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Angel Magic

Angel magic is closely tied with the topic of experiencing a spiritual awakening. Whether we are talking about Enochian magic, working with Archangels, or reading tarot cards, the angelic realm has much to offer for the earnest seeker. When working with an angel, you might feel it as a feeling in your nervous system. It might respond as a voice in your head that does not sound like your usual thoughts. In special cases, an angel might manifest before you for your to behold. In such circumstances, you are having a personal experience that will probably impact you for a lifetime.

During my spiritual awakening three years ago, I connected strongly with my Guardian Angels. This energy of protection and light was a source of refuge and restoration.

angel magic

At first, I was skeptical!

However, over time, I discovered that Angel Magic, or “Enochian Magic”, is a powerful tradition of right-hand white magic that can help to influence our world at a powerful scale.

The topic of magical ritual work is intimidating. Ironically, such practices are demonized by religious organizations despite their close intimacy with the angelic realms.

Today, Christy Forsyth and I are here to discuss the topic of angel magic and how to practice such work carefully. Working with archangels does not need to be frightening.


Watch this video and learn how to connect with your most powerful soul guides and protectors! On this interview, Christy shares stories of in-person encounters with angel guides and miraculous healings. Through an intuitive practice that releases expectations and fear, we can unlock powerful experiences with the angelic realms.

Angels have existed in spiritual traditions all over the world. Whether you commune with them through oracle cards, tarot cards, or astral travel, here in 2020 we have numerous resources for working with the angels.

Angel Magic And Tarot Cards

Want to learn more about spiritual practices? Check out these resources If you want more information about tarot cards or astral travel. Tarot reading and astral travel are closely related with the topic of angel magic because they allow for communication with these higher planes of correspondance. If you are a practitioner of magic, then you understand that entry into the astral body and conducting ceremony on higher planes of correspondance is an important part of the tradition. Learning to ascend to a higher dimension, we can influence or even control the energy of the lower. We use the laws of the higher against the lower and thus gain a sort of control over the mental universe of our physical reality. This is the secret of the Hermetic principle of vibration.

Want to learn more about spiritual awakening or tarot cards? Watch these videos from the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast!

Watch this episode with Carol Tuttle. We talk about spiritual awakening, energy healing, and the meaning of 11:11 or other “angel numbers”.

Want to learn about astral travel? Watch this:

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Thank you so much for pursuing magical education! In 2020, it is important that we band together in unity and conduct the sorts of ritual magic that can help save our planet. We are in dire need of magical warriors of the light. Do not run from working with archangels and instead choose to utilize their powerful energy to move forward your life. Through working with specific archangels, you can more directly channel the energy of archangels into your world.

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