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Astral travel is a life changing meditation practice that helps a person leave their body and explored altered states of consciousness. In my spiritual journey, learning techniques associated with entering my astral body and exploring different dimensions has proven extremely rewarding. After receiving many questions about astral travel since recording a podcast episode about the topic, I want to begin sharing more about this practice in the hopes it can help others in their quest. I am here to learn and hold space.

I have been practicing this style of meditation for years and I would like to begin sharing this information to help others in their own practice. When I first heard about astral travel, I was skeptical. Years ago in my journey, I was hesitant to believe anything unless I experienced it for myself. These days, I understand that I do not know everything and the secrets of the universe become more intense and powerful the more I explore.

Astral travel awakened me to the power of the internal journey and a person’s own ability to access higher states of consciousness while awake. Symbolized in stories of the Holy Grail, the Heroes Journey, and even the teachings of Jesus Christ, mankind has been obsessed with accessing the “god within”… The divine source of all knowledge that connects us with source energy.

Astral Travel Experiences

In my experiences with astral travel, I have been able to experience this state that is unknowable unless experienced. It cannot be spoken, written about, or expressed through the senses. It can only be accessed within.

Through a daily practice of astral travel, I have been able to access these different states of consciousness and I want to share what I have been practicing in the hopes it will inspire others in their own personal practice. We can share experiences and learn together as we grow.

Astral travel is an advanced form of meditation that involves leaving your body to explore altered states of consciousness. To get started with meditation, dedicate at least ten minutes of every day to basic breath work. Notice awareness of your thoughts and feelings. Begin to build consistency around this journey!

Are you a beginner to meditation?

If you want to learn about how to meditate, read this post on the blog. It will walk you through some basic exercises that will get you started creating a meditation practice inside of your own life.

How To Meditate

It is similar to lucid dreaming, except you are awake.

Want to learn more about astral travel and how to apply it to your life?

Join the new free Live Astral Travel Masterclass that I will be hosting EVERY Friday at NOON Central time.

Want to join in on the call and experience the practice for yourself? We will be diving deep into the practice of astral travel and how to apply this internal journey to what we do in the material world. It is something that must be experienced in order to really understand.

Ready To Begin Your Astral Travel Practice?

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Astral travel has been a powerful practice for my life. By connecting with like-minded seekers, I have been able to connect with myself at a deeper level. My intent is to help you find more peace within yourself and create a stronger practice for self-exploration. The answers are within, once they have been found.

Want to learn more about astral travel?  Watch this video:



If you want to join in on the astral travel class, I hope to see you there! My plan is to help fellow seekers understand their own spiritual journey better by sharing what I have learned along the way. I do not have all the answers and I pray we learn together as we climb up the mountain of life.

Much love to you!

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