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Alternative Education Is Crucial

Alternative education formats are gaining traction. Why is this the case? Our world is waking up to the reality that education policy reform needs to become a top priority. Already we are seeing the ripple effects across the world. Whether it is Google for Education, Salman Khan Education, movements towards increased homeschooling or “unschooling“, or a variety of other modalities, our collective consciousness has shifted to a belief that we must start changing education paradigms.

It is almost as if we have collectively woken up and realized how backwards our education paradigms have become…

Changes in education are needed. Personally, I was homeschooled. Raised in a Christian upbringing, I experienced firsthand how a lack in an “up-to-date” education system can result in confusion, lack of personal development, and a decrease in social awareness.

Alternative education is on the rise. This is the final step needed in our collective evolution. The human species is preparing for a brand new future and changing education paradigms is the final nail in the coffin, in many ways.

Changing education paradigms and shifting more towards alternative education really is the “Elephant in the Room”. It is the closet in our house that we do not want to clean. It is only going to become increasingly more dirty until we do something to make a change and shift towards a better education system. Alternative education must come into the collective consciousness in 2019-2020 and we must all do our part to make a shift towards a better system.

No one else is going to do it for us… We have to take the Ring to Mordor on this one. The governments of the world will not make this happen on our behalf. Why? Because 1. They do not understand the need for a radically different education system. 2. They cannot act quickly enough, even if they did want to make this happen. 3. They would more than likely get this all wrong because they simply do not understand the new paradigm of a digital economy that we are shifting into creating and experiencing. If we want our world to not suffer from homelessness, unemployment, and increasing inequality once automation becomes more mainstream across every market, then we must make this change at the grassroots level. It simply will not happen unless we do.

Changing education paradigms must become a top priority in 2019. Alternative education must rise if we want to enjoy the true potential of our evolving civilization.It has gone on too long… We must begin changing education paradigms even if it is difficult.

It literally must be you, me, and the friends we encounter along the way.

It is time.

Alternative Education And Mindset

Changing education paradigms means we re-evaluate school from the ground-up…

Instead of trying to work from within the system that exists, it seems more productive to create something new. After all, the whole of information is available to us here at the touch of our fingers. Instantly, we could receive a world-class education on astronomy from Neil Degrasse Tyson, entrepreneurship from Gary Vaynerchuck, physics from Einstein, etc. etc.

What’s the need for the same ol’ model we’ve always had?

Alternative education in 2019 means we build something from the bottom.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, Eric Upchurch and I talk about what this ideal “school of the future” might actually look like… What sorts of programs, technologies, and curriculum would this school have?

From our assessment, this school is going to need some serious mindset training!

Thoughts become things.

Alternative education means teaching kids the importance of the law of attraction. Overall, the system should facilitate kids stepping into their own power and learning to create a beautiful world starting from within themselves. By teaching kids to embrace their own personal power, we create a mighty framework that could lead to world change happening within a generation.

We must teach kids the power of their own minds. Our minds are the most powerful force in the universe.

Changing Educating Paradigms Must Happen

Alternative education ideas are diving into the truth that our education systems are broken.

Why is this so important?

Education is the most essential part of the human experience. In many ways, the world itself is a place for education. If you are a believer in reincarnation, you might believe that our souls specifically come to this reality in order to learn, grow, and develop spiritually. By doing so, we grow and learn over a process of many lives that can span into eternity. This train of thought might lead you to think differently about changes in education because we are effectively holding back the evolution and growth of our spiritual bodies by NOT changing education paradigms. In other words, we could be having an enhanced and “enlightened” experience at the soul level if we could only formulate a plan to begin changing education paradigms around the world.

The whole of human knowledge is at our grasp thanks to the power of the internet.

However, our current education policy educates students as if it were still the Industrial Age. Here’s the truth: we live in a time that is vastly different than the Industrial Age. The introduction of the internet has propelled our species into a new paradigm of being wherein we have the whole of human experience and knowledge in the palm of our hands.

Alternative education must emerge in order to better explain and prepare students for this new understanding. At the moment, students are being educated for jobs that will no longer exist when they graduate. The whole system is a masquerade that is hanging on for life in the hopes that the collective populace does not awaken to the fact that the system is crippling the potential for these young students to experience the world. By failing to reform education, we fail to prepare children for the future that is coming faster than we might think.

So how should our education revolution begin to take form? Here are some ideas:

Alternative Education Should Breed Strength

The concepts of willpower, strength, mental toughness, and discipline are neglected in today’s education policy.

Children are not taught the value of developing fortitude. What is the result? Our society is crippled by poorly educated individuals who are not able to identify and step into their real potential unless going to great lengths to educate themselves, overcome limiting beliefs, and rewire their brain for success. Therein lies the problem: some sort of rewiring is necessary. Why is this the case? Our current education policy does not teach mental toughness or resiliency in any regard.

On this episode of Beyond Homo Sapien, I talk to legendary strength coach Zach Even-Esh. Zach is a coach who focuses primarily on training wrestlers at the high school and college level. Zach specializes in instilling these young kids with discipline, integrity, and a strong mind to match a strong body. Before becoming a full-time strength coach for athletes, Zach was a teacher in the public school system in New Jersey.

On this show,  talk about the importance of developing strength in our schools. As we go about changing education paradigms, it will be essential that we find ways to install a strong mind into the youngest members of society. In order for our species to evolve and progress to the next level of possibility, creation of amazing programs to teach discipline, strong mindset, and integrity through athletes will be of prime importance.

Changing education paradigms relies on you and me to take responsibility for the world around us. Failing to execute this mission is a failure for generations that will come after. If we install alternative education systems that teach a strong and disciplined mindset, our posterity will be able to adapt to any changes that might come their way. As the education policy stands, there is complete failure to educate students in this most crucial of disciplines.

Online Education Destroys The Old Education Paradigm

We are headed towards an entirely new Education paradigm to help shift humanity into a new phase of human evolution. It’s almost as if our collective consciousness has gotten a download that it’s time to start changing education paradigms and incorporating more online education in this education revolution we are about to experience. Many warriors of the light are arising to undertake this task.

JR Rivas is one such person: a man on a mission.

This guy just donated all of his stuff and began traveling around the world to help make his dream of alternative education into reality.

JR has a vision of a school that breeds the Albert Einsteins and Elon Musks of the world. A place where entrepreneurial and “gifted” kids can find a place that serves them rather than tries to make them conform to outdates systems of education.

A school empowered by technology.

A truly future focused enterprise with a mission of breeding some world changing badasses.

On this episode of the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast, we are going to dive into the topic of changing the education paradigm. This is a mission that I’m incredibly passionate about as well… Anytime I get a chance to chat with someone like JR Rivas, it’s a special day indeed.

Changing the education paradigm will take a movement. It will take you, me, JR, and an army of like minded individuals all working towards a more beautiful future.

Together, we can leave a dent in the universe that shifts the education paradigm into a better reality. This is how we empower the world and move towards something incredibly special: The next stage of human evolution.

I believe the next stage of human evolution has already begun! You can read more about that on my blog by clicking here.

If we want to evolve and reach the next level of human evolution, we will have to shift our education paradigm. Alternative education will have to start to affect our education policy and create something that is far more powerful and geared towards the next step in what it means to be a human being.

What does an ideal alternative education paradigm look like?

Something that does not involve children sitting for eight hours a day. Sitting the is new smoking and a healthy education revolution will mean a holistic view towards how our children spend their day to day lives. It should not involve kids sitting in stuffy classrooms only to go home, sit at a different desk, and do their homework. That’s a system that programs kids to work in factories rather than succeed in the digital world.

How has technology changed education? Well, right now, not nearly enough. On this show, JR and I chat about how it’s possible nowadays to receive a superior education through YouTube, Google for Education, Salman Khan Education, or a number of other online resources like Udemy.

All that’s holding back our species from this better paradigm is a unified consensus on how our children are taught. It will take an education revolution of alternative education schools (like the one JR is talking about starting) that acknowledge that these online resources are worthwhile and credible learning resources.

Want to learn more about human evolution and how changing education is an essential part of the process? Just read this blog post:

Evolution Is Happening! Here’s What You Need To Know:

How can we go about changing education paradigms?

It all starts with you!

It starts with me. It starts with all of us creating a movement that demands this change from our society. My team at Excelsior Industries is working towards creating an online learning platform that will allow a person to bounce around the internet and learn whatever they’re trying to learn through the power of online education.

A platform similar to Netflix but for online education instead of entertainment.

Currently, we have a beta of the platform that works as a Facebook chatbot. We believe that this form of alternative education that utilizes online education is how we will go about changing education paradigms that are still treating children as if it’s the industrial age rather than something much more profound.

If you want to check out the Free Beta for the Excelsior learning platform, click here.

In order to achieve this goal of education reform and technology changing the face of education, we will have to work together.

We must unite in this goal in order to radically shift the entire education paradigm into something more positive and more unified… A true movement starts at the grassroots level. When it comes to changing education paradigms, that is what it will take.

Let’s get started!

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