through Martial Arts

Do Martial Arts Fit In A Personal Development Plan?

I’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past eight years. When I first began, I was 225lbs and smoked a pack a day of cigarettes… I was nineteen years old when I seriously took to the mats with the goal of losing weight and joining the United States Army. I was dedicated to self improvement and my personal development goals had never been more real.

Personal development had never been where I had invested my time. In school, I cared about getting good grades. In my social life, I enjoyed drinking, smoking, and eating junk food with friends. Overall, a pretty unhealthy lifestyle and overall pretty unhappy life despite some level of academy success. When I decided to join the Army I knew I had to commit to personal development and self growth.

Personal Development Started Early:

My Father is a Judo black belt. He began training in Judo as a young child in Turkey to fend off bullies and defend his brothers. In his life, Judo and the martial arts have been a powerful personal development vehicle that propelled him forward in his life, kept him safe, and allowed for immense self growth and self improvement. He is now also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My Dad first introduced me to Judo when I was about six. We attended a few classes and I remember the hard sting of the cold mats as my first Judo instructor – Naval Academy Coach Edwin Takemori – would toss us around. It was my first brush with martial arts as a vehicle for personal development and self improvement: a taste of what would happen in my future.

I returned to the Judo mats when I was about fifteen. This time, I went as a way to get some social adventure (I was a homeschooled kid!) and to get the personal development track started. At that younger age, I wanted to improve my life, get in better shape, and develop a better mindset.

Judo practice whipped me into shape. I was on the mats for hours every week. I got a little bit obsessed. However, after about a year (and earning my Orange belt!), I gave up. Wanna know why?

I lost In Competition.

I went to my first Judo tournament and got destroyed. I remember that match well: my opponent felt like a brick wall when I grabbed onto his Judo Gi. He beat me in about thirty seconds. After a year of obsessing over Judo, it was a heavy blow. I would not recover for a few years, even though I did not realize it was still haunting me.

So what can you learn from my early failure?

Personal development means never giving up… It means getting back on the mats of life when you fall down. It requires a strong mind to conquer your goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and make something of yourself in this world. As a young kid junior to the world of personal development and self growth, I did not understand these concepts. I never realized that a true champion gets back on the mats after defeat. Had I known, maybe I would have stuck around Judo for a bit longer in the my early childhood.

Thankfully, I’d return to the mats when I was nineteen.

This is when the real personal development began.

Personal Development Knows No End.

I returned to martial arts at the age of nineteen. Why did I come back? I wanted to join the United States Army. Like I mentioned above, I was 225 pounds, smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, and knew nothing about working out or how to get in shape. I was still a junior in personal development. I was a shadow of the person I would become, thanks to the powerful transformative self growth process of the martial way.

Personal development became my obsession. I was fixated on my goal. I started jumping rope twice a day, once when I woke up and once before bed. I changed my diet and started following the Gracie Diet developed by the Gracie family, the founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Eight years later, I still follow most of the tenants of this way of eating that revolves around food combinations and spacing our meals roughly 4.5 hours apart from one another to allow for optimal digestion and energy.


“Martial Arts are a Vehicle for Developing your Human Potential”

Joe Rogan


Self development consumed me. I started doing martial arts five times a week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, I would do Judo class followed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class for a total of three hours of hell. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I went to Ninjitsu class because I wanted to become a Ninja. I still do! When I was not at martial arts practice, I was running on the treadmill in my basement, running sprints at the track near my house, and jumping rope like crazy. Self improvement for me grew exponentially to become my number one priority. As Adam Walker would say, I made Martial Arts the Alpha of my life.

This period of frenzy lasted about a year and a half. As a result of this personal development period, I lost sixty pounds and quite smoking for good. Honestly, it was easy. I was so obsessed with my training that it came naturally to experience self growth and increase my potential. I had joined martial arts again simply to lose weight but found a vehicle for personal development that became addicting, amazing, and completely life changing.

I had begun to adopt habits of successful people. Little did I know, I was on a road that would take me far indeed. Martial arts would become a personal development vehicle like I would not believe. The me that existed ate age nineteen would not recognize the person typing this blog.

Here’s how my personal development journey evolved in those first few years of training:

  • I gained discipline.
  • I learned how to eat correctly.
  • Finally, I understood how to lose weight and workout.
  • My mindset was tougher than ever before.
  • I knew I could do anything…

Have you trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or a similar martial art? Here’s why it’s such a great vehicle for personal development: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is incredibly difficult. There is nothing more challenging than getting crushed by someone fifty pounds heavier than you and working to fight your way out of a bad position. If you’re looking for personal growth and self improvement, Judo, Wrestling, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are shortcuts.

How Can Lessons From Martial Arts Training Serve Your Personal Development?

Self growth and personal development are a key part of the human experience. When we do not explore our fullest potential, we are robbing ourselves of the beautiful experience of self development and self improvement. Throughout my martial arts journey, I’ve learned and grown tremendously.

On the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we often explore the topic of how martial arts assist in personal development. It is a way in which we can spiritually develop our souls and personally develop our minds. It is a great blend of body, mind, and spirit which catapults the practitioner forward in their journey of overcoming limiting beliefs, evolving their mindset, and realizing a greater potential for self growth within themselves.

Want to dive into this topic? Here’s an episode of the Podcast with Charlie Vinch. Charlie is the owner and head coach at Budo Martial Arts Studio in Ewing, New Jersey, and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Phil Migliarese.

On this show, Charlie and I dive into the topic of personal development. Charlie experienced a massive setup in his martial arts journey due to a hip injury that left him practically bedridden for three years. Charlie’s journey back to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats is one that will hold truth and inspiration for anyone, regardless of if they have trained in the martial arts before. Self growth happens in all walks of life. Let’s get into the show:

Personal growth through the martial arts is easy once you make the commitment to attend. Too often, I see folks who start training in martial arts fall prey to their limiting beliefs. Personal development often is not easy and many are left by the wayside. My passion in life is ensuring that the doors of opportunity are open for all… The idea that a person can limit their personal development journey because they fall prey to limiting beliefs is one that I want to conquer.

Personal Growth Continues Forever:

My journey of self development continued after I lost weight through continued martial arts practice. As the years went on, my commitment to martial arts deepened. Although I continue to love Judo (eventually earning a Brown Belt under Sensei Lanny Reed at the Golden Dragon Academy in Williamsport, PA), my attention and passion turned completely towards Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I fell in love with fighting people on the ground, leglocks, and the NoGi (aka without the martial arts kimono) grappling. I was hooked.

After about three years of training, I finally earned my blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Master Pedro Sauer administered my test and I was a nervous wreck when taking the exam. Nevertheless, I persevered and earned the first rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My journey of personal development had given me a reward that meant the world to me: a piece of cloth that embodied blood, sweat, losing sixty pounds, quitting smoking, evolving my mindset, and carrying myself into a new world of possibility.

A sweaty and tired version of me earning a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Master Pedro Sauer

When I returned home from college, I returned to my training. To be honest, this part of the martial arts journey during college was a masterclass in perseverance and returning to the art. There was a period where I began training CrossFit more often than I did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and even stopped training BJJ all-together for about six months. Although CrossFit is certainly another great avenue for personal development and self growth (and a lot of sweat), I ultimately decided to return to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because of the sheer love that I had for the martial art.

Personal development never stops. Part of the battle is to return to the mats… Return to the job that you started. If you continue to dedicate yourself to self growth and self improvement, there is a strong chance you will be challenged. You will go through periods where you do not feel like completing your goal or you get distracted and chase something else (as I did with CrossFit).

It is not about how often you go in a different direction. It is about how often you go back to your goals. Personal development means resiliency and a shattering of the limiting belief that giving up for a small period of time means overall defeat.

Martial Arts as a Spiritual Practice:

So far we’ve discussed in detail how martial arts can aid in personal development. However, can martial arts also assist in a spiritual awakening? Can they be involved in spiritual enlightenment? Personally, I believe that personal development and spiritual awakening are closely linked. Indeed, one cannot be achieved without the other it would seem. One leads to the other in more ways than one.

In my journey, the carryover of martial arts and spiritual practice is evident. A book that influenced my thinking on this topic is The Zen Way To The Martial Arts by Taisen Deshimaru. As a student of the last living Samurai, Taisen Deshimaru presents a compelling discussion on the relationship of martial arts to personal development and spiritual enlightenment. In his discourse, it is suggested that a person is not a true practitioner of the martial arts if they are not also incorporating practices of meditation, spiritual disciplines, and self awareness.

So how are martial arts similar to spiritual disciplines? Well, it is important to see the carryover of how personal development is influenced by a person’s ability and willingness to achieve a sort of spiritual awakening.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with Karla Kelp, we dive into the topic of martial arts as a form of spiritual practice. It’s a great conversation I think you will enjoy:


It is important to recognize the carryover of martial arts to personal and spiritual development. Through the disciplined practice of something like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, our souls can experience themselves overcoming hardship, becoming more resilient, and we can develop in our abilities to interact with each other from a place of peace and understanding rather than violence.

Martial Arts Aid In Spiritual Development:

Personal development is closely linked with spiritual development. In fact, some might suggest that self growth done correctly will always lead to a sort of spiritual awakening. Why are martial arts such a powerful vehicle for this transformation? If you explore spiritual teachings, you find that ego reduction is a massive part of spiritual growth. This is a topic explored in A Course In Miracles, a landmark book in spiritual development.

Personal development is closely linked with ego dissolution as well. Oddly enough, there are few better ways to dissolve your ego than the martial arts. Over time, martial arts create this paradigm shift wherein a person experiences intense self growth because their ego no longer plays such a massive role in their life. For martial artists, this is a key part of how martial arts bridges the gap between personal and spiritual development.

I’m going to be updating this post over time. This is an extensive topic and I intend to cover this topic of martial arts crossing over to personal development in great detail. Look forward to much expansion on this post. Much love!


Alternative Education 101

Alternative Education Is Crucial

Alternative education formats are gaining traction. Why is this the case? Our world is waking up to the reality that education policy reform needs to become a top priority. Already we are seeing the ripple effects across the world. Whether it is Google for Education, Salman Khan Education, movements towards increased homeschooling or “unschooling“, or a variety of other modalities, our collective consciousness has shifted to a belief that we must start changing education paradigms.

It is almost as if we have collectively woken up and realized how backwards our education paradigms have become…

Changes in education are needed. Personally, I was homeschooled. Raised in a Christian upbringing, I experienced firsthand how a lack in an “up-to-date” education system can result in confusion, lack of personal development, and a decrease in social awareness.

Alternative education is on the rise. This is the final step needed in our collective evolution. The human species is preparing for a brand new future and changing education paradigms is the final nail in the coffin, in many ways.

Changing education paradigms and shifting more towards alternative education really is the “Elephant in the Room”. It is the closet in our house that we do not want to clean. It is only going to become increasingly more dirty until we do something to make a change and shift towards a better education system. Alternative education must come into the collective consciousness in 2019-2020 and we must all do our part to make a shift towards a better system.

No one else is going to do it for us… We have to take the Ring to Mordor on this one. The governments of the world will not make this happen on our behalf. Why? Because 1. They do not understand the need for a radically different education system. 2. They cannot act quickly enough, even if they did want to make this happen. 3. They would more than likely get this all wrong because they simply do not understand the new paradigm of a digital economy that we are shifting into creating and experiencing. If we want our world to not suffer from homelessness, unemployment, and increasing inequality once automation becomes more mainstream across every market, then we must make this change at the grassroots level. It simply will not happen unless we do.

Changing education paradigms must become a top priority in 2019. Alternative education must rise if we want to enjoy the true potential of our evolving civilization.It has gone on too long… We must begin changing education paradigms even if it is difficult.

It literally must be you, me, and the friends we encounter along the way.

It is time.

Alternative Education And Mindset

Changing education paradigms means we re-evaluate school from the ground-up…

Instead of trying to work from within the system that exists, it seems more productive to create something new. After all, the whole of information is available to us here at the touch of our fingers. Instantly, we could receive a world-class education on astronomy from Neil Degrasse Tyson, entrepreneurship from Gary Vaynerchuck, physics from Einstein, etc. etc.

What’s the need for the same ol’ model we’ve always had?

Alternative education in 2019 means we build something from the bottom.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Eric Upchurch and I talk about what this ideal “school of the future” might actually look like… What sorts of programs, technologies, and curriculum would this school have?

From our assessment, this school is going to need some serious mindset training!

Thoughts become things.

Alternative education means teaching kids the importance of the law of attraction. Overall, the system should facilitate kids stepping into their own power and learning to create a beautiful world starting from within themselves. By teaching kids to embrace their own personal power, we create a mighty framework that could lead to world change happening within a generation.

We must teach kids the power of their own minds. Our minds are the most powerful force in the universe.

Changing Educating Paradigms Must Happen

Alternative education ideas are diving into the truth that our education systems are broken.

Why is this so important?

Education is the most essential part of the human experience. In many ways, the world itself is a place for education. If you are a believer in reincarnation, you might believe that our souls specifically come to this reality in order to learn, grow, and develop spiritually. By doing so, we grow and learn over a process of many lives that can span into eternity. This train of thought might lead you to think differently about changes in education because we are effectively holding back the evolution and growth of our spiritual bodies by NOT changing education paradigms. In other words, we could be having an enhanced and “enlightened” experience at the soul level if we could only formulate a plan to begin changing education paradigms around the world.

The whole of human knowledge is at our grasp thanks to the power of the internet.

However, our current education policy educates students as if it were still the Industrial Age. Here’s the truth: we live in a time that is vastly different than the Industrial Age. The introduction of the internet has propelled our species into a new paradigm of being wherein we have the whole of human experience and knowledge in the palm of our hands.

Alternative education must emerge in order to better explain and prepare students for this new understanding. At the moment, students are being educated for jobs that will no longer exist when they graduate. The whole system is a masquerade that is hanging on for life in the hopes that the collective populace does not awaken to the fact that the system is crippling the potential for these young students to experience the world. By failing to reform education, we fail to prepare children for the future that is coming faster than we might think.

So how should our education revolution begin to take form? Here are some ideas:

Alternative Education Should Breed Strength

The concepts of willpower, strength, mental toughness, and discipline are neglected in today’s education policy.

Children are not taught the value of developing fortitude. What is the result? Our society is crippled by poorly educated individuals who are not able to identify and step into their real potential unless going to great lengths to educate themselves, overcome limiting beliefs, and rewire their brain for success. Therein lies the problem: some sort of rewiring is necessary. Why is this the case? Our current education policy does not teach mental toughness or resiliency in any regard.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I talk to legendary strength coach Zach Even-Esh. Zach is a coach who focuses primarily on training wrestlers at the high school and college level. Zach specializes in instilling these young kids with discipline, integrity, and a strong mind to match a strong body. Before becoming a full-time strength coach for athletes, Zach was a teacher in the public school system in New Jersey.

On this show,  talk about the importance of developing strength in our schools. As we go about changing education paradigms, it will be essential that we find ways to install a strong mind into the youngest members of society. In order for our species to evolve and progress to the next level of possibility, creation of amazing programs to teach discipline, strong mindset, and integrity through athletes will be of prime importance.

Changing education paradigms relies on you and me to take responsibility for the world around us. Failing to execute this mission is a failure for generations that will come after. If we install alternative education systems that teach a strong and disciplined mindset, our posterity will be able to adapt to any changes that might come their way. As the education policy stands, there is complete failure to educate students in this most crucial of disciplines.

Online Education Destroys The Old Education Paradigm

We are headed towards an entirely new Education paradigm to help shift humanity into a new phase of human evolution. It’s almost as if our collective consciousness has gotten a download that it’s time to start changing education paradigms and incorporating more online education in this education revolution we are about to experience. Many warriors of the light are arising to undertake this task.

JR Rivas is one such person: a man on a mission.

This guy just donated all of his stuff and began traveling around the world to help make his dream of alternative education into reality.

JR has a vision of a school that breeds the Albert Einsteins and Elon Musks of the world. A place where entrepreneurial and “gifted” kids can find a place that serves them rather than tries to make them conform to outdates systems of education.

A school empowered by technology.

A truly future focused enterprise with a mission of breeding some world changing badasses.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we are going to dive into the topic of changing the education paradigm. This is a mission that I’m incredibly passionate about as well… Anytime I get a chance to chat with someone like JR Rivas, it’s a special day indeed.

Changing the education paradigm will take a movement. It will take you, me, JR, and an army of like minded individuals all working towards a more beautiful future.

Together, we can leave a dent in the universe that shifts the education paradigm into a better reality. This is how we empower the world and move towards something incredibly special: The next stage of human evolution.

I believe the next stage of human evolution has already begun! You can read more about that on my blog by clicking here.

If we want to evolve and reach the next level of human evolution, we will have to shift our education paradigm. Alternative education will have to start to affect our education policy and create something that is far more powerful and geared towards the next step in what it means to be a human being.

What does an ideal alternative education paradigm look like?

Something that does not involve children sitting for eight hours a day. Sitting the is new smoking and a healthy education revolution will mean a holistic view towards how our children spend their day to day lives. It should not involve kids sitting in stuffy classrooms only to go home, sit at a different desk, and do their homework. That’s a system that programs kids to work in factories rather than succeed in the digital world.

How has technology changed education? Well, right now, not nearly enough. On this show, JR and I chat about how it’s possible nowadays to receive a superior education through YouTube, Google for Education, Salman Khan Education, or a number of other online resources like Udemy.

All that’s holding back our species from this better paradigm is a unified consensus on how our children are taught. It will take an education revolution of alternative education schools (like the one JR is talking about starting) that acknowledge that these online resources are worthwhile and credible learning resources.

Want to learn more about human evolution and how changing education is an essential part of the process? Just read this blog post:

Evolution Is Happening! Here’s What You Need To Know:

How can we go about changing education paradigms?

It all starts with you!

It starts with me. It starts with all of us creating a movement that demands this change from our society. My team at Excelsior Industries is working towards creating an online learning platform that will allow a person to bounce around the internet and learn whatever they’re trying to learn through the power of online education.

A platform similar to Netflix but for online education instead of entertainment.

Currently, we have a beta of the platform that works as a Facebook chatbot. We believe that this form of alternative education that utilizes online education is how we will go about changing education paradigms that are still treating children as if it’s the industrial age rather than something much more profound.

If you want to check out the Free Beta for the Excelsior learning platform, click here.

In order to achieve this goal of education reform and technology changing the face of education, we will have to work together.

We must unite in this goal in order to radically shift the entire education paradigm into something more positive and more unified… A true movement starts at the grassroots level. When it comes to changing education paradigms, that is what it will take.

Let’s get started!


Law Of Attraction 101

Law Of Attraction 101 And How To Use It:

Many folks want to know how to apply the law of attraction. They’re left asking “Is the law of attraction real?”

As our species continues to evolve, more people are wondering how to manifest money, attract love, and create the life they visualize. The Law of Attraction is a confusing topic these days due to many “fake gurus” leading folks down paths that just leave them feeling confused and full of doubt. The Law of Attraction has been an extremely powerful force in my own life and I think it can be the same for you as well.

“Does the Law of Attraction Work?” Yes… From my experience it does. However, I encourage you to consult your own experience, your own inner voice, and your own journey when it comes to deciding how the Law of Attraction best works for you. This guide is an accumulation of my experience to help lead you down the right path to making the Law of Attraction work in your life. Let’s dive in!

Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

Is this something to invest time into exploring?

I explore that topic in depth on this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast:

Nowadays, there are so many fake gurus when it comes to the law of attraction.

So many folks who do not really understand this complex esoteric principle.

In this video I talk about the Manifestation Pyramid… This is a formula I’m devising to help you implement the Law of Attraction into your life in a way that actually works.

If you want more information on how to manifest using the Manifestation Pyramid, read this post here on the blog.

You have to understand that when it comes to the law of attraction, the secret, how to attract money, law of attraction in the bible, and a ton of other topics, you need to become your own authority.

Trust your own intuition.

Trust your own experience.

Do not rely only on the experience of others.

Today, there are so many fake gurus giving advice about the law of attraction. They will convince you that “the secret” to how to attract money (or whatever) is to start a vision board, say some affirmations, and “trust the universe” by investing in their expensive program.

Here’s the challenge: few of these “life coach” folks understand that the law of attraction involves more than affirmations.

As I lay out in this video, there is a formula to the universal law of attraction.

It is more than just creating a vision board. The law of attraction relies on several key points:

  1. Thoughts.
  2. Beliefs.
  3. Feelings.
  4. Action.

This is what has worked in my experience when it comes to the law of attraction.

Let’s go through each of these in detail:

Starting with your Thoughts:

“Law of Attraction Affirmations” And How To Create Them:

Do Affirmations work?

Well, it depends on how you use them…

Here’s the challenge:

So many folks these days are attempting to get spiritually inclined folks to believe that the Law of Attraction works by just creating simple Affirmations that will attract money, manifest love, and create whatever you want in life.

As if just making a vision board and imagining yourself on a Yacht will somehow make that appear in your backyard tomorrow…

Want a deep dive on this topic? Keep on reading.

If you’d rather watch/listen to this information, here’s an episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast where I dive into this particular aspect of the Law of Attraction.

On this episode, I breakdown what I call “Law of Attraction Affirmations” that help you eliminate limiting beliefs without a bunch of hippy bullshit that will just leave you feeling confused:

Here’s the truth about creating affirmations:

They are meant to help you uncover limiting beliefs.

What’s a limiting belief?

It’s some sort of belief that is holding you back, usually at the subconscious level.

For example, maybe you have a limiting belief that you don’t deserve success?

Here’s the thing: you probably are not aware that you have a limiting belief around self-worth.

Limiting beliefs are sneaky like that…

Limiting beliefs are often hidden under some other type of belief that makes a bit more sense to your conscious mind.

“I don’t have time”

“I don’t know how to do XYZ”

“It’s too hard to do XYZ”

“XZY is unrealistic”

Etc. etc.

Oftentimes, these are just different versions of limiting beliefs that are oftentimes the culprit of our failures in life.

Limiting beliefs like these demons:

“I don’t deserve success”

“I don’t love myself”

“I’m not good enough”

And so on…

Want to learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs?

It all starts with Affirmations.

“Law of Attraction Affirmations” work by helping you to visualize your goals as something that already exists.

Imaging your goals as already achieved does NOT make them appear by magic.

What it does is help you uncover limiting beliefs like the ones I mentioned above.

When you uncover the limiting belief, you are now staring the problem right in the face. You are now more than ready to heal, overcome these limiting beliefs, and move forward towards your goal.

Here’s the thing:

Uncovering limiting beliefs is just the first step.

It’s the foundation of what I call the “Manifestation Pyramid”.

You can learn more about the Manifestation Pyramid by clicking above or listening/watching this video:

It’s a system I’m creating to help you attract money, manifest love, create success, overcome limiting beliefs, and conquer your goals.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, changing your thoughts is an important part of the process… However, again, it’s the first step.

Here’s how to actually use “Law of Attraction Affirmations” to start manifesting the life you deserve:

First, identify your goal.

Let’s say you want to become a millionaire and achieve financial freedom?

Seem like a lofty goal? Well, maybe that’s your limiting beliefs talking.

To get started towards identifying limiting beliefs, select ten affirmations that are worded as if your goal has already been accomplished.

Here’s ten that might have something to do with becoming a millionaire, attracting money, and achieving financial freedom:

  1. I am a millionaire.
  2. I am financially free.
  3. I create money.
  4. I attract money.
  5. I am successful.
  6. I love myself.
  7. I achieve my goals.
  8. I am good enough.
  9. I deserve success.
  10. Money comes easily to me.

Now that you have your affirmations created, begin to write them down and speak them aloud as you write… These law of attraction affirmations are effective because they help you to identify your limiting beliefs.

You will notice that with some of these affirmations, you feel confident and great.

You’re thinking “Fuck yeah! I deserve success!”… “YES! I do love myself!”

Etc. etc.

However, eventually, you will find one or two of these affirmations that cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Maybe your breathing is blocked?… Your heart starts to beat faster?… You feel anxious for no apparent reason… Whatever the physical symptom, you know you’re on the trail of a limiting belief that is preventing you from achieving this goal of attracting money and conquering your goals.

Ask yourself:

“Why does this make me feel uncomfortable?”

“What is the belief that might be behind why I’m uncomfortable with this affirmation?”

“What memories are coming to mind?”

“What beliefs are being uncovered?”

Maybe you had a negative experience in childhood that integrated this limiting belief into your subconscious mind? This might be what’s holding you back from using the law of attraction to manifest money (or anything you’d like to create).

It is important to integrate changing these limiting beliefs. Changing your limiting beliefs will shift how you FEEL about the world… It will shift your energy into a higher vibration and cause you to begin to attract more of what you are working to create.

The way you feel changes how you are perceived. It shifts how other people view you in the world. This is an important concept because you begin to create a new reality based around the energetic fields you are projecting out into the world. There is research done by the HeartMath Institute that will help you understand this idea better.

Changing how you feel about your reality will inspire you to take action.

Law of attraction affirmations are incredibly important in that respect.

So what is the law of attraction? I’ve found that it’s a state of being.

It is not a specific event that you have “manifested”… It is a new shift in your ability to exist in a heightened state of reality. A greater version of how we experience the world.

A moment in your world when suddenly everything is going right. Your world clicks. You experience a new shift in your belief system and suddenly you’ve unlocked the secrets of the world.

It’s a new paradigm of existence. We are entering into a new era of human evolution that is going to completely revolutionize our world. If you want to learn more about the different ways our species is evolving, here’s a post I made awhile back on that topic. Check it out!

It’s a state of heightened ability and existence wherein you are able to manifest whatever you want through the power of subconscious mind, your own effort, and your own impact on the world.

“The Secret” To The Law Of Attraction: Feeling

Law of Attraction “experts” often leave out a key part of the equation: feeling.

How you feel is crucially important to unlocking the power of subconscious mind. Carol Tuttle says in her book “Remembering Wholeness” that ensuring you feel great every day should be your number one priority. Why is it so important to feel great in order to start manifesting money and unlocking lifes abundance?

The way you feel cultivates what you do. At the top of our Manifestation Pyramid is action. The taking of action towards your goals and what you are looking to manifest into the world is an essential part of the puzzle. If we look at Manifesting as a sort of alchemical formula, the ingredient which ignites the concoction is the taking of action. When we move towards our goals by being productive and staying in a zone of excellence and extreme action-taking, we seem to trigger a reaction in the universe that rewards us with whatever we are looking to manifest.

Want to dive in deep on this topic? Watch this video now:

Law of attraction relies upon us to take this level of action. However, we will not take the most purposeful and correct action if we are not feeling great. Our feelings create how we are seen. When we are feeling confident, calm, full of love, and ready to take on the world, we approach each conversation differently. We carry in our hearts an intangible quality than anyone can identify immediately. It slides below the subconscious level.

Furthermore, it is these intangible qualities that seem to pull and manifest our realities in our direction. When we launch into the esoteric teachings, we are told by these “law of attraction books” that our feelings are like magnets. When we avoid something due to fear, we end up manifesting more of what we are working to avoid. When we approach the world from love and trust, we create and receive more love and trust in our environments and in our relationships.

In order to take the right level of action, we must be feeling well enough to do what we must do in order to achieve our goals and create what we are working to manifest into our lives.

How do we start feeling more in line with our “true self”?

Law of attraction affirmations!

Overcoming limiting beliefs!

By combining those two foundational building blocks, we feel better… We begin to feel like anything is possible (because it is) and we make real progress towards our goals. When we actually feel amazing and take purposeful action in the right direction, the universe conspires in our favor to bring about our goals into the physical plane.

There is a magical quality to our feelings. When we feel as if our goals are being accomplished, we often find they are. I believe there is a tangible element to this equation (the taking of action) but also an intangible in that our desires do indeed seem to manifest as if by magic when we are feeling as if they have already been accomplished.

When we feel as if the world is conquered, our goals are achieved, and the world is conspiring in our favor, “the universe” seems to prove that to be true. In order to achieve this state, it is important to have positive thoughts playing in your head and positive beliefs empowering your engine of feeling. What’s a great way to cultivate this level of feeling?

  • Meditation.
  • Journaling.
  • Law of Attraction Affirmations.
  • Exercise.
  • Going for a Walk.
  • Studying successful people to get inspired.
  • Inspiring chats with positive and like minded folks.
  • Distancing yourself from toxic people and information.
  • Never watching the News.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive books, people, and ideas.
  • Going to a Spa/Sauna.

However, to truly feel amazing, I’ve found that taking action towards our goals does the trick. When we enter that state of momentum and productivity, we feel better. Suddenly, we feel more calm and relaxed. When we take the action from which we have been running, our world shifts. When we stop procrastinating and overcome resistance towards our goals, we REALLY begin to feel good. In this way, taking action and feeling great are linked.

In other words: don’t wait to feel good before taking action towards your goals. Anticipate that the feeling will come once you take the proper amount of action. The two are symbiotic.

Law Of Attraction And Frequency

The law of attraction can be a confusing topic…

In today’s world, there are many fake gurus out there teaching about the law of attraction. Unfortunately, many of these folks are a bit misinformed as to WHY the law of attraction “works”, how it works, and how to best apply it to your life.

The law of attraction is a state of being.

It is a constant state of you. It isn’t something you turn on or off. You are ALWAYS using the law of attraction to shape your world OR be shaped by the world around you. Whether you are a cause or effect in your world is up to you…

On this show, Pasha Moreno Tarantino and I chat about the concept of frequency and how it applies to learning about the law of attraction. What is “frequency”? Well, essentially, we are referring here to the idea that all of reality is vibrating. If we learn more about quantum physics, we begin to think that advancing scientific theory speculates that reality is composed of a sort of wavelength at the basic level. In other words, the most foundation building block of reality seems to be some sort of frequency. When we understand that all of reality is frequency (including you and me), we can begin to wrap our heads around WHY the law of attraction works.

You see, frequency is the rate at which we “vibrate”… when we speak about the principle of vibration, we are discussing the rate at which our selves are vibrating in relation to the world around us. The frequency rate at which we are vibrating is how we ascend or descend between the planes of correspondence.

When we ascend between planes, we gain the ability to affect the plane beneath which we have vibrated or raised our degree of consciousness.

The law of attraction is simply the name for the power that we can access to use our mental power to create our world. It is always in effect. We are always using it. There is a certain responsibility that we realize when this comes into affect! There is so much power at our fingertips when we start to understand just how incredible the creative aspects of our mind really are… This is what is meant by “manifestation”… It is a process of co-creating your reality into whatever lessons your soul is asking to learn and experience. With great power comes great responsibility.

Setting Intention

Law of Attraction manifesting often involves the setting of a powerful intention.

When our minds are focused and centered on a clear goal we want to manifest and create, our subconscious mind finds ways to deliver these goals to us as if by magic. How does this work? By going through the process of clearing ourselves of subconscious limiting beliefs and instead setting an intention at the root of our subconscious mind, we “pre-program” ourselves for success.

Do you believe in spiritual guides?

The Law of Attraction often seems to work hand in hand with whatever divine forces might be at work in our world. If you are someone who tends to not believe in these spiritual forces such as Angels or Animal Spirit companions, you might still be able to appreciate the power of connecting with our own intuitive voice to receive “downloads” of sorts that seem to come from some outside collective mind.

How does intention play a role here?

When we create a powerful intention around our goals, we program our subconscious mind to begin attracting the situations and circumstances that will deliver that goal into our lap.

We start to feel more ready, powerful, and confident around our goals and our ability to make them happen. When we start to take action towards those goals from a place of powerful intention, they begin to manifest as if by magic into our worlds.

What does this look like in real life?

Watch this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast with Mike Bledsoe of the Shrugged Collective Podcast Network.

Mike is a coach and Podcaster who helps folks set powerful intentions that help them unlock their full potential and enjoy life. Instead of working under hard conditions and “grinding” through life towards some goal, Mike helps people understand that life is meant to be a fun game rather than a miserable grind. When we set powerful intentions, release our trauma, and act from a place of overwhelming power and ability, our world changes quickly.

Check it out:

Releasing trauma and overcoming limiting beliefs is a massive piece of understanding how the Law of Attraction can be used to transform your life. Here’s “the secret”: it does not have to be difficult. By setting powerful intentions from a place of healing and joy, we can enjoy the process instead of just suffering and grinding it out towards some monetary or career goal.

How To Manifest A Great Career

The law of attraction has re-entered the cultural spotlight in the modern world. Thousands of people around the world are wondering how to manifest money, love, greater spiritual development, or any number of desires. In fact, more than ever, folks are trying to attract money and create a better career for themselves using the law of attraction. Oftentimes, that is the “draw” of the law of attraction: the potential to allegedly help us earn more money, change careers, get a promotion at work, or any number of material gains.

Does the law of attraction work? When it comes to attracting money, starting a business, or getting promoted at work, law of attraction skeptics are, well, skeptical. Similar the way prayer gets misused in organized religion, the law of attraction is often used as a tool to just ask god (in this case “the universe”) for more money or a better job and then feel disappointed and let down if it does not get delivered.

What is the reality here? Can we learn how to attract money? Does the law of attraction work when it comes to creating more financial abundance in our careers? Susan Scotts joins this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien to discuss how to manifest a great career:

Susan is a coach who has done extensive work with transitioning Military Servicemembers who want to leave the Military and enter into their own business. In addition to her work with the Military, Susan helps people all over the world learn how to manifest a great career and create the lifestyle they desire.

On the above episode, Susan and I chat about how to manifest, how the law of attraction actually works, and how this fits into your life.

As the human species evolves and expands, the bridge between the esoteric and the modern world is forming. Similar to what we saw during the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, or the Renaissance, these spiritual concepts like the law of attraction are making their way back into the collective consciousness.

The emergence of these esoteric concepts is happening simultaneous to developments in new technology. The two will meet at the top and together evolve our species into a new Golden Age of opportunity, freedom, self-expression, and spiritual awakening.

Learning how to manifest is a valuable skill. As our culture begins to accept more often that the Law of Attraction and similar concepts are real, there is more acceptance around this conversation of figuring out how the Law of Attraction actually works. Nowadays, there is plenty of confusion around how to manifest and it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to figure out how to manifest love, money, or any number of things…

Beyond Homo Sapien seeks to find the truth of what is actually going on here.

The Law of Attraction and similar teachings are observable and seem to happen when a certain formula is applied. However, the real question of WHY these concepts work is important for us to answer. Personally, I believe that the reason the law of attraction works is because we are all a collective mind. Everything that we experience in reality is a collective whole. In other words, you (the reader) and me are the same person. You are me living a different life. If I were to live your life and have your experiences, I would think all the same thoughts, believe all the same beliefs, and be in exactly the position where you find yourself.

This concept is discussed in numerous religions all over the world. Whether in Hinduism, Christianity, or in more esoteric traditions, the common theme of the oneness of our divine souls is congruent across a wide spectrum of belief systems. Is it actually true? Well, if we are looking for an answer to WHY the Law of Attraction seems to work when the above formula is applied successfully, we are left with the idea of our divine oneness and commonly shared collective mind as an answer to the question. Indeed, by applying the law of attraction, we effectively demand from the collective mind a certain response. Effectively we are acknowledging the video game of life for what it appears to be and demanding that it deliver a certain response in accordance with what sort of reality we seek to enjoy and explore.

Law of Attraction ideas are expanding and growing. As we continue to evolve, we will find more clarity around the law of attraction, how it works, and (more importantly) WHY it works… The answer to these questions can lead us towards a better understanding of the spiritual origins of mankind and increase the empathy that we have for one another.

The Law Of Attraction Origins

Where does the Law of Attraction originate?

You see, if the Law of Attraction is real, then it had to begin somewhere and be based in some sort of religious, philosophical, metaphysical, or spiritual teaching, right?

Did the Law of Attraction originate with “The Secret” book/movie?

Not at all. You see, the Law of Attraction actually spawns from whats called “Hermetic Philosophy” or “Hermeticism”.

What is Hermeticism? It’s an ancient esoteric system of philosophy that allegedly dates back to Egypt. In fact, there are some who suggest that Hermetic Philosophy  originates from Atlantis (if you believe in things like that…). The basis of Hermetic Philosophy is a series of texts known as the “Corpus Hermeticum” or “Hermetic Corpus”. These texts are attributed to an ancient philosopher known as “Hermes Trismegistus” (a name which means “Hermes the Thrice Great”) who is said to herald from Ancient Egypt.

Hermeticism has actually been demonized by Christian culture. Although you may have never heard of “Hermeticism”, you have probably heard of “The Occult” and other “demonic” practices. Hermetic philosophy is the foundation on which “The Occult” is built.

However, when diving into learning about the history of Hermeticism, you begin to realize that there isn’t too much scary stuff going on. Although you might find a few folks on Reddit posting some crazy imagery or scary looking Tarot card decks, the actual Hermeticism Books themselves are not scary. In fact, they seem to be quite encouraging, inspiring, lovely, and glorifying of “god” rather than a demon worshipping group.

How does the Law of Attraction fit into Hermeticism?

Hermeticism is built on what are called the “7 Hermetic Principles”. Here they are:

  • The principle of Mentalism: All is Mind.
  • The principle of Correspondance: “As Above So Below”
  • The principle of Vibration.
  • The principle of Polarity.
  • The principle of Rhythm.
  • The principle of Cause and Effect.
  • The principle of Gender.

What do the “7 Hermetic Principles” have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Quite a lot actually… Although the Law of Attraction is not one of these foundational principles, it is a product of them.

Mastery of these 7 Hermetic Principles is said to result in being able to use the Law of Attraction at will… Effectively, the Law of Attraction is “magic”.

For example, the principle of Vibration states that everything is in motion… Nothing rests. The Universe (or “The All” as expressed in Hermeticism) is constantly vibrating in motion. An individual who is able to elevate or “raise their vibration” is able to effect control over lower plains of vibration. In other words: the “Law of Attraction” is not a tool like a hammer or a saw… It is a state of being. It is a full ability to manipulate your specific world using the power of your own mind.

I’m going to write a more in depth article on the 7 Hermetic Principles soon. However, for now, know that their impact on the world stretches back to Ancient Greece and Egypt. When examining the various ages of mankind from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, Hermeticism is often at the root of the spiritual revolution that accompanies technological advancement. In today’s world, Hermeticism seems to be making its return and having another day in the sun as it throws off the shackles of being labeled “demonic” and finding a way into society under the guise of the “Law of Attraction”.