5 Things EVERY Business Needs to Do to Keep Up With Emerging Technologies

Emerging technology is here.

The Human Species is preparing for the next stage of growth and development.

How do you stay ahead?

How do you maintain momentum in your business without falling behind?

Here are five tips!

If you’re asking “How can my business take advantage of emerging technology?” I hope this makes it easy!

I know this topic can be confusing…

That’s what this website is all about! Making the transition towards the next leap of human evolution much easier.

Let’s dive into this topic:

1. Utilize New and Efficient Communication Technologies

New technologies and softwares are making it easier than ever to be profitable.

What used to require lots of resources in time and money can now be done with just the click of a few buttons. This allows you to be able to devote the critical resources of your staff and your bank account to the things that need it the most.

Need an example? Check out Voxer… This walkie-talkie app is AWESOME if you have a virtual team. Have you used it before? Basically, Voxer allows you and another person to chat as if you’re standing next to each other… The app allows you to hear what someone is saying as it’s being recorded… Typically, messenger apps force one person to record/upload their message before the other can listen… Voxer eliminates this and saves you time.

Need another example? Check out Bitrex24 for managing your team and their various workflows… This is a great technology that we implement with clients to help them run their teams and their businesses. Really great tool to automate task management and communications.

2. Automate Regular and Consistent Business Practices

Automating repetitive and consistent tasks with software instead of employees can save businesses $100,000s.

Human capital has an extra cost of taxes, training, and inefficiencies.

Businesses can automate their prospecting, sales conversion, client fulfillment, and reputation management with reliable and cost-effective software solutions.

Example? Chatbots on Facebook.

Here’s a video that Excelsior 3 did awhile back about how to setup Chatbots to make you some $$$

Using a resource like Chatfuel, you can automate your lead generation ON FACEBOOK and take your prospects from A-Z without ever requiring them to actually leave Facebook . com… I use this often to promote lead magnets, schedule calls, distribute video trainings, and a whole lot more.

We are even developing an entire Netflix-like free platform of video trainings that promote the very best content from all over the internet… Something to teach new entrepreneurs what they’re trying to learn more about with the right info at the right time.

Chatfuel really does have a shit load of potential… Make sure you’re capitalizing on this game-changing software.

(Want to see the Free Platform I’m talking about? Check out Excelsior by clicking here)

3. Establishing Cost Effective Communication Channels.

It is easier and more affordable than ever to communicate with your prospects, your current clients, and your employees.

New communication technology has made it easier and more affordable to follow up and convert your clients.
Businesses are no longer limited to communicating with customers through just phone number or email… They can also establish communications through social media and messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Remember Chatbots from our last example? They’re great here too…

Do you have a profile funnel on your social media channels? What do I mean by “profile funnel”?

Basically, is your Facebook/LinkedIn profile optimized to funnel visitors towards your free lead magnets, Facebook groups, Chatbot optins, etc. etc….

Here’s a tip: you can’t SELL anything from your Facebook profile directly… Did you know this? It’s against their TOS and can get your account banned…

However, you’re more than welcome to promote FREE shit… Free lead magnets, free Facebook groups, etc. etc.
Take the time to optimize your profile funnels and you’ll see a huge increase in your communication with clients and prospects.

4. Offer Incentives or “Low-Commitment Opportunities” to Engage With Your Business

The internet, cell phones, and social media has changed the economic landscape for businesses of all sizes.

The old transactional form of marketing and advertising causes churn and customer turnover… Nowadays, the most successful companies are able to build good-will and a positive relationship with their customers through a slow ascension of commitment and asking.

What do I mean?

Well, typically folks will start out at the bottom of your “value ladder”…

At the very bottom is all your free content… Your Podcast episodes, your YouTube videos, your blog posts, etc. etc.
When someone consumes this content, they are making a very low-commitment to your business… It gets them in the door. In the online landscape, this gets folks in the door in the same way that the on-sale shirts outside of the boutique shop might get you into the door… It catches your interest and says “hey we’ve got some cool shit in here”.
After your free content comes your free lead magnets…

This gets folks on your email list or maybe subscribed to your Chatbot (hopefully both)… Maybe also your Facebook group or something similar… You get the point.

Once they’re on that conduit, you can start introducing some cheaper paid offers… Your ebooks, your sale items on the Shopify store, etc. etc.

Those who buy can move up the value ladder and be sold your more expensive offers… And up and up the ladder goes all the way to your high ticket offer… The offer that is the absolute BEST service or product your business could possibly offer… The one that will make you the big bucks.

5. Utilize an Expert

Technology is moving too fast for anyone but an expert…

Trying to keep up by yourself? It’ll be tough.

Each technology and software is like it’s own language that requires an intense amount of time and use to become well versed. The average business owner has a separate list of challenges and opportunities to grow and build their own business that are separate from simply setting up the technology and developing a deep understanding.

Here’s the challenge: A lot of these channels are updated faster than you can learn about them…

Facebook seems to update their algorithm every few months and they’re always changing around something… Only a real expert on the platform will have a deep understanding.

A business owner that has effective systems can greatly optimize and improve the efficiency of their systems using someone who understands how to connect the different pieces.

Find that person who can help you fill in some gaps.

Make sure they have a long history of results for their previous clients.

Invest some money in them, improve your business, and trust their advice…

When I’ve done consulting in the past, I’ve seen so many clients that just never actually took my advice…

They were always stoked on the actual consulting call. They were ready to implement and succeed!

Then, when rubber meets the road, they don’t implement… Now, is this my fault as a consultant/coach? Did I not emphasize the points correctly?? Well… Maybe?

Regardless, if you’re paying an expert, TAKE THEIR ADVICE.

Don’t let that money and time go to waste… It’s too valuable.

Hire a real expert, do whatever they say, and move onto the parts of the business that YOU do well… The parts where you could consult.

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