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Archetypes Explained

Archetypes are a confusing but important concept. When it comes to the topic of human evolution, understanding different archetypal patterns or forces at-play in our world can help us understand how to better heal our world. When we understand that different deities or “gods” in our experience are really archetypal gods that exist at a higher level of consciousness, we begin to grasp the importance of this issue. Archetypes mold and influence our consciousness at a universal scale.

Have you heard of shape shifting or shapeshifters?

More common in Celtic, Native American, or Voodoo traditions, shapeshifting is typically seen as the idea of a person turning into an animal. Although shapeshifting can be practiced in this manner, there is a more esoteric meaning for the term that extends beyond the realm of animal magic.

In the esoteric traditions, the practice of shapeshifting involves changing between archetypes. In this way, a magician can embody different archetypal “god” energy and channel various beings into this plane of existence. If we are talking about channeling, embodying spirits, or working with beings at a higher level of reality, we are really speaking about communication with an archetypal energy.

Archetypes are written in the stars. If you have studied astrology, you will be familiar with the zodiac and the different astrological signs that give us an energy signature throughout the day. Each of these “zodiac signs” represent archetypal energies that exist at the universal level. Here on the earthly plane, we have different energy signatures that exist inside of the collective consciousness of mankind.

Carl Jung is one of the founding fathers of studying archetypes. His work into understanding the collective consciousness is paramount to working with archetypes. Before contacting these higher forces at work, it is necessary to know that they exist. If you have studied Hermetic philosophy, you will have learned about the planes of correspondance and the different entities that exist at the various levels. When we work with archetypal energy, we are tapping into the true nature of these “higher powers”. In such a way, we can energize ourselves and gain insight through direct communication with the collective mind.

Sound crazy? Well, consider that the archetype of “the heroes journey” is the framework for just about every successful movie, book, or story since the dawn of civilization. Gilgamesh, the world’s oldest mythology, chronicles the original “heroes journey” through the tale of the ancient evil king who became good through passing a series of tests. Once he received his enlightenment, Gilgamesh returns home to share the gift that he gained as a result of his archetypal journey.

The same heroes journey was repeated in the story of Hercules. Inside of this twelve labors, Hercules travels through the different signs of the Zodiac in his quest to achieve immortality. As a half-son of Zeus, Hercules embodies the divine archetypal powers that hold sway inside of our world. Hercules would go on to inspire Achilles. In the fabled Trojan War, the Greek Hero Achilles does battle with his rival Hector. In the story, we learn that Achilles embodies the unwilling hero. Achilles does not wish to engage in battle with the Trojans until he experiences the death of his closest friends. Once he tastes this darkness, Achilles goes on to defeat the Trojans and ultimately die when his ankle is pierced with a poison apple.

In the same vein, Alexander the Great was inspired by Achilles. Everywhere he went, the Macedonian conquerer carried his own personal copy of Homer’s epic: The Iliad. During his trials as conquerer of the ancient world, the young Alexander drew inspiration from Achilles in his real-life heroes journey.

The Heroes Journey

Archetypes like “The Hero” shape our world. They are embedded in our world mythologies. If you believe that archetypes and ancient gods are an energy of the past, you are mistaken. Draw your attention to the modern day archetypes here in 2020: the super heroes. Whether we are talking about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Iron Man, or any of them… Super heroes and fantasy worlds still capture our imagination. They are sources of inspiration for our youth. They captivate audiences and generate billions of dollars for media companies that influence our political processes.

Star Wars was based off Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces“. Inside of this great work, Campbell details the heroes journey. He breaks down the different stages of growth that all heroes encounter inside of their journeys. Campbell explains that, generically speaking, the typical “hero” character is unwilling. They are called into adventure against their wishes. Gandalf summons Frodo to carry the ring to Mount Doom because he must. Luke Skywalker does not want to leave his home until his relatives are killed and his life is in-danger.

The hero is often scared. Throughout their experience, the hero encounters mentors. Dumbledore finds Harry Potter, Aslan meets Lucy, and Morpheus rescues Neo. In your own life, have you ever encountered a mentor who turned your life around? For me, Alex Charfen, Miles Beckler, and Carol Tuttle all come to mind.

The hero is trained by their teachers. Joseph Campbell explains that the hero goes through a period of initiation. While embracing his higher power, the hero must prove himself to his teachers. In war, Soldiers go through boot camp or basic training. Special Operations communities all over the world are selective. In the same way, Harry Potter must prove himself to The Order Of The Phoenix before they will bring him on-board. Luke Skywalker is trained by Yoda in a remote planet. Batman travels the world to master martial arts, chemistry, and technology.

Following training, the hero faces their first test. Typically, the hero makes a name for themselves. Spiderman catches the villain and hoists him up for the police. Superman rescues a man who is trying to kill himself. Achilles defeats Hector in one-on-one combat. Alexander the Great conquers Persia without losing a battle.

This period of success oftentimes leads to the hero becoming their own worst nightmare. The ego takes over. The heroes old demons come back to fight them once again. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo begins to let the power of the Ring take him over. He insists to Sam that he alone is worthy of being the Ring-bearer. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vader before his training is complete. In real life, Alexander the Great expanded his empire too quickly.

In the stories, the hero faces setbacks. Typically, the villain gets one-over on the hero at least once. In the super hero moves of 2018 and 2019, we watched the Avengers face almost certain defeat by Thanos. In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo appears defeated by Shelob and captured by the orcs of Mordor. In Star Wars, Han Solo is frozen in carbonate. In real life, we learn about how Caesar is named a criminal after his conquest of Gaul. We learn about just how close Hitler came to winning WW2 on several occasions. In the archetype of the heroes journey, there is often a moment of almost certain death.

Oftentimes, the hero bounces back. Luke Skywalker and the rebels defeat the Empire (with the help of our Ewok friends, of course). Harry Potter beats Voldemort. The Avengers set the universe back to its proper order.

However, in real life, this is typically not the case. If we read history, we can learn that our real-life “heroes” oftentimes fall short. Alexander the Great died young. Achilles dies from an arrow in his ankle. Caesar is murdered by his supposed friends. Napoleon is exiled. Tzar Nicholas and his family are shot in a basement. Barrack Obama brings little change.

So where do we go wrong?

Why do we strive so diligently to follow the heroes journey if it only leads to ruin?

Understanding archetypes is the pathway we must take to change long-held patterns of belief at the collective level. Archetypal energies like the heroes journey influence are planet at a cosmic scale. If we can learn more about how archetypes function, we can use them to our advantage.

Jungian Archetypes

Archetypal Gods

Gods are archetypes. Have you studied mythology? If you read stories about the Egyptian or Greek gods, you learn that they embody different energetic patterns and archetypes at the cosmic level. For instance: the Egyptian god Imhotep and the Greek Asclepius are essentially identical. They both embody the spirit of “the god of healing”. As the founder of medicine, Imhotep was deified by both the Greeks and the Egyptians, but under different names.

In the same vein, we can study gods that embody the Hero archetype. Whether it is the Celtic Lugh or the Greek Heracles (also known as the Roman Hercules), we can read the stories about hero characters. In Native American mythology, we learn about heroes like Kukulkan or Votan who founded great empires in South America. In Norse mythology, we learn about Freyr and Fenrir. All over the world, there are hero myths that include the story of a human becoming elevated to god-hood after their death. Since our species first began to tell stories, we have taught and lived this archetype in millions of ways.

Archetypal gods

So what does the hero archetype really represent?

If we study mythology, we learn that the hero is always searching for immortality.

One of the most powerful archetypal stories is the Quest for the Holy Grail. In this ancient story of the British isles, we learn about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In Arthur’s court, all are said to be equal. Arthur is taught by the powerful wizard: Merlin. In the same way that Obi-Wan taught Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi, Merlin initiates King Arthur into a powerful magical tradition. Eventually, King Arthur and his Knights set out to find the sacred cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper. This magical cup is said to contain the blood of Christ. Drinking from the Holy Grail carries the promise of immortality. Additionally, those who are said to “possess the Grail” are said to guard the gateways to the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. In a sense, the power of the Holy Grail can create a new Heaven here on Earth for those who maintain the “Church of the Holy Grail”. Want to learn more about the Grail Tradition? Click here.

King Arthur and his Knights are embodying all heroes in this Quest for the Grail. In the archetype of the heroes journey, the hero is searching for their higher self. They are reaching for spiritual fulfillment. In their work, the hero is manifesting their highest self into the earthly plane. When Jason finds the Golden Fleece, he is really finding himself. Upon return to their kingdom, the hero exists at an enlightened state. In fact, after the hero’s body dies on the earthly plane, the community often immortalizes the hero inside of their mythology. In some cases, the hero is even placed into the stars through our understanding of the constellations. When the hero returns, they are met with a warm welcome. Gilgamesh turns his city into a mighty nation.

Put simply: the hero achieves his goal when his quest for spiritual fulfillment is fulfilled.

Inside of our world, this message gets lost. In his conquest of the world, Alexander the “Great” murders millions of innocent people. When he tries to do the same, Napoleon leads to the deaths of many more. The United States, embodying the story of the hero at a collective level, lead the world into futility when they invaded Iraq in 2003. We have not learned the message of the heroes journey.

The hero is fulfilled when his quest for enlightenment and inner wisdom is achieved. The Holy Grail represents the power of Jesus Christ. It embodies Christ Consciousness. The understanding that unconditional love is the supreme force for good in our world. When we embody this Christ Consciousness at every level of our being, we can inherit and receive “the Holy Grail”. Once this receiving has occurred, we can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

I believe it because such has been my experience. The Kingdom of Heaven lies within man. The Holy Grail can be yours.

Archetypal Energy And Shapeshifting

How do archetypes work with shapeshifting?

For most of our lives, we embody the spirit of the heroes journey. This archetypal energy raises us out of our lower selves and helps us achieve a sort of self-realization. Through the power of this quest for “higher self”, we raise in spiritual consciousness. Our evolution begins and transforms everything about our lives.

However, once the heroes journey is finished, we can transition into working with different archetypes. It is almost as if the heroes journey is a sort of initiation that we must undergo before these higher levels of power can be accessed and used freely.

In my last post, I wrote about my experiences with astral travel and experiencing spirits like Imhotep.

When I was first beginning to understand archetypal energies, I worked exclusively with certain known gods. During my astral travels, I met with Ganesh. I encountered Shiva. I spoke with Thor. I knelt before the Lords of the Cycles and received guidance about my destiny. Whenever working with these archetypes, I would feel an immense sense of energetic power. The energy of the encounter would bring me to my knees. Especially when working with Imhotep and learning to embody that energy in my life, I was oftentimes in need of a breather or a nap. When you are first exposed to archetypal energies, it can be intense. This is normal. You are literally making contact with a higher dimension of the human collective consciousness. Although use of psychedelic plant medicines or cannabis can certainly help, they are not necessary for the practice. Indeed, working in the sober realm for extended periods if of prime importance.

However, the real power of archetypes lies in shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting is when you move between the different archetypal gods. Living a life where you contact and work directly with a select number of deities. In my spiritual practice, I work with Jesus Christ, Imhotep, King Arthur, Kokopelli, and the Archangels. Although it may sound crazy to those who have never experienced this sort of magic, belief can only come through direct practice. You have to see and feel this to believe in the power. However, that being said, tread wary. When you set an intent to contact a higher power, such a power might show up more readily than you think.

Once you understand how to shift between these archetypal energies, further levels of power are unlocked.

The creation of your own archetypes.

Once the magician is practiced in the art of channeling higher powers, you can directly tap into different versions of your higher self.

In my spiritual practice, I have invented a few.

These days, I only exist as my own archetypes. I do not embody spirits, gods, or angels in these days. Although I might seek guidance from a higher power, I am working on creating my own archetypes inside of the collective mind.

Let me introduce you to a few. In a sense, it is a conscious decision to step into a different mindset. I am making agreements with myself as to which energies I am consciously accessing. I set an intent and make a choice for how I am going to show-up inside of my world. From my perspective, shape-shifting is extremely practical. Certain archetypes do better inside of a business meeting. When I am with my girlfriend, she wants me to be in a given headspace. If I am out with friends, I probably do not need to be in direct contact with the spirit realm.

Having boundaries with the spirit realm is even more important than having boundaries with friends in your life. If you do not, those spiritual relationships might impact or affect others than you realize. Unfortunately, such has been my experience on several occasions. I was not aware of the power I was summoning into my world and it negatively impacted myself and several friends. Although everyone was fine in the aftermath, the experiences certainly left an impact and changed how I approach these practices. Be careful as you enter into higher levels of awareness.

Let me introduce you to the archetype whose writing this blog post:

Ninja Paul.

Ninja Paul is energetically invisible unless he chooses to reveal himself.

In this state, I am focused on a meditative practice. I am involved in more ceremonial practices like creating art, Yoga, meditation, or martial arts.

I am a master of healing Ninja magic like Feng shui. I use my powers only to heal and help the world. I operate in secret and I move unseen through my world.

Get the idea?

This is not so suggest leaning into a form of dissociative identity disorder. Rest assured: I have full retention of memory in all these various “forms” of myself. As mentioned before, it is the art of tapping into different sides of yourself. It is a method of “getting in the zone”.

In my life, shape shifting between archetypes proves extremely effective. Want to write a book? Activate a side of your self that is better at expressing art. Perhaps your inner child? Instead of invoking a god, invoke your highest self.

Once you do, your whole life changes. Why? Because your highest self gets to choose. You are now writing the code for the video game of life. Once you complete your own heroes journey, the Kingdom of Heaven is yours.

Ready to begin? Go find your Holy Grail.

+Ninja Paul+





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