About Me

Hi! I’m Paul Tokgozoglu, CEO of Excelsior Industries*. 

I also host the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast about human evolution (maybe you’ve heard of it…).

I believe the next stage of human evolution is about to begin.

The internet is connecting us like never before.

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and many more are going to give us enhanced ability to experience the digital world and use it for our overwhelming advantage.

Meanwhile, esoteric ideas like the Law of Attraction, Sacred Geometry, working with Psychedelic plant medicine, and the development of psychic powers like telepathy or remote viewing are emerging simultaneous to the expansion of technology.

All of this is happening at a crucial juncture in human history.

If you pay too much attention to the mainstream news media in most countries, you’ll hear a tale of doom and destruction.

Polar ice caps melting.

Wars building.

Terrorists terrorizing.

Sickness forthcoming.

Hatred increasing.

Trump Tweeting.

Etc. etc.

If you don’t know where to look, the world seems like a dangerous place.

I’m here to share a different Story.

A Story of interconnection.

A message that the world is more beautiful than it might appear.

The Internet is the expansion of our collective consciousness as it manifests into the world for us to explore.
We are going through some birthing pains.

There is some maturing to do.

Injustices, scandals, and oppressions that have been happening for centuries are being made known all at once.

Meanwhile, the Mainstream News Media fights for life and clings to fear-mongering headlines in an attempt to avoid inevitable destruction as the world turns its attention to Reddit, Social Media, Podcasts, and YouTube channels for more accurate news.

I’m here to say that we will be OK.

However, in order to be OK, we have to talk about what’s going on…

We need to discuss emerging technologies.

We need to reform education.

We must expand our thinking.

Ultimately, love will win the day.

When we awaken to the concept that other people are different versions of ourselves, then we shall know peace and prosperity unlike what our ancestors could have imagined.

We only must decide and believe together.

*Excelsior Industries is a project I’m involved in to Revolutionize the Education Industry using AI!

Want to test out the Free Beta of the Artificial Intelligence we are creating?

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It’s a Facebook Chatbot that will help you find the best resources online for whatever you are trying to learn more about.

My team and I are currently developing the next level of this platform… It will be something akin to Netflix but for online education! Stay tuned for more! Just Click the Link for the Chatbot and stay in touch to join the movement!