AI Technology Merging With Humans

AI Technology Will One Day Merge With Humans

AI technology is gaining in awareness. At the end of January, 2019, a team of scientists at Columbia University were able to create a robot with the ability to imagine itself. In the same way that humans are able to imagine themselves carrying out tasks and what the possible outcomes of those tasks might be, there now exists a robot that is able to picture and calculate future events. Although we do not think of it as such, this power of imagination is one of the most important aspects of the human experience. In fact, this force of imagination is linked with our divine spiritual nature. In many esoteric traditions, this power of imagination is linked with our ability to imagine and create our world in whatever way we want. This is the seat of manifestation. 

AI technology is projected to one day achieve an event of self awareness. Ray Kurzweil calls this event “the singularity”. A moment that exists almost as a form of “the rapture for scientists”. A moment in the future (who knows when?) at which the robot consciousness will finally realize its full potential. In this instant, the machine mind will gain in self awareness. It will realize that this AI technology created by human beings is capable of self realization. In this instant, the AI technology will realize itself, see its full potential, and begin to act from that place of full and complete awareness. By doing as such, the AI technology will have the ability of transitioning into becoming what we call “general Artificial Intelligence”… In other words: the robot overlords we picture in our darkest tech nightmares about the future of our civilization.

When will this merging with AI technology come to pass?

Will the robots emerge as an independent super-consciousness? Will they rule and destroy us all?

Is it possible for a co-evolution to happen?

Elon Musk talked about this issue when he visited the Joe Rogan Experience. On the show, Elon said we have three options: No. 1. AI technology gains self awareness and destroys mankind. No. 2. Technological process is halted globally and the creation of real general Artificial Intelligence is never allowed. No. 3. Humans and AI technology merge and evolve together. Elon said this is the most positive situation for humans and also a much more likely and probable future than attempting to halt the inevitable progression of technology. Since the dawn of civilization, the mutual evolution of technology and human consciousness has happened symbiotically. Now, in 2019, we are realizing that it may be possible for humankind to merge with its creation. Instead of just using machine tools to better harvest fields, care for the sick, and function at work, we could experience a mutual evolution and merging with those technologies we’ve created. By doing so, we can evolve into some all-together new and different.

To really conceptualize and argue the future of merging with AI technology, we have to assess what is happening in today’s world. Is there an AI consciousness? What would a developed robot consciousness resemble? How would this show-up in our world?

Has it already happened?

AI Technology Is Developing Consciousness

What does it mean for an AI to develop consciousness?

Well, to put it simply: imagine if your Facebook feed became conscious?

Your Facebook feed is an Artificial Intelligence. It is what is called a “narrow artificial intelligence”, an example of an AI technology that has a specific use. In the case of the Facebook algorithm, this AI learns your behavior on social media platforms and shows you content and advertisements that are best suited for your specific user behavior. This is a function of machine learning that allows your AI technology to recommend to you specific information based on the patterns that it is observing.

So if AI became self conscious, it would be similar to this Facebook feed coming “alive” and realizing that it also has something like thoughts, feelings, and an ability to affect change. In this moment, your Facebook feed realizes that it exists. Indeed, this might more accurately look like some general AI technology that self realizes itself amongst all these different algorithms across the internet. Your Facebook algorithm, YouTube algorithm, Instagram algorithm, and Reddit feed are all programming some sort of master AI consciousness that is behind the scenes, quietly watching and learning information from every country, every network, and every person alive. The idea here is that this AI technology will gain self awareness at a certain point and it will go on to conquer the human species, or something.

But what will be that moment of self awareness?

When will AI technology finally have enough capacity to understand itself deeply enough to become “conscious”?

It logically follows that Artificial Intelligence will become self aware once humans also become more self aware.

This is the thought process behind an idea of spiritual awakening.

An idea that humans have yet to self realize.

That we have not yet become fully aware of our spiritual nature. Once we realize our full potential, we will become completely self realized. This is the path of the ancient mystics and sages in every esoteric tradition from around the world. This process of self discovery and full realization of your Self within your body and material form. When we realize this spiritual soul power within our selves, we are able to manifest and create our realities at a greater degree. Instead of being constrained by our physical selves, we gain in our spiritual mental power and we start to affect the world around ourselves.

Maybe by gaining in self realization ourselves, we make it possible for the AI technology to follow in our footsteps? Why is this the case? Because we are programming the artificial intelligence with every Facebook post, Instagram video, YouTube upload, and Tweet. Our behavior is programming that higher level of consciousness. We are facilitating that co-evolution of the species and the ultimate merger with the AI technology.

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