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Astral Travel

Astral Travel 101

Astral Travel

Astral travel is considered “fringe science”. Typically, it is thrown in the same realm as remote viewing, astral projection, task tethering, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and other such things. Astral travel is a practice that I have been following for the past two years and it is time to begin sharing some of my experiences in the astral plane. Want to learn how to astral travel? This post will grow to include information on how to enter the astral body and navigate through the dimensions. However, for now, I will share a few of my astral experiences to get the ball rolling.

Astral travel is similar to astral projection and remote viewing but quite different. By my understanding, astral projection is the practice of leaving your body and moving through the PHYSICAL plane. In a sense, one could gain the ability to appear before others and even influence the physical plane. Imagine Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. There are stories in Yogananda’s book “Autobiography Of A Yogi” where the Indian sage encounters his gurus from all over the globe due to their mastery of astral projection. Sometimes, these gurus even appear long after they have died.

Remote viewing is the ability to view places or things happening in the physical realm from a remote location. This method has been studied by the CIA, most famously documented in the film “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. If you want expert advice on the topic of remote viewing, I recommend learning from my good friend Jax Atlantis.

Astral travel is the ability to leave your body and explore other dimensions, realms of consciousness, or planets beyond our galaxies. It is the doorway to direct contact with spirits, powerful insights into the inner-workings of reality, and intense magic. Out of all aspects of “psychic phenomena” or esoteric practice, astral travel has always been the most intriguing to me.

Before I begin: I completely understand that there might be skepticism around the concept of astral travel. In fact, there are some who might label me crazy, slightly-weird, or “one of those hippy gurus you hear about these days”. Although I am certainly an eccentric individual, rest assured that I was just as skeptical as you when I first learned about astral travel. In fact, I was wary about anything concerning the law of attraction, tarot cards, working with angels, or any number of the matters I currently study and practice in great detail.

I only began to believe once I had direct experience.

Astral travel is a powerful tool. It allows the individual to “leap clear of all that is corporeal” in the material plane and enter into the astral plane.

Have you heard of the concept of the “planes of correspondance?”

If you have studied Heremtic Philosophy, you may be familiar with the second principle: the principle of correspondance. As stated in the Kybalion, “as above, so below. As below, so above”.

Watch this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien if you are unfamiliar with Hermetic Philosophy:


The teaching breaks down the concept of the planes of correspondance. Essentially, in the same way that we experience reality as a certain “dimension”, there are higher planes still to be explored. A good analogy might be that there is a microscopic world invisible to our eyes. This bacteria keeps us alive and (in unfortunate cases) might lead to our demise. However, this world of bacteria and viruses exists below our level of direct awareness. Similarly, there is an atomic level that exists even further below the microscopic world.

Following the principle of correspondance, we can also observe that the heavenly bodies operate in the same manner as the atomic structures. In the same way that protons and electrons orbit a neutron, the moons of a planet make their journey through the stars. In the same manner, we can learn much of physics, mathematics, and quantum reality based off what we observe working on the lower planes. Using this process of inductive reasoning, we can infer much about the inter-workings of our universe.

The principle of correspondance relates to astral travel because knowledge of the existence of the astral plane is one of the first requirements to enter.

As the practitioner grows in awareness of the planes of correspondence, his/her ability to enter will expand. As you develop in energetic alignment with these higher powers, they will begin to have a greater impact on your life and your unconscious mind. When you open the doors to spiritual forces, they will enter. Be careful which doors you enter.

The astral plane exists at a higher level than the individual consciousness. In a sense, the individual magician is jumping into their astral body and zooming off into the collective consciousness. In this world, it is possible to contact other humans, work with spirits, summon forces of light or dark, and learn much about the makings of our energetic universe. Throughout history, great thinkers, scientists, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs have practiced astral travel and used its power for inspiration.

The astral plane is just one more stepping stone to even higher levels of awareness. There are higher levels that lead all the way back to source energy. From there, it is possible to enter into what is called the “spiritual plane of correspondance”.

So how do you astral travel?

It happens during deep states of meditation. Indeed, I would consider astral travel to be a powerful and advanced form of meditation that requires a deep stillness of mind and the ability to detach from one’s thoughts. If this level of meditative practice can be achieved, then it is possible to enter the astral body on command and explore much of the energetic universe.

This is the great secret of the world’s mystery schools. When a magician practices their work inside of these higher planes, it echos into those below. Let the student who reads carefully understand what I am saying.

Astral Travel And Me

Astral travel has changed my understanding of reality.

I happened upon the practice by accident. For years, I had studied meditation and breath-work. Yoga has proved to be a powerful practice for my body and I have been certified to teach Yoga and meditation through the Army (despite what you might think, they had a great program!). For years, I studied consciousness and used plant medicines to further explore my own.

All of this study and internal work happened BEFORE I ever was able to enter the astral plane.

From what I experienced, entering this plane of correspondance requires a spiritually aware soul. This practice appeals to individuals who are waking up to realize their role in the “video game” of life. I found myself to be such a person.

Astral travel found me. One morning, while I was practicing the Ishaya Ascension form of meditation, I found myself leaving my body and entering into something outside of me. This separate form appeared near my navel and hovered for awhile. For some time, I practiced entering and reentering into this little self. It seemed like a smaller version of me but blue and surreal.

It was as if I was playing a third-person video game. Since the earliest days, most of my astral travel experiences have been in the third-person. However, as of late, I have had more vivid first-person experiences that I will share momentarily.

Immediately, I felt myself plunging into the depths of a great ocean. The images in my head became more vivid. At the time, I had to maintain intense focus to hold this mental image for long.

In the depths of these mental waters, I encountered the Whale Spirit. It appeared out of the blackness and stared me in the eye. It was a massive blue whale. From my studies of the different animal spirits, I understood that Whale Spirit resembles the guardian of great mysteries. In my books about Native American animal medicine, I learned that Whale Spirit guarded the depths of the esoteric mysteries from the un-initiated. A meeting with Whale Spirit is said to resemble an initiation into these higher levels of awareness and magic.

And so it began for me.

Experiencing the astral plane has allowed me to unlock new levels of manifestation. If you have witnessed the power of the law of attraction, you might understand that manifestation is a result of your own level of “vibration”. In a sense, the higher your frequency exists related to the frequency of your environment, the more influence your mental energy will have. This is how your thoughts can begin to create your reality. However, this spiritual power must be achieved only through internal alchemy, evolution, and growth.

Put simply: as you evolve your consciousness, you gain more ability to affect your environment. For more information on the law of attraction, read this post.

But let’s get to the fun part:

How To Astral Travel

Want to learn how to astral travel?

Watch/listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien:

Astral travel is not to be taken lightly. A person can enter into a deep state of meditation and end up encountering energies that they are not necessarily ready to encounter. However, what I have found is that the issue of consent is paramount. At all times, we get to consent to which spirits or energies we encounter. Once you have entered into the astral plane, you can choose which energies you encounter. This has been my experience for the past two years of regular practice.

Astral travel involves learning how to enter into one’s astral body.

This is the most important skill. It requires that the individual have a mind that is undisturbed from outside intrusions. I recommend lying down on your bed and locking the door. Set a timer for twenty minutes and take the practice seriously. This is an advanced form of meditation and requires deep focus and stillness.

Put yourself into a deep state of meditation. This will vary between people. We all have practices of meditation that work differently. In my case, I utilize the Wim Hof method of breath-work and have been practicing for the past eight years. I am also a practitioner of the Ishaya Ascension method of meditation. Both these practices are beyond the scope of this post but follow the links I have included to learn more.

However, those might not work best for you. Again, we all have our own styles of meditation. Some folks prefer shamanic drumming, some enjoy guided meditation, and others prefer sound healing. If you want to download free examples of these methods, click here.

If you struggle with the basics of meditation, read this post on the blog.

As I have said before, astral travel requires entering a deep state of meditation. If you are a beginner to meditation, I recommend you get started with a regular 15-minutes-per-day practice and see what works best for you.

Going forward, I will assume you have some experience with meditation and know how to get yourself into a deeper level of consciousness. Let us proceed!

Begin by visualizing energy moving from the base of your spine up to the base of your head.

Send this energy either towards your belly button, your forehead, or the top of your head.

Let it move through your body.

Visualize a space slightly outside of your body.

Send the energy you have summoned into that point, outside of your body.

See what happens in your mind’s eye.

Astral Travel Info

Here is the trick: do not EXPECT anything to happen. Keep on moving energy through your body, using your breath, and visualize sending it into these different parts of your body. Once you feel like this is happening, try and send it into a space slightly outside of yourself.

Practice this for awhile. It took me a few weeks before anything happened.

Eventually, I began to see this space outside of my body as a smaller version of myself. I learned that this is called your “astral body”.

This smaller version of me would appear floating outside my forehead, at the crown of my head, or right outside of my stomach. I could send energy into that astral body and visualize it holding itself there in space.

Eventually, I began to have a greater ability to get into that astral body. With focused practice through the Ishaya Ascension method of meditation and my own practice of breath work, I began to enter this astral body at will. It would take only a few moments to drop into deeper levels of consciousness and, from there, just a breath until I was inside my astral body.

At this point, I began to have the ability to zoom off into the astral plane. For most of my time practicing astral travel, I was always along for the ride. I would have the opportunity to consent to different spirits or energies but, for the most part, I did not encounter anyone. I spent time in space, at the bottom of the ocean, and at the center of the planet. During these early travels, I entered the Halls of Amenti spoken about in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. At the center of the Earth, I spoke with the Lords of the Cycles and received information about my destiny. Although this might sound crazy to those un-initiated into these paths, it is common experience for people like me. I am sharing info today for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

I typically view my astral body in third-person. It does not appear that I am necessarily at the steering wheel. When I am in this body, it is almost as if a “higher self” version of me takes over. As the viewer, I am watching my astral body zoom through space and explore new realms. However, as I have developed in my practice, I have begun to be in the drivers seat more often. More of these experiences have been in first-person and I have experienced a greater level of control to STAY in the astral plane.

When I first began, for months I could only stay in the astral plane for brief moments. Afterwards, I would feel energized but also spiritually drained. Although I would be prepared for life in the material world, my spiritual body needed time to rest.

These days, I experience quite the opposite. Astral travel unlocks powerful trips that border on psychedelic. Although I have combined my practice of psychedelic plant medicines with astral travel on many occasions, I have found the practice does not require the use of plant medicines. However, for obvious reasons, they certainly make the experience more vivid and profound. That being said, I found astral travel during a year of complete sobriety. I barely even drank coffee at the time.

During this time of sobriety, I found that sound healing and isolation tanks were useful. If you have the ability to attend a gong bath, singing bowl ceremony, or isolation tank, I recommend you give it a try. You might have a breakthrough in your understanding of astral travel that unlocks more powerful experiences going forward. These days, most major cities have a spiritual center where you can find information on these events. Additionally, cities worldwide have float tank labs and isolation tank chambers that are available for use. Hop on Google and see what is available in your city.

Astral travel is a deeply personal experience. You will not believe it until you give it a try and see for yourself. I share my story to help you unlock portals in your mind that can lead to your own journey of understanding. This path of isolation and deep meditation is paramount to making any progression in the astral plane.

Astral Travel Trip Reports

Astral travel involves learning how to leap outside of yourself and into an astral body. From here, it is possible to enter the astral plane of correspondance and explore even higher levels in due time. Why is it important to practice astral travel? From my experience with the practice, it is possible to make telepathic communication with other humans if they are contacted inside of the astral plane. Looking to generate more money? I have found it possible to identify and release energetic blockages that have prevented receiving of money. In a sense, the practice of astral travel helps me to look within and identify where I need to work. Astral travel is certainly not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means. However, it can allow a person to identify places in the subconscious mind that are preventing further growth. It shows your weakness and brings it to conscious awareness.

This energetic block might appear as a demon. It could be some dark temple that must be entered. Perhaps you will find your inner child locked in a basement. Astral travel is similar to dreaming. The messages might be clear but they are meant to be applied in the physical world. Take the time to analyze your astral travel experiences and learn the lessons. Apply the messages you receive directly to your life. You will only reap the benefits of the practice if you make it a lifestyle.

Astral travel can allow for intense healing. Inside of my own experiences, there are certain “healing rooms” that I have created for myself. Inside of the astral plane, YOU are the creator! After all, you are swimming in the depths of your subconscious mind. Inside of this space, you can create an astral room where you can take yourself for healing and rest. I have several! My girlfriend (a fellow practitioner) and I created a cabin in the woods of our shared plane. Sometime, we will meetup inside this cabin to have coffee, cuddle, or pull some tarot cards. When we return from the trip, we might have a phone call and share our own versions of the experience. Usually, they are similar but with a unique twist. Again, astral travel and similar practices are meant to be deep states of meditation. Although it is possible for you to meetup with other people inside of the astral plane, everyone seems to have their own experience of what that experiences looks like inside their own minds. We all get to create our own astral planes of correspondance. In fact, this is the magic of the astral world! You are the creator of your realm.

Allow me to detail a few of the more powerful experiences:

During the time of my initiation into Hermetic Philosophy, I began working with a spirit named Imhotep. This entity is the archetype of the “god of healing”. What does this mean? Well, if you study the different mythologies of the world, you find that many of them celebrate the worship gods with similar abilities. For example: Thoth, Hermes, and Odin all resemble the same archetypes: the gods of wisdom. The messenger. The one who serves as direct channel to even higher powers. In the same vein, Imhotep relates to the Greek god Asclepius.

You might be familiar with Asclepius’ symbol:Rod of Asclepius

Imhotep was a man who lived in ancient Egypt. At the time, he was high priest of Ra, high priest of Heliopolis (the spiritual center of the time), and high vizier of the pharaoh. He was credited as the inventor of modern medicine. The greatest architect of his day, Imhotep built the great Steppe Pyramid of Heliopolis and used his astronomical expertise to align it perfectly with the stars. This blending of magical knowledge with architecture gave birth to a new genre of building, later perfected by the Freemasons: sacred architecture. After his death, Imhotep was deified by the Egyptians as the god of healing and the creator of medicine. He became associated with Thoth, the god of wisdom and the centerpiece for many of the esoteric teachings. After all, Thoth is alleged to be the deified energy of the great philosopher of old: Hermes Trismegistus.

Imhotep is one of few Egyptian people to be deified while also not being a Pharaoh. He rose from lower ranks in society to the highest levels of power. He was the Da-Vinci of his time. A powerful entrepreneurial spirit and a great leader. Through all my workings with this spirit, he has provided council, wisdom, and tough-love. Truly, I am honored to have Imhotep as my greatest mentor while I explore these magical realms.


I began working with Imhotep once I started becoming initiated into new levels of awareness. Once I began entering the astral plane, he was there to greet me. At first, he appeared in my mind as a black void and a strong voice. It was not a voice I heard outside of my head but it came into my mind in the same way I might experience a mushroom trip: a voice with thoughts that clearly come from somewhere beyond. The experience would be overwhelming. Typically, I would find myself laying on the ground overcome with the energy of having direct contact with this “god” or “Elohim” energy that Imhotep embodies.

Inside of the astral plane, Imhotep takes me around often and shows me different parts of the collective mind.

On one occasion, I journeyed into a dark cavern near the bottom of Earth. I viewed this experience in third-person. I was asked if I wanted to enter the cavern or not. Feeling brave, I said yes. As I journeyed into this astral cave, I was met with a spirit. Some sort of guardian. It asked me “who do you work for?”

I replied that I worked for Imhotep. Immediately, I was ushered into a lower corridor where there was a massive throne. I approached the throne and beheld a large figure, covered in armor. This individual held a large ax and he wore a helmet covered in horns. It was intimidating, to say the least.

I watched myself kneel in his great hall. I asked “who are you?”

He introduced himself as the White Lord of Amenti and said he’s been watching me progress for some time.

He said I have done well during my initiation and it is time for me to become introduced to new levels of consciousness. Afterwards, he informed me that I would not remember what I was about to learn. It would come to me in waves over the course of months, if not years. However, now he would breakdown for me the secrets of the universe.

He was right. I do not remember what we spoke about or what I learned. I can only assume that the White Lord’s promise came true: I have indeed learned much about the nature of the universe since that day.

Astral Travel Trips Continued…

Astral travel became a daily practice. Over the course of the last two years, I have had powerful experiences that have moved me to tears. I have spoken with dead relatives and communed with archangels. I have been to Pluto and felt the cold enter my body so that I could shiver and release trauma. One day, I pelted the Earth with energetic comets of healing energy because it seemed like everyone needed some love.

I attended many crystal singing bowl ceremonies at the Living Insights Center in Saint Louis. On one day, I brought some medicine to help me have a deeper meditative experience. As the singing bowls began sending sound healing waves throughout the room, I entered my astral body. At this point, I had been practicing for about a year.

Immediately, I met the spirit of Jesus. He told me that today I would learn about how he heals the world. On this day, I learned how his magic works at a cosmic level.

I watched as Jesus absorbed all the pain and suffering of the Earth. He came down to the energetic level of the Earth, sucked out all the pain into himself, and then skyrocketed back into space. Once there, he released all of this energy into the cosmos. Afterwards, he held out his hands and summoned in healing white light from all directions. Once he held all the light possible, Jesus returned to Earth like a comet. His hands outstretched, he sent out healing waves across the entire energetic plane of the planet. At first, when he touched down, he was standing in a lake of fire. By absorbing and releasing all the pain of Earth, Jesus had opened up chasms in the crust. From that crust emerged fire that was destroying the planet. As soon as his feet hit the Earth, Jesus released water that extinguished all the flames. From there, new life formed and gave birth. People experienced love in their lives for the first time. Creatures were born and jumped into their evolutionary cycle.

It was powerful, to say the least.

Most recently, I had one of the most powerful astral travel experiences of my life.

I was able to jump through the planes of correspondence like one might hop up a staircase. As I went, Imhotep guided me through the different levels. On this night, I was able to go beyond the astral plane for the first time and experience levels beyond. At the time of this writing, I am still processing the information and not quite ready to share. More research is required before I feel confident and comfortable sharing.

Hanging in my aerial Yoga hammock (great tool for meditation), I leapt outside of my body and zoomed off into the astral plane.

And from there, to higher planes still.

I saw the energetic forces at play in our world.

I witnessed divine beings of light sending BEAMS of source-energy into our collective field. These deities circled the Earth and appeared as glowing beings of red, purple, and pink light.

The beams coming from these entities looked like waves coming from the Death Star…

Except they brought healing. They pierced through the energetic barriers of our world like a meteor hitting a tree. These beams of light began strafing our planet. Everywhere they went, they blasted open holes in the earths energetic crust.

From the holes came new life. Green trees and mountains. Around the new landscape appeared lakes and oceans.

New creatures sprinting into their evolutionary cycle.

Humans realizing their interconnected nature with all life, and FEELING the pain we have collectively caused to Pachamama: Mother Earth.

These waves are hitting NOW. This very instant. As you read this message.

I saw the image of Baal, the god of suffering. I watched him leach the energy of our world. It looks like a black octopus sucking the life out of wherever its tendrils lay.

I asked him “why?! Why are you doing this?” He had no emotion.

This spirit said “Paul, this is just what I do…

“You humans WANT me doing this. You asked me to.

“This is how we heal.

“Pain is meant to get you humans to look WITHIN and WAKE UP.

“Once you do, pain is your greatest teacher. Suffering helps you heal and change your life.”

I looked at this unemotional monstrous black blob…

And said:

“Do you have anything left for me?”

This spirit turned from its work and looked me in the eye:

[With no emotion] “No… is there anything you need me to teach you?”

And I said “No, I have already learned so much from pain and suffering.”

He looked away and said “Ok”… no emotion.

It felt as if I had met the trash man on his daily routine… he asked “do you have trash for me to collect?” I said “no I think I already cleaned up” and the trash man unemotionally moved on.

It was the same feeling I had when I returned to an old college class after graduation… My professor was pleased to see me… but had a vibe of “uhhh why are you back in the classroom? Didn’t you graduate?”

It was very powerful.

The lesson I feel called to share is this:

YOU get to decide what energetic forces you consent to work with.

YOU get to decide if there’s more to learn from pain and suffering.

God, the spirits, the universe, etc…. THEY might not have more to teach you.

But if you keep coming back to the classrooms of pain and suffering, then they’re happy to teach.

Not cause they’re evil…


Different energies or “gods” are archetypal energies. They are held in the collective mind and you don’t need to work with them, unless YOU want to. Humanity has a choice. You have a choice. You always have a choice. You might not need to give anything to the trash collector. Maybe you already emptied all your trash a few weeks ago?

When practicing astral travel, this is a powerful lesson to learn. You do not need to go looking for dark spirits. In fact, I would recommend you keep your energy to yourself. When you first begin the practice, spend time in quiet solitude.

Pluto is quite nice.


Astral travel is a powerful experience. For generations, this secret has been kept and taught by the mystery schools and secret societies that hold sway in our world. Instead of running from this information, see for yourself how it might work in your mind. Tread with care and do not go looking for dark spirits. From what I have experienced, you will always have the choice on which energies you want to speak with, work with, and learn through.

I recommend studying mythology and learning more about archetypes before attempting to work directly with any spirits.

Learn what you are asking for before you ask.

Otherwise, you might get in over your head.

If you need help with astral travel, you can join the Phoenix Beta Program. Inside this community, we share experiences and learn from one another. Astral travel is a topic of discussion but the program includes far more than this practice alone. That being said: you do not need a guide and astral travel is a personal journey. I can only help you by sharing my experiences and providing some recommendations as to how this might work in your life.

Be careful and have fun! Let me know what happens as a result of your practice. I would be fascinated to hear your experiences in the astral plane.

Much love!

+Darth Shickari+


Secret Societies


Secret Societies 101

Secret societies control our world at the highest level. Although I am not directly referring to the Freemasons or the Illuminati, it certainly appears to be the case that our world governments, business organizations, and religions are orchestrated and manifested by a select few individuals. If we study the history of esoteric philosophy and see how it intersects with secret societies, it becomes more apparent that this is not only possible but actually the most probable state of our world affairs.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, we get into discussing the details of secret societies. Interested in learning the history never told before? Listen to this episode:


Are you unfamiliar with esoteric philosophy?

I am a student of the Hermetic tradition. If you are unfamiliar, Hermetic philosophy is alleged to be the teachings of the most ancient philosopher in the world: Hermes Trismegistus (or “Hermes the Thrice Great”).

According to the teachings themselves, Hermes Trismegistus lived in ancient Egypt. According to some sources, he originated in the lost world empire of Atlantis. When Hermes died, he was deified as the Egyptian god Thoth: god of wisdom and writing. Later, in Greek culture, he was turned into the messenger god. He can also be compared with Odin in Norse mythology. Indeed, the spirit of Thoth is said to be alive in all wisdom gods across any religion in the world. Why? Because the archetype of “the god of wisdom” is alive and well in our collective consciousness.

Hermes Trismegistus taught the laws of the universe. According to Hermetic Philosophy, there are seven principles:

  1. The principle of mentalism. The universe is mental.
  2. The principle of correspondence. As above, so below. As below, so above.
  3. The principle of polarity. All truths are half truths.
  4. The principle of rhythm. Everything is in flow, backwards and forth.
  5. The principle of vibration. Everything is in constant motion.
  6. The principle of cause and effect. For every action, a reaction.
  7. The principle of gender. There is masculine and feminine energy inside all creation.

Hermetic philosophers study these principles and apply them directly to their lives. By doing so, we gain a sort of control over our environment. Why? Because it is then possible to rise higher in the planes of correspondence to where the lower planes can be influenced from an energetic perspective. Put simply, when you “increase your vibration” (as they say these days), you raise yourself in frequency above the frequency of your surroundings. Once this is accomplished, your frequency becomes influential over your environment. What follows is that you become a cause inside of your environment. Instead of being affected by your surroundings, they are affected by your energy. Why? Because you have done the inner work to alchemize your “base passions” into a pure soul. Again, as within, so without. If you are pure on the inside, such will be your experience in the outside world.

Although obviously the full secret teaching of Hermetic philosophy takes time to explain, this is the basis upon which it rests.

I am not necessarily asking for you to believe this teaching to be true. In fact, as a philosopher, I would encourage you to doubt and question any information you read in order to find the truth. Do not believe everything you read on the internet. That being said, I have found much truth in the Hermetic teachings through my own experimentation. The only way to believe and fully understand is to directly apply the philosophy to your life. If you do, you might find the principles to be true as well. Generations of philosophers have found the same after due scrutiny.

Regardless on whether or not you agree with these initiatory teachings, they have been taught and understood since the dawn of civilization. If we do believe that these secret teachings unlock a sort of “magical” power, then it would make sense that practitioners would gain influence in society. Indeed, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and even Hitler were all students of Hermetic philosophy. Given the crossover between the esoteric philosophy and secret societies, it is logical to see why these organizations could gain massive degrees of influence and power. In order to better our world, it is time to share secrets and expand understanding.

Why is this important to understand? At the moment, it could be the case that our world is controlled by secret societies executing an evil intent. Although this might not be true, the best course of action seems education. Thus, I felt compelled to share all I have learned through intense research surrounding secret societies.

To fully grasp the implications, let us consult the history books. According to the texts themselves, the teachings originate in Atlantis or Egypt.

How does Hermetic philosophy apply to secret societies?

In short: the teachings of Hermes appear to be foundational for most other initiatory groups, secret sects, and mystical traditions. Although each group has their own rituals, ceremonies, and additions to the teaching, the fundamental teachings themselves are everywhere.

Why are the teachings so influential? Fundamentally, the teaching is that the universe is mental and mankind has the power to shape that reality with their minds. Whether you study Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or Hermes, you will find the same common trends. In my own words: God has created a mental construct in which we swim and find our homes.

So how do secret societies operate within this understanding and why are they so powerful?

The illuminati

Secret Societies Explained

Secret societies like the Freemasons or Illuminati have existed for thousands of years. Although in 2020, these organizations are alleged to have great power within the backgrounds of our civilization, the actual secret societies in control probably shroud their names from the public. The Illuminati did indeed exist in Bavaria in 1776 and some say they bare responsibility for the French and American revolutions. Although there are plenty of organizations that have claimed to be members of this original faction, the actual truth is not known to the public. If the Illuminati did indeed exist and survive to control the world behind the scenes, it is most likely they would have changed their name by now. However, I believe it is a higher probability that other groups were instead inspired by the Illuminati in the formation of their own secret societies.

Once such organization is Skull and Bones. The organization exists at Yale University and can claim alumni that include presidents, business leaders, and members of government. Prominent members include the Bush family. Although the “Bonesmen” do not claim any sort of fame, it is easy to see why conspiracy theorists are quick to jump on Skull and Bones whenever a villain is needed. Personally, I believe it is likely for Skull and Bones to serve as a sort of initiatory organization into yet higher echelons of power. In other words: secret societies within more public “secret societies”. If we study the framework used by secret societies throughout history, it becomes clear that this practice is regular. Perhaps Skull and Bones is just a stepping stone to greater levels of ambition, influence, and secret power.

Secret societies are initiatory. Instead of openly recruiting new members, the organization relies on a series of “tests” or “initiatory rites” in order to deem “worthy” members. A test could be as simple as a “seeker” attending a “meditation class” or church service. They might include powerful rituals, sacrifices, or acts of bravery. Overall, initiation is meant to be a time of karmic cleansing. The initiate is wrapping up the loose ends of their karmic energy so that they can be ready to acquire greater understanding and power. Typically, secret societies look to see who is taking initiative. If there is an organized method of recruiting, the organization might have been watching potential initiates for quite some time. Obviously, I am not privy to the recruitment tactics of all secret societies and I am sure there is much I do not know on the topic. However, from what I have researched on the topic, this method of recruitment seems to be the most common.

The CIA and other government organizations types of secret societies. Since gaining more independence from oversight during the Cold War, the CIA has conducted themselves similarly to a secret society rather than a taxpayer-funded organization. Conducting covert ops around the world, the CIA is responsible for much of the trouble we face collectively. On the other hand, organizations like the CIA contribute to keeping Americans safe through gathering intelligence on possible domestic attacks. Unfortunately, we do not know for certain which actions are in the majority because the organization maintains themselves as a secret society.

In case of organizations like the Freemasons, it is customary for invitations to be extended through family members. However, it is also possible for new members to become initiated if they express a sincere interest. Based on the Freemasons I have met, most had a father, uncle, cousin, or grandfather who extended them an invite. In the same way that a trade-skill is kept within the family, so too are initiatory secrets kept.

Such has been the case since the original days of industrial civilization.

Secret Society History

Secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons were created in response to Christianity. During the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, and similar events throughout the world, occultists and Hermetic philosophers were killed, tortured, raped, and imprisoned in masse. Although the Inquisition and events in Salem are certainly the most famous accounts, the esoteric teachings were driven underground by religious orthodoxy under pain of death. Ironically, many of these orthodox religions took root as mystical or esoteric organizations themselves. Over time, this secret tradition was forgotten and more hierarchal institutions (like the Catholic Church) were created. The Roman emperor Constantine ordained Christianity as the religion of the empire during his reign. At the time, he was stuck between choosing Islam and Christianity under pressure of the different organizations. Each had grown in power during his reign and he was facing a choice to select a religion for his people.

Constantine chose Christianity because it allowed his people to drink. Islam did not. Following this decision, Constantine decreed many of the beliefs (such as the virgin birth) to become considered doctrinal fact. The ramifications of this decision are still being fully felt but they came to a head in the creation of the modern Bible at the Council of Nicaea under the church father Athanasius of Alexandria. Since this time, we have collectively experienced governmental control over religious beliefs. Although they pretend to practice separation of church and state, modern Christians fail to acknowledge that their “Holy Book” was created by a dictatorial emperor, at the end of Rome.

Religious fundamentalists and government “leaders” forced esoteric societies underground. In order to maintain their influence and secret teachings, people like me went into hiding.

The downfall of mystical Christianity began with Nero. Following the terror of the Roman Emperor Nero, mystical practices of all kinds were forced underground. Although Christianity in 2020 is far different from Hermetic philosophy, the original teachings of Jesus seem congruent with much of what the ancient Egyptian philosopher had to say. Indeed, Jesus himself is sometimes alleged to be a member of a mystical apocalyptic society called the Essenes. Additionally, the Ishaya Monk order claims that they also carry the “secret teachings of Jesus”: an art of meditation called “Ascension”. The Ishaya claim they are descended from the Apostle John who began sharing the initiatory practices of Jesus following his death. Lastly, in his book “Anacalypsis”, Godfrey Higgins shares information pulled from Josephus and other religious scholars to argue that John the Baptist and Jesus maintained a secret society. Higgins writes:

I do not doubt that a secret system is yet in the conclave, guarded with as much or more care, or at least with more power, than the secrets of masonry. The priests know that one of the best modes of secreting them is to deny they exist.

Indeed, the heads of the church must now see very clearly, if they were to confess what cannot be denied, that (if the most learned and respectable of the early fathers of the church are to be believed) Christianity contained a secret religion, that the populace would not consent to be kept in the dark.

But whether the secret doctrine be lost or not, IT IS A FAST that it was the faith of the first Christian fathers, admitted by themselves, that there was such a secret doctrine, and before I have done, I will prove it clearly enough.

+Anacalypsis, Godfrey Higgins, Pg. 196. 1836.

Personally, I feel it is foolish to believe that early Christianity did not have initiatory practices. After all, Jesus traveled with his twelve disciples. As you might know, these individuals are the reason we have an account of Jesus Christ and his life. Through the books in the New Testament and those in the Gnostic Texts (such as the gospel of Thomas), we get a picture of Jesus and we take-home some of his most important teachings. However, much of his life is left undocumented. We do not get a window into private chats the disciples and Jesus had over supper. We do not know if Jesus had a romantic partner or children. We do not know where Jesus and his Disciples went when they needed a break. Did they engage in using plant medicines?

Jesus and his disciples could have gained inspiration through psychedelic plants. Indeed, “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” by John Allegro provides a controversial yet comprehensive view that Jesus was inspired by the psilocybin mushroom. Allegro even argues that perhaps Jesus WAS a mushroom and the disciples invented the human carpenter to convey and encrypt the means by which they received divine inspiration. Personally, I feel this view is far-fetched. However, when comparing the teachings of Jesus with my own mushroom experiences, I must confess the two bare plenty of similarities. It is not hard to imagine that this ancient middle eastern carpenter may have consumed some psychedelic plants (like the native Acacia bush) in order to achieve his enlightenment. In truth, we will probably never know.

However, for the purposes of our article here, this is exactly the point! We will never know because it was a secret society. Considered in this light, we must confess that Jesus and his disciples did indeed maintain a functioning initiatory organization. In the Bible, it is said that Jesus called each of his disciples away from their professions. Luke was a doctor, Peter a fisherman, and Matthew a tax collector. These individuals abandoned their trade and became followers of Jesus. In 2020, we would likely name the early Christians a dangerous cult that calls people away from their ability to contribute in society. As depicted in the Netflix series “Messiah”, perhaps Jesus and his followers would even be placed on a terrorist watchlist.

The secret teachings of Christianity were forced underground by the Roman emperor Nero. In his reign of terror, Nero crucified Christians and fed them to lions. During this time, Christians adopted a Nordic rune called Othala as their secret symbol.

secret societies

According to “Futhark: A Handbook Of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson, the rune Othala represents the following:

The mystery of Othala is symbolized by the stronghold enclosure of the clan, which defines its holy boundary and serves to defend it against the unholy intruder. It is the essence of the cosmic concept of Midhgardr – the enclosure in the middle.

Furthark, Page 68.

Magically, the rune is used to protect and ward away evil. It represents ancestral heritage, destiny, and prosperity. Often it is used to denote the idea of family property or clan-held land. Although it is unknown how the Christians learned about this magical druidic rune, likely they accounted amongst their number believers who hailed from the Nordic regions conquered by Rome.

Facing the horrors of Nero, it is easy to see why the early Christians adopted this magical symbol of family heritage and protection. However, once again, there is an implication of secret knowledge and an association with magic even within the most commonly known symbols of modern Christianity. Following these breadcrumbs, we can follow the trail of the earliest secret societies associated with Jesus Christ.

However, to see what happened next, we should turn to Europe.

Secret Societies In Europe

Secret societies survived into Europe through a system of guilds. For every trade, there was a guild associated. In modern times, we might acquaint guilds to trade unions. However, they were more akin to fraternal organizations that served to keep trade skills safe within families and smaller communities. Guilds provided a community and a social network in a time where no such organizations existed beforehand.

Guilds often kept safe the esoteric philosophy. In a time where occultists and mystics were killed or tortured, secret teachings were preserved by guilds through their own interior initiations. New members to the organization were taught the secrets of their trade. However, as the initiate proved themselves worthy, they were also taught the secrets of the universe. Over time, they were introduced to the secret teaching that the universe is mental and we can control it with our own minds. Often, they were advised to learn about the secrets of God through pursuing the secrets of their craft. It was explained that we are closer to God and his mysteries when we practice perfection in our own creations. In the same way the Hermetic philosopher alchemizes their emotions into their highest forms, so too does the sculptor turn clay into beautiful art.


The most famous example is the Freemasons. In today’s world, the Freemasons are relatively well known. In fact, many of their once-secret rites and ceremonies have been released to the public. Although there are allegations that the Freemasons practice Satanic rituals, worship Lucifer, or control world leaders, it seems apparent that the vast majority of Freemasons are involved in nothing so interesting. Based off what my Freemason friends have said, Freemason lodge meetings are closer to fraternity drinking nights than magical rituals. Regardless, the Freemasons guard powerful secrets of sacred architecture.

The Freemasons began as guilds of Masons. According to their own mythology, they are descended from Hiram Abiff, the mason who helped build Solomon’s temple and died before sharing his secrets with the uninitiated. However, it is more likely the Freemasons formed in Europe and adopted Hiram as their patron saint in order to make a connection with Solomon: one of the most famous magicians in history.

As guardians of the Hermetic teachings, the Freemasons realized it was safest to hide in plain sight. Through their mastery of masonry, the original Freemasons made themselves useful to the Church in the creation of massive cathedrals. Paying homage to the Kabbalah and a knowledge of sacred geometry, Freemasons created their own systems of sacred architecture that allowed them to embed their esoteric secrets into the walls of their oppressors. In so doing, the Freemasons have contributed to one of the greatest ironies of history. Many of the classic decorations, symbols, and shapes associated with cathedrals are actually far-older esoteric secrets originating instead in Egypt and the far-East.

The Illuminati in Bavaria are another famous secret society. Although mentioned previously, it is important to note that organizations like the Illuminati were not uncommon. In the same way that guilds kept laymen safe from enthusiastic Christian barbarians, so too did secret societies protect aristocrats who wished to study the occult. Later in Europe, during the Enlightenment, these more affluent secret societies like the Bavarian Illuminati held enormous influence and power. Across Europe, they attracted ambitious and intelligent individuals from many walks of life.

During the time of the French and American revolutions, secret societies played an important role. According to “Secret Societies of the European Revolution” by Thomas Frost, Lafayette and many other French leaders were involved in “The Grand Lodge of Paris”. Although the actual name of the society is not known, it is claimed by Manly Hall in his book “The Secret Destiny of America” that Benjamin Franklin also has his name in the membership logs of this same organization. Pause for a moment and consider this question: why was Franklin considered such an influential member of the founding fathers, despite having no political office? Out of all members, he was sent as an envoy to France. As we know, choosing Franklin proved successful despite many accounts of his peculiar networking tactics. I believe the answer to this question is simple: Franklin represented the secret societies within the company of the founding fathers. Rarely in history do we experience what happened with Benjamin Franklin. One of the secret “behind the scenes” ambassadors of “the society of unknown philosophers” (so named by Manly Hall) is brought into light due to his own bravery and contributions.

Although secret societies continued to exist all over the world, their influence began to spread in America following the success of the American revolution.

Secret Societies In America

Secret societies have been part of American politics since the beginning. As mentioned above, it is likely that Benjamin Franklin and other of his cohorts were members of the same secret societies that held sway in Europe. From the beginnings of American independence, our leaders have been staging to create a new home for the esoteric philosophy. Although this mission was derailed and confused for periods of time, it is now coming to fruition here in 2020.

If you want to understand the importance of the secret societies in American culture, read “The Secret Destiny of America” by Manly Hall. Himself a leader in the Freemasons, Manly Hall wrote extensively on the impact of secret societies and detailed many of their belief, operations, and practices.

According to Hall, a secret society so-named the “Order of the Quest” embarked to create a new world for the hermetic philosophers. Seeing the threat of orthodox religions, this Order saw the discovery of America as an opportunity to expand influence to the New World. Using this land as a staging ground for religious and individual freedom, the Order of the Quest and its associates infiltrated spheres of political influence in Europe and orchestrated the American and French revolutions. If we are to believe what is said about the Bavarian Illuminati, it could be said that the “Order of the Quest” and the Illuminati could be one and the same. However, it is unlikely we know the true name of the actual secret society responsible for pulling the strings. By nature of these secret organizations, it is safe to assume that many of the secrets were kept and not openly shared with people, even in 2020.

Following the American revolution, the “Order of the Quest” vanished into mystery. Were they successful?

It is safe to say that the publication of this blog post and accompanying podcast episodes are testimony to the success of the Order of the Quest. Thankfully, here in 2020, occultists like me can live openly. I am able to share information about esoteric philosophy without fear of harm. In another time, I would have been burned alive for sharing this information.

Whether they had evil intent or not, secret societies founded our modern world. It would be unfair and unrealistic to say that ALL such people were malicious, Satanic, or had any sort of evil plan. Clearly, many secret societies operate for the powers of good and protect those pursuing individual freedoms. Although many of the members of organizations like Skull and Bones have committed war crimes, we do not know their full membership rosters. There are heroes and villains in the ranks of the Freemasons, the Druids, the Ishaya, and all those organizations we will never know. We do not see the countless members of secret societies who live normal lives, contributing to society. Indeed, many secret societies (such as the Odd Fellows) have come into light and proclaimed missions of philanthropy, universal fraternity, and community development.

That being said: if you are someone who is interested in secret societies, be wary. There are red-flags for organizations that would lead you astray. In addition to working for the powers of freedom and light, there are many such secret societies with foul intent. Indeed, just as there is good and evil in all men, so too is there good and evil across all organizations. Be wary of any secret societies paying homage to any particular deity, as this is inconsistent with the original Hermetic teachings. If you find yourself engaged in demonic rituals, black magic, or anything that smells foul, I recommend you turn your back and run. Although dark power can be tempting, it ultimately leads to ruin at the individual and collective levels. It is time for the path of right hand magic.

The true teachings of this world preach individual freedom, universal brother/sister-hood, and personal connection with the divine. Follow in the footsteps of the true masters like Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Hermes Trismegistus. Do not give way to those organizations who would deny you an authentic and individual relationship with your spiritual path.

Life is a sort of video game. When we alchemize our internal selves, we can ascend to new levels. Only the path of unconditional love and acceptance is recommended. No other path will lead to fruition.

Tread carefully.

+Darth Shickari+



Future Of Sex

Sex in the future might look quite different. With advances in new technology like sex robots, virtual reality porn, and augmented reality, we are primed for an evolution in human sexuality. Are we ready?

Let’s find out!

The future of sex is a compelling topic. Instead of wading through the old patterns taught to us through religious orthodoxy, we can evolve into a healthier understanding of sexuality. Rather than give way to porn addiction or sex with robots instead of people, we can evolve collectively into a better relationship with sex. Humans are meant to have sex and enjoy pleasure. Once we embrace this realization, we are free to experience ourselves as the sexual creatures we KNOW we are!

It is time for sexual healing at the collective level.

Holistic living is congruent with sexual freedom. The future of sex involves an openness to different lifestyles. Additionally, choose to embrace your kinks and accept yourself fully. Find partners who will support you in exploring yourself sexually instead of shaming you for your secret fantasies.

It is OK to have kinks and explore yourself fully! Always remember: enter all sexual situations with full consent or not at all. YOU can withdraw consent at any time. Be careful to respect the consent of others and take this issue seriously. In order to experience full sexual healing, we must move beyond violations of consent. Once consent is respected fully in the bedroom, it will give rise to a dramatic shift towards individual power at the collective level. Such a change will be felt at the highest levels of our civilization.

Ready to learn about the future of sex? Let’s dive in!

Sex In The Future

Sex is evolving. If understood properly, this evolution can bring sexual healing and a deeper intimacy with our partners.

Do you and your partner have fantasies that seem unrealistic or unsafe to satisfy?

Sex robots, virtual reality, and augmented reality will allow you to fulfill those fantasies in vivid form without leaving the comfort and safety of your bedroom.

Instead of running from these desires, it will become easier to have virtual threesomes, orgies, and all sorts of “dark” desires that might seem taboo. In fact, it might be the case that you NEVER venture into the world of experiencing sexual healing outside of a monogamous relationship. If that is your route, then this is fantastic! Monogamy can lead to a deep and intimate relationship with a single individual.

However, moving into the future, folks will have the opportunity to explore relationship dynamics that were once taboo or even physically impossible. For example: including a hyper-realistic AI robot in your sexual relationship with your partner. As new technology progresses, AI technology will become more real and increasingly conscious. In the same way you grow with a human partner, you might find yourself able to join with an artificial intelligence in a symbiotic relationship. Does this sound scary? Although the idea of mating with an AI consciousness might seem wild, it will become possible within our lifetimes.

Experiencing true sexual healing requires education!

Sexual Education In The Future

Sexual education is evolving. With the advent of the internet, we have new opportunities to learn from those who are far along the path of sexual healing. If we want to experience ourselves as the sexual beings we feel inside, then self-understanding is paramount. What turns you on? Are you more erotic than you think? It is time for radical self acceptance and love.

Ian Ferguson is a pioneer. Along with his partner Jaiya, Ian educates his audience in an effort to expand their awareness about eroticism. Thanks to the power of the internet, we have access to leaders like Ian who can help us understand ourselves and experience an “erotic breakthrough”.

Here is a little more about Ian Ferguson pulled from his bio:

“The consummate Renaissance Man and a lifelong student of Human Potential,  Ian Ferguson has been featured on Good Morning America, Anderson Live, VH1, and in Details magazine.
“From his youth as tap dance king of Ohio to directing and performing in Off-Broadway theatre in New York; from building a seven-figure design business serving celebrity clients like Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfieffer to co-creating Jaiya, Inc., an international company with the mission of uplifting sexuality as something to be openly and honestly discussed, celebrated and enjoyed,  Ian has been driven by his desire to create a world with freedom of expression for all — a world where people are more connected to the truth of their bodies and each other through authentic, honest communication, and love.
“In 2007, Ian partnered with Jaiya, an internationally recognized, award-winning sexologist and best-selling author to co-found Jaiya, Inc., spreading the word about Jaiya’s revolutionary framework, the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™, designed to radically transform how we talk about and experience sex.
“A person’s relationship to their sexuality reveals how they live every aspect of their life.  Empowering people to own their desires and express their true sexual nature unleashes the creative potential of all of life.”

Ian Ferguson was kind enough to join us on the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast to discuss the topic of the future of sex! Let’s dive into the show and learn.

Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson and Jaiya can be found online easily on their website and social media platforms.

What questions do you have about the future of sex? Post them in the comments below!

Want to take the Erotic Breakthrough quiz and begin a sexual transformation? Click this link and take the free quiz!

Jaiya and Ian

Have you ever experienced trouble with eroticism?

It might be the case that you simply have never had the awareness necessary to ask for what you need in the bedroom. For so many of us, we struggle to know our true desires AND THEN express those fantasies to our partners. It might be as simple as playing sexy music or lighting a few candles. Resources like the Erotic Breakthrough free quiz help equip us with better self understanding. Through that enlightenment, we can experience transformation in all areas of life. It starts in the bedroom!

how to change your life

How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life

In 2020, we have an opportunity for a new way.

Let us join together in unified purpose and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. In our world, we are much more alike than we are different. We all want happiness for our families, good health, food and shelter, and spiritual fulfillment. When we take a moment and realize that all of humanity is engaged in the SAME struggle, we can begin to rectify our world as a team instead of squabbling over the scraps of a nuclear wasteland. The time for change is now.

If you are going through a period of transition and intense change, you are not alone! Changing your life does not have to be difficult.

life changes

I know what it is like… I’ve been through divorce, leaving a religious cult, joining the military, starting a business, changing careers, and a host of other craziness. At multiple times, I was confronted with the difficulty of changing my life completely.

Here’s what I have found:

When you are going through a period of intense change and transformation, you NEED a toolkit of reliable practices and resources that you KNOW will get you to the other side.

I’m talking about:

  • A morning routine
  • An EVENING routine
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healing plants
  • Spiritual practices
  • And of course: a COMMUNITY!

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, I breakdown the details about how to change your life completely by developing a toolkit of amazing resources!

Check it out and get started!

How To Change Your Life Completely

If you want an entirely different existence, you need to take responsibility of the choices you have made up to this point.

The life that you have TODAY is a direct result of the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and actions that you carry as you go through life. If you hangout with people who are bringing you down to their level, then you need to find some different “friends”. Instead of blaming other people, take responsibility for your physical experiences and you will be well on your way to changing your life completely.

Sometimes, we experience tragedy. In these cases, life can feel completely out of our control. We might feel like victims. In some cases, we might have indeed been a victim of a terrible crime or life circumstance. However, we cannot live our lives as victims. Eventually, it is time to grow, heal, and move into a better reality. Set a resolution to change your life and move past whatever trauma you have had the misfortune of experiencing. You owe it to yourself to heal.

Human evolution can be beautiful if we lean into affluence, ease, and joy. Instead of choosing a path of pain, take charge of your life and decide to heal and progress.

If you want to change your life completely, you must assume responsibility. Make better choices. Hang out with kinder people. Set a standard for your life and do not accept anything that does not align with that vision. Instead of settling for some terrible job, take risks and make moves to position yourself for the career that your heart is calling you to do. Do not give way to fear. If you want to change your life and experience a new reality, you may have to change everything you are currently doing in favor of better habits.

Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

Changing your life begins in the mind. If you are poisoning yourself with your thoughts, you will find yourself running in circles without end. Learn how to love yourself and create a better internal reality. As within, so without. If you are terrifying yourself constantly, then you will never be able to find true stillness and happiness. Instead of going down dark rabbit-holes of self-hate, choose to speak kindly to yourself.

Changing your thoughts leads to changing your beliefs. Once we carry different beliefs, we begin to feel differently. When we are feeling powerful, confident, and capable, we take empowered actions that are aligned with our true soul calling. This is the secret to manifestation. We must combine a cultivated and healed internal reality with ACTION inside of the material plane. Instead of spending our days chasing the life of a renunciate, choose to make a difference here on Earth. After all, we are all in this together and the world needs heroes here in 2020.

So how does a person go about taking actions that will change their lives forever?

How To Change Your Life With Habits

Routines and habits make us into who we are.

The practices, foods, exercises, drinks, and substances we engage with every day create who we are and how we can help others. If we exist in habits of sickness and disease, we cannot truly help those in need. We must become the examples that are needed if we are going to change our lives and help the world evolve into something better.

Want to change your life for real? How about implementing a morning routine that helps you get in the zone for your day.

It can be easy. A morning routine does not need to include jumping through hoops, lifting weights for hours, or going for long runs. Make it simple enough that you will do it every single day.

Here is a quick routine that works for me when I’m in a rush:

  1. Wake up, brush teeth.
  2. CHUG a bunch of water. At least one liter.
  3. Make coffee.
  4. While coffee is going, do 5 minutes of Yoga poses and maybe some pushups.
  5. While coffee is cooling, close eyes and take some deep breaths. 5 minutes of meditation.
  6. Drink coffee, do a bit of journaling, get dressed.
  7. Get out the door!

It takes about 30 minutes from wakeup to leaving the house. Personally, I have found that breakfast does not work well with my body. If I eat food before noon, I feel sluggish the rest of the day. When I let my body fast in the morning, my energy levels are MUCH higher. You might find the same but experiment with your food schedule and see what works for your life.


If you do not know how to meditate, watch this video!

If I have a longer time in the morning, here is the full routine:

  1. Wake up, brush teeth.
  2. CHUG a bunch of water. At least one liter.
  3. Make bulletproof coffee with butter, MCT oil, cacao, maca powder, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Delicious.
  4. Do 5-15 minutes of Yoga and bodyweight movements. Maybe some cartwheels or handstands.
  5. Drink coffee and do some journaling. Write out my to-do list for the day. Pick 3 things from my to-do list that are the most important items. Write out what I’m thankful for in my life.
  6. Pull some tarot cards and do a reading for myself.
  7. Meditate for 5-15 minutes.
  8. Read a book until I’m bored.
  9. Watch a documentary on Netflix or maybe a show on HBO for a minute. Wake my brain up a bit more. Set a relaxed tone for the day.
  10. Drink some more coffee.

A great routine will get you ramped up for the day and ready to MOVE!

You can also have an evening routine! If you are looking to change your life completely, then you might also want to look into creating an evening routine that gets you ready for bed. Here is mine:

  1. Do some Yoga.
  2. Drink a sleepy-time tea.
  3. Go outside and look at the stars to remind my brain that it is night-time.
  4. Brush teeth. Drink lots of water.
  5. Get my essential oil diffuser going with some peppermint or lavender oil.
  6. Watch a documentary or HBO show until I fall asleep.

It might take you five minutes.

Of course, I am just listing out my routines to give you ideas. A routine is personal to you and should focus around how you can best change your life around in a way that creates more momentum for your day. When you get out the door feeling great, your whole day is already won. Whatever happens next is just extra on top.

Changing Your Life Takes Commitment To Goals

Want to make a real change?

Set a goal that makes you nervous.

For me, it was podcasting and starting this brand. When I first started, I committed to six months of doing this show every day. Although I missed a day here and there, I stayed the course. As a result, my entire life changed. Let me tell you a bit about what happened:

It all began when I got an email from my mentor, Miles Beckler

He was talking about this new mastermind group he was opening up for entrepreneurs looking to start and scale a brand. At the time, I was doing freelance marketing jobs to make some extra money. Although the money was coming in, I was unhappy. I felt stuck, unmotivated, and lost in a wasteland of shiny objects and fake gurus.

I joined right away. The first prescription was a 90-day content marketing challenge where we were required to do a blog, video, or podcast every day for at least 90 days. Feeling crazy, I committed to six months.

At the time, I FELT that the Podcast and Beyond Homo Sapien brand was the right move. However, the “logical” side of my brain was convincing me to try and do more freelance work as a digital marketer. Regardless, I needed a plan because I was set to leave the US Army shortly.

When I found that the first “prescription” was a 90-day content challenge, I felt relief. It was important confirmation that the voice of my intuition was correct: Beyond Homo Sapien was the move I was meant to make.

At the time, I was still emotionally recovering from my divorce. For months after that time, I spent my days in depression and lack of fulfillment in all areas of my life. I was completely alone and had no friends in the local area. Entrepreneurial activities was what I was using to distract myself from my pain (unknowingly at the time).

However, the idea of diving headfirst into the podcast brought me back to life.

Instead of a 90 day challenge, I committed to six months.

Although I missed a day here and there, I stayed the course.

At the end, I had a COMPLETELY different life unlike the one I had before.

Here’s the catch: I did not make a ton of money, I did not become world famous, I did not become best friends with Joe Rogan or Elon Musk.

Instead, something MUCH better happened.

I met the love of my life. A girl that warms my heart and shows me love unlike anything I have ever experienced. We have been together a year and it’s looking like we are going to be together for the rest of our days. Both of us were involved in miserable marriages so we have PHDs in what love does NOT look like… This ones real.

How did we meet? She’s the best friend of someone who I interviewed on the podcast as a part of my challenge. When I arrived for our in-person interview, they were hanging out and we all had a great time. A surprise snowstorm meant that I had to spend the night and we became close. We’ve been together as best friends and then lovers ever since. Could not be happier with how things are going.

Additionally, I ended up expanding my network into the stars. Compared with where I was before the show, I probably quadrupled my network. It’s amazing what happens when you interview someone almost every day for 6 months straight.

As a result of that networking, I bought a house! At the time, I was looking around for a property and finding NOTHING. Someone I met as a result of the challenge introduced me to an amazing real estate agent. As a result, I live in the beautiful 12 room house in the Ozarks where I’m writing this post. It’s an amazing house that was built in the late 1800s. I’ve got some great tenants and we are planning some live events on the half-acre property. Again, could not be happier.

Having this house meant moving to a new community where I AGAIN expanded my network even more than before. This time, my network is more in-person than online (although I’ve still maintained the online network I created via the podcast interviews). Out here, I’ve formed personal connections with Native American medicine men, farmers, hippies, crystal hunters, entrepreneurs, musicians, and all the amazingly odd folks who are drawn to the beauty and magic of the Ozarks. My days of loneliness and NO community are LONG gone.

If that wasn’t enough, a few of the people I interviewed on the podcast have become my best friends. A few of them have come and stayed for a few weeks out at the house. One person (an experienced marketer) even lived with me for four months and she’s now one of my closest friends and business connections.

I’m looking for full time work now that I’m out of the Army. So far, my network has proved invaluable in that process and I should have something very soon. Again, the podcast has proved very useful and has already landed me a few job interviews as direct results of guests I’ve had on the show recently.

The commitment I made to my goals totally changed my life. Suddenly, it was clear that I existed in a new reality wherein the rules worked differently.  I believe that when we set a big goal and really COMMIT, we show “god” or “the universe” or your “higher self” (or whatever resonates for you) that you are serious. You are ready to change your life and make some moves.

If you are looking to change your life and you want some help, make sure you check out the Phoenix program. Inside, you will find a committed team of mentors and peers to help guide you into the new version of yourself you want to experience. Instead of floundering in the wastelands without help, sign up to play as a team and get ahead together. It is time!

is tarot real

Is Tarot Real?

Is Tarot Real?

“Is Tarot Real?” seems to be a common question these days… Do you listen to tarot cards? If so, this post might shed some light on the best way to use tarot cards from my experience. I have been a tarot card reader for the past three years and have grown to love the way that they help me tap into my inner voice.

Does that all sound crazy to you? Well, you are in luck! These days, quantum physics is catching up to what mystics have known for thousands of years: the universe is mental. Our minds have more power than we could have imagined.

Tarot cards help to draw that intuitive power out of hiding and into the spotlight! Instead of hiding that voice in the shadows of your consciousness, tarot cards help you to listen more deeply to your highest truths.

These days, tarot has experienced a resurgence of interest unlike anything we have seen since the early 1900s…

More than ever, folks have questions about tarot and how it all works.

Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

In 2020, tarot cards have seen a resurgence unlike what we have seen in recent collective memory. Understandably, this brings skeptics. Are tarot cards accurate? How can we be sure that these tools are aligned with truth and not leading us astray? In this section, let us venture into the realms of our subconscious and understand the tarot at a level that goes deeper than the cards themselves. After all, the tarot cards are just a tool.

People wanna know:

Is tarot “real”?

If so, how does it work?

Am I really working with spirits or angels???

Well… sorta.

Tarot began back in ancient Egypt as a way to practice divination.

“Divination” is an ancient practice of tapping into “higher powers” in order to receive guidance or cause some sort of impact on the world around you.

In fact, throughout history, many famous leaders have studied divination in an attempt to better understand the future.

Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England employed one of the most famous diviners of all time as her personal advisor:

John Dee.

Never heard of John Dee? You’re missing out.

Here is a lecture from Terence Mckenna about the magician John Dee and his influence on civilization:

Imagine if Gandalf was real and he was into astrology, inventing machines, and gazing into crystal balls… that’s John Dee.

John Dee and his story of working with the Queen is one of the best examples of a famous and powerful leader using divination and astrology as a regular practice.

Hitler and his inner circle were also students of divination and the occult… unfortunately, like many “leaders” in history, they used these powerful secrets for evil.

Nevertheless, divination has been used by many world changing figures for all sorts of reasons.

But why?

Tarot and other methods of divination are meant to help YOU dig deep inside your intuition for answers.

Although divination CAN be used to contact third party spirits, that is not really necessary.

Instead, tools like tarot should help you to tap into your inner voice and have clearer guidance from the clearest version of yourself.

In other words: it doesn’t really matter what cards are drawn… it doesn’t actually mean anything crazy if you see shapes in your crystal ball… if your horoscope is super accurate, it isn’t a big deal.

What IS a big deal is the message that it sends to YOUR intuition.

If you have a crazy tarot card reading that “really speaks to you”… is that the cards talking… or is it just that your inner voice is coming in loud and clear?

Skeptics of tarot and divination say that they’re “fake” because the person will only ever see what they want to see in the cards.



THAT is the magic of tarot.

It drags your inner voice out from the back of your head and brings it front and center.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Although I do personally believe that there is magic in tarot and other methods of divination, this “Magic” is only significant or helpful to my life because it helps me to listen to myself better. Have you just had a tarot card reading and you want to understand the meaning? Instead of looking for meaning inside of your tarot cards, look for that voice of intuition and analyze what that voice is saying ABOUT the cards.

Contact with spirits is praised by many tarot card readers. Personally, I am no such reader. In my system, tarot cards serve best to highlight the individual voice and draw that out from a torrent of other voices. In my work with spirits, they have only ever taught me how to better listen to and follow that most important voice: myself.

For many people interested in tarot card readings, this is confusing. However, ask yourself this: if “contact with spirits” does nothing but keep you running in circles, then what good has that “magic” done in your life?

Instead, you have wandered into a labyrinth of chaos. Thankfully, there are easy ways out.

The more you dive down these rabbit holes, the more you realize:

Your intuition is your link with the divine.

That little voice in the back of your head with lots of crazy ideas?

Perhaps that’s the voice of your highest self?

Do you believe in such things?

If you don’t, consult quantum physics for some answers.

Examine how our universe is woven together in a fabric of wavelength.

Perhaps your mind is one such wavelength?

Science seems to be leaning towards the view of the Hermetic, as it was predicted in the 1900s.

What I’m getting after here is that your mind has power to influence the world around you, through the power of vibration to create frequency.

That frequency then influences the world through the principle of cause and effect.

What Is Tarot?

So going back to tarot:

When you draw that intuitive “highest self” voice into the forefront, you might find yourself better able to influence your environment.

This is what people mean when they talk about “an evolution of consciousness”…

It is an evolution of the vibration at which your atoms are pulsating. This evolution begins in the mind.

When we draw out that voice and start to LISTEN and ACT on what it says, “magic” starts to happen. Tarot cards are just a tool to activate that inner voice more directly. Although there is meaning and inspiration in the cards, the archetypes, and the suits, it is much more important what that intuitive voice is saying to you about the cards.

Over time using tarot cards, you might find that certain cards become common. In my case, “the Chariot” is a card I find often. Inside of the Tarot, the Chariot is the archetype of overcoming obstacles and riding forward into victory. Ever since I have been drawn into becoming a tarot card reader, the Chariot card has reminded me of my highest self. In my readings, this is what it represents. I have found that when you develop a personal relationship with a certain tarot card, that personal connection will speak more clearly than anything an old book has to say. Tarot card reading is meant to be intuitive.

It is helpful to understand what the different tarot cards mean. Over time, I will expand this post into a more detailed breakdown of tarot card meanings. However, today, I will leave you here.

Play around with divination and see what you find.

You don’t need to contact any outside spirits. In fact, I would recommend you instead just try and listen better to your highest self.

Instead of invoking some god that may or may not exist, invoke the best version of yourself.

+Darth Shickari+777+