Why You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Here’s why you probably don’t believe in yourself…

Our society is setup in a way to collectively instill ourselves with the false belief that we are not worthy.

That we are not adequate.

That there is something more we must do in order to be worthy of a reward.

That we do not have all the answers.

That we cannot believe in ourselves.

That we are inadequate.

You see: our environments create our beliefs.

Once those beliefs are created, we continue to believe them until a shift in belief has happened.

Typically, a shift in belief takes a conscious effort.

These things do not necessarily happen overnight…

Back in the early days of our species, we were plagued by predators and forces outside of our control.

A global flood destroyed our civilization.

Dinosaurs ate our children.

Enemy tribes ransacked our village and took all the food.

We died of diseases we didn’t understand, far earlier in life than we do today.

Life was super dangerous. Over millions of years of this existence, we evolved the belief that the world is a dangerous place…

Is The World A Dangerous Place?

Up until extremely recently, this was true.

WW2 just ended a few decades ago. Still today, there are plenty of places around the world where wars and conflict continue. Fortunately, we are seeing a massive decline in violence.

I think that decline in violence will dramatically increase.

We are headed towards a collective awareness and stepping into a collective desire for more peace… For a more beautiful world.

This is happening across our entire planet in a variety of forms. Before it ends, we will have a new awakened reality that we cling to as a collective source of comfort, love, and what is real in our universe. We will enter into an understanding that love and relationships are all that matter in life… that our relationships with other people are the most important things in our world.

However, before we enter into that new belief system, it is time we come to terms with what has happened.

As a result of the chronic danger that has infected our planet for millions of years, we carry inside ourselves the collective belief that the world is a dangerous place.

That we are not powerful enough to shift that seemingly inherent truth…

That no matter what we do, we cannot ascend to heaven… We will always be subject to death and danger and violence in some regard.

I’m here to argue that this is not the case.

The Case For A More Beautiful World

I think that we can collectively ascend beyond violence and into a more beautiful world.

However, for this to happen, we must believe it to be possible.

All that exists in the physical plane of reality as a result of human origin first existed on the mental plane in some sort: as a conscious or unconscious thought inside the mind of an individual and eventually a collective mind of human origin.

Before we can move beyond violence and into something more peaceful, we must carry the passionate belief that it is possible… Furthermore, we must believe that WE… US… Our generation… That we are the ones who can affect this change and enter into the golden era we previously thought reserved for the gods.

Instead of waiting for some messiah, we realize that we are carriers of our own internal salvation… We awaken to the possibility that maybe we had the answers all along… Perhaps there is some key buried deep inside ourselves.

As a child, we should have received a message that said: “the entire world will try to distract you from the key inside of yourself. Instead of listening to those voices, your entire life’s purpose is finding that key. It is deep inside your subconscious… It is in the part of your body that you might call a ‘soul’. Uncovering this secret and sharing it with the world is the purpose of your life… This is your destiny, young one!”

Instead of that message, we receive the opposite.

We hear over and over that a world of anxiety and danger is normal…

We learn from the “experience” of our elders that it is normal to wake up earlier than you’d like, go to a job you don’t enjoy, work longer than you want, come home late and tired to a family, go to sleep earlier than you want, and “enjoy” a life of mediocrity.

We learn that fun is reserved for the “weekends”…

We learn that traffic is normal.

We learn that having people in authority over us is normal.

We learn that if we work real hard, we will do well.

We see examples of this being true in our life.

So what we we do? We believe it to be true.

We believe in this world of anxiety and concern.

We believe in the dangerous world. Instead of sticking with our childlike impulses about the world, we believe our parents when they warn about the dangers of the world. We believe our teachers when they tell us what we should know to succeed in life. We believe our pastors when they fill us in on the dangerous afterlife… After all, it isn’t too “far out” a story to believe given our preposterous amount of evidence for the dangerous world.

Again, we are genetically hardwired to believe in a dangerous world. It is in our very recent collective unconscious.

Here’s the fortunate truth about the dangerous world: It does not actually exist.

The dinosaurs are dead.

The sabertooth tigers too.

The “enemy tribe” coming to kill us is now (for the most part) a competitor in the marketplace.

Intimidating? Yes perhaps… Going to kill you and your family? Definitely not.

Examining the history of the past few decades, we find that most of the enemies facing our world are ones that we create ourselves… Terrorist cells that spring up of dissolved nation states which were brought about by military coups we helped orchestrate due to Cold War dealings created by some under-the-table deals that had to be done because of some outcome of countries splintering from the end of WW2 which resulted from unfair outcomes of WW1 which were created by XYZ… etc. etc…. It goes on and on and on…

Believing In Yourself

What does this all have to do with believing in yourself?

Oftentimes, we create our beliefs about ourselves to explain our world.

When the world is presented as a dangerous place, we assume that we are subject to our environment.

If our parents, teachers, and pastors are telling us that we have to be careful, pay attention, say our prayers, and avoid trouble if we want to survive in the dangerous world, we assume that it is because we are inherently unable to control our environments.

We have to look both ways before crossing the road because there are cars coming… Cars that are outside of our control.



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