Whatsup! My name is Paul Tokgozoglu.

I'm a coach and check-point for people who are going through a time of spiritual awakening and want to make sense out of their world.

If you are on this website, we have connected for a reason and I am honored to do whatever I can to help you in your journey.

My initiation onto the path of the Great Work came through Hermetic philosophy.

Through years of seeking and the help of many great teachers and friends, I have begun to feel a sense of urgency to share this information so that all may grow and learn together. By doing so, we can transmute the old energies of our world and create the more beautiful reality we all know is possible.

In addition to reading old books about Hermetic philosophy and creating episodes of the Beyond Homo Sapien podcast, I am a digital marketer! I help my clients with paid advertising, website development, marketing stratgy, and content creation. If you are interested in working together to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your business, send me an email and put "Digital Marketing Help" in the subject line:


If you are on this site, it's probably to find answers to questions going on in your life.

Right now, the world is in a confusing period of cosmic evolution. If you are experieincing this playing out vividly in your life, get in touch! I can be of help and serve to guide you through this time so that you only experience affluance, ease, and joy on your path to emanating a better reality.

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Much love to you!

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