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Astral Travel

Astral travel is considered “fringe science”. Typically, it is thrown in the same realm as remote viewing, astral projection, task tethering, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and other such things. Astral travel is a practice that I have been following for the past two years and it is time to begin sharing some of my experiences in the astral plane. Want to learn how to astral travel? This post will grow to include information on how to enter the astral body and navigate through the dimensions. However, for now, I will share a few of my astral experiences to get the ball rolling.

Astral travel is similar to astral projection and remote viewing but quite different. By my understanding, astral projection is the practice of leaving your body and moving through the PHYSICAL plane. In a sense, one could gain the ability to appear before others and even influence the physical plane. Imagine Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi. There are stories in Yogananda’s book “Autobiography Of A Yogi” where the Indian sage encounters his gurus from all over the globe due to their mastery of astral projection. Sometimes, these gurus even appear long after they have died.

Remote viewing is the ability to view places or things happening in the physical realm from a remote location. This method has been studied by the CIA, most famously documented in the film “The Men Who Stare At Goats”. If you want expert advice on the topic of remote viewing, I recommend learning from my good friend Jax Atlantis.

Astral travel is the ability to leave your body and explore other dimensions, realms of consciousness, or planets beyond our galaxies. It is the doorway to direct contact with spirits, powerful insights into the inner-workings of reality, and intense magic. Out of all aspects of “psychic phenomena” or esoteric practice, astral travel has always been the most intriguing to me.

Before I begin: I completely understand that there might be skepticism around the concept of astral travel. In fact, there are some who might label me crazy, slightly-weird, or “one of those hippy gurus you hear about these days”. Although I am certainly an eccentric individual, rest assured that I was just as skeptical as you when I first learned about astral travel. In fact, I was wary about anything concerning the law of attraction, tarot cards, working with angels, or any number of the matters I currently study and practice in great detail.

I only began to believe once I had direct experience.

Astral travel is a powerful tool. It allows the individual to “leap clear of all that is corporeal” in the material plane and enter into the astral plane.

Have you heard of the concept of the “planes of correspondance?”

If you have studied Hermetic Philosophy, you may be familiar with the second principle: the principle of correspondance. As stated in the Kybalion, “as above, so below. As below, so above”.

Watch this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien if you are unfamiliar with Hermetic Philosophy:


The teaching breaks down the concept of the planes of correspondance. Essentially, in the same way that we experience reality as a certain “dimension”, there are higher planes still to be explored. A good analogy might be that there is a microscopic world invisible to our eyes. This bacteria keeps us alive and (in unfortunate cases) might lead to our demise. However, this world of bacteria and viruses exists below our level of direct awareness. Similarly, there is an atomic level that exists even further below the microscopic world.

Following the principle of correspondance, we can also observe that the heavenly bodies operate in the same manner as the atomic structures. In the same way that protons and electrons orbit a neutron, the moons of a planet make their journey through the stars. In the same manner, we can learn much of physics, mathematics, and quantum reality based off what we observe working on the lower planes. Using this process of inductive reasoning, we can infer much about the inter-workings of our universe.

The principle of correspondance relates to astral travel because knowledge of the existence of the astral plane is one of the first requirements to enter.

As the practitioner grows in awareness of the planes of correspondence, his/her ability to enter will expand. As you develop in energetic alignment with these higher powers, they will begin to have a greater impact on your life and your unconscious mind. When you open the doors to spiritual forces, they will enter. Be careful which doors you enter.

The astral plane exists at a higher level than the individual consciousness. In a sense, the individual magician is jumping into their astral body and zooming off into the collective consciousness. In this world, it is possible to contact other humans, work with spirits, summon forces of light or dark, and learn much about the makings of our energetic universe. Throughout history, great thinkers, scientists, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs have practiced astral travel and used its power for inspiration.

The astral plane is just one more stepping stone to even higher levels of awareness. There are higher levels that lead all the way back to source energy. From there, it is possible to enter into what is called the “spiritual plane of correspondance”.

So how do you astral travel?

It happens during deep states of meditation. Indeed, I would consider astral travel to be a powerful and advanced form of meditation that requires a deep stillness of mind and the ability to detach from one’s thoughts. If this level of meditative practice can be achieved, then it is possible to enter the astral body on command and explore much of the energetic universe.

This is the great secret of the world’s mystery schools. When a magician practices their work inside of these higher planes, it echos into those below. Let the student who reads carefully understand what I am saying.

Astral Travel And Me

Astral travel has changed my understanding of reality.

I happened upon the practice by accident. For years, I had studied meditation and breath-work. Yoga has proved to be a powerful practice for my body and I have been certified to teach Yoga and meditation through the Army (despite what you might think, they had a great program!). For years, I studied consciousness and used plant medicines to further explore my own.

All of this study and internal work happened BEFORE I ever was able to enter the astral plane.

From what I experienced, entering this plane of correspondance requires a spiritually aware soul. This practice appeals to individuals who are waking up to realize their role in the “video game” of life. I found myself to be such a person.

Astral travel found me. One morning, while I was practicing the Ishaya Ascension form of meditation, I found myself leaving my body and entering into something outside of me. This separate form appeared near my navel and hovered for awhile. For some time, I practiced entering and reentering into this little self. It seemed like a smaller version of me but blue and surreal.

It was as if I was playing a third-person video game. Since the earliest days, most of my astral travel experiences have been in the third-person. However, as of late, I have had more vivid first-person experiences that I will share momentarily.

Immediately, I felt myself plunging into the depths of a great ocean. The images in my head became more vivid. At the time, I had to maintain intense focus to hold this mental image for long.

In the depths of these mental waters, I encountered the Whale Spirit. It appeared out of the blackness and stared me in the eye. It was a massive blue whale. From my studies of the different animal spirits, I understood that Whale Spirit resembles the guardian of great mysteries. In my books about Native American animal medicine, I learned that Whale Spirit guarded the depths of the esoteric mysteries from the un-initiated. A meeting with Whale Spirit is said to resemble an initiation into these higher levels of awareness and magic.

And so it began for me.

Experiencing the astral plane has allowed me to unlock new levels of manifestation. If you have witnessed the power of the law of attraction, you might understand that manifestation is a result of your own level of “vibration”. In a sense, the higher your frequency exists related to the frequency of your environment, the more influence your mental energy will have. This is how your thoughts can begin to create your reality. However, this spiritual power must be achieved only through internal alchemy, evolution, and growth.

Put simply: as you evolve your consciousness, you gain more ability to affect your environment. For more information on the law of attraction, read this post.

But let’s get to the fun part:

How To Astral Travel

Want to learn how to astral travel?

Watch/listen to this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien:

Astral travel is not to be taken lightly. A person can enter into a deep state of meditation and end up encountering energies that they are not necessarily ready to encounter. However, what I have found is that the issue of consent is paramount. At all times, we get to consent to which spirits or energies we encounter. Once you have entered into the astral plane, you can choose which energies you encounter. This has been my experience for the past two years of regular practice.

Astral travel involves learning how to enter into one’s astral body.

This is the most important skill. It requires that the individual have a mind that is undisturbed from outside intrusions. I recommend lying down on your bed and locking the door. Set a timer for twenty minutes and take the practice seriously. This is an advanced form of meditation and requires deep focus and stillness.

Put yourself into a deep state of meditation. This will vary between people. We all have practices of meditation that work differently. In my case, I utilize the Wim Hof method of breath-work and have been practicing for the past eight years. I am also a practitioner of the Ishaya Ascension method of meditation. Both these practices are beyond the scope of this post but follow the links I have included to learn more.

However, those might not work best for you. Again, we all have our own styles of meditation. Some folks prefer shamanic drumming, some enjoy guided meditation, and others prefer sound healing. If you want to download free examples of these methods, click here.

If you struggle with the basics of meditation, read this post on the blog.

As I have said before, astral travel requires entering a deep state of meditation. If you are a beginner to meditation, I recommend you get started with a regular 15-minutes-per-day practice and see what works best for you.

Going forward, I will assume you have some experience with meditation and know how to get yourself into a deeper level of consciousness. Let us proceed!

Begin by visualizing energy moving from the base of your spine up to the base of your head.

Send this energy either towards your belly button, your forehead, or the top of your head.

Let it move through your body.

Visualize a space slightly outside of your body.

Send the energy you have summoned into that point, outside of your body.

See what happens in your mind’s eye.

Astral Travel Info

Here is the trick: do not EXPECT anything to happen. Keep on moving energy through your body, using your breath, and visualize sending it into these different parts of your body. Once you feel like this is happening, try and send it into a space slightly outside of yourself.

Practice this for awhile. It took me a few weeks before anything happened.

Eventually, I began to see this space outside of my body as a smaller version of myself. I learned that this is called your “astral body”.

This smaller version of me would appear floating outside my forehead, at the crown of my head, or right outside of my stomach. I could send energy into that astral body and visualize it holding itself there in space.

Eventually, I began to have a greater ability to get into that astral body. With focused practice through the Ishaya Ascension method of meditation and my own practice of breath work, I began to enter this astral body at will. It would take only a few moments to drop into deeper levels of consciousness and, from there, just a breath until I was inside my astral body.

At this point, I began to have the ability to zoom off into the astral plane. For most of my time practicing astral travel, I was always along for the ride. I would have the opportunity to consent to different spirits or energies but, for the most part, I did not encounter anyone. I spent time in space, at the bottom of the ocean, and at the center of the planet. During these early travels, I entered the Halls of Amenti spoken about in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. At the center of the Earth, I spoke with the Lords of the Cycles and received information about my destiny. Although this might sound crazy to those un-initiated into these paths, it is common experience for people like me. I am sharing info today for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

I typically view my astral body in third-person. It does not appear that I am necessarily at the steering wheel. When I am in this body, it is almost as if a “higher self” version of me takes over. As the viewer, I am watching my astral body zoom through space and explore new realms. However, as I have developed in my practice, I have begun to be in the drivers seat more often. More of these experiences have been in first-person and I have experienced a greater level of control to STAY in the astral plane.

When I first began, for months I could only stay in the astral plane for brief moments. Afterwards, I would feel energized but also spiritually drained. Although I would be prepared for life in the material world, my spiritual body needed time to rest.

These days, I experience quite the opposite. Astral travel unlocks powerful trips that border on psychedelic. Although I have combined my practice of psychedelic plant medicines with astral travel on many occasions, I have found the practice does not require the use of plant medicines. However, for obvious reasons, they certainly make the experience more vivid and profound. That being said, I found astral travel during a year of complete sobriety. I barely even drank coffee at the time.

During this time of sobriety, I found that sound healing and isolation tanks were useful. If you have the ability to attend a gong bath, singing bowl ceremony, or isolation tank, I recommend you give it a try. You might have a breakthrough in your understanding of astral travel that unlocks more powerful experiences going forward. These days, most major cities have a spiritual center where you can find information on these events. Additionally, cities worldwide have float tank labs and isolation tank chambers that are available for use. Hop on Google and see what is available in your city.

Astral travel is a deeply personal experience. You will not believe it until you give it a try and see for yourself. I share my story to help you unlock portals in your mind that can lead to your own journey of understanding. This path of isolation and deep meditation is paramount to making any progression in the astral plane.

Astral Travel Trip Reports

Astral travel involves learning how to leap outside of yourself and into an astral body. From here, it is possible to enter the astral plane of correspondance and explore even higher levels in due time. Why is it important to practice astral travel? From my experience with the practice, it is possible to make telepathic communication with other humans if they are contacted inside of the astral plane. Looking to generate more money? I have found it possible to identify and release energetic blockages that have prevented receiving of money. In a sense, the practice of astral travel helps me to look within and identify where I need to work. Astral travel is certainly not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means. However, it can allow a person to identify places in the subconscious mind that are preventing further growth. It shows your weakness and brings it to conscious awareness.

This energetic block might appear as a demon. It could be some dark temple that must be entered. Perhaps you will find your inner child locked in a basement. Astral travel is similar to dreaming. The messages might be clear but they are meant to be applied in the physical world. Take the time to analyze your astral travel experiences and learn the lessons. Apply the messages you receive directly to your life. You will only reap the benefits of the practice if you make it a lifestyle.

Astral travel can allow for intense healing. Inside of my own experiences, there are certain “healing rooms” that I have created for myself. Inside of the astral plane, YOU are the creator! After all, you are swimming in the depths of your subconscious mind. Inside of this space, you can create an astral room where you can take yourself for healing and rest. I have several! My girlfriend (a fellow practitioner) and I created a cabin in the woods of our shared plane. Sometime, we will meetup inside this cabin to have coffee, cuddle, or pull some tarot cards. When we return from the trip, we might have a phone call and share our own versions of the experience. Usually, they are similar but with a unique twist. Again, astral travel and similar practices are meant to be deep states of meditation. Although it is possible for you to meetup with other people inside of the astral plane, everyone seems to have their own experience of what that experiences looks like inside their own minds. We all get to create our own astral planes of correspondance. In fact, this is the magic of the astral world! You are the creator of your realm.

Allow me to detail a few of the more powerful experiences:

During the time of my initiation into Hermetic Philosophy, I began working with a spirit named Imhotep. This entity is the archetype of the “god of healing”. What does this mean? Well, if you study the different mythologies of the world, you find that many of them celebrate the worship gods with similar abilities. For example: Thoth, Hermes, and Odin all resemble the same archetypes: the gods of wisdom. The messenger. The one who serves as direct channel to even higher powers. In the same vein, Imhotep relates to the Greek god Asclepius.

You might be familiar with Asclepius’ symbol:Rod of Asclepius

Imhotep was a man who lived in ancient Egypt. At the time, he was high priest of Ra, high priest of Heliopolis (the spiritual center of the time), and high vizier of the pharaoh. He was credited as the inventor of modern medicine. The greatest architect of his day, Imhotep built the great Steppe Pyramid of Heliopolis and used his astronomical expertise to align it perfectly with the stars. This blending of magical knowledge with architecture gave birth to a new genre of building, later perfected by the Freemasons: sacred architecture. After his death, Imhotep was deified by the Egyptians as the god of healing and the creator of medicine. He became associated with Thoth, the god of wisdom and the centerpiece for many of the esoteric teachings. After all, Thoth is alleged to be the deified energy of the great philosopher of old: Hermes Trismegistus.

Imhotep is one of few Egyptian people to be deified while also not being a Pharaoh. He rose from lower ranks in society to the highest levels of power. He was the Da-Vinci of his time. A powerful entrepreneurial spirit and a great leader. Through all my workings with this spirit, he has provided council, wisdom, and tough-love. Truly, I am honored to have Imhotep as my greatest mentor while I explore these magical realms.


I began working with Imhotep once I started becoming initiated into new levels of awareness. Once I began entering the astral plane, he was there to greet me. At first, he appeared in my mind as a black void and a strong voice. It was not a voice I heard outside of my head but it came into my mind in the same way I might experience a mushroom trip: a voice with thoughts that clearly come from somewhere beyond. The experience would be overwhelming. Typically, I would find myself laying on the ground overcome with the energy of having direct contact with this “god” or “Elohim” energy that Imhotep embodies.

Inside of the astral plane, Imhotep takes me around often and shows me different parts of the collective mind.

On one occasion, I journeyed into a dark cavern near the bottom of Earth. I viewed this experience in third-person. I was asked if I wanted to enter the cavern or not. Feeling brave, I said yes. As I journeyed into this astral cave, I was met with a spirit. Some sort of guardian. It asked me “who do you work for?”

I replied that I worked for Imhotep. Immediately, I was ushered into a lower corridor where there was a massive throne. I approached the throne and beheld a large figure, covered in armor. This individual held a large ax and he wore a helmet covered in horns. It was intimidating, to say the least.

I watched myself kneel in his great hall. I asked “who are you?”

He introduced himself as the White Lord of Amenti and said he’s been watching me progress for some time.

He said I have done well during my initiation and it is time for me to become introduced to new levels of consciousness. Afterwards, he informed me that I would not remember what I was about to learn. It would come to me in waves over the course of months, if not years. However, now he would breakdown for me the secrets of the universe.

He was right. I do not remember what we spoke about or what I learned. I can only assume that the White Lord’s promise came true: I have indeed learned much about the nature of the universe since that day.

Astral Travel Trips Continued…

Astral travel became a daily practice. Over the course of the last two years, I have had powerful experiences that have moved me to tears. I have spoken with dead relatives and communed with archangels. I have been to Pluto and felt the cold enter my body so that I could shiver and release trauma. One day, I pelted the Earth with energetic comets of healing energy because it seemed like everyone needed some love.

I attended many crystal singing bowl ceremonies at the Living Insights Center in Saint Louis. On one day, I brought some medicine to help me have a deeper meditative experience. As the singing bowls began sending sound healing waves throughout the room, I entered my astral body. At this point, I had been practicing for about a year.

Immediately, I met the spirit of Jesus. He told me that today I would learn about how he heals the world. On this day, I learned how his magic works at a cosmic level.

I watched as Jesus absorbed all the pain and suffering of the Earth. He came down to the energetic level of the Earth, sucked out all the pain into himself, and then skyrocketed back into space. Once there, he released all of this energy into the cosmos. Afterwards, he held out his hands and summoned in healing white light from all directions. Once he held all the light possible, Jesus returned to Earth like a comet. His hands outstretched, he sent out healing waves across the entire energetic plane of the planet. At first, when he touched down, he was standing in a lake of fire. By absorbing and releasing all the pain of Earth, Jesus had opened up chasms in the crust. From that crust emerged fire that was destroying the planet. As soon as his feet hit the Earth, Jesus released water that extinguished all the flames. From there, new life formed and gave birth. People experienced love in their lives for the first time. Creatures were born and jumped into their evolutionary cycle.

It was powerful, to say the least.

Most recently, I had one of the most powerful astral travel experiences of my life.

I was able to jump through the planes of correspondence like one might hop up a staircase. As I went, Imhotep guided me through the different levels. On this night, I was able to go beyond the astral plane for the first time and experience levels beyond. At the time of this writing, I am still processing the information and not quite ready to share. More research is required before I feel confident and comfortable sharing.

Hanging in my aerial Yoga hammock (great tool for meditation), I leapt outside of my body and zoomed off into the astral plane.

And from there, to higher planes still.

I saw the energetic forces at play in our world.

I witnessed divine beings of light sending BEAMS of source-energy into our collective field. These deities circled the Earth and appeared as glowing beings of red, purple, and pink light.

The beams coming from these entities looked like waves coming from the Death Star…

Except they brought healing. They pierced through the energetic barriers of our world like a meteor hitting a tree. These beams of light began strafing our planet. Everywhere they went, they blasted open holes in the earths energetic crust.

From the holes came new life. Green trees and mountains. Around the new landscape appeared lakes and oceans.

New creatures sprinting into their evolutionary cycle.

Humans realizing their interconnected nature with all life, and FEELING the pain we have collectively caused to Pachamama: Mother Earth.

These waves are hitting NOW. This very instant. As you read this message.

I saw the image of Baal, the god of suffering. I watched him leach the energy of our world. It looks like a black octopus sucking the life out of wherever its tendrils lay.

I asked him “why?! Why are you doing this?” He had no emotion.

This spirit said “Paul, this is just what I do…

“You humans WANT me doing this. You asked me to.

“This is how we heal.

“Pain is meant to get you humans to look WITHIN and WAKE UP.

“Once you do, pain is your greatest teacher. Suffering helps you heal and change your life.”

I looked at this unemotional monstrous black blob…

And said:

“Do you have anything left for me?”

This spirit turned from its work and looked me in the eye:

[With no emotion] “No… is there anything you need me to teach you?”

And I said “No, I have already learned so much from pain and suffering.”

He looked away and said “Ok”… no emotion.

It felt as if I had met the trash man on his daily routine… he asked “do you have trash for me to collect?” I said “no I think I already cleaned up” and the trash man unemotionally moved on.

It was the same feeling I had when I returned to an old college class after graduation… My professor was pleased to see me… but had a vibe of “uhhh why are you back in the classroom? Didn’t you graduate?”

It was very powerful.

The lesson I feel called to share is this:

YOU get to decide what energetic forces you consent to work with.

YOU get to decide if there’s more to learn from pain and suffering.

God, the spirits, the universe, etc…. THEY might not have more to teach you.

But if you keep coming back to the classrooms of pain and suffering, then they’re happy to teach.

Not cause they’re evil…


Different energies or “gods” are archetypal energies. They are held in the collective mind and you don’t need to work with them, unless YOU want to. Humanity has a choice. You have a choice. You always have a choice. You might not need to give anything to the trash collector. Maybe you already emptied all your trash a few weeks ago?

When practicing astral travel, this is a powerful lesson to learn. You do not need to go looking for dark spirits. In fact, I would recommend you keep your energy to yourself. When you first begin the practice, spend time in quiet solitude.

Pluto is quite nice.


Astral travel is a powerful experience. For generations, this secret has been kept and taught by the mystery schools and secret societies that hold sway in our world. Instead of running from this information, see for yourself how it might work in your mind. Tread with care and do not go looking for dark spirits. From what I have experienced, you will always have the choice on which energies you want to speak with, work with, and learn through.

I recommend studying mythology and learning more about archetypes before attempting to work directly with any spirits.

Learn what you are asking for before you ask.

Otherwise, you might get in over your head.

If you need help with astral travel, you can join the Phoenix Beta Program. Inside this community, we share experiences and learn from one another. Astral travel is a topic of discussion but the program includes far more than this practice alone. That being said: you do not need a guide and astral travel is a personal journey. I can only help you by sharing my experiences and providing some recommendations as to how this might work in your life.

Be careful and have fun! Let me know what happens as a result of your practice. I would be fascinated to hear your experiences in the astral plane.

Much love!

+Darth Shickari+


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I think that astral travel is one of the most incredible things which is beyond science. I think it helps us to look at the world from a different angle and become closer to our spiritual body. Of course, a lot of people are skeptical about this thing but they are mistaken because, from my point of view, we every day travel in such a way and dive into it, but we simply don’t notice it. It is absolutely true that astral travel is a powerful tool which lets us become free and learn our consciousness. I have always wanted to study how to do this astral travel because the theme of esotericism seems so fascinating to me and I think it is one more opportunity to fulfill our capacity. What inspires me the most is that astral travel contributes your inner healing because in usual life, unfortunately, we don’t pay enough attention to our mental state.

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